Ties that bind part 8

“Captain’s log,suplimentle entry,my old friend turned foe has made a pact with the romulons. She has helped to develop a device that alows a ship to apear out of where. What alows it to operate is unknown at this point. It is a clear and present danger to our fleet. It alowed the romulons to imobolize the starship Excalibur !”
” my ship is traped in romulin space. They are surounded. It looks like they are in the wrong. Unless they can come up with a plan fast,they may be traped in enemy space,prisionors of war or worse!”
“I am traped on a unknowns planet. Apearently this world is home to exotic cretures. It seams they are preditors. ”
The creture came at addison. Adrison propelled herself on to the creture. The creture tried to pull her off. Addison tried to hold on for deer life. The crerure was not going to make it easy for her to do so. She would not give up. She had to endure. Her children ,her parents,her husband,her crew,mayby the entire federation was counting on her. She could not let them down.
She decided to go near the cretures mouth. She slamed her fist right in his nouse. She then flung herself to the orther side of the creture near his tail. The crerure had slowed down. The creture was clearly in pain. It may have brought her some time. She decided to run. All of a suden another creature attacked the wounded creture.she used this to her advantage. She used it as a much needed deversion. She tried to get away.
A gateway opened up. Alison reemerged. “You servived my little surprise. I figured you would ! It is not the big crasendo i wanted!” Alison said.
“Aly i wish things has been different ! I am sory you did not get the life you always wanted! I regret that i got the life you wanted. I regret that it was at your expense. I never wanted that! “She said.
“Easy for you to say now. You abadoned me!”Alison said. “I hate that i did that. If i could change that i would . Look let my family go! We can work something out! It does not have to end badly. We can stil savage this!”adison said.
“This is the outcome i want. I will have my revenge. You don’t get to win addy. Not this time. You have not experienced loss but your about to! I will enjoy every minute of it!”she declared.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
The romulin birds of prey headed for the enterprise. The enterprise fired on the ships. Usually the ships would be no match for the enterprise but the enterprise was outnumbered and more were on the way.  the enterprise fired on the nearby ship and the next.
Romulan ship
“This is ilogical! They must know that they canot defeat us!”the centurian said. “They do. They fear they are dead either way.why not chance it!” The commander said.
Uss enterprise
“They look vulcan! Do you think they are relitives?”dasalle asked. “It is very likly. It seamed they folowed a different path. They embraced what we rejected. It is quite fasinating!”sotril said.
The ship was hit. “Shields holding but we can’t keep taking these hits'” kyile reported.
In engineering ,pitkarn and his team ploted to do the imposible.they worked to get the ship perpared.
Pitkarn could not believe he was atempting to do this. He had verry little knowledge of this technology. He was not even sure the enterprise could duplicate it. The enterprise had already had a reputation for being a mericle ship. Mayby it had a few more mericles up its sleve.
The enginers and techs worked as fast as they could. Finaly they believed that they were ready.”are you sure this wil work?”the chief asked. “As certain as i can be. This is new ground sir!”takinewa said.”i know. Lets give it a try!”he said.
The ship was hit. “Shields at 74 percent!” Kyile reported. ” We must hury mr pitkarn!”sotril said.”activating now! Hear goes nothing !”pitkarn said.
He presed the buton. The door way opened up. The romulin vessels tried to stop them from entering the gateway. The enterprise fired multiple voleys and stil tried to get inside and soon. The enterprise continued to enter despite it was still being struck by the enemy.the ship headed inside. The ship was inside. The doorway was closed.now the hard was opening it again in a different place. They were not sure how to open it.  Pitkarn decided that he better become a fast learner.
The doorway opened up. The enterprise came out at a fast rate. Dasale and ryian were able to slow the vesel down and take it out of warp. “Now at all stop!”ryan reported. “Good work mr. Pitkarn!” Sotril said over the intercom. “Just part of the service mam! “The chief engineer said.
“Sir i am detecting two humans on the serface! One is captain mccomic! ” kyile said. “Are you sure?”sotril asked.”it is confirmed!” Kyile answered. “Get them abored ! I am gusing the orther one is cransaw!” Sotril said. “She will need to be under conscent supervision!” Daner said. “She will be doctor!”gioto said.
Alison started to leave. Adison struck her. Alison struck her back.”i don’t want this! Come back to your sencess! There must be something of the old Alison in you!”adison said.”she is gone! Never to return ! “She answered. The two were beamed up.
Romulin vessel
“I can’t get her!” The romulin tech said. “She has been captured. She left instructions in case something like this occured! “Commander tridek said. “Orders!” The seccond in command asked. “Send the following message ! Begin!” The commander said.
Uss Berlin
A door way opened up. A smal ship exploded. The vesel rammed into the single nichelle.this was an opening salvo.
End of part eight.


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