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Ties that bind part 12

“Captain’s log,commander sotril reporting. There have been more attacks. It is puting the entire federation on edge. While more ships are heading to the nutral zone. War seams more and more likely even hour. While engineers on the enterprise and thoughout the federation work fevourusly to find a way to prevent the doorsway. There break though has proven fleating so far!”she said.
“We believe that we have a working early warning system ! “Pitkarn said. “The problem is that we won’t totally know if it works until it is used in actual use!”kyile said. “I understand ! Good work !”sotril said.
“We have converted this station to monitor for it. Relief helmsman lt. Mathews has agried to take the consil!”pitkarn said. Sotril got really qiet. Sotril while not loquacious but she usually had something to say. At this moment she did not. It was a very akward moment of silent. No one knew why except for the vulcan and the jr helmsman.
“Very well! I am sure you will do a more then adaquit job lt!”she said. “Thank you commander!” The jr officer said. She reterned to the command chair. She sat down.
“Wait i have a ping!” Mathews said.”already?” Yeoman smith asked. ” Reinforce shields !” Sotril ordered. Ryian reinforced the shields by rerouting non esential power to the shields.
The ship veered off from the area where the door way would be. The door way apeared out of no where. Dasale managed to get off the first schot. The enterprise fired a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes.
The bird of prey exited the doorway. The enterprise fired on the doorway. The doorway hit the bird of prey. The bird of prey managed to evade the full impact of the wake. The bird of prey went for the enterprise.
Adison watched the battle from sickbay. She felt like her place should be on the bridge. She just could not do it. She stayed in the sickbay.
The bird of prey fired on the enterprise in stragic locations thoughout the ship. It could be felt all though the ship.
The enterprise returned fire. The torpedoes hit the bird of prey. The ship was damaged but was stil intact and still battle ready.
“Lunch the breaching pod!” Tridex ordered. The gunner activated the pod. The pod left the birthing area.
“We have an incoming projectile! “Ryian reported.”back us off!”she ordered. Dasale tried to move the ship away. The pod exploded. The energy wave headed for the enterprise.
The helm and navigator tried to move the ship away from the wake. The wake hit the ship. The ship began to lose its gravity.the ship spun around several times.
On the bridge the crew tried to hold on to something. The crew were jostled about. Smith held on with all her might. She felt a bit naucious but was doing ok consirably.
Those in the chairs fell to the floor. Finally sotril got to the helm and restored the gravity. The bird of prey was smaler and more muniverable then the enterprise. It fired on the enterprise command section.
Sotril was hit and knocked unconscious. Mathews went over to help her.
“Damage reports coming in from all decks!” Palmer reported. Pitkarn did the only thing he knew to do. He went over to the chair’s intercom.
“Pitcarn to captain mccomic ! Commander sotril is incompacitated. We need you Addison !” Pitkarn said.
In sickbay Addison stood up. She huged lizz. She stood  erect. She went over to the com unit. “I am on my way ! “Addison said.
  The bird of prey hit the enterprise. Addison entered the bridge. The enterprise hit the bird of prey.
  The bird of prey intentionally hit an area near the sickbay. Those in sickbay felt the shock of the blast.
  Alison took advantage of the blast. She got free. Piper went for her and she hit him. She ran to the coridor. She opened an airlock. She drifted to space. She was beemed off of open space and on to the bird of prey.
“The bird of prey is withdrawing ! ” kyile reported. ” sir! Dr. Piper reports that Alison has esaped. “Palmer said. “Dawn it! ‘” Addison said.
“Addy can you come over hear?” Kyle asked. “Yes of course !”Addison said. She went over to the science station. “I was trying to get information on the ship! I detected human life signs four. Two may be children ! “Kyile said in a low vioce so only Addison could hear it.
“Your absolutely sure about this? “Addison asked . “I would not report it if i was not ! “He said. “Oh my! I can’t believe it! “She said. ” The good news is that i believe i can tract the ship. The bad news is that i think they want us to tract him! It is a trap! A setup! “Kyile said. “I know that! I can’t ignore it! Conmander gioto ! Commander pitkarn i need to see you in private! “She said.
With sotril unconscious in sickbay,that left her iner curcle ,liz daner,dr. Piper,the chief engineer and security chief. Although Addison knew that this was a ploy. The romulons were bating her in order to start a war and make the federation and star fleet look like the agresors. She would get her family back.she hoped that she would do it and stop a war.
” This is clearly a trap! They have been playing us. Moving us to this moment. I understand i am taking a risk. If you wish to object i will note it in the log. I am asking a lot. I am risking a lot.  Any objection?”she asked .
There were none. The ship entered the doorway. They folowed the breadcrumbs. This would decide every thing.
End of part 12

Ties that bind part 11

As soon as liz heard the news,she ran to the captain’s qurters. She was frantically racing to the captain’s room. She almost plored over a couple of jr officers. She needed to be there. She was determined to do that in a timly fashon.
She ran into the qurters. “Addy i am so sorry! “Liz said. She huged her. “I am so bewildered! I can’t describe it. Its like nothing else maters! I don’t care about nothing. Not even the ship. Not even star fleet!”she said.
“I wish there was something i could do. I wish there was something i can say. Look i know your beyond devisated but don’t make any decision right now! ” liz said. “Alright !”she said.
She was in schock numb. Liz had known Addison for several years. She was an intern at the rehab colony that Addison was asigned to following a nervous breakdown. They had developed a friendship. Liz was woried about her and ryian. She did not know how to help.
Paris france
Pallice de la concord
President elisia crazal part human,part rigelien sat in her office. She was the first female president of the federation. Before that she was a cabinent member,federation council member and governor of rygal 10. She was very accomplished.
” There have been ten sneek attacks by the doorways. We have lost three ships,four have been critically damaged. Only one was a heavy crusher. The orthers were light crusers. “Admiral komack said.
” i take it the attacks will continue?”the president asked. “There is no reason to believe they won’t madam president!” Secratary of defense tisorden said.
“The romulans have butoned up there side of the nutral zonen that is only the ships that are not cloaked. “Intergalatic security advisor wade benson said.
“Is this a rougue group or is this from romulin high command?”the president asked.”we are trying to find that out madam president but frankly we have verry little information on the romulans. We did not even know what they looked like. We don’t know much about there government although we have heard they have a preator. We asume he is in charge but we don’t know!” Admiral komack said.
“We suspect that these attacks are to soften us up,a prelude to a larger invasion” the defense sec said.
“I want to send more ships to the border. I want the entire fleet on high alert! ” the president said. ” Will do on both counts madam president!” Komack said.
“We need to get information on the romulans. There must be a way to comunicate with them. A third party,an ambassador some where!”she said.
“We are looking into it !”foregn afars secritary t’sera of Vulcan said. ” I don’t want a war,i want to avoid conflict. I am a person of peace,i want my presidency to reflect that. I will protect our people !”she said. She had made that clear.
Uss enterprise bridge
“Captain! Star fleet wants us to procede to the nutral zone as soon as the athena is ready to get underway!”lt. Palmer said.
“Acknowledge recipts of the order and send our satus. Lay in the course mr. Dasale!” She ordered. ” Aye sir!” Palmer said. Lt. Tim mathews the relief navigator set the course and dasale had it laid it but did not press the engage button.
“I won’t cooperate with you !”Alison said. “Is this worth it?” Commander gioto said. “Yes it is.i was abandoned by every one.”she said. “Are you working with the romulin government or a faction?”he asked. “I don’t remember !”she said. ”
“Is she Alison ?”sotril asked. “No ! She has her memories,even some of her manorism ! It is not her!”liz said. “Why did the romulons recruit her? “Gioto said.” Or did she recruit them?”palmer asked. “Good question !”sotril said.
Captain’s qurters
The door opened,yeoman smith entered. She had a food tray.”i can’t eat right now!”Addison said.”doctors orders! Please take a bite! For my shake! Dr. Piper will dog me until you do!”she said. “I have no desire to eat or do anything else!” Addison said.”you need to eat as well lt!” She said. “I don’t have much of an apitite either! ” he said.
The door opened, it was halak. “Halak hello!”she said. “Thanks to your crew we can limp our way to starbase 11! Thank you. I can’t tell you how sory i am that our rescue came at such a high coast!”he said.
“It would not have made a difference my friend !”she said.”i know about the mines. I stil don’t like it. I am sory that our salvation came at there expense.”he said. “I don’t hold it against you or your crew!”she said.”i apreciate that. “He said. “Safe jouneys!”she said.
“Now on course for the border!”mathews reported.”very good ! “Sotril said.
Romulin vessel
“The enterprise is on course for the border!”the science officer anounced. “Excellent ! ” tridex said. “You will be defeated just as you were 100 years ago!” Mrs mccomic said. “Perhaps ! One can never predict these things.if we go down,it will be in battle! I could ask for nothing more!”tridex said. They were no impresed.
End of part 11


Ties that bind part ten

In sickbay,Alison monitored what was going on to the best of her abilities given her curent satus. She was able to surmise that the enterprise had goten a distress call from the athena. Her plan was working.
This was how she wanted it to go.her revenge was very close at hand. She would get back at those she felt betrayed her.
“The athena reports that they are holding there own!”palmer said. “Come on! Go faster! “Addison said.
Scout ship athena
The helm officer found a soft spot in the romulan vessel’s shield ans atemped to take advantage of it. It brought them a little bit of time.
Commander halak was an orion.he was the only one in star fleet.he had come up though the ranks fairly quickly . Addison had recomended him to replace her. The scout ship was no match for the three warbirds and he knew it. His only hope was the intervention of the enterprise.
“Now nearing the battle!”ryian anounced. “Oppen fire on the nearest ship!” Addison ordered. The enterprise fired on the nearest bird of prey and hit it with every thing they had. They went at the second vessel next. 
“Captian i am detecting a romulon vessel dirilect. It is on course for the sector’s sun! ” sotril said. “Dawn it! Life signs!” She asked. “Four humans!”sotril said.
“Sickbay mark get Alison on the line now!”Addison said. “why addy you seam in quite an agitated sate. We would want to have you commited again !” Alison said. “what’s going on? “She asked.
“Isint it obvious addy! You have two ships in distress! Both can’t make it without your help. Do you save the crew of Forty on the athena? Most of them are close friends ,many you would consider family or do you save five on the scout ship. Do you sacrifice your loved ones or the crew of the athena? Chioces!” She said.”you!”Addison said.
“I can’t contact the bird of prey! They must have activated some kind of dapening field ! “Palmer declared. “Alison !come on this is cruel!”she said. “Any more then leaving me to die on an explosing ship !”she said.
” i am gusing that they have probably set the ship on a direct course for the sun. Its probably fully automated!”pitkarn said. “If we do nothing?”she asked. “They are doomed!” Pitkarn said. “Can the athena hold out?” Addison asked. “Maybe !” Gioto answered.
“Dawn you Alison or whatever you are! Mantain fire!”Addison said. “Addy?”ryian said frantically. “Follow my orders!”she said.
The ship fired on the romulin vessel. The vessel was hit. The enterprise was able to imobolize them. The two vessels continued to fire.
While the battle waged on,the direlect fell into the sun and exploded. The ships recloaked and left.
“Sir i am detecting risidual energy. I believe they planted gravitic mines. We could not rescue them if we wanted to. “Kyile said.
” Begin aid to the athena!”Addison said. “Aye sir!”palmer said. “Commander take charge of the ship! “Addison said. “Of course! Addison i am so sory!”sotril said. “I know !”she said. She ran off the bridge.
Ryian ran off the bridge.he did not even ask for permission. He just left.
She ran to her qurters. Ryan came in as well. “Return to the bridge ry that’s an order!”Addison said. “Negitive!”he said. “Ryan i can’t do this right now. I don’t want a lecture. “She said. He took her in his arms and he embraced her. They both started to cry. “No lecture i promise! ” Ryan said.
Romulon bird of prey
“Why did you do that? Why make Addison think she caused our death? That was sick !family is every thing to her!”Addison’s farther said.
“I was curious how she would react! “Commander tridex said.”you are a sadist!” Her morther said. “It was Alison’s idea. It was a bit too dramatic for me! ” Tridex said.
“Please let us go. I do like being a pawn in this power play!” The grandmorther said. “This is necessary ! It is not over yet! ” tridex said.
End of part 10

Ties that bind part 9

Lt. Gito,galway,leslie and a full security team stood by as the two emurged in the pad. Dr. Danner,pipler and nurse chapel were present.
“If you relase me,your hosteges were die. I am the only thing that stands between there life and death! “Alison proclamed.
Chapel took out a hypo spray and knocked her out. Leslie abd gallway picked her up and put her on a moble gurney. “Get her to sickbay!”pipper said. “Liz pull up her file. I want a full pysch profile!”addy said. “You got it addy!”liz said.
The patcient was whealed into sickbay. She was changed into a sickbay goan and placed in restraints . Much to dr. Piper and nurse chepel’s chagrin,there were gaurds stationed in sickbay.
Addison was beside could this have happened? It had gotten so messed up.
Confrence room
At the table was Addison ,sotril,piper,danner,palmer,dasale,ryian pitkarn and gioto. ” liz you first!”Addison ordered. “Thank you addy! Allison cransaw has had a history of pyshotic episodes. She was hospitilized several times. Much of it is due to brain damage. When she was 16,she was on a space walk. Her e.v.a suit ruptured. By the time she was rescured,there had been considerible damage. She was an above hornor student. Before the incident every university from hear to Vulcan wanted her. She wanted to join star fleet. She still had the grades but she failed the psych profile. She could not even get in the enlisted program. She joined the freighter southwestern. She seamed to be doing well! “She said.
“Do we have any idea how she servived the incident on the southwestern ?”Addison asked.”there is no information on her anywhere in the federation. I checked for any survivors who were unknowns and i found nothing. All of the servivors were taken to space station k-5 first. All of the other servivors were acounted for!” Sotril said.
“Could she have been picked up by the romulans?” Dassala asked.”this is far from romulan space !i doubt it!”gioto said.
“It seams the event was the triger. The last straw. She never had any recorded thoughts of rebelion against the federation. She had never shown suport for the romulons!”liz said. “She was not political at all. Any coment was favorible!” Addison said. “Is she displaying the whole universe is out to get me attitude?”pipper asked. “She is!”liz said.
“I want to shift to the romulaons. Uss berlin was attacked by a ship using the doorway as were four orther vessels. The entire federation is on high alert! Is there any way to stop this?” Addison asked.
“My people are working on a dampening device. It will requre a lot of power. I am looking into a self contaned device. It will take time. I am consulting star fleet security and corps of enginers as well as lary marvic and daystrom!” Pitkarn said.
” With this device the entire fleet is a siting duck. Star fleet command believes that they intend to soften us up. First the gurila war then they will lunch a full invasion probably from the jevanon system !” Addison said.
“Is war inevitable ?’palmer asked. “I hope not! Right now it is not looking good!”Addison said.
After the meating he went over to ryian. “Ry i am going to talk to Alison . I am hoping that she help me find my parents and the kids. Right now the tension between us and the romulons is the priority !” She said. “I know addy! You will find a way to get them back!”he said.
“I let every one down! My perents!you! Little sarek ! Hanah !”she said.she started to cry. He held her. “This is not your fault addy. “Ryan said. “I want to believe it ry. I am not sure i can! “She said.
“Alli please where is my family ?”Addison said. “No Addison !your not going to win. There will be no happy endings. You will suffer as i sufered. ” Alison said.
“Look if you help us. I will help you with the rehab commision!”she said. “What hapends to me is of little consciquence Addison ! ” Alison said.
“Come on this is my little boy!my baby girl my parents . Have some compassion ?” She said.”compassion ! I was so pumped full of radition. I can’t have children Addison ! It is a wounder i am stil alive. Don’t talk to me about compassion !”she said.
Later on
“Addy this is not your fault ?”liz said. “I don’t see how it can’t be! If i had not froze that day. I could have helped her!” She said.”you were stil a kid barely got your space legs addy!”liz said.”i stil could have done something ! I had the power to help her! I did not now the universe is falling apart because of it! “She said.
” things happen ! Who knows what would have happened if you did act. Its guess work!”liz said. “If anything happens to the kids i don’t think ryian could ever forgive me. He would not say anything and he would sqare to the moon and back that he did not blame me. I would know the truth. ” She said.
Dr. Piper entered. “May i come in?”the old doctor said. ” of course mark! “Addison said. “I ran every test i could think of on her. I found evidence that her brain was restarted. She was clinically dead but somehow revived. My gues is there were some brain functions stil operating. Her brain was rewired. All of her negitive charictoristics were brought to the serface! I would say thia became part of a mad scientist experiment!” Dr. Piper said.
“The romulans?” Liz said. “So is it her?”Addison asked. “It looks like her,talks like her but no not really ! “Piper said. “I see! Why her. We are mising a bug part of the puzzle !” Addison said.
“Bridge to captain!” Palmer said.she went to an intercom. “Go ahead audry!” Addison said.”the scout ship athena is under attack. We are nearby !”palmer said. “Have ryian lay in a course for the athena. Have vincent activate the course. Inform commander halak we are on our way!” She said. “Aye sir!”She said.
“The athena ? Your old ship! That can’t be a coincidence ?”liz said. “No i am sure it is not! ” Addison said.
End of part 9

Ties that bind part 8

“Captain’s log,suplimentle entry,my old friend turned foe has made a pact with the romulons. She has helped to develop a device that alows a ship to apear out of where. What alows it to operate is unknown at this point. It is a clear and present danger to our fleet. It alowed the romulons to imobolize the starship Excalibur !”
” my ship is traped in romulin space. They are surounded. It looks like they are in the wrong. Unless they can come up with a plan fast,they may be traped in enemy space,prisionors of war or worse!”
“I am traped on a unknowns planet. Apearently this world is home to exotic cretures. It seams they are preditors. ”
The creture came at addison. Adrison propelled herself on to the creture. The creture tried to pull her off. Addison tried to hold on for deer life. The crerure was not going to make it easy for her to do so. She would not give up. She had to endure. Her children ,her parents,her husband,her crew,mayby the entire federation was counting on her. She could not let them down.
She decided to go near the cretures mouth. She slamed her fist right in his nouse. She then flung herself to the orther side of the creture near his tail. The crerure had slowed down. The creture was clearly in pain. It may have brought her some time. She decided to run. All of a suden another creature attacked the wounded creture.she used this to her advantage. She used it as a much needed deversion. She tried to get away.
A gateway opened up. Alison reemerged. “You servived my little surprise. I figured you would ! It is not the big crasendo i wanted!” Alison said.
“Aly i wish things has been different ! I am sory you did not get the life you always wanted! I regret that i got the life you wanted. I regret that it was at your expense. I never wanted that! “She said.
“Easy for you to say now. You abadoned me!”Alison said. “I hate that i did that. If i could change that i would . Look let my family go! We can work something out! It does not have to end badly. We can stil savage this!”adison said.
“This is the outcome i want. I will have my revenge. You don’t get to win addy. Not this time. You have not experienced loss but your about to! I will enjoy every minute of it!”she declared.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
The romulin birds of prey headed for the enterprise. The enterprise fired on the ships. Usually the ships would be no match for the enterprise but the enterprise was outnumbered and more were on the way.  the enterprise fired on the nearby ship and the next.
Romulan ship
“This is ilogical! They must know that they canot defeat us!”the centurian said. “They do. They fear they are dead either way.why not chance it!” The commander said.
Uss enterprise
“They look vulcan! Do you think they are relitives?”dasalle asked. “It is very likly. It seamed they folowed a different path. They embraced what we rejected. It is quite fasinating!”sotril said.
The ship was hit. “Shields holding but we can’t keep taking these hits'” kyile reported.
In engineering ,pitkarn and his team ploted to do the imposible.they worked to get the ship perpared.
Pitkarn could not believe he was atempting to do this. He had verry little knowledge of this technology. He was not even sure the enterprise could duplicate it. The enterprise had already had a reputation for being a mericle ship. Mayby it had a few more mericles up its sleve.
The enginers and techs worked as fast as they could. Finaly they believed that they were ready.”are you sure this wil work?”the chief asked. “As certain as i can be. This is new ground sir!”takinewa said.”i know. Lets give it a try!”he said.
The ship was hit. “Shields at 74 percent!” Kyile reported. ” We must hury mr pitkarn!”sotril said.”activating now! Hear goes nothing !”pitkarn said.
He presed the buton. The door way opened up. The romulin vessels tried to stop them from entering the gateway. The enterprise fired multiple voleys and stil tried to get inside and soon. The enterprise continued to enter despite it was still being struck by the enemy.the ship headed inside. The ship was inside. The doorway was the hard was opening it again in a different place. They were not sure how to open it.  Pitkarn decided that he better become a fast learner.
The doorway opened up. The enterprise came out at a fast rate. Dasale and ryian were able to slow the vesel down and take it out of warp. “Now at all stop!”ryan reported. “Good work mr. Pitkarn!” Sotril said over the intercom. “Just part of the service mam! “The chief engineer said.
“Sir i am detecting two humans on the serface! One is captain mccomic! ” kyile said. “Are you sure?”sotril asked.”it is confirmed!” Kyile answered. “Get them abored ! I am gusing the orther one is cransaw!” Sotril said. “She will need to be under conscent supervision!” Daner said. “She will be doctor!”gioto said.
Alison started to leave. Adison struck her. Alison struck her back.”i don’t want this! Come back to your sencess! There must be something of the old Alison in you!”adison said.”she is gone! Never to return ! “She answered. The two were beamed up.
Romulin vessel
“I can’t get her!” The romulin tech said. “She has been captured. She left instructions in case something like this occured! “Commander tridek said. “Orders!” The seccond in command asked. “Send the following message ! Begin!” The commander said.
Uss Berlin
A door way opened up. A smal ship exploded. The vesel rammed into the single nichelle.this was an opening salvo.
End of part eight.

Ties that bind part sevin

“Captain’s log, usually dangers come in like a flood,today is no different. On the serface of an unknown planet i am engaged in mortal combat with someone i believed to be a friend and who i believed was dead. Someone who had years of rage and biterness!”
“On my ship,the crew is traped in romulan space. Technicaly they are in violation of a treaty that ended a conflict between earth and the romulans a hundred years ago! ”
“Near by the uss excalubur and Lexington are under attack . The excalibur badly damaged. Victom of a new weapon. ”
Alison went for adison. Addison deflected the attack. Ally went for her. Ali struck addy before she could get a hit in. “Ally this is crazy! I messed up. I can’t atone for that. I would not even try. This vendetta of yours! Release my family !”Addison said.
“You never wanted a husband ,you never wanted kids. You were a drifter,you had no goals !no direction! You took my life!my goals !you stole my very soul addy. For that i can never forgive you!”she said.
She came at Addison. Addison tried to tackle her. Alison was relentless. Addison fought back with every fiber of her being.she had to overpower her.she did not enjoy this task. She hoped that she would not be forced to kill Alison . She would not  risk her parents and her children. She would do what she had to get them back.
Addison was able to tackle Alison . She had her pined.she went to knock her out. Alison turned tables on addy. She had the captain pinned. She was about to knock her out.
Addison kicked ally. Aly came at her. Ally picked her up and threw her. She fell. She did not see her old friend turned foe. Where had she gone?
She hurd a strange noise. Suddenly she came face to face with a large creture. It resembled an artist representation of an earth dinosaur. It was angery and she was in his sight! “Oh crap!”she said out loud.
Uss enterprise-bridge
“Are you certain we are In romulan space?”sotril asked. “There are no doubts commander!”kyil said.”very well! Lower shields and all screens!” Sotril said.
“Mam?” Dasalle asked. “We are in there space. I hope to deflate this situation if we can!”sotril said. Dasalle complied and deactivated the shields and screen. “Our screen are down!”ryian reported.
“Open hailing frequencies !”sotril ordered. Lt. Palmer activated the com pannel. “They are responding!”palmer reported.”on screen !” Sotril said.
The comm officer fliped on the view screen. On the viewer,the image of the romulan command center was displaced. To every ones surprise, the romulons looked like another race ,one they were all familier with,including the acting captain.
“You are in violation of treaty !what is the meaning of this?”the commander asked. “Commander our ship was propelled hear by acident! No violation of your sovereign teritory was intended! ” sotril said.
“And yet,our sovereign teratory was violated. Stand down and perpare to be borded!” The commander incisted.
“Commander! I am concerned by standing down. My concern is for my crew!”commander sotril. “You violated our laws. Either stand down or you will be fired on! Those are your only options !”the commander declared.
“They are heading right for us!” Ryian said. ” engineering !”sotril said. “Go ahead!”pitkarn said. “I need your help with something !”she said. “Am i going to hate this ?”pitkarn asked. ” There is a good chance of it! ” the commander said.
Uss excalibur
The bridge was in ruins. The captain was dead. The medical and damage control team entered the bridge. The woundered were moved out to sickbay.
Uss Lexington
“Early casualty reports from the Excalibur ! It could have been a lot worse !” The first officer said.”we have to find a way to stop that doorway. This could be the beginning of a new kind of warfare. I want all science divisions to study it. We need to stop it!”wessley said. The first officer agreed.
Romulan vessel
“Where is captain mccomic?” The romulan asked.”preoccupied !” Alison said. “The plan is going foward quite nicely.” The romulan said. “Good! Soon i will have my revenge and there will be a new power in the qudrent!”she said. The romulan smiled.
End of part 7


Ties that bind part six

Unknown vessel
” the enterprise has entered the sector mistress!” The romulin science officer said. ” Excelent!”Alison declared. ” The vessel is alone!”the science officer said. “Time for the reunion to begin!”she said.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are now inside the jevinon system !”sotril anounced. “Helm take us out if warp! All stop!”adison said. Lt. Dashal deactivated the warp drive. Then he put the ship at all stop.
“Vessel is out of warp! We are at all stop!” Ryian kendel reported. “What now?” Dr. Piper asked. “We wait!” Addison said.
“We are being hailed. I cannot determine from where! “Palmer said. Addy got up from the command chair. “On screen !”adison ordered.
The com officer activated the screen. The screen looked gray.all anyone could see was alison and the gray backdrop.
“You folowed my instructions!”she said. “Ali cat you have my family ! I won’t take risks when it comes to them!”addy said.
“Funy! You once said we were family ! You took risk with me!”Alison said. “Ok! Ali kat what now? “She said.
“Don’t you ever call me that again ! You lost the right to call me that when you left me to die. “Alison said.
“Your right. I’m sory. I won’t call you that any more. What do you want me to do?” Adison asked.
“Drop your shields and lower your screens!” She incisted.”i strongly object to that! We would be defenseless !”gioto said.
” Do it mr. Dashal !”she ordered.the helm officer complied. Addy heard an officer in the background acknowledge that the shields had been lowered.
“Good girl! A wise move!” She said. “Ok now what?”she asked. A door way opened up.
“It is the id gateway'” sotril said.”i had a feeling it was!” Adison said. “Addison go inside !” Ali said. “Addy no!”ryian said. “This is a bad idea!”gioto said. “Under the curcumstances i don’t think i have a choice !” Addison said. “You would be correct ! Enter now or i will kill one of the hosteges. Who will it be? “She said.
“Dawn you! Sotril! You have the ship until well your in command !” Addison ordered. “Aye captain!” The vulcan reaplied.
Addison got up from the command chair. She went inside the vortex and vanished.
  “I am detecting a huge commet. It is heading right for us !” Kyile reported. Sotril sat down in the command chair.
“Comence evasive minuvers!” Sotril ordered. The enterprise tried to get away from the comet.
“This can’t be! The comet is matching our course and speed. It is ganing on us!” Kyile said.”this is like no comet i am aware off!” Dashale said. “I am not aware of anything quite like this either!”sotril said.
The comet neared at the ship.the enterprise got caught in the objects wait. “It is interfering with the structural intregrety of the ship. We are ok right now but we won’t be foever. If we are not carefull we could disintregrate!”kyile anounced.
“Ok i have an idea! You have to follow my instruction to the letter!”the vulcan admonished.”you got it commander!” The helm officer,dashall said.
The enterprise went to warp and headed for the comet. The enterprise fired on the comet.the vessel then then bounced off of the comet. The vessel was propelled.
The comet was pushed out of the way. ” I can take the ship to full stop!” Dashal said. “We have to eject the core!” Ryian said. “If we do that! We will be vanerable to attact?”gioto said.
“With all due respect mr. Gioto? We are prety vanerable as it is!”dr. Pipper said. Sotril thought it over. “We have no chioce! Do it!”she ordered.
Kyil presed the eject button. The engine core was knocked out of its birth. The ship began to sputter then stoped.
“We are now at all stop!” Ryian said. ” Stand by to retreve the core!”she ordered. ” aye sir!”kyil said. “Commander we were flung into a near by sector. According to sansors we are on thw romulan side of the nutral zone!” Kyil reported.
“Captain we have incoming. Four vessels ! They look like birds of prey. Hevily decorated !”Ryan said.
“Captain! They are demanding we surender!”palmer said. “Are you certain that we are in romulan space?” Sotril asked. “Confirmed!”kyile said. “We are in deep do do!”piper said. “Do do?”yeoman smith asked. “Never mind!” The old doctor said.
Alison found herself on a planet.there were mountons and plains.the area seamed relitivly deserted. Alison had no idea what she was up against. What was going on. She knew this was an interlude ! A calm before the storm. She was sure she was right.
There was a door way. Alison apeared out of no where. She struck Addison. Addison was forced to strike back. They roled around. Ady tried to overpower Alison. Alison pushed back. Addison fell to the ground.
Before she could get up, ali came at her. She drove to the ground. “You took every thing. Now i will take every thing from you!”she said.
Uss Lexington
“Captain detecting a doorway!”the science officer said.”can you jamm it?” Commadore Wesley asked. “Negitive!” The science officer said.
Both the Lexington and excalibur tried to get away. A large misle esaped the doorway. The two ships tried to get away. The excalibur was hit. The Lexington was forced to go at high warp. There was nothing that the Lexington could do for there sister ship.
The Lexington had managed to get away. The mitsle exploded. The excalubur managed to get away. There was several explosions. The Excalibur stoped.
The bridge exploded. There was damage to near by decks. Most of the ship was still intact.
“Not much of the bridge is left chief!”sn enginer said. “I am assuming command of the ship from hear. Begin damage control!” Oneil said.
“They could have destroyed the entire ship!”lt. Charlene maters said. ” i know ! This was a demonstration. An opening salvo!”oneil said. “It will eskilate from hear!”masters said. “I know!”he said.
End of part six