In the woods part two

  The craft began to discend to the planet. The craft went into a free fall. The craft fell at a rapid rate. It roled upside down and back several times.
Eventually it fell to the ground. It noise hit botom. There was a smal explosion. The shartle crashed.
Elizabeth danner saw the images again. She saw the bridge of the enterprise. She saw dr. Piper. She saw the captain she did not recognize.
She saw the senior officer. The man who betray the c.o. the man who would betray them all.
She saw the battle on the mystery planet. She saw herself on the wrong side. Then she saw herself turning on the the officer who seemed to be mutating. Then it ended with her death.
She woke up. She screamed at first. “Your ok !” A vioce said. Daner had no idea where she was. She saw that she was in a bed room . She was in a bed. The room looked like it was a cotege.
“Where am i?” Liz asked. ” Your about a mille away from the crash site!” “The vioce said.” Crash site?” Liz asked.
“You were in a shartle? It crashed. I think you were under atrack! “She said.
The image came into focus. It was a little girl. She seamed to be anywhere from 9 to 12.”attack ! “She said.
She thought it over. Now she remembered. “Yes ! Now i remember ! I was in the enterprise. I went to bed. I woke up a shartle. I was under attack by the Klingon. I was hit. I thought i was a goner. I made it?”she asked.
” You were banged up but you were not in too bad of shape!” The little  girl said. “Ok! “She said.
“Your still a little confused arnt you?” The girl said. “I am  Very confused! The questiones just keep growing! “She said.
“I’m miranda!” The girl said. “Elizabeth !” She said.
“It is good to meat you Elizabeth !” Miranda said. “How old are you?” She asked. “11!” She asked . “Are you human?”liz asked. “Yes i am! What else would i be?” Miranda asked.
“I thought mayby you were an alien asuming human form ! “Liz said. “No i am as i apear!”the child said. “You act very mature. At least in the brief time i have known you!” Liz said.
“I thought i had a good imagination! At least you did not acuse me of being a targ!”the little girl said.
“Where is your parents?”liz said. “They are dead! My farther died a year ago. My mom died four mouths ago. “She said.
“How did you get hear?” Liz asked. ” my grandperents came hear. They were private people ! They wanted to be left alone!”she said.
“How did i get hear?” She asked. “You walked hear. I gues. I saw you a ways off. I helped you hear. You have no memory of that?” She asked. “No. Are there no one else hear?” Liz asked. “Just you and i!” She said.
She got up. “You should rest. You have been though a lot!”she said. “Your probably right!” She said.
  She got back into bed. She decided to rest for a bit. “How did you servive?”she asked . “I have a replicator! Besies there are hurbs,buries, my perents set me up well just in case. My perents thought of every thing!” She said.
“Why did they not want to be around people ?” Liz asked. “I don’t know. They never said. They were a bit secritive!” The girl said.
“Do you have acess to a comm unit?” Luz asked . “My perents did not believe in it. They did not want to talk to any one!” The girl said. “I see!” The doctor said. “I will let you rest. I will check on it in a bit!”the girl said. The little girl left. She closed the door. 
Liz was confused. She was tired. She decided to try to figure this all out later After she felt more rested.
In orbit,the klingon ship held position. “Captain ! I am detecting debree on the planet. I am also detecting aditional life sign! ” the. Tactical officer said. “She servived the attack ?” Kor said. ” It would apear so! “The tactical officer said. “Find her exact location !” The Klingon commander ordered. “Yes sir!”the gunner said.
End of part two

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