Ties that bind part sevin

“Captain’s log, usually dangers come in like a flood,today is no different. On the serface of an unknown planet i am engaged in mortal combat with someone i believed to be a friend and who i believed was dead. Someone who had years of rage and biterness!”
“On my ship,the crew is traped in romulan space. Technicaly they are in violation of a treaty that ended a conflict between earth and the romulans a hundred years ago! ”
“Near by the uss excalubur and Lexington are under attack . The excalibur badly damaged. Victom of a new weapon. ”
Alison went for adison. Addison deflected the attack. Ally went for her. Ali struck addy before she could get a hit in. “Ally this is crazy! I messed up. I can’t atone for that. I would not even try. This vendetta of yours! Release my family !”Addison said.
“You never wanted a husband ,you never wanted kids. You were a drifter,you had no goals !no direction! You took my life!my goals !you stole my very soul addy. For that i can never forgive you!”she said.
She came at Addison. Addison tried to tackle her. Alison was relentless. Addison fought back with every fiber of her being.she had to overpower her.she did not enjoy this task. She hoped that she would not be forced to kill Alison . She would not  risk her parents and her children. She would do what she had to get them back.
Addison was able to tackle Alison . She had her pined.she went to knock her out. Alison turned tables on addy. She had the captain pinned. She was about to knock her out.
Addison kicked ally. Aly came at her. Ally picked her up and threw her. She fell. She did not see her old friend turned foe. Where had she gone?
She hurd a strange noise. Suddenly she came face to face with a large creture. It resembled an artist representation of an earth dinosaur. It was angery and she was in his sight! “Oh crap!”she said out loud.
Uss enterprise-bridge
“Are you certain we are In romulan space?”sotril asked. “There are no doubts commander!”kyil said.”very well! Lower shields and all screens!” Sotril said.
“Mam?” Dasalle asked. “We are in there space. I hope to deflate this situation if we can!”sotril said. Dasalle complied and deactivated the shields and screen. “Our screen are down!”ryian reported.
“Open hailing frequencies !”sotril ordered. Lt. Palmer activated the com pannel. “They are responding!”palmer reported.”on screen !” Sotril said.
The comm officer fliped on the view screen. On the viewer,the image of the romulan command center was displaced. To every ones surprise, the romulons looked like another race ,one they were all familier with,including the acting captain.
“You are in violation of treaty !what is the meaning of this?”the commander asked. “Commander our ship was propelled hear by acident! No violation of your sovereign teritory was intended! ” sotril said.
“And yet,our sovereign teratory was violated. Stand down and perpare to be borded!” The commander incisted.
“Commander! I am concerned by standing down. My concern is for my crew!”commander sotril. “You violated our laws. Either stand down or you will be fired on! Those are your only options !”the commander declared.
“They are heading right for us!” Ryian said. ” engineering !”sotril said. “Go ahead!”pitkarn said. “I need your help with something !”she said. “Am i going to hate this ?”pitkarn asked. ” There is a good chance of it! ” the commander said.
Uss excalibur
The bridge was in ruins. The captain was dead. The medical and damage control team entered the bridge. The woundered were moved out to sickbay.
Uss Lexington
“Early casualty reports from the Excalibur ! It could have been a lot worse !” The first officer said.”we have to find a way to stop that doorway. This could be the beginning of a new kind of warfare. I want all science divisions to study it. We need to stop it!”wessley said. The first officer agreed.
Romulan vessel
“Where is captain mccomic?” The romulan asked.”preoccupied !” Alison said. “The plan is going foward quite nicely.” The romulan said. “Good! Soon i will have my revenge and there will be a new power in the qudrent!”she said. The romulan smiled.
End of part 7



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