“Rumors of war”

“Captain’s log, years ago while on a freighter i lost my cloest friend. While it apears aliens found a way to revive her. It is not the Alison i knew. This is a cold angery,devoid of compasion or any thought beyond the programing. “Addison said in her log.
“My investigation into her mysterius handlers led my ship to a star tunnel. There we met the organians. A race who apear humanoid are much more then that. What they are presisly is not known. ”
“The organians are more powerful then us. I decided to order my crew to abandon ship after a one sided battle. It is my hope to have some of my crew report to star fleet of this threat and mobilize. This threat may be bigger then anything we have ever faced before. ”
U.s.s Lexington
Commadore robert Wesley entered sickbay. “How are our patcients?” Wesley asked. “They are in perfect health. All six of them!”dr. Sarah wallice said. “Six?”Wesley said. Then it occured to him.
“Commadore have you uploaded enterprise files?”sotril asked. “Yes i have. My crew is looking it over. We have transmited it to command as well. The fleet is on its way to the area where the enterprise was last seen. We are going to send every thing we have. We may even ask the Klingons for help!” Wesley said.
“We have to strike soon. We do not have a lot of time!”she said.”i agree. We will. The scout ship athena will escorts the children to star base 12. Addison’s step parents will meat them there. I would like you to stay with us. The excitors c.o had a nervous breakdown. I would like you to take command for now. I will understand if you wish to decline i will understand !”he said.”i anticipated you would ! I will do as you have asked !”sotril said. “Thank you commander. Mutch will be asked in the next few days of us all!”Wesley said. “I know! “She said.
Shartle craft columbus
“Any sign of the captain?”irina said. “No mam. I have checked with every ship. Nothing !”yeoman smith said. “You don’t think she did not make it do you?” Dr. mabanga asked. “No.way not Addison ,she made it. She would not let something like this go unfinished. “Palmer  said.
“I was an optimist until today!”nurse chapel said. “We have not lost yet! “Galway said.
“Wait i have incoming ! Its is the percival lowel!” Irina said. “Addy are you there?” Palmer  said. “Rumors of my death were greatly exadurated. Look i have a lead on the wereabouts of the enterprise. We have to hury. “She said. “The enterprise was destroyed!”smith said. “Not exactly !”kyile said. “Have all ships folow us. We don’t have a lot of time!” She said. The shartle folowed Addison’s ship.
The shartles headed for a gas gient. “I have it !”pitcarin said.”plot a course for it. Have all alied vessels follow us in!”Addison ordered. The shartles headed to the area. “I have a visual!”kyile reported. “On screen ! Lets see it!” Addison ordered.
The enterprise was adrift. It was dark. It seamed almost cold,lifeless. It ran on inertia only. “Life suport is off line! It is operating on batery back up. “Pitcarin said. ” It is salvegiable?”liz asked. “It will take a lot of work but i believe so. “Pitcarin said. “Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time! “Addison commented.
Shartle columbis
“I am confused! We saw the enterprise destroyed!” Yeoman smith commented. “Did we?”leslie asked. “How did they pull off such a deception?”smith asked. “Even if we asked i doubt that they would tell us!! A megician never reveals there tricks!”mabanga said. ” Never underestimate Addison mccomic!”dassale said.
A humanoid male came towards the crew. Dr. Piper was the senior officer so it was his job to speak for the crew. He started to introduce himself but it seamed that the aliens knew who they were somehow.
Then a series of back and forths,and then a decleration no one was expecting came. “Welcome to organia!”alborne said
“Excuse me ! What did you say this world is?”dr. Piper asked. “This is organia?”trafain said. Every one on the team from what they believed to be the late starship enterprise was quite agitated by this news.
“Your organiens? “Davis asked. “I understand your confusion but you are working off of a false premise i asure you!”alboyne said.
“The organians are trying to conquer the galaxy. They seam to believe that the universe canit thrive without there benevolent oversight !”Tomlinson said.
“They have encountered the outsiders!”claymare said. “What is going on?”davis asked.”the organians you encountered are another faction. I gues we had better start at the very beginning !”alborne said. “That would be helpful !”dr. Piper said. End of part one

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