Lower echalon part six

Planet tricea
Dr. Rojer corby and christine chepel walked to the hotel. The two neared the building. Suddenly they saw people heading right for them.
“Korby come with us!” A man said. “What is going on?” Christine asked. “Please miss cheple this has nothing to do with you. Doctor korby! Please do not make this any harder then it needs to be!”the lead thug said.
Cheple tried to defend doctor korby. She tried to strike the attackers. Her eforts were thawted.
“Christine no!” The thug said. “Do not interfere !”the lead thug said. “Who are you? “Chepel asked. “I’m sory! I have nothing against you. ” The thug said. He took a disruptor and stunned him. She fell to the ground.
Dr. Korby took a phaser out of his poket. He fired before the lead thug could get off a schot. The orther thugs tried to get out a schot but korby got there first.they were all stuned.
Klingon vessel
“The team located dr. Korby. They are about to aprehend him!”the com officer said. “Very good! I want this over with now!”kor said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Keptian,i have discovered multiple comunication between the planet and the klingone crusher. “Checov reported.
“What are they up to?” Kyile asked.”they have there reasons I’m sure!”tim said. “I just wish i knew what they were. ” Kyile said.
Mesha was In a bio bed. She wore the blue medical gowan. She had been in a catitonic sate for several houers.
She started to wake up. “Where am i?” She asked. “Your in sickbay. You were brought hear from your qurters. You blinked out in a way!” Dr. Mcbanga said. “What caused it?” She asked. “We are not sure yet. ” Dr. Mcbanga said. “I see. Am i ok?” Mesha said. “It apears that you are. I would like to keep you hear for observation until i am sure!”the doctor said. “Of course!” She said.

Planet tricia
Christine started to wake up. She was disoriented at first.she.started to come back to reality. She started to remember what had occured just before she had been rendered unconscious.
She got up and looked for korby.she saw several Klingon corpses.she was horified. Then she saw korby.
“Rojer? What’s going on?”christine asked. “They attacked me! I had no choice. “Rojer said. “Why did you kill them? Your not a violent man!”she said. “I had to protect you! I did not want to but i had no choice. “Rojer said.
“Who are these people?”christine asked. “They are Klingons! ” dr. Korby said.”what do they want?” Christine said. “On exo we have unearthed a lot of ancient technology. The exoites were an advanced race. Far advanced then most of the pressnt day space fearing races. The Klingons probably want our technology. The Klingon had a spy in our team. I have probably been followed. I am sory to have caused you trouble. “Dr. Korby said.
“Will they be back?”she said. “Yes. They will want to know what happened to there agents. They will probably tear this planet apart looking for me!”korby said. “We need to contact the enterprise. We need there help!” Christine said. Korby did not argue.
Planet tricia
Leslie,galloway and veralia had continued in the animal refuge area. They tried to keep moving. They had no choice.
Leslie sensed something was amis. He had everyone get down. The team got the teledraken phasers in place. They aimed it. There was a phaser blast. Leslie and galloway pulled veralia back. They quickly fired back on the schoters. The snipers fired back as well.  Veralia and the star fleet team took heavy fire.
Leslie got a running start.  even as the phaser fire came at him,he came up to the pirch where one of the sniper were.  Leslie stuned the sniper. He fell off the pirch. He was killed instently.
The team continued to fire on galloway and veralia. They hit back. Leslie jumped off of the blind and fired on the attackers.
  Leslie and galloway tried to protect the myaterias woman. They fired with all there might.veralia fired as well. She seamed to know her way around a phaser. Teldec law required all able bodied adults citizen to have military traning. It would make sence that she would know her way around a weapon.
The star fleet team fired on the asult team. They fired back. They hoped to ware out the orther side. Galloway’s strategy was to not yield. A kind of sustain recistence.
They continued to battle the strike team. They had subdued a few of them. They fired and ran. They got close to a trician ministry of rural and wildlife afairs outpost. The teldec force was forced to withdraw. For now they had endured and servive.
Kelerwitz was informed of what had occured. They came to the area where several star fleet officers were assembled. “Are you ok?”kellerwitz asked.
“Yes sir! “Galloway said. “I’m sory that your people got involved in all of this. ” Veralia said. “It sounds like it was unavoidable. I am glad your ok!” Kelerwitz said. “Thank you!” Veralia said. The commander nodded.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are getting a mesege from the planet. Nurse chepel says her guest was attacked by Klingon agents on the serface!”m’ress informed the captain pro tempt. “Hail kor!” Lt. Kyile ordered.
“On screen !”m’ress said. “Kor! Why have Klingon agents opened fire on federation citizen’s?”kyile said. “If your refering to the pitackh rojer korby he is a terrorist! ” kor proclamed.
“Is he not entitles to a show trial?”kyile asked. “Terrorist can be schot on sight with exteme predjudice. “Kor said. “Korby enjoys federation citizenship. We will protect him. We won’t let you indiscriminately kill one of our citizens” kyile said.
An aid went over to kor. He wispered in his ear. There was an exchange back and forth. “There was an ultracation between my agents and korby. My men are dead. They must be avenged!” Kor said.
The screen faided.
“They are heading for the planet”m’ress said. “Intercept! “Kyle ordered. The enterprise headed for the crusher.
“Hit there port pow!”kyile ordered. In the phaser room on Tomlinson’s order Angela fired a phaser berage. The phasers struck the Klingon crusher. The vesel mantained course. It fired back on the enterprise.
“Minnor damage to the aft nichelle!”checov reported.”stay on um Hanson !”Kyle ordered. The enterprise fired a volley og phasers at the vessel.
The enterprise supassed the war ship. It tried to be a berier to the planet. “Hold your ground every one!” Kyile ordered. The ship held firm.
The Klingon ship kept heading for the enterprise. The enterprise continued to fire on the Klingon vessel. The tricians sent several fighters. The fighters hit the Klingon ship. The Klingon ship was hit by two trician warships. The klingon ship was forced to withdraw. Kyile feard it was not over.
End of part six

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