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The new order part one

On the bridge of the enterprise,the view screen was displayed. Instead of captain r.m merek and the crew of the clark’s sumit,it was a crew in a style of uniform from earth’s past.
The bridge crew was shocked. “What is this? To whom am i speaking?”captain Addison mccomic. “Captain merek is indeposed! I am in command now. I am kahn!”he said.
“What is the meaning of this?” Addison asked. “While humanity has made some impressive strides,war,poverty deasease all virtualy gone,you have lost something ! Passion! A new order is about to be ushered in!” Kahn said. 
“Your one ship mr. Kahn! I doubt you alone can pull off the kind of revolution you want to!” She told him.
“You would be suprised captain! On earth in romania ,president nicholas cousescu went out to give a press confrence. One person yelled lier. He ended up dying. Don’t underestimate me captain! A new order is coming!”kahn declared.
The ship went to warp. “Lay in a persuit course!”she ordered. The ship went to warp. “We have an incoming projectile! It is a romulin mistle powered by methuselah!” Sotril declared.
The mistle headed for the enterprise.  They would have to let the clark’s sumit go. They had larger concerns.
The mistle headed right for them. “Evasive action!”Addison ordered. The ship tried to get away from the large mistle. The mistle seamed to gain on the enterprise. 
“If the mistle is powered by methuselah! There is little chance of you outruning it!” Doctor daystorm said.
“If the mistle is detonated the ship will be almost totally destroyed!” Lt. Kyile reported.
“Ry maximum warp!”Addison ordered. Ryian took the ship to the highest maximum speed. The ship kept going. The mistle matched course and speed of the enterprise.
“Vessel has caught up to us!” Sotril reported. “I was afraid of that! “Addison said. “I cannot give you any more power!” Kyile informed the captain.
The mistle kept coming. “I may have a solution !”daystorm said.”Addison rule three in time of crises we can overlook protical! Get to it!”she ordered.
Daystorm punched a few buttons on kyle’s key pad. “I am atempting to acess the methusalah’s overide system. I may be able to shut down the whole mistle!” Daystorm reported.
He atempted to gain control of the mistle. He tried to acess the overide protical.
Clark’s sumit
“They are atempting to acess the overide!” Jouquin said. “Stop them!”kahn ordered. “I’m trying !”he said. “Try harder! Dawn you!”kahn ordered.
“Impact in 20 secconds!” Sotril said. “Daystorm!”Addison said. “I’m trying ! I am being blocked!”he said. “Five seconds !”dasale anounced.
“Set course for the nearest star!”Addison ordered. The ship set course for the star. The ship started to colide with the star then the ship veered off.
Dassale and Ryan tried to take the ship out of the star. The mistle hit the star. The ship went to warp. The mistle hit the star and detonated. The ship was hit by the wake. The ship kept going.
The ship spun in and out. There were multiple explosions thoughout the ship. Stations of the bridge were hit. Crakling could be heard.
A crewman was hit. The crewman fell to the ground. Kyile dodged another impact. He survived the attack. It was a close one.
The ship began to drift. “The wake will impact us in 40 seconds !”sotril said. “Take us in!”she ordered. The enterprise went at warp into the wake. The enterprise went in at high warp.
The enterprise ran in and left the wake. Ry tried to stop the ship. The ship stoped. “We are at all stop!”ryian anounced.
Inside the wake a smal device cleared the debree field. “Its methuselah! It servived the detonation!”marvic said. “That was what it was suposed to do'” daystrom said.
“We have to retreve it! “Gioto said. “Do it! ” Addison ordered.the ship headed for the device.
“We have incoming ! It is the clark’s sumit!” Sotril anounced. “We are being hailed!”palmer said.”on screen!”Addison ordered. Palmer turned on the view screen. The bridge was displayed.
“Abandon the device you call methuselah!”kahn said. “Your vessel is no match for enterprise. Your ship is civilian. We outclass you in every way!”she declared.
“I have scaned your ship captain. My little demonstration left you bateted and blody! Your in no position to battle me captain! “Kahn said.
“Audio off!”Addison ordered.”chanel closed!”palmer said. “Can we force methusalah to self destrict?”Addison asked. “Negitive. It was not designed with a self destruct! “Daystorm said. “Why not?”gioto asked.”it was not a weapon but a peace of equipment ! It is non military !”daystrom declared. “Tell that to kahn!” Gioto said.
“Stand by tractor beam!”Addison ordered. Kyile agreed. The ship headed for the device. The clark’s sumit also headed for the device. The vessel fired multiple voleys on the enterprise. The sumit maintaned course for the device.
The device was beamed on to the clark’s sumit. “How did they use the transporter while the shields are up?”smith asked.”he rerouted power some how!” Marvic said.
“Vessel is gone! “Sotril said. “They used the wake to mask there location!” Daystorm said. “We have lost them?”piper asked.”i am afraid so mark!” Addison said.
End of part one

Fabics of excistence part 7

   Romulin reserch facility
Romulin space
The base was involved in weapons reserch. The base was highly clasified but star fleet inteligence was fairly certain that it excisted.
The base was stafed by those who were carfully vetted. They were all placed under an elete unit. The unit was headed up by the preator’s brother.
The base was heavily gaurded. The base was a closely gaurded secret. Even some admirals and senators were not aware of its excistence or location.
  Ops center
“We are an infoming vessel!”a tech reported. “Can you identify the ship?”the commander ordered. The tech ajusted the sansors. He could not identify it until it was right on top of them.
“Sir! Its a federation vessel!” The tech anounced. “Send to command!”the commander ordered. Before the request could be sent,a jamming device was activated.
“We are being jammed!”a tech said. “Shields up!”the commander ordered. The vessel opened fire on the base. The ship fired on the shields trying to reduce the shields. The base hit back.
Kahn’s people were genetically altered and could get pass the shields more easily then a standered human could. The beam emurged in the ops center.
Before any of the gaurds could react,kahn and his people took them on. Jouquin imobolized one and kahn got the orther.
The rest of the team using phasers or bare hands imobolized the orthers. One of kahn’s people sealed the room. Non lethal gass was released thoughout the outpost.
The base had a smal contingent. A camando raid like this was fairly easy. The station was in there hands. They were not interested in holding on to it. They needed it only for a short time.
  Kahn and his team scaned the station. They were looking for one thing. “Got it!”jouquin said. “Beam it on to the ship! “Kahn ordered.
The thug agreed. Joiquin had several warheads and mistles were beamed from the station on to the vessel.
“Transport complete!” Jouquin reported. “Excellent ! Now we begin once more! We complete the task we began so long ago! This time we will not fail!”he declared.
The clark’s sumit left the station.the techs loyal to kahn riged the station to explode once they left.the station exploded. The clarks sumit went to warp.
The clarks sumit went at high warp towards the federation. The raid on the romulan base was a meens to an end. Kahn was not interested in picking a fight with the romulans,at least not now. His focus was on humanity. Humans had an infrastructure that he could was an empire already in place . He just had to conquer it. He believed he could.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“The reigion is on high alert! Every base and ship and planet in the area is on stand by. There will be a series of patrols from now on”Addison said.
“I ssume that we will looking for the clarke sumit?”gioto asked. “Yes we will!  We have to stop that ship!”Addison said. “It is odd that merek is doing all this!”danner said.
“It is. He has to be stoped!”Addison said. Every one agreed.
  Kaleb sector
Near romulan nutral zone
  The clarks sumit went to a safe distence. They held position. On kahn’s orders,a romulin mistle powered by methusilah was lunched. The mistle had a small warp sled on it. The mistle was lunched towards the heart of the federation.
The mistle came at warp and struck an outpost on kaleb four. “We have incoming ! It is a mistle!”the tech said. “Brace for inpact!”the commander said.
The mistle hit the base. Part of the base was hit. The station was not utery destroyed but that was not the goal. The mistle kept going.
It then hit an unmanned setilite network. The setilite exploded.the mistle then went on. 
Uss enterprise
“Addy! Reports of multiple attacks near kaleb four! ” palmer said. “Clark’s sumit?”Addison asked. “Negative! It is an unmaned romulan mistle!” Palmer said. “Romulan! “Gioto said. “Ry plot course towards the kaleb sector!” Addison said.”ploting now!”ryian said.
The enterprise went to warp. “We have incoming !”sotril reported. ” Its the clark’s sumit!”sotril said. “We are being hailed!” Palmer said. “Now they want to talk!”dr. Piper said. “On screen!” Addison ordered.
On the view screen the crew of the enterprise saw the bridge of the clark’s sumit. They saw not the crew of the ship but people in uniforms of a regime on earth long sense passed.
“What is this? To whom am i speaking ? ” Addison asked. “Captain merek is indisposed! I am in command now!  I am kahn! “He said.
“What is the meaning of all this?”she asked. “While humanity has made some inpresive advances. Poverty,desease,war all virtiauly gone. You have lost something. Passion! A new order is about to be ushered in captain!”kahn said.
” your one ship mr. Kahn. I doubt you can pull off the kind of revolution you want to. “She said.
“You would be suprised! On earth in romania,president nicholas causescu went out to give a news confrence. One person cried you lier. It ended with the president dying. Don’t underestimate me captain! A new order is coming!”kahn said.
  The ship went out of warp. “Persuit course!”Addison ordered. Ryian ploted the course. Dassale set the course.the enterprise went to warp and chased the clark’s sumit.
“We have an incoming projectile. It is a romulin mistle! It is powered by methusilah!”sotril said.
The mistle headed to the enterprise. The enterprise could not deal with the ship. It had other concerns.
To be continued.

Fabic of excistence part 6

“Captain’s log,while testing out an experimentle power saurce,we have come against an unexpected threat. ”
“A civilian exploration vessel has arived near the test ship. It has refused to respond to any of our hails. For an unknown reason it is interested in the test ship. I have been forced to fire on it!”
The enterprise fired on the clark’s sumit. The ship was hit. “Shields holding excellenty!”jaquin anounced. ” I have you unglued captain! You have no idea what your up against ! Its knawing at you. The unknown. The phantom manace’ the shadow threat. It is real captain. I assure you if that!”kahn declared.
“Orders captain!” The women at comunications asked. “Helm! Mantain course for the test ship! I will not be detered!”kahn said.
“Vessel is still on course for the test ship!” Sotril anounced. “Come on merek. It is not worth it. This can only end one way!”Addison said. 
“Vesel is stil on course for the test ship!”sotril said. “Target the clark sumit! Fire!” She ordered.
Lt. Dassale ajusted the targeting sansors. Then he presed the fire buton. The ship ship fired on the clarks sumit.
The vessel was able to calcuate where the projectiles would hit. The clark’s sumit managed to dodge most of the phasers.
“How did they evade those phasers? The calculation are near difficult if not imposible!” Lt.commander gioto said. “Mereks smart but he is not that smart!” Danner said. “Something is definitely off! “Smith commented. “Agreed!”Addison said.
The ship remained on course for the test ship. The enterprise fired. The ship did not dodge all of the phaser impact but dodged most of them. It was still very impressive but it was also odd.
The clark’s sumit neared the test ship. The enterprise was right there. The enterprise fired on the clark’s sumit. The vessel shields held.
The clarks sumit fired on the enterprise. The clarks sumit then fired on the test ship. The ship fired on the shield emitor.
The clarks sumit phasers hit the enterprise. The photon torpedoes struck the test ship’s shields.
“Can you activate the transporter beam?” Kahn enquired. “Almost but not yet!”jouquin anounced. The clarks sumit headed for the test ship. It hit the enterprise and the test ship almost simultaneously.
“Now!”McPherson declared. One of kahn’s henchman activated the transporter beam.
“They have activated a transporter beam!”kyile said.”they are going to try to steal methusilah!” Dr.daystorm anounced.
The device was fuised into the computer but the thug operating the transporter was not about to just give up. The device emurged on the transporter beam.
“Transporter to bridge i have it! ” the chief said. “Well down Rodrigo !”kahn declared.
“Excellentcy the transport has caused a chain reaction. I believe the ship is highly unstable ! It could blow at any minute! “Jouquin reported.
“Helm get us out of hear!” Kahn ordered. The pilot piloted the ship away from the test ship.
“The clarks sumit is trying to esape!”kyile declared. ” The test ship is going to explode! “Sotril reported.
“We have to get out of hear!”dr. Piper commented. “I’m well aware of that mark! Dassale ry make it happen !”Addison ordered.
The helm and navigator tried to veer away the ship from the zone of danger. The enterprise went at maximum warp. The ship did all it could to evade the explosive wake from the test ship.
The large wave neared the enterprise. “Alter course. Take us inside !”Addison ordered. Ry and dassale ploted the ship into the explosive wake. The enterprise picked up speed as it flew out.
The enterprise made it out. The enterprise kept going just in case. They wanted to keep a safe distence from the wake. The wake went in the oposite direction. The storm had passed.
  Enterprise bridge
“I have lost the clarks sumit!”sotril reported. “You have to find that ship!” Doctor daystorm said. “Doctor! I know what i have to do!” The captain incisted. The doctor backed off.
“Sotril! Try to locate where they might be! “Addison ordered. “You got it Addison !”sotril said.Addison was woried. She had no idea what was going on.she had no idea what this was all about !
” Why did merek do this?”lary asked. “I don’t know. He was a bit eratic,unstable . He seamed to have bettered himself !this does not fit. Its plusible. It is highly parcular!”danner said.
“What will he do with methusilah now that he has it?”smith asked. “Sell it on the black market? “Gioto said. “Even civilian captain’s are carefully vetted. They look for warning signs of going rougue!”danner said.
“Palmer contact star fleet command. Tell them what occured. Send it priority one!” Addison ordered. “Sending !”palmer said.
  Ckarks sumit
Kahn and several of his senior henchman went to the transporter room. They were eiger to check out there newly aqired item.
“The device is stil functional!”the transporter operator said. “We might be able to power a ship for 20 Years!”jaiquin said. “I had a different idea! ” kahn said.
End of part six

Star trek fabic of excistence part 5

Uss enterprise
Doctor daystrom was quite exicited. He had looked foward to this for quite some time. Now it was hear. He went over to the aft station.
He sat down on the council. He deactivated the controls wich remotely controled the test ship. Regulations stated that a test ship must be controled by remote from a mother ship from the outpost to test site. The test site was usually in a remote area. This was to minimize the risk should something happen to the test ship. No experiment was without any risk. Some were more risky then others.
Dr. Daystrom had turned off the remote. The ship stoped. The ship stoped dead in its tracks. He scaned the ship. Every thing seamed in order.
The ship was ready for the next phase of the experiment. The crucial part. The doctor took a huge breath.
He then presed the button to turn on the power for the ship. He turned on the internal power.the computer began to activate.the lights are on.
“Ships system are operational!”kyile said. “So far so good. Every one stay sharp. This is the hard part!”Addison admonished the bridge crew. They all monitored the test ship.
“Ship is fully operational!” Lary marvic reported. “Briging the methusalah on line!” Daystorm said. “Power saurce is ready! “Daystorm said. “Lets do it! “The captain ordered.
The mathusulah took over the test ship. The engines was using the energy then recycled the energy back into raw power. The ship seemed to be working.
“Every thing is going as planed.”marvic said. Addison was still a little sceptical. She was encoureged but wanted to see more. She decided to keep on her disinterested refere hat. That was important to her.
The ship went to warp. The power kept going. Every thing seamed to be working as it was suposed to. It had only began. There was more of the test to come.
“Captain’s log the test ship has been opearating on its own power for six houers. So far every thing is functioning as it is suposed to. The test will continue. ”
  Addison decided to leave the bridge for a rest bit. Sotril took over. She went to her qurters. She picked up her kids. Ryian came in.
“Hey there !”Addison said. Ryian kissed his wife. She then kissed the cheaks of his son and baby daughter.
“I am exchausted!”Addison said. “I can tell ! I am too. My boss is prety strict! “Ryian said.” I have heard that! “She said. They kissed.
“Bridge to captain!” Lt. Palmer said. “Really ?”she said. Addison got up and went over to a monitor. She turned it on.”go ahead!” Addison said. “Your needed on the bridge !”palmer said. “On my way!” She said.
“Why did i chose a vulcan to be my first officer!” Addison asked. “I’m sure it seamed like a logical choice at the time!”ryian said. “Very funt ry!” She said. “I thought so!” He said. She left the qurters.
Addison entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge !” Yeoman smith said. “As you were! This had better be important !” Addison said. “We have an unidentified blip on the sansors. I cannot identify it yet. It is close to the test ship!”kyile said.
“This area was fully cleared out. At least that was what we were told!”gioto said. “You think this is something to wory about?”Addison asked. “I don’t know. I would perfer to be careful ! “Sotril said. “Agreed! Mr. Dasale take us in closer. Lets stil mantain a safe distence from the test ship. I would like to maintain a safe distence from the test ship in order to maintain the intregrety of the experiment just in case this terns out to be nothing !”Addison said.
The enterprise folowed on a safe distence. The ship got closer so that the sansors were work better.
The ship moved in. The sansors begin to come more into focus. “Anything yet?”Addison asked. “Not yet !”sotril said. “Sorry!”Addison said.
  “they are now coming into in sensor range. Checking ship identification . It has federation markings. It is a civilian research vessel. It is the clarks sumit. Records indicate that the commanding officer is r.m merek.”sotril reported.
“I know merek! I went to the academy with merek. He was a nice guy. “Addison said. “Why is he now commanding a civilian ship?”smith asked.
“He failed the psychilogical evaluation! “Sotril said. “This area was carefully sealed off. He should not be hear!” Gioto said.
“Captain we need to sicure that test ship!”daystorm said. “Hold on! Hail the vessel!”Addison ordered.
Clarks sumit
“They have scaned us. They have identified us by now i am sure!”jouquin said. “We are being halled!” McPherson a female said.
“No response ! Mantain radio silence! “Kahn said. “Sir! Should we not respond!”joachin said. “Not yet! I have no interest in talking to them! Maintain course!”kahn ordered. The helm complied with the order.
“The vessel is continuing on to the test ship!” Ryan said. “They cannot bored the test ship!” Doctor daystorm declared. “Calm yourself doctor. We all know our dutty!” Addison said.
“this is sensitive equipment captain! We cannot alow it to fall into unothorized hands!”daystorm said. “We won’t doctor. Please let us do our jobs'”Addison said.
“They are not answering our hails!”lt. Palmer said. “Are you detecting any damage to the ships com system ?”Addison asked. “negitive. There com system is in perfect shape!” Pitcarin said.
“Ship to ship! General frequencies. “Addison ordered. “Your on addy!”lt. Palmer said. “Merek its Addison from the academy ! Please stand down. You are in violation of a star fleet qarentine. We can work this out. You have to stand down. If yoy don’t i may be forced to do something we may all regret!” Addison said.
“Stil no response !”palmer said.”they are still on course for the test ship!”Ryian said. “Do something !”daystorm incisted. ” lary! Either calm your asociate down or you will be both be bared from the bridge!” Addison said. “Of course captain!” Lary said. Both qieted down quickly.
“Mr. Dasale plot intercept course for the clark’s sumit!”he ordered. Ryian and dasale plotted course for the vessel.
“The enterprise is on course for us!” Jouchin said. “Maintain course! “Kahn insisted. The vessel kept on for the test ship.
“Are we in tractor range ?”Addison said. “Not yet!”dassale anounced.
“Take us into tractor range!”Addison ordered. The enterprise went at warp speed to the clarks sumit. The enterprise atempted to activate a tractor beam.
The clarks sumit atempted to esape the tractor beam. It emited a large pulse. A kind pf repulser beam. The enterprise was forced to deactivate the beam or face a black out.
The clarks sumit continued on to the test ship. “Fire a warning schot off there port bow!”Addison ordered. The enterprise fired a voley of photon torpedoes.
“I do not intimidate easily!” Kahn said. The vessel mantained course for the test ship. “Can you regain control of the test ship?”Addison asked. “Atempting to captain!”lary marvic said. Marvic atempted to take control of the test ship. The clark sumit lunched a dampening field. “I am being blocked!” Marvic anounced. ” Dawn it! “Addison said.
  ” Take us to the test ship!”Addison ordered. The enterprise ran at high warp towards the test ship. The clarks summit proceded to the test ship.
The enterprise ran to the test ship. The clarks sumit ignored the enterprise. They ran to the test ship.
“are we in weapons range?”Addison asked. “Yes sir! “Gioto said. Addison thought for a bit. “target the clarks sumit! Fire!”Addison ordered.
End of part five.

Star trek fabic of excistence part four

S.s. clarks summit
Kahn tried to learn all he could about this time period. At first he reserched general information. He studied the history of humanity from the time he left earth until now. He learned of the third world war,colnel green,zefren cocren’s warp flight,the romulan war,founding of the federation and the starship program.
He then wanted more specific information. He studied up on earth,he studied on worlds of the federation. He reserched orther alien races including non aligned and enimies. He became very familer with this universe.he had to, sense he planed to become a major player in it. He would rule again as he once did. This time it would be bigger.
  The doctor came in. “How are you feeling ?” The doctor asked. “I am fine. The history leson has envigorated me!” The man said.”we are quite proud of all we have accomplished. I just wish that finding true love was one of them but nothing gets done perfectly in a day i supose. “The doctor said.
“I have had many loves. My greatest is for humanity. I want to see humans brought to there maximum potential ! “Khan said.”we have come a long way. I don’t know that we have left our infantcy but we are getting there!”the doctor said.
“We have lost something . Todays man is bereft of passion. We have rejected every thing asociated with our past. We have thown out the baby with the bathwatter. As john eldrege observed man is ment to be wild at heart. We cannot build a society on fear of anialation!” Kahn said.
“You were not there! I saw the ruins of several cities left over from the post atomic horror. The world was destroyed for all intents and purposes. ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ “he said.
“History is a guide,and a good one for sure,but it canot be the only one. There are other guides.fear is not morality. “The man said.
“Is strength moral? Might does not make right. It can’t. “The doctor said. “I won’t be tamed doctor. I am a warior by nature and by nuture. That cannot change. “Khan said. The doctor did not like the sound of that at all.
“I wil leave you to rest. “The doctor said. “Of course! Thank you doctor!” He said. The doctor was glad to get out of there.
Kahn decided he neaded more information. He had a keen mind and a keen intelect. He would now put it to work. He hacked into the star fleet main frame. He was able to gain acess to clasified projects.
He saw something that peaked his interest. “What is this?” Kahn asked. He looked it over. He went over files. He saw that they were about to test out the power source nick named mathusilah. The more he studied it,the more he wanted it.he would have it. He swore it.
  Khan had a plan. He was able to steltfuly though the floor. He snucked to the office of the medical office. He knew a techneque that could temporarily imobolize the medical officer without serious lingering efects. He knocked out the chief doctor of the ship. The doctor fell to the ground unconscious.
Kahn took the doctor’s uniform. He walked around the ship. He was able to get to a transporter room. He ran to the transporter chief. Before he could get to a phaser,kahn knocked him out. Kahn went to the pad and beamed on to the botony bay.
He began to revive his old crew.they woke up. He filled them in on the plan. They were all on bored and eiger to paticipate in the plan.
“We will restore all that was lost!” Joachin said. “I know that. I have no doubt of that. “Kahn told his folowers. They got to work.
S.s clark sumit
“Sir i am detecting a mass amount of power on the sleaper ship. ” science officer hadly reported. “What’s going on?” Merek asked.
Before the science officer asked,the bridge was struck with a non lethal gass that knocked out the crew on the bridge. All over the ship,the same thing occured. The entire crew if the civilian vessel was imobilized.
The team began to beam over to the vessel. ” We will beam over the crew to the botony bay! Every one except for the captain,science and medical officer. We may nead them. ” Kahn ordered. The team agreed.
The crew of the vessel was beamed over to the botony bay. They were placed in stasis. The vesel was placed on auto pilot to a remote but populated area of the federation. Kahn did not meen them ill but wanted them out of the way for now. Awake,they threatened an eliment of suprise.
Once the process was complete,the ship released the tractor beam from the ancient pre warp vessel. “Vessel is ejected!” Joaquin anounced. “Well done my friend! Today we begin. anew.we set off on a new day! That day begins now!  ” kahn said.  “Alter course! Set course for the test site! Maximum warp!”kahn ordered. “Course plotted excellentcy!” The pilot reported. The ship was off.
S.s clarks sumit
The captain started to wake up. He was out of it at first. He had no idea where he is. At first he did not know who he was. Then it came to him.  He started to realize what was going on. He realized where he was.
He saw two others there as well. Mr. Hadley his science officer. With him was the medical officer. “I would ask but i am prety sure i know the answer. Kahn!” Merek said.
“Before the hijacking,i was unable to complete my reserch on mr. Kahn. Before the gass attack, i was close to determing who this man was!” Hadley said.
“Well please mr. Hadley ! Don’t keep us in suspence!” The doctor said. “I believe khan is kahn nonian sigh. He was a major player on the eugenics war. ” Hadley said.
“He is a genetically engineered! That explains how he and the orthers were able to take over the ship so quickly !” Merek said.
“We are dealing with a bunch of super men! “The doctor said. “Unfortunately yes doctor ! “Merek said. “Who knows what there plans are! I suspect they may want to conquer humanity once again!” Hadley said. “A modern day Alexander the great!” The doctor said.
“What can we do?” Hadley asked.”not much yet ? I am looking for an opportunity! When it comes i will take it!” Merek pledged.
U.s.s enterprise
The turbo lift opened,sotril entered. “Are you ok?”Addison asked. “I am having difficulty. I believe i can muddle though!”she said.
“Are you ill?”doctor daystrom asked.” Negative ! Well not exactly ! “The vulcan said. “I don’t understand!”lary marvic said.”i am with child !” Sotril said. The two had nothing to say in response.
“Now in position !” Lt. Kyile anonced. ” Alright ! Care to do the hornors?” Addison asked doctor daystorm. He agreed.
He activated the test ship. He turned on the engines. He put the ship on its own power. The ship was ready to be tested. The experiment was ready to be tested.
End of part four

Star trek fabic of excistence part three

S.s clarks sumit
  “Captain i find myself quite fitigued. May i rest?” Khan asked.”of course. The libery is available. You have a lot of catching up to do. I am available. Should you need me! “Captain merek said. The man thanked him. The captain exited the sick bay.
“I can’t reach command or any base! “The com tech said. “What is the cause?” R.m merek asked. “Some kind of subspace interference. I cannot pinpoint the exact source! ” The tech said.”if we can’t contact the federation,what do we do?”the exo asked.” I don’t know! We do not know these people from adam. I would rather consult with a controling constitional authority before acting unilaterally. “Merek said.
“Do you not trust him?” The pilot asked. “I don’t know. I have nothing that makes me not trust him. I just don’t know. I want to consult someone in authority before acting. If we can’t contact the federation or star fleet,i don’t know!” Merek said.
Khan studied the records intently. He tried to trace what hapened from the time he left until the present day. He was not impresed. He felt that something was lost. This society lacked pasion. That was he intreperted those events. He valued strength above all else.he preceved that they lacked that strength. He disliked it.
This was a new universe. He was excited by the oportunities it ofered. He decided to investigate further. He wanted to learn all there was to know about it. He was quite inteligence. He had the meens to gain that knowledge. He would learn those secrets. He would not wait.
Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log,under the supervison of chief engineer pitcarinan and doctors daystorm and marvic,final prelerations are underway to test out the new power saurce. All is going well so far. ”
Captain’s qurters
“I have your diner!”smith said. “I’m not hungery!” Addison said. “You have to eat! Doctors orders! “Smith said. “Dr. Piper sent a yeoman to do his dirty work. Alright i will eat. I don’t promise to eat it all or enjoy it!” Addison said. “I can’t control that!”she said. Then she left.
The chime rang.”please don’t tell me he ordered desert! Come!”she said. The door opened,it was Elizabeth danner. “Is this a bad time?”daner asked.”yes but you can come in!” She said. “You seam down. I know you talked to lt. Shaw on sb 12. “Llz said. “Liz i don’t want to do this right now!”Addison said. “Look i know this is difficult !”liz said. “Lizzy this is beyond difficult. My best friend tried to kill me and thretened my family . Except she is not my friend or is she? I want to remember Alison as she was. Had she lived i would have wanted her as my maid of hournor,she would have been there at the birth of sarek and hanah. “Addison said.
“Had the incident not occured,your life might have taken a completly different course!” Liz said. “I know. That haunts me. How could it not? “She said.
“Addison why now? “Liz said.”i had moved on. I have been kept buisy. From our visit to Vulcan,the anipovnoids then the qaurentine,i had no time to think about it. Then seing shaw brought it all back. “Addison said.
“So are you going to give a satement?” Liz asked.”i have to say something. What i have no idea. I don’t have an opinion on. This. I have six and they all contradict eachorther. “Addison said. “Write that. The rehab commission will understand!”liz said. “Maybe ! I don’t want to think about it right now!” Addison said. “Fine!” Danner said.
The uss enterprise left the planet. “We have cleared orbit!”Ryan anounced. “Ok doctors! Its your show!” Addison said. Dr. Daystorm assumed one of the aft station. He presed a button.
The test ship cleared orbit. The vessel came alongside the enterprise. “Vessel is in position !”dassale reported. “I am in control of the test ship!” Daystrom anounced.
“Ok lets get it down. Set course for the test site Vincent !” Addison ordered. The navigatator set the course for the test site. “course plotted and standing by!” The helmsman reported.
“Doctor daystrom! Have the test ship set course for the test site!’Addison ordered. Dr. Daystrom. The doctor punch in a few buttons.  The test ship course was ploted.
“Ready when you are captain!”marvic said. “Lets do it!” The captain said. The two ships went to warp.
End of part three