Episode one “ties that bind”

Freighter southwestern.
“We have taken heavy damage ! I am trying to seal. Off the damaged decks. Emergentcy safe gaurds are not functoning! ” one of the officers said. 
“Sir we have another fragment! It is heading right for us! “Another officer said. “Evasive munuvers!” The captain ordered. The smal freighter struguled to evade the asteroid fragment. The ship’s maximum warp was warp 5. This would not be enough to break free of the fragment.
On the bridge, a young women was very woried. She had only been abored the freighter for six mounths. The mission had all been routine. The ship arived at a space dock,loaded the cargo then took it to its intended destination. Now that had all changed. She had not encountered any real problems. This was a big one.
She tried to remain calm. She would stay at her post until ordered to do otherwise. Her friend and fellow shipmate seamed so confident. She was not like that. “Impact in 57 seconds ! “Her friend reported.
“Can you go a little faster?”the captain asked. “I am at maximum warp sir! I am going as fast as possible !” The pilot said. The ship stil tried to outrun the large object.
“I have an idea but it is a risk!”her friend said. “This is a risk ally! Give it a try!” The captain said. “Aye sir!”she said.
  The ship was designed to haul freight. It did not contain the equipment that a star fleet vessel would. The ship did have a shield grid. There were dangers even to a freighter. The bigest being steler phenomena and pirate raids. The letter was rare as long as you stayed in the normal trade routes. The former tended to be very unpredictable.
Ally transfered power from the shields to the outor hull. The mass was about to hit. The ship shields came on and repulsed the fragment. The pilot rode the wake. The ship gained some extra speed and ran like heck. The ship got pass the fragment.
“We are clear of the debres!”the younger friend of ally reported. “Good work!”the captain said. “I have to take us out of warp! The engines are about to short circut!” The pilot said.
“Do it!” The captain ordered. The pilot deactivated the engines.the ship seamed to jerk. Then it stoped. The ship rocked. “Report!”the captain ordered.”sir! I am reading a masive explosion near the engine room! This ship is about to blow!” Ally reported.
“Abandon ship!” The captain said. The bridge crew began to pile out out of the bridge. The young crewman just sat there. She was dazed and confused. She was totally out of it. Ally went over to her.
” adie! Adie come on! “Ally said. She did not respond. “Dawn it ad! We got to go! This ship is tearing itself apart! “She said. She did not respond. She pushed her to move.
The ship rocked. The two struggled to stay upright. They tried to keep moving. The ship rocked like a masive earth qauke.  A casism was created. Ally started to fall . She was sliding towards the abyis. She beged addy for help. She just froze. By the time she snaped to it,it was too late. She fell.
Addy had no will to live. She gave up. She was knocked unconscious.
She woke up. “Where am i ?”addy said. ” Your on an esape pod! Jonesy found you. You almost did not make it addy! ” the captain said.
“Ally? “She asked. “She did not make it! I am sorry !”the captain said.
The pod remaned In space for a few houers. The pods were picked up by the u.s.s Atlanta. The crew were then taken to sickbay.
The Atlanta transported the survivors to star base 12. They were treated and atempted to get on with there lives.
End of part one.


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