Times and seasons part seven

“Captain’s log,the enterprise is traped in hostle space. We are up agest an advanced fleet. While the organians look human,it apears that there form is an ilision. There real form unknown. I cannot hope to defeat them militerily at present time or esape towarn the fleet. I am forced to acept a risky gambit. One with no promise of success !”
Shartle bay.
The baby was asleep . The boy said little. Miranda was qiet. Sotril was near the children. Gioto manned the helm. They waited for palmer’s go ahead.
Oganian ship
“The enemy vessel is powering up weapons! “Alison reported. “So it begins!”ardvec commented. The ship fired on the warship.
Palmer sent a go ahead to the shartle. The phasers struck the flagship. The shartle pertended to drift into the explosion. The vesel went to its maxumum speed. Addison hoped they would make it. She might never know.
Addison knew she had to keep her head in the game. She owed it to her crew to be totally focused. She had an obligation to the entire crew. She would not let them down. She looked at ryian. She sumoned his strength.
The enterprise did minimal damage to the war ship. That was to be expexted. Two other ships tried to protect the flagship and fired on either side of the enterprise. Multiple parts of the ship were hit. The phaser fire caused the ship to rock back and forth. “Damage reported on several aft decks!”palmer said.”seal off those decks. Begin damage control proticals!”Addison ordered. “Sending now!”palmer reported.
  The enterprise returned fire with phasers and photon torpedoes. The ship hit the.nearest vessel. The enteprise was hit from behind. “Transporter room 3 is off line!”kyile reported. A frigate fired. On the deflector dish. “Deflrctor dish off line!” Tim reported. The enterprise fired multiple voleys at several nearby ships.
At Alison’s advice,the warship hit what it needed to. The enteprise shield generator went off line.
“Our shields are off line!”tim reported. “Abandon ship! All hands!”Addison said. “Wait a minute!”dr. Piper said. “No argument mark! Look i need you to acess file 1616 pendora. “She ordered. “Alright !”he said. The bridge crew except for kyile and pitcarin left the bridge.
Ryian went over to her. He huged her and they kissed. “I love you more then you ever know !”Addison said. “I have a prety idea. Make it out alive add or i will find a way to kick your but,insorbidation or no!”Ryan said. “I will do my best!”Addison said.
Ryian huged her one last time then left the bridge. The ships kept firing. The crew began to flood into espae podes and shartles.
“They have begun evacuation !”an officer reported. “You were corect. She did fight till the biter end ” ardvec said. ” She won’t tand down. Now she will have no.choice !”Alison said. “Yes it seams she will!”ardvec said.
Suddenly the ship exploded. “They must have destroyed there own ship!”sporan said. “If there was survivors,they will warn there suporiors. We must perpare. We will have to strike soon. We do not have much time!”ardvec declared.
Dr. Piper,lt piper ran to the shartle craft capernicus. They found several orther crewman including ensign davis. They ran into the shartle.
They waited till the absolute last minute. Then dr. Piper gave the order to move out. “Take us out ensign davis!”dr. Piper ordered.the munuver was tricky. Takigawa had to triger the bay doors to open by acesing the shartle bays control by basically hacking in to the bay’s control. The bay doors opened. The shartle ran out. They wached the ship explode. The ship went to a safe distence from the ships.
“Are we heading to a star base?”tominson asked. “Negitive. I have special orders from the captain. I am feeding coordinates into the astrogator right now. Takigawa plot thosr coirdinates then mischa set course.”piper ordered. The pilot and co pilot set the course. The shartle was off.
“Do you think more go out?”mescha asked. “I definitely hope so but i don’t know. “Dr. Piper answered. He hoped more had. He had no idea.
The shartlw craft galalao had used the phaser fire to mask there presence. They had gone on inertia and thusters. They waited until they were at a safe distence and then went to impulse.
Miranda was in schock. Sotril tried to help her as much as she could. It was difficult for her to relate to children in general and human children in particular but she would have to learn. Soon she would give birth to a half human child. She would muttle though until she figured it out. 
Lt. Commander gioto stayed focused on the task at hand. He piloted the ship. He was task oriented. He did not have much hobies. His qurters were prety sparten. Some have said he did not have much of a personality. For a voyage like this,sotril found it needful to have someone like him along for the ride.
U.s.s Lexington
  “Anything ?”Wesley asked. “Not yet. “The science officer said. “Keep scanning ! “Wesley said. “Wait a minute. I have something. It is a shartlecraft. It is the galalao !”the science officer said.
“From enterprise?”the first officer asked. “Confirmed. “The officer at science reported. “Engage tractor beam! Bring that ship in!” The comadore ordered.
The shartle was tractered into the shartle bay. The commadore and a medical team flocked to the smal craft.
The shartle door opened,the team were greated by sotril.”commadore,i have all the pertent data hear and a message from Addison !”sotril said as she gave him a series of tapes. Wesley took the disk. The medical team looked over the ocupents.
“Get them to sickbay. We have much to discus!”Wesley said.”indeed we do!”sotril said.
The shartle capernicus headed to the planet that Addison sent dr. Piper to. The shartle neared the planet.
“What is this planet?”mescha asked. “It was mentioned by the organiens. They wanted it to be the capital of a peace keeping operation. The captain feels that it is inportent. Given there interest in it,she is probably right. “Dr. Piper said.
“I am detecting what apears to be a pre warp civilization. Really a pre industerial civilization. I would say it is comprible to mideval Europe!” Takigewa said.
“Are there any natural resources,anything of interest that could warent the interest on the part of the organians?”dr.piper asked. “Not that i can detect!”takigewa answered. “Set. Us down near the citty. We need answers!”piper said.
The shartle landed on the outdkirts of the town. The inhabitents watched the craft touch down. The shartle landed. Several walked towards the scout vessel.
The door opened,the shartle crew excited. A humanoid looking male walked over to them. There was a smal crowd but the man had three who seamed to be aides. One looked friendly but the orther looked stern.
“I’m…”piper started to say. “Dr. Mark piper chief medical officer of u.s.s enterprise. Yes i know. “The man who apeared to be in charge said.
“How do you know who we are?”yeoman Julianne milbary said. “I know many things. “He said. “Your telipathic!”Tomlinson asked. “After a fashion i supose. “The man said.
“You don’t seam to be suprised by us or our ships!”takigawa said.”you assumed we were primitive. We are aware of space traval. Well i have forgotten my manners. I am alyborne,this is my asociates trafane and claymare. Welcome to organia! ” he said.
To be continued.
Commadore Wesley a recurring character on star trek universe apeared in the original series episode, “the ultimate computor” he was played by bary russo who also played lt. Commander gioto.
Lt. Tomlinson was a torpedo specilist who apeared in “balience of terror” he was played by stephen mines. He also apeared in “intersteler law”
Mescha davis apeared in my star trek universe story,”interstellar law”
Alborne,trafane abd claymare apeared in erand of murcy.
I am a big fan of the poket book star trek novals. I am especially found of the new fronteer and vanguard series. I like how they created a sub universe inside the star trek universe. I wanted to do the same thing.

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