Nues. Chapter six

Klingon empire
“Private journal. James t Kirk reporting. We are stil in Klingon space. We are currently traveling by stealth . what would be a quick trip to the border has taken much time .we have been careful to dodge Klingon patrol ship. ”
“We cannot keep this up forever Jim!”Carol said. “I know that . I will do this until I come up with a more permanent solution. “Jim told Carol.
“Jim! I have got a scan of the border crossing ,there is a massive buildup. We will never make it to the federation. ” Gary said.
“Are there star fleet ship on our side?”Lee asked. “Yes there is!”Gary said. “If star fleet came to our aid,there Will be war. We are trying to help the Klingon combat the mass not make things worse. “Carol said.
“Look into other options Gary!”Kirk said. “Including merciless?”mitchel asked. “If you have a viable option that includes miracle gare sure!”Kirk told Gary mitchel. “Ok I will try Jim!”he said
The ship mantaned course for the Klingon border. Kirk ordered a reduction of speed. Kirk wanted to buy time to come up with an alternative. Until he came up with one,they will keep going towards the border.
“Jim we have a problem!”Gary said.”report!”Kirk said. “Detecting incoming ship. Two d 7 katinga ‘class warship. ” Lee reported. “They are urging us to stand down!”a com tech said.
“This day is just getting better and better. “Gary mitchel said. “I know what you mean Mitch !”Kirk said.
“We can’t stand down. Klingon don’t usually take prisoners “Lee said. “Two against one are not good odds. “Carol commented.
“They are powering up weapons. “Gary reported. “Even when there space is on the brink of implosion they stil are surly as ever. “Gary remarked.
“Do not raise our weapons but maintain course!”Kirk ordered. “Jim you do know that this is suicide!”Carol said. “We are not dead yet carrol. “Jim said. She thought to her self,that is not very encouraging.
The ships mantaned course. “We have an incoming vessel. It is another d7 cruiser!”Gary said. “Great now it is three against one. “Lee said.
“The New ship is ordering the other ships to stand down. ” the com tech said. “The ship is moving away. ” Gary reported. “We are being hailed. “The com tech said.
“I hear aurora pentae is beautiful this time of year. “Gary commented. “Not now gare. “Kirk ordered. “Sory!”mitchel said.
“On screen. “Kirk ordered. The message was transferred to the main screen. “James Tiberius Kirk! It has been a long time!”kor said. “Not long enough kor! What do you want?”Kirk insisted. “You have seen the mass. “He said. “Yes we got some valuable data. ” Kirk said.
“I will escort to the federation. “Kor said. “Just like that. That does not sound like you kor!”Kirk said. “The neads of the empire outweigh my personal desire to blow you out of the stars. “Kor said.
“Look I came to get information on the mass. I will give you the data we collect. “Kirk promised the Klingon commander.
“Very well. I hope I don’t regret this but I already do. The fate of the empire may be in your not let me down captain. “The commander said.
The Klingon vessel escorted the vessel to the border. “Can we trust him?”a bridge tech asked. “Yes he is a pain in the but but he is a patriot. His love of his home land does outweigh other priorities. “Kirk said.
Romulan vessel
Office of the commander.
“I looked over the data we have collected and the data from the tholien vessel,I believe that the mass came hear not as a result of manipulations by the tholiens or any one else. I believe Dr. Xi was curious although disrespectful towards our laws and customs. “Dr. Kalera said.
“Do you have any idea where the mass originated ?”the defense minister asked.
“Not to a certenty but the mass is not part of our universe. It has a signature confirming that it is not from our dimension. “Kalera said.
“How did it get hear?” the proconsul asked. “We do not know. That is the concerning part excellently. Doctor xi suspects that there could be a crack in the wall that separates our universe from others. The cause could be an accident due to pollution or some other accident or fluke. This could be a syimptom of a bigger problem.”Kalera said.
“That is just speculation at this point. You have no proof of this!”the chairman of the telshiar commented. “That is correct Mr. Chairman. While we cannot prove It,at the same time we cannot disprove it. Kalera’s rule of science nothing is disprovin until it is disproven. “She told the intelligence chief.
“Do you believe that the mass and how it got hear are two separate issues ?”the minister of science Dr. Torran asked. “Yes I do. We must deal with them as two separate issues. ” Kalera said.
“You do not believe this is some kind of plot by our enemies to destabilize us?””the defense minister asked.
“I cannot totally rule that out. If there was a plot .it would be extreme. It is basically a doomsday syinerio. A scorched Romulus tactic. They would risk destroying the universe To take us and the Klingon. In a doomsday synerio the Klingon seam to be a more likely target then us. ” she said.
Kalera knew that the defense minister would not like that answer.she believed that this was accurate.
“How do we get more information ?”the preator asked. “I recommend we share information with the Klingon and the federation. “Dr. Kalera said.
There was outrage. Everyone was shocked. The pretor made no reaction. The preator silenced the office. “There will be order in my office. Are you really suggesting we align with our two major competitors?” the pretor asked. “No excelentcy! I am mearly suggesting an exchange of information. The situation trumps intergalactic politics!”she said.
“We have treaties with the Klingon empire but we have no relationship with the federation .what your suggesting is highly problimetic!” foreign minister clemor who had been silent up to this point said.
“This is no ordinary emergency excelenrcy!”she said.”contact the Klingon embassy. We can contact the federation though a third party. Do it!”the preator said. “This is highly ireguler !”the defense chief said. “This is a highly irregular time minister!”the preator said.
U.s.s enterprise
“I assume the mass is containing to expand !”Dr. Terisha said. “Indeed it is. It Is a slow rate but yes it is. “Spock told her.
“I was hoping it had stoped but of course it would not. “Terisha said.”I suspect this is not an easy conundrum. It Will be most difficult to correct.”Spock said.
“Do you think we can correct it Mr. Spock ?”she asked. “I do not have sufficient evidence either way to form a conclusion but I believe that we do have a plausible chance to correct it “Spock said.
“Those are my thoughts as well. “The Klingon scientist said. “This May be a daunting task I cannot deny That!”he said.
Mess hall
Lt. Commander jeshop Sat in a corner eating. Doctor Elizabeth dahner came over with a tray.she did not ask permission to join her. She just did. “It must be difficult to see her!”Liz said. “A bit. “He answered.
“You stil love her don’t you?”Liz asked. “I suppose I am. The truth is I never stoped. I don’t get it. Terisha used to complain about the tyriny of the warrior cast. She predicted that the chancellor would start a war with the federation to increase his support with the people. Then when it happened she returns to Klingon space and worked to create weapons and technology to conqur what was her home a few months earlier. Betraying her people is one thing but to happily participate in the deviation of a people who opened there arms to her us quite another!”jeshop said.
“You feel personally betrayed don’t you?”she asked. “I do. I gave her my heart and she threw it away just it was nothing. “Aaron said.
“She may not have seen it that way. “She said. “The federation us not interested in territory. We we’re no threat to the Klingon. She lived in the federation for over two years . she knows the kind of people we are. None of that mattered. “He said.
“You need to talk to her. If you still love her,you have to discuss this with her!”Liz said.
“I have kirks ship. It is on course to the border. Itseams to be under escort to another cruiser.”Spock reported. “There is quite a disagreement between the commander of the escort ship and the commander of the fleet. “Kolona said.
“The border fleet is letting the human vessel cross the border. “Spock said.
The human  ship crossed the border. “The vessel is now in federation space. “Spock reported.”sir! Captain Kirk Is requesting permission to  On borred. ” kolona said.
“Permisson granted.  Mia you have the Bridge ! ” commander Norris ordered. Mia got up from the helm station and sat in the command chair.
Transporter room
“They are ready at your command sir!”lt. Kyile informed the acting c.o.”energize Mr. Kyile!”the commander ordered. Kyile activated the controls. Kirk and Carol emerged on the transporter pad.
“Ben ! Your In command of the enterprise?”Kirk asked.”Jim Jack conklin is dead. I am acting captain until star fleet decides on a replacement. ” Ben Norris said.
“We have valuable data on the mass. Perhaps how to slow it down.”Carol said.
“I want you to work with science officer Spock and a Klingon scientist .I want you ready to debrief my senior staff. ” Ben said.
“Of course Ben !”Kirk said. “Bridge to commander Norris!” lt. Bolt said.he went to the com unit. “Go ahead mia!” Norris said .”New orders direct from star fleet. “Mia said.
“I will be up. If you follow me !”Norris said. The two followed the captain. They excited the transporter room. The door closed.
“Apearenrly the Romulus want to share information on the mass. They have invited us into there space. We are being sent. “Norris said.
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”the Orion chief engineer asked. “Not quite but it could be a real chance to solve this thing. “The. Acting captain answered. “Alright!”the enginer said.
“Jess I want Trisha along as our liaison with the romulons and head up our investigation of the mass. “The commander said.
“I think I can convince her to join US.she seams very eiger to help us.”the mission officer said. “I would like to bring Dr. Marcus along!”Norris said.
“You don’t seam too thrilled by this idea Ben!”Addison commented. “Its not doctor Marcus I objectk to. “Norris said. “You know Kirk will let her go without going himself!”Dr. Mark piper said. “I know.  I like Kirk. I do but he is an unstable element and we have our fill of them these days. “Norris said.
“Mr. Kirk is not known as a team player. “Spock said. “No he is not. Star fleet is a team sport and I am the coach. “Norris said.
Conference room.
“Let m gues your on your way to the Romulin empire and want Carol on the team. You know I won’t let her go without going myself. ” Kirk said.
“Look Jim I have no quarrel with you. I am the ranking officer of the federation flagship heading into a space of a race that was our enemy two seconds ago and could be again. There can only be one commanding officer. ” Norris said.
“I won’t step on your toes Ben. “He said. “I let you on bored you will be a civilian advisor. “Norris said.
“Fine. “Kirk said. “One other thing we are a bit understaffed. A lot of your crew are x star fleet. If some of them were willing to help out I would appreciate it. “Norris said.
“I will ask them. I recommend Lee kelso,good pilot as well as many orther specialities although he does lack a little bit in the personality department. Then there is Garry mitchel. He is a hand full at times but he knows his stuf. ” Kirk said.”I will look into it. “Norris said.
Uss enterprise
The department heads all arrived on the Bridge. This included Dr.Mark piper,chief engineer hallak,the security chief and commander Jessup. Also there was Dr. Marcus,Jim Kirk,Addison mccomic and Dr. Terisha. Gary mitchel relieved lt. Nilles who was at the navigators station.
“All decks standing by!”kolona reported. “All departments ready and manned!”gossip said. “Very well . do you have the coordinates Mr. Mitchel ?”Norris asked. “I do sir!”mitchel reported. “Mia engage !”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. It headed towards the belly of the beast.
End of part six.

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