Admiral’s banquet part two.

  The object got pass the tholuen ships . it now headed out of Gorn space. It could successfully take on the Gorn least it was confident it could. That was not there mission. It  had a different one.
U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log, the enterprise is heading back to star base 12 for the annual admiral’s banquet. Were it not for the microbe crises,the enterprise would be on the outtor rim but sense we were in the area star fleet thought I should attend. ”
“You sure you can’t acidently short out the engines just for a few hours?”Addison asked. “Let me get this straight,you want me to be negligent on purpose ans risk my engines so you can skip the banquet?”chief enginer pitcarin said.”not when you put it like that Neal! ” Addison said.
“I don’t know. I think that would be interesting. Mingiling with the delete of star fleet. Get to puc there brain.hear there stories. “Yeoman Smith said.
“I have. Heard There stories over and over. It loses it’s appeal. Your welcome to go in my stead myia. ” addison told her. “It is not that bad!”sotril said.
“If I had the choice between attending the banquet and taking on the anipovnoids,Klingon,Romulan,nazaka,Gorn,tholien’s ,Khan and Alison I know witch one I am picking!”Addison said.
“Ryian. Commadore Wesley wants to meet with you. “Com officer Audrey Palmer informed lt. Hendricks. “Me?what about?”he asked. “That I don’t know. It seams that it is optional. “She said. “I am curious. I will meat with him.”Ryian said. “I Will send it to him. “The com officer said.
Ryian had no idea what this was about. He wanted to take the meeting just to find out. He did not have any  idea what it was about.
“Addison I just got the daily security briefing. I uploaded it to a hand held for you!”Palmer said. “Thank you I Will look it over.”She said. She picked it up. She went back to The com and chair and looked it over.
The object got pass Gorn space. It avoided the Gorn patrol ships. It had traversed Gorn space. The object was now in a remote area. It was largely non aligned. It had a plan. It was following a path it  created. It was on course.
U.s.s enterprise
“Now entering orbit!”dasale reported.”I gues it us too late to turn back now. Where is a raid by a rogue Klingon commander trying to prove himself when you need it. “Adiison said .
“Sometimes your thought process really troubles me!”Dr. Mark piper said. Addison smiled.”just go to one of those and you will understand!”Addison said. “I’m good!”He said. “I figured!”Addison responded.
Addison gave the order to assume a standered orbit. Ryian and dasale took the ship to an orbit. There was no going back now until it was over.
“Now in orbit!”Ryian reported .”great. I am so looking forward to this!” Addison said .”we can tell!”danner said.
U.s.s Lexington.
Confrence room.
“Ah! Ryian come in!”Commodore Robert Wesley said. Lt. Hendricks Sat down .”can I get you anything? “The Commodore asked. “No I’m fine sir!”he said .”your probably curious as to why I asked to see you.”Bob remarked.
“Yes sir I am. It was unexpected.” Ryian responded. “Of course. Well my first officer just got named the new commander of the hood. The helm officer is going to take over as exo.  Now I need a senior helm officer . I got to observe you when I briefly commanded the enterprise during the crises. I would like to offer you the position. It would not just be a promotion to head helmsman but also a promotion to lt. Commander and you will be third in command.”Wesley told him.
“Is this a would you consider taking it if offered or is this a serious offer?”Ryian asked “I want you! You have first reversal. If you want the job it’s yours. “The Commodore asked.
“I appreciate the offer but this is not a good time for a move like This. “Ryian said. “I understand. Look you have a promising career your self apart from Addison. “Wesley said.
“I understand that.this does not seam like a good Tim’s for such a change.”Ryian said.
“I don’t need an answer right now. Think it over and get back to me. ” he said .”alright I will. “Ryian said.”good!”he responded.
The Commodore had a reputation for trying to steal officers from orther ships. As a Commodore he had an advantage over captains. Ryian knew about this reputation.
Ryian’s daughter was Stil a baby.sarek was two. He wanted to be with them. He wanted to be with Addison. They say you should never make a decision when your upset . he suspected the Commodore made This offer because of the situation. He did not begrudge the Commodore but he wished He had not made it right now.
U.s.s enterprise
  Adison got dressed in the green dress uniform and spent a lot of time styling her hair.”for someone who claim to be dreading this,you spent a lot of time preparing for it!”Liz observed.
“I have to be there so why not. You know me and getting dolled up!”Addison said. “As does the whole galaxy !”Liz reaplied. “So how will you occupy your time While the enterprise is mored at the base?”addy asked. “I have a date with Vincent!”she asked.
“Realy? The same lt Vincent dasale who referred to you as a  walking freezer unit?” Addison asked.
“Well no one is perfect?”Liz said. “I hope it goes well.”Addison said. “Me too. It has been a while sence I have been on a date. I am out of practice!”Liz said.”well just be yourself,well be yourself without the endless psycho Babel!”she said.
“I don’t engage in endless psycho Babel ! Do I?”Liz asked .”a little bit. “Oh. I will try not to. ” Liz said.
“Alright! I am sure it will go well!”Addison said. ” speaking of love life,how are things with you and Ryian?”Liz asked. “Alright. “She said.
“Addy I know you can’t remember your life with him but he can.”Liz said. “I have no memory of any of it. Its like it never happened.I have no frame of reference” Addison said.”create one !”Liz said. “I need to catch my breath Liz. “Addison told her.”ok!”she said.
They walked to the transporter room. The door opened,

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