Interstellar law part six

“Captain’s log. I have a sneaking suspicions that this whole afair was a trap to lure the enterprise hear. Why i don’t know. The league of interstellar law may have been the victom of a hostile takeover by a mysterious alien race with extra ordinary empathic powers called the anipovnoids. The nature of there plot is not known.

“Your brain scans show signs of telipathic activity. Someone has been pocking around in there!” Pipper said.
“He was taunting me. Perhaps he used some form of mind control on captain kravnosky. ” Addison said. “This could be a way to establish a pathway!” Ryian said.
“Could this be the beginning of some kind of plot to infiltrate the federation? A prelude to an invasion?” Gioto said. ” even with extraordinary mental abilities. Could one man perpitrate an invasion by himself ?” Ryan asked. “I very much doubt he is by himself !” Sotril said. 
The door opened,shaw and cogly entered. “Our good friend quzert is working the deligates. “Shaw said. “He is trying to push for sanctions ! ” cogly said. ” mr. Quzert has a long reputation for being anti federation. I think he is acting on his own !”shaw said. “You think he is cohoots with kayshaek?” Giito asked. “I would not be suprised.” Addison said. “Sotril if he has made some kind of nexis with me,can you remove it?”Addison said. ” i believe i can. “Sotril said. “Please do! I am really not interested in being part of the anipovnoid’s evil plan to take down the federation. I rather like the federation!” She said. Sotril got to work.
Qurters of lenore
“I am scared paul!” She said. “Lenore i want let anyone hurt you! I promise!” Lt. Leslie said. She held on to him. “I’m sorry! “She said as she pulled away. “No its ok! “He said. He held her tight.
Her eyes emited a pulse that knocked the l.t out. He fell to the ground unconscious. She pased though him. She was ablt to link with him.
She took out a device. “I have the information !” She said. “Good! Transfer it to me at once!”kayshaek said. “Sending now!” She said.
League council chamber
“Mr. Sectratary in light of recent revilations, we call on this security council to impose sanctions the human coilition and we call on a blakade of all collition ships including freighter and convoys!” The nazaka ambassador said. The tholien ambassador secconded the motion.
“Mr. Secritary the evidence is hardly compeling. I cannot see reason to do this as this time!” A galimite deligate said.
The galimite was bood. ” The captain of that ship confessed. They should be made to suffer! “The nazaka declared. The crowd claped and cheared.
“Silience. This chamber will be in order. There is a motion on the floor! Those who suport sanctions vote now. Those apossed. The vote has caried!” The secritary said. The anipovnoid votted no.
“This is unessary and a dangerous course of action'”the galimite said.
Enterprise bridge
  “We are being hailed! It is the secritary general !”palmer said. “On screen !” She said.
On the view screen,the grazella apeared. “Captain! Your federation has been declared to be a rougue regime. You should leave!”he said.
“Not without the tawain and her crew!”she said. “You know that’s not posible! “Naruka said. “Your placing justification for stif penalties on evidence you know to be false. Your league has lost all credibility Mr. Secritary!” Addison said.
“The league is the universes best hope for peace captain. We set the stage for universe law!” Naruka said. “I can’t disagree more! ” Addison said.
“Id you stay i am not sure i can gurente your safty.” Naruka declared. “You claim to be part of an organization that believes in the rule of law yet this looks more like mob rule !” Addison said. ” I wish you well!” He said. The message faided.
“He is quite a diplomat. Lousy leader but good diplomat!” Addison said. ” What do we do now!” Dasale asked.
“Incoming message !”palmer asked. “The sacritary wants a second round?” Addison asked. “Negitive! Its anton kardien!”palmer said. “I will take it in the conference room!” Addison said. “Transfering now!” Palmer said.
She got up and went to the confrence room. She activated the view screen. On the screen was an older man. She recognized him as the actor anton keridien.
“Hello anton! It is good to talk to you!”Addison said. “And you Addison ! You have to see one of my plays. This week we are doing the tempest. Lenore is wowing the audience as usual !”he said.
“Lenore is with you?” Addison asked. “Where else would she be. I hardly let her out of my sight! Pitfalls of a single perent i gues. “He said. “Its good talking to you but i have to go. “She said. “Can we talk later?”he asked. “Yes!” She said.
“Computer !” She said. The computer started cherping. “Working !” The computer said.”locate lenore karidien! “She said.” Lenore karidien is in engineering !”the computer said.”crap! Addison to commander giotto ! I need a security team to converge on engineering . Order them to be discrete. Don’t do anything until i arive!” Addison said.
“Every thing looks good!” Kyil said.”keep checking. I don’t want any surprises in case we find ourselves In a combat situation. “The chief engineer commented.
Lenore entered. “Mam you really should not be hear!” Mr. Kyile said. “Oh I’m sorry. I did not meen to intrude. “She said.
  Gioto galloway and other security officers entered but kept there distent. Then Addison entered.
“Lenore! What is going on?” Addison said. ” I don’t understand captain!” She said. “You say your acting company is performing king leer? “She asked.”yes!” Lenore said. “Your farther said they were permorming the tempest. He also said you were playing Miranda. What is going on?”Addison asked.
  “As you wish captain. “Lenore said. Lenore grabed kyile. She took his phaser and aimed it at him. “Tell your people to back off or this person dies!” She said.  End of part 6


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