Paradise and perdition part five

Uss enterprise
Confrence room
On the view screen was displayed the federation surgon general.
“We have contacted the Klingon though a bavk chanel. They are not happy to say the least. Klingon news outlits are caling this a plot by the federation to destobolize there empire. They have sent ships to the Klingon -federation border. We are trying to share our information with them but they don’t want anything to do with that. “The surgon general said.
“Do we know how bad the virus has spread?” Dr. Pipper asked. “No we do not. We are getting varied reports but nothing tangible. This virus has spread beyond the orginal qarentine. “The surgon general said.
“I assume that we are planing to set up a new qarentine zone?”piper asked.”we are but we fear that any qarentine zone will be inacurate. We have to start somewhere! “The federation oficial said.
“This thing will continue to spread!”sotril said. “Yes. We need to find the Plymouth. We want you to escort the palmyra to the qarentine zone command and then look for the Plymouth !”the oficial said.
“Understood! We will get right on it. “Addison said. “We will stay in touch !” The oficial said. “Agreed!”she said. The message ended. The screen was deactivated. 
“Captain’s log the enterprise has arived at the qarentine command center and is terning over the s.s palymyra to there custody. We are planing to move on. Our mission is to locate one of there sister ships and escort it to the qarentine zone and determine where they have been.”
“Addy you need to hear this!” Lt. Palmer said. ” a spokesman for the edenites is claming that the federation is persicuting the edenites. They claim that the edenites are being falsly acuused of carying the virus. They say this is part of a propiganda campaign to discredet the group. The press secritary for the president has stated that the qarentine is necessary to combat this virus. These acusations are ludacris. “The reporter jesica Armstrong said.
” Really ? The edenites are turning this political. This virus is devisating. It is no laughing matter!” Addison said.
“I know that! “Irina said. “Why won’t your people take it seriously?” Addison asked.
“Manny edenites suffer from persicution complex. Manny are from minority ethnic groups on there planets or in other minority groups . Despite the benevolent history of the federation,to the edenites they are an empire run by herberts who don’t understand them!” Irina said.
“Rad is the son of a diplomat. Severen was a leading scientific mind on his world. How can they not see this?”Addison asked.
“They have gotten caught up in there own ideology.  Many see themselves as the man in the cave. They believe that like the priosonor who see the world outside the cave,they understand the true nature of the universe. We hold on to the cave. This was why i left. I came to see that they took it too far. “Irina said.
“They could cause this virus to spread to areas it need not have spread. We could have had this virus contaned.  The edenites will be held acontible for this!”piper said.
“I have found the Plymouth. They are under attack by a Klingon battle crusher !”sotril anounced. “Dawn it! Alright plot an intercept !” Addison orddered. Irina ploted the course. The ship went to warp in order to rescue the Plymouth even though they have caused so much trouble. The enterprise was off.
End of part five


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