One destiny part two

Uss enterprise
“Captains log the enterprise has met up with the uss lexington. I have authorised a limited shore leave on a near by planet. I have also challenged the Lexington commander to a friendly game of softball.” Captain kirk said.
On the planet was two teams all comprised of senior officers from the enterprise and the Lexington. The enterprise crew was up to bat. 
It was spock who was up to bat. Spock remained his stoic self. Spock seamed at ease well for a vulcan. He studied his seroundings and his oponent.
The pitcher threw the ball. Spock studied everything. Spock was ready. Spock struck the ball with all his might. Then he hit the ball. The ball was a home run. Spock darted for the home plate. Then kirk’s comunicator went off. Kirk stoped the game. Commadore Wesley went off as well.
  “Kirk hear! “He said. “Captain you have an incoming message from admiral komack prority one. “Lt. Commander gioto in command said.
“Patch it though hear!” Kirk ordered. Gioto ordered lt. Palmer the relief com officer to transfer the message to his comunicator.
“Jim!” The admiral said. “Go ahead sir!” Kirk said. ” Jim we have a prority one situation. Thw vega colony came under attack by what we believe is a prototype Klingon dreadnaught. The attack was repelled but they did a great deal of damage. The federation is on high alert!” The admiral said.
“Vega is prety far in the federation fronteer!” Kirk said.”that is our concern as well. There has not been an oficial response from the Klingons. We want all of our heavy crusher to procede to the border!” Komack said.
“Of course admiral. We will leave at once! Do you believe that this is a prelude to a larger attack ? ” kirk asked. “We think there is a good chance of it. We canot take that chance. ” The admiral said.
” i agree sir.”kirk said. “We will keep in touch! Star fleet out!” Komack said. Kirk deactivated the comunicator. He placed it in his pocket. “Commander gioto!  Stand by to get underway. We are going to be heading to the Klingon boder!”kirk said.
“You got it captain!” Gioto said. “We will begin beaming up shortly!” Kirk said. Commadore Wesley began to also mobilize his crew as well.
“Plot the course. Engage when every one is back!” Commander gioto ordered. ” Course set!” Lt.dasalle acknowledged.
The crew that were on the surface began to return to the enterprise and Lexington. Soon the crew was back abored. The two ships were off.
“We have confirmed that it is the dreadnaught !” Admiral lekair said. ” Dawn that kadair. He had no authority to do this. He defied a direct order from his chancellor. He is without hournor! I want that ship retreved! I want that commander brought to the council chamber in chains!  That man is an enemy of kaihless. ” The chancellor said.
“Sir!  The federation will not take kindly to these attacks! Although the actions of kadair are treasonous. It does provide an opportunity !” Admiral trozik said.
“We will not advance our aganda playing on the actions of a trator. Our priority is the capture of the trator. I want him alive. He must be spared an hornerable death. I want him to live out hus days on aurora pente. I want him to die an old man forgoten and dimoralized with no chance of redeption. Is that clear?” The chancellor said.
The admirals,generals,councillors and orther staf knew that they had better not challenge his decision. No one did.
  U.s.s feragut
  The constitution class vessel was taking on suplies from tankers.  The captain had her hair pulled up. She was a prominent women In star fleet.
  “Captain i believe that we may be being trailed. I am detecting an energy signal coming in and out. “The science officer reported.
“They are trying not to be seen. Manny technicians might ignore it but not i!” The science officer reported. The captain laughed.
“Alright ! I don’t want the tanker getting caught up in an ambush. I am sure that the raider would love to hit a constitution class starship but i am sure they will settle for destroying a tanker!” The comanding officer said.
“When we leave. They will be a siting duck!” Orion helmsman lt.halak comented. “We are near vega. It is possible that the dreadnaught came hear!” The vulcan science officer said.
“we may have just found the ship. “Yeoman smith said. “We may have.  We have to be careful. We cannot lose um. “The captain said.
The captain began to think out a strategy. She was ready to act. She wanted to act.
End of part two


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