Fabic of excistence part 6

“Captain’s log,while testing out an experimentle power saurce,we have come against an unexpected threat. ”
“A civilian exploration vessel has arived near the test ship. It has refused to respond to any of our hails. For an unknown reason it is interested in the test ship. I have been forced to fire on it!”
The enterprise fired on the clark’s sumit. The ship was hit. “Shields holding excellenty!”jaquin anounced. ” I have you unglued captain! You have no idea what your up against ! Its knawing at you. The unknown. The phantom manace’ the shadow threat. It is real captain. I assure you if that!”kahn declared.
“Orders captain!” The women at comunications asked. “Helm! Mantain course for the test ship! I will not be detered!”kahn said.
“Vessel is still on course for the test ship!” Sotril anounced. “Come on merek. It is not worth it. This can only end one way!”Addison said. 
“Vesel is stil on course for the test ship!”sotril said. “Target the clark sumit! Fire!” She ordered.
Lt. Dassale ajusted the targeting sansors. Then he presed the fire buton. The ship ship fired on the clarks sumit.
The vessel was able to calcuate where the projectiles would hit. The clark’s sumit managed to dodge most of the phasers.
“How did they evade those phasers? The calculation are near difficult if not imposible!” Lt.commander gioto said. “Mereks smart but he is not that smart!” Danner said. “Something is definitely off! “Smith commented. “Agreed!”Addison said.
The ship remained on course for the test ship. The enterprise fired. The ship did not dodge all of the phaser impact but dodged most of them. It was still very impressive but it was also odd.
The clark’s sumit neared the test ship. The enterprise was right there. The enterprise fired on the clark’s sumit. The vessel shields held.
The clarks sumit fired on the enterprise. The clarks sumit then fired on the test ship. The ship fired on the shield emitor.
The clarks sumit phasers hit the enterprise. The photon torpedoes struck the test ship’s shields.
“Can you activate the transporter beam?” Kahn enquired. “Almost but not yet!”jouquin anounced. The clarks sumit headed for the test ship. It hit the enterprise and the test ship almost simultaneously.
“Now!”McPherson declared. One of kahn’s henchman activated the transporter beam.
“They have activated a transporter beam!”kyile said.”they are going to try to steal methusilah!” Dr.daystorm anounced.
The device was fuised into the computer but the thug operating the transporter was not about to just give up. The device emurged on the transporter beam.
“Transporter to bridge i have it! ” the chief said. “Well down Rodrigo !”kahn declared.
“Excellentcy the transport has caused a chain reaction. I believe the ship is highly unstable ! It could blow at any minute! “Jouquin reported.
“Helm get us out of hear!” Kahn ordered. The pilot piloted the ship away from the test ship.
“The clarks sumit is trying to esape!”kyile declared. ” The test ship is going to explode! “Sotril reported.
“We have to get out of hear!”dr. Piper commented. “I’m well aware of that mark! Dassale ry make it happen !”Addison ordered.
The helm and navigator tried to veer away the ship from the zone of danger. The enterprise went at maximum warp. The ship did all it could to evade the explosive wake from the test ship.
The large wave neared the enterprise. “Alter course. Take us inside !”Addison ordered. Ry and dassale ploted the ship into the explosive wake. The enterprise picked up speed as it flew out.
The enterprise made it out. The enterprise kept going just in case. They wanted to keep a safe distence from the wake. The wake went in the oposite direction. The storm had passed.
  Enterprise bridge
“I have lost the clarks sumit!”sotril reported. “You have to find that ship!” Doctor daystorm said. “Doctor! I know what i have to do!” The captain incisted. The doctor backed off.
“Sotril! Try to locate where they might be! “Addison ordered. “You got it Addison !”sotril said.Addison was woried. She had no idea what was going on.she had no idea what this was all about !
” Why did merek do this?”lary asked. “I don’t know. He was a bit eratic,unstable . He seamed to have bettered himself !this does not fit. Its plusible. It is highly parcular!”danner said.
“What will he do with methusilah now that he has it?”smith asked. “Sell it on the black market? “Gioto said. “Even civilian captain’s are carefully vetted. They look for warning signs of going rougue!”danner said.
“Palmer contact star fleet command. Tell them what occured. Send it priority one!” Addison ordered. “Sending !”palmer said.
  Ckarks sumit
Kahn and several of his senior henchman went to the transporter room. They were eiger to check out there newly aqired item.
“The device is stil functional!”the transporter operator said. “We might be able to power a ship for 20 Years!”jaiquin said. “I had a different idea! ” kahn said.
End of part six

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