The new order part one

On the bridge of the enterprise,the view screen was displayed. Instead of captain r.m merek and the crew of the clark’s sumit,it was a crew in a style of uniform from earth’s past.
The bridge crew was shocked. “What is this? To whom am i speaking?”captain Addison mccomic. “Captain merek is indeposed! I am in command now. I am kahn!”he said.
“What is the meaning of this?” Addison asked. “While humanity has made some impressive strides,war,poverty deasease all virtualy gone,you have lost something ! Passion! A new order is about to be ushered in!” Kahn said. 
“Your one ship mr. Kahn! I doubt you alone can pull off the kind of revolution you want to!” She told him.
“You would be suprised captain! On earth in romania ,president nicholas cousescu went out to give a press confrence. One person yelled lier. He ended up dying. Don’t underestimate me captain! A new order is coming!”kahn declared.
The ship went to warp. “Lay in a persuit course!”she ordered. The ship went to warp. “We have an incoming projectile! It is a romulin mistle powered by methuselah!” Sotril declared.
The mistle headed for the enterprise.  They would have to let the clark’s sumit go. They had larger concerns.
The mistle headed right for them. “Evasive action!”Addison ordered. The ship tried to get away from the large mistle. The mistle seamed to gain on the enterprise. 
“If the mistle is powered by methuselah! There is little chance of you outruning it!” Doctor daystorm said.
“If the mistle is detonated the ship will be almost totally destroyed!” Lt. Kyile reported.
“Ry maximum warp!”Addison ordered. Ryian took the ship to the highest maximum speed. The ship kept going. The mistle matched course and speed of the enterprise.
“Vessel has caught up to us!” Sotril reported. “I was afraid of that! “Addison said. “I cannot give you any more power!” Kyile informed the captain.
The mistle kept coming. “I may have a solution !”daystorm said.”Addison rule three in time of crises we can overlook protical! Get to it!”she ordered.
Daystorm punched a few buttons on kyle’s key pad. “I am atempting to acess the methusalah’s overide system. I may be able to shut down the whole mistle!” Daystorm reported.
He atempted to gain control of the mistle. He tried to acess the overide protical.
Clark’s sumit
“They are atempting to acess the overide!” Jouquin said. “Stop them!”kahn ordered. “I’m trying !”he said. “Try harder! Dawn you!”kahn ordered.
“Impact in 20 secconds!” Sotril said. “Daystorm!”Addison said. “I’m trying ! I am being blocked!”he said. “Five seconds !”dasale anounced.
“Set course for the nearest star!”Addison ordered. The ship set course for the star. The ship started to colide with the star then the ship veered off.
Dassale and Ryan tried to take the ship out of the star. The mistle hit the star. The ship went to warp. The mistle hit the star and detonated. The ship was hit by the wake. The ship kept going.
The ship spun in and out. There were multiple explosions thoughout the ship. Stations of the bridge were hit. Crakling could be heard.
A crewman was hit. The crewman fell to the ground. Kyile dodged another impact. He survived the attack. It was a close one.
The ship began to drift. “The wake will impact us in 40 seconds !”sotril said. “Take us in!”she ordered. The enterprise went at warp into the wake. The enterprise went in at high warp.
The enterprise ran in and left the wake. Ry tried to stop the ship. The ship stoped. “We are at all stop!”ryian anounced.
Inside the wake a smal device cleared the debree field. “Its methuselah! It servived the detonation!”marvic said. “That was what it was suposed to do'” daystrom said.
“We have to retreve it! “Gioto said. “Do it! ” Addison ordered.the ship headed for the device.
“We have incoming ! It is the clark’s sumit!” Sotril anounced. “We are being hailed!”palmer said.”on screen!”Addison ordered. Palmer turned on the view screen. The bridge was displayed.
“Abandon the device you call methuselah!”kahn said. “Your vessel is no match for enterprise. Your ship is civilian. We outclass you in every way!”she declared.
“I have scaned your ship captain. My little demonstration left you bateted and blody! Your in no position to battle me captain! “Kahn said.
“Audio off!”Addison ordered.”chanel closed!”palmer said. “Can we force methusalah to self destrict?”Addison asked. “Negitive. It was not designed with a self destruct! “Daystorm said. “Why not?”gioto asked.”it was not a weapon but a peace of equipment ! It is non military !”daystrom declared. “Tell that to kahn!” Gioto said.
“Stand by tractor beam!”Addison ordered. Kyile agreed. The ship headed for the device. The clark’s sumit also headed for the device. The vessel fired multiple voleys on the enterprise. The sumit maintaned course for the device.
The device was beamed on to the clark’s sumit. “How did they use the transporter while the shields are up?”smith asked.”he rerouted power some how!” Marvic said.
“Vessel is gone! “Sotril said. “They used the wake to mask there location!” Daystorm said. “We have lost them?”piper asked.”i am afraid so mark!” Addison said.
End of part one

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