Non canon post

Star trek
“Criminal intent”
Early 21st century
“Today it has been confirmed that nasa is going to send a manned space ship to saturn. The mission will be commanded by air force colnel shun jefery cristopher. Colnel cristopher comes from a long long of military officers. His farther was an air force veterin and was a canidate for the space program but did not qalify. It is hoped that this will be a renewel of.American space travel. ” A reporter said.
Houston texas
Several astronaut walked though the lobby. An older man came over. “Colnel cristopher if i could have a moment of your time!” An older man said. “This is not a good time!”cristopher said. They moved on.
“Who is that guy?”jim renelds asked. “He has been doging me.ever sense i was chosen for this mission. I assume he is a space euthiest,a groupie!”cristopher said. “He could be a nut job!”sonya tinaki said. “I am pretty sure he is a nut job but i don’t think he is a dangerous one. ” cristopher told his friends and co workers. “I am not so sure but ok!”soyna said.
They all went to there rooms. They had been buisy with media apearences and were all eiger to get some sleep. Especially the colnel. Shun went to bed. He slept until the morning.
Jim renelds went into his room.he turned on the tv. There was coverge of the intervues they had. There was also stories about mounting tensions between north and south korea,a good wil tour by the new argintinian president and a contraversial upcoming executions sheduled for this week. 
The co pilot was not really listening. He just had it on for noise. He fell asleep prety easily.he slept for a while then he woke up at around 2 am. He heard a bizare mind. It sounded like it was coming from his room.
He went into the bathroom. He saw a hooded creture. He saw he had a large sword like weapons. It was not no weapon he had ever seen before. He thought it was a joke, a prank. Then he waa stuck with it.  The unsub then wrote unknown words in blood. The words made no sense. They seamed like words just not English words.
F.b.i headquarters
Qantico va
The agents were engaging in idle chit chat. They were catching up with various agents. Then a taciturn face of there seperior,special agent Aaron hotchner told them they just had a new case.
“Ok listen up. Nasa has called us in. We are heading to Houston !”hotchner said. “Nasa?”spenser read asked. “One of the astronaut asisgned to the sagiterius mission was found murdered in his hotel room. “Hotner said. “Murdered?”agent jj jerue asked.”they have receved deatj threats. Every thing from tea party group ,deficit harks,religious groups,cults,ocult,right left,consperacy theorist you name it. Wheals up 30 minutes!”he said.
End of part one.
Sean jefery cristopher was mentoned by spock in “tomorrow is yesterday “.
Yes as you may have guised this is a crossover with criminal minds. It is not part of the star trek the universe canon.


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