Lower echalon part seven

“Starship log,acting captain kyile reporting. After intervention by the trician star navy,the Klingon crusher was forced to withdraw. They claim that dr. Rojer korby one of the federation’s foremost arkeologest has commited terorism against the Klingon empire. I have no information for or against. Given the Klingon tract record on sentient rights i am louthed to extridite him to them. Without the facts i am constrained to protect him with all my might!” He said.
Jeglem and Julianne headed back to the area where kellerwitz had his headquarters. Veralia saw jeglom.she started to tense up. She started shaking. Galloway took her hand.
“What is it?”Galloway asked. “That man! He is colnel jeglum. He is a member of the secret police. ” Veralia said.
“Is that true?”kellerwitz asked. “I am an agent of a caldec government agency that looks to security and inteligence concerns. It is hardly a secret police. “Jeglum said.
“You killed most of my family! “She said. “Commander this is an internal caldec matter. She is a wanted fugitive. This is none of your concern. “Jeglem said.
“Kyle to kellerwitz!” Kyile over the comunicator. The commander took out the com device and fliped it open. “Go ahead !” The commander said.
“Kor is after doctor korby! Have him beamed up at once. I want him out of the line of fire. “Kyle said. “Fine with me!”kellerwitz said.
The commander went over to the doctor and cheple. “We nead to get you to the enterprise. “The commander informed him.”in light of what has occured,that seams prudent.”korby said.
” they are perparing to beam up now.”the commander said. “Acknowledged. ” Kyile said. “Look john i need something else from you. This requires going out on a limb. “The commander said.
U.s s enterprise
Transporter technician Wilson activated the beam. Dr. Korby and nurse cheple emerged on the transporter beam. “Doctor i have a lot of questiones for you!”kyile said. ‘I figured as much. I will cooperate with your investugation. ” Doctor korby said. “Mr. Lemli please escort the doctor to the brefing room!”the acting captain said.
“Enerzize!”kyile said. The operator activated the controls. Veralia emerged with Leslie and Galloway.
“I thought you two were looking at plants and animals?”kyile asked. “That was the plan sir. It just did not work out that way!”Galloway said.
“I see. Look i am not empowered to grant full asylum however i can grant you provisional asylum until my captain return to the ship.”kyile said.
“That is fine. I apreciate that lt.”Kyle said. “I will arange qurters for you.”kyile said. She thanked him.
Planet tricia
“Mr. Jeglem! I am lt. Kyile acting commanding officer of the federation starship enterprise. “Kyile said.
“Lt you cannot grant amnesty to miss veralia. This is a dangerous precident. There has never been emnity between the federation and the teldec emperium i would not want that to change lt. “Colnel jeglem declared.
“We seak peaceful co-excistence with all peoples. We abhore conflict. We do not get involved in internal matters of orther cultures. It is our prime directive. We allow for the granting of asylum in certain cases. “Kyile said.
“All interplanitary nation states have the right to conduct there own afairs as they see fit!” Jeglem said.”within a certain peramiter yes. The articles of interstellar law and orther document do give guidelines. “Kyle said.
“I ask you to off. Either turn her over to us or let her go. “He said.”that’s not my call to make colnel. “Kyle said.
“You do not want our ill will. We are not a major power but we are a regonal power with vest resources. We do have influence.it would be a mistake to alienate us. “Jeglem declared.
“Is that a threat colnel?” Kyle asked. “The fact is the federation is in a tight spot. The data breach has left you vanerable. The anipovnoids are working on an anti federations coilition. You just had a grueling battle with the organians. It is a bad idea to risk another enemy. “The colnel said.
“I fear what would happen to her if we don’t protect her. “Kyile said.
U.s.s enterprise
“The Klingon empire aledges you have commited acts of terorism against them. How do you respond to that?” Kyile asked.
“I am a man of science ,history ,i am an arkeologest. I study dead worlds. I am no threat to the Klingons. “Dr. Korby said.
“Why are they after you. Klingon don’t just target indiscrimate people. They have a personal grudge against you. What’s going on?’ Kyile asked.
“We have unearthed a lot of advanced technology on exo. Technology the Klingon would love to have. They suspected that exo was a military reserch operation. A ship came to attack us. We repelled there assult. They don’t like defeat!” Kyile said.
“How exactly did you repell there attack? Your post is not heavily armed. I find it hard to believe that you could out manuver a Klingon asult force. ” Kyle said.
“We are quite resourceful. Exo has become almost our home. We are wiling to protect it. “Korby said.
“The autopsy is very troubling as well. The multiple phasers schots were excesive. While i am loathed to turn over a federation citizen over to a race who has a bad tract record on sentient rights and has the death penalty,i find this troubling. “Kyile said.
“I am not a violent man. I will protect my team. That was what i did. “He said. “Why come hear?”kyile said. “I wanted to see christine. She has moved on apearently,i have not! “Korby said.
“The schoting was excesive. Don’t you think?” Kyle asked.”i take no chances when the safty of those i care about comes into play!” He said.
Transporter room
“How was the assmbly?” Kyile asked. “Amazing! I can’t talk about it. Only those there are alowed to discus that. “Addison said. “Glad to hear it!”Kylie said.
“So i leave for a few days and you manage to pick a fight with the Klingons and the teldec!”Addison said. Kyile got defensive. “I’m joking. “She said. “Ok!”kyile said.
“I know about the teldec situation. I know that the curent head of sate has engaged in a purge of his political enimies. I am going to grant her asylum. “Addison said.
“Thank you sir. I think that is best. “Kyile said. “I do too. Good work on both situations. I meen it. I will still tease you about it.”Addison said.
“Alright i don’t know about korby. I suspect he is hiding something but i can’t see him being turned over to the Klingons. “Kyile said. “Nor can i. I want to have the crew begin to retern to the ship. I want to get underway. I spoke to Wesley,he can get over near us with a task force if he has to. “Addison said. “I will have the crew recalled!”kyle said.
“Your heading back to the ship?”the colnel said. “I have nothing to say to you.” Julianne said. “I understand that. I do like you. It was not a rouse. ” Jeglem said. She left him. She beamed back to the ship.
Confrence room
“Captain i suppse you have heard!”davis said.”yes. Liz believes it was stress. I want you to have daily seisons with her at least in the near future. I am concerned by this. If it continues you may need to take a leave of absence but i am not there yet. Your on a kind of probation pree probation!” Addison said.
“I totally understand !”ensign davis said. “Ok. Your dismissed !”Addison said. She left the ready room. The door closed.
“I heard you manned the science station?”irina said.”yes i did. Nothing blew up.”checov said. “I knew you would be fine. “She said.
“All crew are back abored. ” tim said. “Ok. Irina take us out of orbit!”Addison said. The enterprise left orbit.
“We are not being persued. “Tim said. “Well stay on our toes people !” Addison ordered. The ship went to warp.
“Captain’s log after linking up with the Lexington and other ships the Klingons and taldec have backed off.”
“Your going back to exo three?” Christine said. “Yes you could come with me?” He said. “I can’t.”Christine said. “I figured.”he said. “You have changed rojer. I am not sure it is for the better.”she said. “I will miss you.” Rojer said.
Exo three
Dr. Korby reterned to the center of the operation. There was a female. There was also an alien looking crerure. He was bald. There was also another human male. There was another dr. Korby.
“Did you accomplish the mission ?” The orther korby asked. “I did. The tracking device was sucessfuly placed on the enterprise.” Dr. Korby 2 proclaimed. “Good! We can begin our work !”the balding alien looking man said. “What about the Klingons?” Dr. Brown asked. “We can handle them!”the alien looking man said.
U.s.s enterprise
“You wanted to see me?”Addison asked. “Yes i did!”dr. Mcbanga said. “What’s up doctor ?”Addison asked. “Look i scaned miranda’s dna. I had it sent to the central medical data base on memory alpha. I got a hit. ” Dr. Mcbanga said. “I see!”Addison said. ” According to her dna she is your sister!” Mcbanga said.
The end
Wilson was the transporter tech in “the enemy within”

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