Times and seasons part four

“Captain’s log, an unknown vessel has captured Alison crenic. Could this be the aliens who revived Alison. If so,why? What is the perpose behind all of this. Is this part of an invasion plot? ” Addison said.
“I can’t locate there signal!”lt. Kyil reported. She pounded on her command chair.  “This just gets bad to worse to even worse!’Addison commented.
“Addy! I have an incoming message in response to yours. He wants a meating on delta vega!”lt. Palmer said.
“Understood! Commander you have the bridge. “Addison said. “Your going to delta vega?”Liz asked. “I am following up on a potential lead. It might not pan out but you never know! Got to start somewhere !”addison said.
“What planet did you say you were headed to? ” liz asked .”delta vega!”she said. Images flooded back to her. She had never been there before but there it was. She saw the desolate world. She saw the captian she did not recoznize. He was fighting another man,a command offcer she did not recognize.  She saw herself dying.  It made no sense.
“Liz! You ok?”Addison asked. “Yea I’m fine! ” she said. Addison pated her on the back then left the bridge. The door closed.
No one knew why she was leaving the ship so.abruptly. they trusted her. They knew she had a good reason for doing this. They did not understand it at that particular moment. They knew that to be true.
She hoped on the galileo. She left the ship. The shartle headed for delta vega.
Delta vega
The planet was desolate. Part was a desert where nothing grew. Other a frozen tundra. It did have an over abuence of di lithium cristles. Star fleet operated a craking station. It was usually not manned.
The shartle landed. She saw another shartle. She left and went to the ranvavez point.
“They gave you command of a heavy crusher. Can you reach the command chair?”the Klingon asked. “I stil can’t believe that Klingon have an intelligence division . I considered Klingon intelligence to be an oxymoron !”she said. He laughed. ” are we going to insult eachorther or get to business ?”Addison asked.
“Six years ago, a fraghter from rorilie two vanished. Six mouths ago,the vessel reapered. The captain ,a man who was as non political as they comes tries to forment rebelion against our benevolent rule. ” He said.
“Where did his ship dissapear?”Addison asked.” Near the the border with the federation.it was in nutral space . I can give you the coordiance. You believe there is some grand plot to destabilize the entire qudrent?”he asked. “It sure seams like it!” She said.
“Whoever is behind this has been planing it for a while now. Some kind of master plan. It seams to involve all of the major powers. They intend to ster up internal and external threats. “Hydakel said.”that is how i see it!”she said.
“Hear is all the data i have. I believe you will find it usefull. Die well Addison mccomic!”he said. “You as well or not! I perfer live long and prosper but that’s just me. “She said.
“Tell ryian we should get together some time. Go targ hunting or something !”he said.”i will mention it to him. “She said. The two parted ways.
U.s.s enterprise
Shartle bay.
Addison excited the shartle. Ryian was waiting for her. “What is it with you going off who knows where! Let me gues hydakel!”he said. “Hydakel says hi! He wants to hang out with you sometime!”she said. “Please don’t tell me you said yes. “He said. “No i did not! I considered it.”he said. “Funny !”he said. “I thought so!”she said.
“Audry please tell me you speak Klingon?”she asked. “I do. “She said. “Translate it then get it to mr. Gioto and kyil  Become experts on the content. “She ordered. All thre said aye sir.
Confrence room
“The fraighter dissapered near a nutral trade route near the federation Klingon border. All near the planet drakell.  There have been no reports of instibility in the area!”gioto said.
“There are legends of a star tunnel,it could be anything from an iconian gateway to hypergate.we just don’t know. Given that Alison went halfway across the galaxy ,i think there is a gopd chance of it. Some aliens located the network and now is using it to there own advantage. “Lt. Kyil said.
” If there is a prelude to an invasion,i suspect drakel may be the focal point. Its proximity to the federation and the Klingon is troubling. “Addison said.
“It seams there plan is multi faceted. There seams to be a plan to ster up trouble ,divide and conqur. There seams to be a second program. The military one. “Gioto said.
“I am heading to drakel. Star fleet is sending aditional ships but it will take time. “Addison said.
“Could int the Klingon misinterpret this as an act of agreson?”pitcarin asked. “They could. We will tread lightly but this is our first clue. We have to folow up on it. If there is some kind of transport hub can you find it?”Addison asked.
“this is a sate of the art ship with sate of the art technology ,we will find a way!”pitcarin said. “Mr. Kyile i want you to supervise the project to locate the tunel. I want all decks standing by!”the captain ordered.
U.s.s enterprise
  “Now ariving at the spot.”dasale reported. “All stop ry!”she ordered. “Helm answering all stop!”ryian reported.
Kyle scaned the area. They had transfered any available power to the dedicated sansor aray. He found a smal blip on his screen.he enchanced the signal. He tried to further enchance it.
“Commander sotril check this out!”kyile said. The vulcan got up and went over to the engineering station. She looked it over.
“We found it. I believe it is some kind of arpiture. “Kyile said “set a course !”Addison ordered. Dassale and ryian ploted the course. The vessel headed for the sight.
On the view screen a smal dot could be seen. “I have it but it is a faint signal”sotril said. “My gues is that there is some kind of signal that activates it. “Kyle said.
“Can you find that signal?” Addison asked. “Working on it!”gioto said. Addison tried to be patcient. She had a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomic. The universe was in danger. Time was running out. The enemy was three steps ahead of them.
The crew got to work. They tried to find any way to open the vortex. Finally gioto believed that they had a way to open the vortex.
“It will either work or it won’t. “Gioto said.”that is not really reasuring but ok! Lets give it a schot. “Addison ordered. 
Gioto presed a button. The tech sent a signal to the vottex. The doorway opened.
“Should we wait for the orther ships to arive?”sotril asked. “We don’t have enough time. Helm take us in!”Addison ordered.the ship headed inside. 
End of part four

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