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Ties that bind part five

Adison activated the view screen.on the monitor was displayed a face she recognozed.she gapsed. “Ally!”Addison said.
” You remember me! I can’t help but be touched. I of course remember you! “Aly said.
“Ali what’s going on?”Addison said.”i wanted to check in on an old friend ! I wanted to reminice about old times and plan for the future!”she said.
“Your not making any sence ! I thought you were dead!”Addison said. “You left me to die! You abadoned me. You betrayed me. You took every thing. My life,my heath my beuty” She said.
She removed the skarf and revealed the masive plasma scar.”i lost every thing. I see you now live the life i wanted .a carer,a family ,a starship. Its not fair. I will take it away just as you do to me!”Alison said.
“You have my family ! What do you want?”she asked. “Revenge! Justice satisfaction ! I want you to suffer as i did! “She said.”look don’t hurt my family . If its me you want i will turn myself over to you! Spare them! “She said.
” Randvez with me at a planet in the jevanon syistom. I am sending you to the coordinents. Don’t bring the fleet or they are dead addy! ” she said.
“Alright i will be there!”Addison said. “Follow my orders to the letter! Don’t diviate !”the image ended.
“You wanted to see me?”pitcarn asked. “I anilized the transporter trace at the mccomic home. The transporter is not standered isue. It is interdimensional. “Takigawa said.”interdimensional? ” dashele said.
“Sutch technology is hypotheticaly posible. The vulcan experimented with it but abadoned the reserch. “Pitcarn said.
“I have located where they went! It is a planet in the jevanon system!”takigawa said.”the jevanon system is rumored to be under romulan control. “Pitcarn said. ” I am sure that is where they went !”takigawa said.
Star fleet command
“Look there are rumours that the romulons are qietly perparing to end there hundred year exile from intergalatic afairs.  There are reports that romulin vessels may have been in the area. You canot go in alone!”commidore Wesley said.
“I bring the fleet,she kills my family ! “She said. “Acording to her file her pysch file,her mental health have always been a concern. She failed the pysch eval for star fleet academy. The event coumd have been the stresor. Meating her demands at this point is prudent!”danner said.
“To let you go in alone in a region that may be under romulon control Is problimetic For all we know this Alison krenshaw may be working with the romulons. “Wesley said.
“Bob i am not that kid that served under you on the welington. I am know what I’m doing !”she said. ” You must admit your emotionally should have back up !”Wesley said. “I have a vulcan first officer who can chide me if she needs to! ” Addison said.
“We must lul miss crenshaw into a false sense of security. We must play it her way at least at first. We have not asertained what we are up against. “Commander sotril said. “Alright ! Addison you will take the ship out alone. Whoever i want the lexington and excalibur on stand by. They will follow at a distence.if need be we can put that id technology to use asuming we van figure it out!” Admiral komack said.
“If at posible please avoid getting into direct conflict with the romulons. I would hate to witness a 23rd century franz Ferdinand moment. “Wesley said.
“I will be careful bob. “Addison said. “I want you in constent cominication with me and the lexington. On a personal note good hunting Addison ! Go bring your family home!” Admiral komack said. “Thank you sir! Will do!” She said.
“So this is not quite how we planed it but we will make the best of it! “She said. “Department heads are hear as you requested!”commander sotril said. “Satus reports!” Addison ordered. ” Engineering ready and standing by. “Pitkarn said.
“Sickbay is standing by. I am hoping my services won’t be neaded!”piper said. “So do i mark! “She said. “Sicurity and tactical system are ready. All shipbored and personal arsinal have been checked and are cleared for use!”chief gioto said.
“Cominications system are at peak efecientcy!”lt. Palmer said.”helm is ready !”dashale said. “Science and libery system are ready and standing by”sotril said.
” Ok lets get this over with!”Addison said. “Control tower has cleared us to depart! “Palmer said. “Ry clear all morings!” She ordered. Ryian kendel the navigator pressed the button that jetisoned the docking clamps.”morings away!”he reported.
“Take us out!” Addison ordered. “Aye sir! Leaving docking area!” Dashale said. The enterprise left the birth. “We are clear !”dashal reported. ” Take us to the space doors thusters only. Lets play this by the book!”she said.
The enterprise went towards the docking bay. Addison had dreamed of this moment ever sense she got orders to take command of the enterprise after it completed its refit. With every thing going on she did not have the time to take it in. The vessel made it to the space doors.
“We are now at the space doors addy!”ryian reported. “Oppen space doors!”Addison ordered.”opening now!”sotril said.the large doors retracted. The doors were fully retracted.
“Helm take us out!”she ordered. The large vessel left space dock and entered open space. “We have left space dock!” Ryian reported. “Helm lay in a course for the jevanon system maximum warp!” Addison said. The helmsman ploted the course.”course ploted and engaged! “Dashale reported. “Now on course!”ryian said. “Very good! Liz i want to see you in my office!” Addison said. “Of course !”she said. “Commander sotril you have the bridge ! ” she said. “Aye sir!” She said.
Office of the captain.
In her office was a modle of her last vessel she commanded,the athena. She had a stufed animal of a trible, picture of her and ryian,a picture of her kids,her step parents and a Klingon dagger on the wall.
” i have not thought of Alison in a long time!  I was a different person then. I was young,rebelious undisiplined. I wanted off earth. I wanted excitement. I signed on a deep space freighter. I met a kindred sprit in aly. We were the best of friends. We got caught hit by asteroid fragments.the ship was in shambles. I thought i was invincible. I never expected this. I froze. Aly had to drag me off the bridge.  After another impact she fell into a casism. I froze. I wanted to help her but i was scared. I fell and woke up in an esape pod. I have no idea how i got there. That has hounted me for years. I spent several mouths at a psikiatric rehab colony. I vowed to clean up my act,grow up. I thought she had died. I have no idea how shs servived. She is right i took the life she wanted. In a way she is correct. “She said.
“Addy you were young ! You were inexperienced. It was a mistake but you can’t change it now. “Lix said. “I know! It gnawing at me liz!”Addison said. “I know !it is going to for a while ! I will help you though it. “She said. “Ok!” She said.
End of part five

Ties that bind part four

The mccomic began to suspect that something was going on. They were not sure what was going on.
She picked up the newborn. Her step parents were not sure that she should hold her. They did not dare to intervene at least not yet. 
The baby seamed to be calm around the young lady. They decided not to protest. They were careful around the new arival.
“What bring you hear Alison ?” Mrs mccomic asked. “I have been out of the loop. I feal it is time to come back to the universe as it were! Time to complete some unfinished business !” She said.
  That satement made both of them very nervous. “You and addison are friends ?”mrs mcomic asked. “We used to be. Very close but then she betrayed me! Left me to die! I am not hear for a reureunion . I am hear to settle a score! “Alison said.
“What is this. About!”mr. Mcomic said. She took out a phaser and aimed it at them.”please put hanah down! ” the grand farther pleaded. “I won’t harm any of you as long as you do what i tell you . You must follow my instuctions to the letter.
“Please let us go! At least let the kids and sherry go. I will be your hostege!”he said. “Noble but i need all of you as hostege. Addy will do whatever it takes to get you back. I want that! “She said. “Whatever your diferences,this is not the way to solve this! ” mrs mccomic said. “It is the only way! I lost every thing because of her. Now i will repay her for all she did. “Alison declared.
She placed a series of large towers around the area. Then they beamed to an unknown location.
A few minutes later,an explosive went off. Only the house exploded. No other building was efected. It was a masege to addison.
The trubo lift opened,dr. Mark piper and nurse christine chapel entered the bridge. “As i live and breath mark. I never thought you would come out of retirement!”she said. “Retirement was not as much fun as i thought it would be!”piper said.”i told you so! ” she said.”i knew you were going to say that!”he said.”i am glad that you are hear!”she said. “They made the right decision making you c.o!”mark said. She thought to herself i hope so.
“Captain! You have an emurgentcy transmison from lt.commander kendle in concord!”lt. Palmer said. “Oh no!”she thought. ” Mr. Dashele i need you to assume command until commander satril geta back.”Addison said. “Aye sir!”the helm officer said. She ran to the transporter room. The crew was perplexed as to what was going on.
Transporter room
“I have the coordinances captain!”lt. Takigowa the transporter chief said. She thanked him and got on to the transporter pad. “Ready when you are!”the chief anounced. “Enerzize!”Addison ordered. The.chief activated the controls. The commamder was beamed off of the ship and on to the planet.
She saw her childhood home in ruins. She screamed and ran towards the home. A man in a star fleet command uniform found her. ” Addy! No one was in the house!”he said. “Ryian are you sure?”she asked frantically.”no organic readings addy. We don’t know where they are. A neighbor saw a young women enter. They did not see anyone leave. “He said. She huged him.”look we will figure all this out! We will find them! There is no reason to think that they are not alive! “He said. “I know “she said. Star fleet command
“The device used was Klingon but it is a type that can be found on the black matket. It was fairly low tech!”comadore Wesley said.”we don’t think this is one of the major powers ?”Addison asked.”not at this point! We could be deling with an.individual or a group!”komack said.”we have not had an act of terorism on earth sence after the end of the third world war. “Commander sutril said. “Do you this wad aimed at me? “Addison asked. “We are looking over your service record! “Commander gioto said. “We discovered a transporter signal. We believe that they may have been kidnaped and they were wisked away by transporter!”pitcarn said. “We have stoped all incoming and outgoing traphic but they may have still goten away!”komack said.
“We are conducting a full investigation using every asets we have! “Wesley said. “I know that!”she said.
“Addison ! You should rest!”sotril said. ” I can’t! I’m way too jitery!” Addison said. “Look the minute i have news i will contact you! You have my word! ” sotril said. “Alright! ” she said.
Quters of captain mccomic
The door opened, it was commander ryian kendle. She waited till the door closed then embraced him. She was usually tough but not now. Now she let herself break down. She started to cry. He held her. “We are going to get though this! We will get our kids and your perents back! “She said.
The chime rang. She said come. It was dr. Danner. “Sory to disturb you! I wanted to check up on you! Hello ryian!”danner said. “Hello liz!”he said. ” it seams personal but i don’t know of any enemies who would have grudge. Star fleet mission is one of peace. My mission is one of peace. I have had to defend myself and my ship. I have tried to have compassion towards all and mallice towards none. Yet someone has a grudge and i don’t know why!”she said.
” Bridge to captain!” Lt. Palmer said. “Go ahead!”Addison said. “You have an incoming mesege but we cannot trace it !”she said.”i will take it down hear!”she said.
On the screen was displayed the image of alison. “Oh my!”ali!”she said. “Hello addy!” She said.
End of part four

“Ties that bind” part three

U.s.s enterprise
Captain mccomic was given a tour of the ship. She was completely impresed with this ship. It was all that she hoped it would be.
They came to engineering.  “Chief enginer pitcarn! I am so glad you agried to stay on ! “She said. “I was in charge of the refit. I wanted to make sure it is kept in one peace! ” pitcarn said. “He does not trust us!”enginer kyile said. “I am sure it is not personal !”mccomic said. The younger enginer laughed.
“Will we be able to lunch on time?” She asked. “I don’t see any reason why we would not. Every thing is falling into place. “Pitcarn said.
“I am glad to hear that! Your are living up to your reputation!”mccomic said. “Did you have any doubts? ” kyile asked. “No !”she said. She left the engineering crew.
The turbo lift opened,admiral komack,comadore Wesley and captain mccomic entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge !” An officer said.
She looked over the bridge. This was about to be hers. She almost did not believe it. She had familerized herself with the ship. Reading about it was one thing,seing it was quite another.
“I understand our first mison is to sector x104?” The helmsman said. “the area has never been charted by star fleet mr. Dashale. So it could be boring or masivley exciting or anything in between !” She said.
“Very true. I have learned that from my time as a comanding officer!”Wesley said.
  At the archives ,Alison closly looked over the biography of captain mccomic. She saw something that interested her. Mccomic had two children. A boy and a newborn girl.
Alison had wanted to be maried and have kids. Her time on the freighter was a temporary one.she wanted to settle down. Adison had not been like that.she had no real plans. Now suddenly every thing had gone upside down. She would not take it siting down.
“Well it is time for me to meat my godchildren!” Alison said. It would not be a happy reunion.
“Is all of the senior staff abored?”addy asked. “The first officer is on the serface but is on her way back. Every one else is onbored!” Ships psychatrist Elizabeth daner said.
“Good. When my family comes abord! Could you let me know?”she asked . “Of course!”danner said. ” i was not informed of civilians going to be permerment residents !”security chief gioto comented.
“My two children aged 2 and two mounths will be abored for the jouney! Is that a problem commander?” She asked.
“No i just wished i had been told ahead of time. Is there anything else i should know?”he asked. “Not that i am aware of!”she said. This was not encourging.
“Your maried and have kids. I did not think carer officers had family ?”yeoman smith asked. “I have never believed you have to sacrifice one for the orther! “Adison said.
Home of wiliam and elane mccomic
Concord new Hampshire
There was a knock at the door. Elane came to the door. It eas Alison. She wore a scarf to hide the masive plasma scar. “Hello ! I am a friend of adison. “Alison said.
“She is over on the enterprise. We are going to go over soon!”wiliam said. “You must be proud of addy! A wife,a mother,starship captain. She has done it all”Alison said.
“We very much are. When we first adopted her,we had a sense she was special ! “Elane said. “When i first met her,her life was off tract. She has turned it around !”Alison said.
“We knew that she would ! We knew her potential . We are glad that she turned it around !”elane said.
“Its funy in a way she is living the story that was suposed to be myine. I was the one with asperations. It did not work out that way! ” Alison said.
“How did you know addy?”wiliam asked. “We served on the freighter southwestern. We were best friends. “She said
“The destruction was the tipping point. She really changed after that. She took it as a sign. She is not the same person ! It was that tragidy that did it” elane said.
She saw the children. ” They are so sweet! They look like addy. I wanted children !”she said. “Your young. It not too late!”wiliam said. ” No one will mary me !”she said angrily. She pulled off her scar. They were agasped. “I will never be maried. Never be successful . Never happy! All i will have us regret! It is all because of adison. She is what she is at my exspense. I have never forgoten or forgiven !” She said.
The two were woried now. They were very uncomfortable by this.they senced something was teribly wrong. They were in danger. They were not sure what to do.
End of part three.

Episode one ties that bind part two

  “Today in what is expected to be a masive event,the u.s.s enterprise will be relunched after a full refit. Crowds are already asembled and it is growing. ” reporter Jessica Armstrong said.
“There is also a lot of attention at the new commanding officer of enterprise. At 27, captain adison rachele mccomic becomes the first female to command the enterprise. Mccomic was orphaned as a child. She previously commamded the light cruser athena. ” Jessica said.
Space dock
  Captain mccomic ajusted her hair in the turbo lift. She had redone her pony tail six times. The door opened. She turned and saw her mentor and direct superior admiral james komack. With him was comadore robert Wesley.
” Helo sir! “Addison said. ” At ease! This is your moment adie. You get to make history !” Admiral komack said. “I will do my best! “She said. “You will do fine! “Wesley said. “Ready to go over ?” Komack asked. “You bet!” She said.
She followed the two to a traval pod. The hatch opened,the three oficers entered the craft. They went over to the cockpit. Mccomic took the controls.
The morings came off of the tiny pod. The pod left the docking area. The vessel headed to the ship. She breathed a sigh. The ship was hiden. Then the pod cleared the area and the enterprise came into view.
“There she is! It is all yours captain!”komack said. “Was it like this when you took command of the enterprise from captain april?”she asked. “There was nothing like it! I hated giving up command! It was an amazing time. I suspect that your carer will surpass myine!”komack said. “I will try not to one up you too much sir!”she said. They laughed.
It hit her. This was her ship. She looked it over and took it all in.the pod came over to the other side of the constitution class vessel. The pod backed up and entered the port. The craft docked with the ship. The latch closed. “Docking complete !”addy said.
The captain and two v.i.p got up from there chairs and went to the egress. The hatch door opened. They excited.
  A good amount of the crew was assembled. The bowson blew his wristle and the crew snaped to attention. The officer of the deck called the crew to attention.
“To captain adison rachel mccomic from star fleet command. You are requested and required to assume command of the u.s.s. enterprise afective this date signed vice admiral james komack chief of star fleet operations. Please note time and date in the log! “She said. With that she dismissed the crew. They dispersed.
United federation of planets
  The federation was careful to preserve records from a thousand different worlds. Not only was it a defensive alience,it was a cultural league as well. It existed to preserve culture ans history ,to unite aliens to work together in comon cause. This included preservation of key documents. It was readily available to anyone who wanted to inspect them.
  She apeared like one of those.a curiousity seaker. She was not hear for curiousity shake. She had a different aganda. She wote a sweter with gray pants and dress shoes. She wore a scarf witch covered the left side of her face.
She took out a small device. The device alowed her to hack into the federation census department. She looked up the name adison rachel mccomic. She discovered she was in star fleet. She hacked into the star fleet data base. She found her oficial record. She looked it over.  “So addy! You went to star fleet! Became commanding officer of the scout ship athena. Uss enterprise not bad. Your maried and have two kids. Well well well! Congradulations. I am happy for you my b.f.f ,i would love to celebrate with you except i am too buisy getting even! I would love to bring about your death but not yet. I want you to suffer first. I will inflict the kind of pain you inflicted on me then i will kill you!” She said.
End of part two

Episode one “ties that bind”

Freighter southwestern.
“We have taken heavy damage ! I am trying to seal. Off the damaged decks. Emergentcy safe gaurds are not functoning! ” one of the officers said. 
“Sir we have another fragment! It is heading right for us! “Another officer said. “Evasive munuvers!” The captain ordered. The smal freighter struguled to evade the asteroid fragment. The ship’s maximum warp was warp 5. This would not be enough to break free of the fragment.
On the bridge, a young women was very woried. She had only been abored the freighter for six mounths. The mission had all been routine. The ship arived at a space dock,loaded the cargo then took it to its intended destination. Now that had all changed. She had not encountered any real problems. This was a big one.
She tried to remain calm. She would stay at her post until ordered to do otherwise. Her friend and fellow shipmate seamed so confident. She was not like that. “Impact in 57 seconds ! “Her friend reported.
“Can you go a little faster?”the captain asked. “I am at maximum warp sir! I am going as fast as possible !” The pilot said. The ship stil tried to outrun the large object.
“I have an idea but it is a risk!”her friend said. “This is a risk ally! Give it a try!” The captain said. “Aye sir!”she said.
  The ship was designed to haul freight. It did not contain the equipment that a star fleet vessel would. The ship did have a shield grid. There were dangers even to a freighter. The bigest being steler phenomena and pirate raids. The letter was rare as long as you stayed in the normal trade routes. The former tended to be very unpredictable.
Ally transfered power from the shields to the outor hull. The mass was about to hit. The ship shields came on and repulsed the fragment. The pilot rode the wake. The ship gained some extra speed and ran like heck. The ship got pass the fragment.
“We are clear of the debres!”the younger friend of ally reported. “Good work!”the captain said. “I have to take us out of warp! The engines are about to short circut!” The pilot said.
“Do it!” The captain ordered. The pilot deactivated the engines.the ship seamed to jerk. Then it stoped. The ship rocked. “Report!”the captain ordered.”sir! I am reading a masive explosion near the engine room! This ship is about to blow!” Ally reported.
“Abandon ship!” The captain said. The bridge crew began to pile out out of the bridge. The young crewman just sat there. She was dazed and confused. She was totally out of it. Ally went over to her.
” adie! Adie come on! “Ally said. She did not respond. “Dawn it ad! We got to go! This ship is tearing itself apart! “She said. She did not respond. She pushed her to move.
The ship rocked. The two struggled to stay upright. They tried to keep moving. The ship rocked like a masive earth qauke.  A casism was created. Ally started to fall . She was sliding towards the abyis. She beged addy for help. She just froze. By the time she snaped to it,it was too late. She fell.
Addy had no will to live. She gave up. She was knocked unconscious.
She woke up. “Where am i ?”addy said. ” Your on an esape pod! Jonesy found you. You almost did not make it addy! ” the captain said.
“Ally? “She asked. “She did not make it! I am sorry !”the captain said.
The pod remaned In space for a few houers. The pods were picked up by the u.s.s Atlanta. The crew were then taken to sickbay.
The Atlanta transported the survivors to star base 12. They were treated and atempted to get on with there lives.
End of part one.