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Aftermath the conclusion

Addison mccomic was packing her things . she prepared to return to the Cassandra then to the enterprise.
“Can I come in?”Ryan said. “As long as you don’t try to have me committed . “she said. He laughed. “Your heading back to the enterprise?”he asked. “Yes. I will have to  run though a lot of hoops in order to get back into the saddle.”she said.
“I can’t convince you to come with me to earth. ” ryian said. “Star fleet needs me. The universe is at a crossroads. Besides I want to be out.”she said.
“I know that. ” ryian said. “Ry come with me. “She said . “to space? ” he said . “look if I know you ,you have a thousand years worth of vacation time. We are going to be heading back to the federation for consultation. The enterprise is a big ship and I would love to reconnect  with you and the kids. Come on ry. “She said.
“You want me in your life?”Ryan asked. “Of course I do. Unless you don’t want me be in your life!”she remarked. “She said. He hugged her.”I do want you in my life. I want to be in your life. ” he said.
“So will you come?”she asked. “Yes I will. I am hear as a civilian. I am not returning to duty. ” he insisted. “Ok!” she said.
“I will arrange for your things to be Beemer over to the Cassandra. The quarters are beyond cramped but we will be back on enterprise before you know it. ” she said.
“We have to talk about!”he said. “I know. “She said. She put her head on his shoulder.he patted her hair.
U.s.s enterprise
“The former x zone A is holding up. Everything in the area is as it should be.”kalara said. “It is as though the mass never happened. “Trisha said . “I am fine with that. I don’t need to remember the mass!”Dr. Piper said. “I am with you there. ” the chief of security said.
The captain looked at the screen he was given a pad by yeoman Smith. He looked it over. He was happy with what was going on so far.
“The Klingon high council press office is quite pleased. “The female com tech said. “So the Klingon chancellor threatened to have a personal blood outh and now that it is a stunning success nothing. ” Kirk said.
“We are now in it for the aklolades Jim !”Carol said. “I know but a little bit of praise is good. “Jim said.
“So my thoughts is proceed to the next Klingon sight then work our way to the romulan frontier. ” Norris said.
“That’s fine. “Kalera said . “they are not  going to think we are giving preferential treatment to the Klingons.?”Jessep said.
“I think they understand. “The romulan said. ” I want to do a few more scans but then we can plan in the next sight. “Norris said.
U.s.s enterprise
Queters of commander Jessup
Jess was looking over paper work.he heard his chime rang. “Come in!” the commander said. He knew that it was terisha
“Jess I know you don’t trust me. I know you have no reason to . I have No right to ask you to take me back. I am asking for no other reason then I want to be with you ” she said.
“I am afraid. I am do love you. I see that you have changed. I have changed too.we have both grown and matured.  Alright I will lower my shields. ” he said. She smiled. enterprise .
Addison was holding her daughter. The boy was playing with match box Like cars that were starships. Ben Norris entered.
“So I talked to star fleet comnand. Your going to need to take the bridge officers certification again. You need to have daily sessions with Liz. They want you to share the first officers duties. ” Norris said.
“Its something. I am fine with that. “Addison said .”welcome back. “Noris said. “Thank you!”she said.
“Andrea the ship that killed Ben’s brother, do you know what ship it was?”kalara asked yeoman Smith.”I don’t speak any dialect of rihansu but the lose translation was Grace fire. “Smith said.
She imagined herself at the weapons council. She fired that fatal schot.she killed his brother. “You ok lari?”Smith asked. “Yes I am fine!” she said
Norris entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge. ” Smith said. “Alright Addison do you care to take the helm?”he asked.she smiled.she relieved niles at the pilot chair.
“Take us to site b. “Noris ordered. “Course plotted and laid in. ” Eliot reported. ” engage. ” he said.the enterprise went to warp.
The end.
Next up.
The federation hold an unprecedented submit between the three powers. The nomad probe from another universe plot to exact revenge. Ryian plans a surprise for Addison. Ben deal with his brothers death and kalera’s role in it. Eliase Vernon visits.

Aftermath chapter five with extended scene

U.s.s enterprise
Conference room.
“Let me get this straight! You want to use chronotons to restore time using a trabsporter!”the chancellor asked.
“Actualy it is more like a replicator. We will copy the space form the past and restore the area using the original patern.”Norris said.
“How can you be sure this will work?”the chancellor said. “We cannot be totally sure. There could be unforeseen consequences. I see no other option. “Kalara said.
“Star fleet ,federation Klingon ans romullan sources all believe this to be a viable option. “Terisha said.
“I do not Like uncertainty “the chancellor said.”none of us do.

Aftermath chapter five with extended scene

U.s.s enterprise
Conference room.
“Let me get this straight! You want to use chronotons to restore time using a trabsporter!”the chancellor asked.
“Actualy it is more like a replicator. We will copy the space form the past and restore the area using the original patern.”Norris said.
“How can you be sure this will work?”the chancellor said. “We cannot be totally sure. There could be unforeseen consequences. I see no other option. “Kalara said.
“Star fleet ,federation Klingon ans romullan sources all believe this to be a viable option. “Terisha said.
“I do not Like uncertainty “the chancellor said.”none of us do.

Aftermath chapter five with extended scene

U.s.s enterprise
Conference room.
“Let me get this straight! You want to use chronotons to restore time using a trabsporter!”the chancellor asked.
“Actualy it is more like a replicator. We will copy the space form the past and restore the area using the original patern.”Norris said.
“How can you be sure this will work?”the chancellor said. “We cannot be totally sure. There could be unforeseen consequences. I see no other option. “Kalara said.
“Star fleet ,federation Klingon ans romullan sources all believe this to be a viable option. “Terisha said.
“I do not Like uncertainty “the chancellor said.”none of us do sir. We have to be bold. You brought us in because you needed a fresh idea.let us help you chancellor. ” Norris said.
The chancellor considered his movements. “Very well. You may procede. You will bare the burden if this fails. “The chancellor said. “That’s fair. “Noris said. “Keep me apprised. Qonos out “he said.the screen faded.
“Alright I want a briefing in twenty minutes.I want detailed plans.”Norris ordered. They all agreed.
Qurters of Norris
“This is all scary. If we fail or make things worse we could cause a war. “Kalara said. “I know that. We have to try Some thing. “Noris said. “Yes we do. I believe we are make this work.too much is riding on this .there are too many sacrifices by so many people. I think we will chose to make a difference. “She said. “I hope so.”Norris said.
“So is this debre from a romulan ship?’Kalara asked. “I don’t want to discus it. “Norris said. “Ok. I understand. “She said.
Confrence room
“Ok let’s hear the plan!”Norris said. “We will need to evacuate the entire area from grid a to f. Only the designated ship can remain.”giotto said. “I will ensure that.evacuations are already underway.”commander kor said.
“We will lunch the tholien vessel which will be piloted by Dr.xi. the vessel will hold position hear on grid A.1″Spock said.
“Once the vessel is in position ,the vessel will activate the chronotons and transport the replicated space. “Dr. Marcus said.
“The monitoring task force will fall back beyond the x zone once the experiment ship Is in place. ” Jim Kirk said.
“With your ship be abversly effected?”Dr. Piper asked. “No -there-should not -be. Have -advance -shielding.”xi said.
“You have contingency plans if something goes wrong?”the engineer asked. “Yes -I-do!”the tholien answered.
“If the first experiment is sucesfull, we can continue though Klingon space and then into romulan space. “Kalara said.
“Once thus briefing is done,let’s get things into motion. The sooner we can get this show on the road the better. “Noris said.
The crews agreed. “Any questions? Alright. Dismished. “The captain said. Everyone got up.
Jim went over to Carol. “I know. I should not have leaked the data to admiral komack without your permission,”She said. “No you should not but it has seemed to work out. ” Jim Kirk said.
“I love you!” Carol said. Though Kirk was still a bit miffed,not so much that he would hide how he really felt. “I love you. “Kirk said.
Elba two.
Adison was back in her room. She waited for the decision of the commission.she had styled and restyled her hair several Times. The door opened. ” Ryian wants to see you. “Sarah said
“Do you want to see him?”Liz asked.”yes I do. Can I have a few minutes?”Addison asked. “Yes of course!”Liz said.Liz and Sarah left as the door opened.
Ryian entered the room. Addison and Ryian stood there in silence.neither one knew what to say or do next. Finaly Addison decided to made a mood. Addison went over and hugged him. He held on to her. Neither one wanted to let the other go.
“I am glad to see you ry!”Addison said. “I am glad to see you too adie .I have missed you. ” ry said.”When I do get released whenever it is,we should sit and talk. ” Addison said. “Absolutely!”he said.
The door opened. “Sory to disturb you too but the chairman is reconvening the hearing.they have made a decision. “Sarah said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Kor reports that the fleet has fallen back to outside the x zone. “Kolona reported.
“Very good. “Norris said. “Xi is ready when on your instruction ” the Klingon com officer said. “Mr.Spock open bay doors. Stand by to lunch. ” the captain ordered. “Preping hanger bay ready. Preparation is complete. “Spock said.
The hanger door opened. The tholien vessel launched. The tholien ship left the hanger bay. “Vessel is clear!”Spock reported. “Very good. Niles,Eliot pull us back. “He ordered. The enterprise left the area.
“We are now outside the x. “Eliot announced. “Com tech inform Dr. Xi to proceed when ready.” the captain ordered .
The tholien ship activated the chronotons. The ship scanned time an located the space before the mass. Then the tholien activated the process.
“I am detecting massive energy.”the Orion said. There seemed to be a massive explosion. There was no time to move.
All I’d a sudden there was a huge explosion. Then the dust started to clear.
The com tech transferred the image to the screen. The mass zoo was gone. Replaced by space. Stars had returned.
“I am not detecting any evidence if the mass remnents. ” Spock reported. “None your certain?’Norris asked.
“That had quite a kick to it. We will have to do this a few more Times before we have restored the space. “Dr. Piper said.
“We will have to look at that . we will closely scrutinize this before doing it again.”Norris assured the doctor.
“The area is  stable captain . All evidence proves that. ” the enginer said. “Glad to hear it. Let’s get in the post experiment anylises.good work everyone. “The captain said.
Elba two.
“This comision is now in session.we will come to order. The commission looked at several factors.we determined that the last mental break down was due to the influence of beings outside our universe. We did consuder previous incidents not related to the life form. We looked at her life. We believe that Addison mcomic may need additional treatment but we do not believe that that should be hear. Therefore I am ordering Addison Jean mccomic to be released from Elba two. “He said.
Adison was very happy. She hugged Liz and Sarah. She hoped that she would be able to be reinstated in star fleet.
“You are hear by discharged. You May leave at your convenience. Thus hearing is dismissed “the chairman said.
What about her and Ryan . she wondered what would happen between them?
Doctor Corry went over to her.”we will have to some paper work!” Cory said. “Of course “Addison said.
For what now addisonwas happy.she tried to take in the moment. She was hopefull. Somehow this would work out. .
U.s.s enterprise
Kalara checked and rechecked the the space around her she did every scan she knew to do. Everything had checked out. It seemed too good to be true.
Mayby they had got lucky.maybe all the hard work had indeed played off. She hoped so .maybe things do work out.
She had always been cynical. She was a sceptic at heart. Mayby things would be ok.
“Hear is the latest probe scan”yeoman Smith said. She thanked her. She took the padd.”yeoman !”she asked. “Yes man!”Smith said. “Did the captain ever fighgt my people?”Kalara asked. “Not directly. “She said
“I don’t understand. ” the rihansu scientist said. “His brother was killed during a romulan attack a few years back. ” She said .
“Oh ok. That explains it. Can you not tell him you told me. I think he considers private. “She said. ” off course. ” the yeoman said. They dispersed.
To be concluded.

After math chapter four

U.s.s enterprise
Conference room
“Captains log, we dodged one bullet. We saved the universe from implosion. We have restored the structural integrity. Now the area infested by a transdimensional mass has become uninhabitable. It will only worsen. I have assembled the best and the brightest in multiple fields to brainstorm ans hopefully come up with a solution. “Norris said in a log.
“Was the area striped out of All life or is the stars ir other material stil present?” Dr. Piper asked.
“In-con-clu-dive. Not have sufficient in-for-mation” Dr. Xi said. “Could the space be reanimated?”Eliot asked. “Not with the mass goo? ” the Orion said . “are we really calling the inert material mass goo?”the security chief asked. “I don’t know what else to call it” kalera answered.
“I don’t care what you call it as long as you get rid of it !”Norris asked .”could the mas goo be neutralized with radiation?”Trisha asked . “perhaps but we would have to keep pumping the space with radiation until we killed the inert matter. I would not advise.”the security chief said.
“Lets not save the space by destroying it. ” Norris said. ” have we considered a form of alge th a could eat the mass goo !”piper said. “Same problem. We can’t predict the unintended consciquences. “Kalaera said.
“We are talking what we can’t do. What can we do?”Norris asked. “What – about using chron-o-tons?”xi asked. “As in time travail?”Spock said. “We could scan the time line and replicate the
Space before the mass and replace the New matrix with the old. “Kalaera said.
“Is that even possible?” Niles asked. “Theoretically yes. “Terisha said. “I concur. It Will not be easy.”Spock said. “A spe-cies cal-ed the krenum have ex-per-I-men-Ted with temporal min-I-p-u-lation” the tholien said.
“It could work. If it does we could solve this problem easier then we thought possible. ” the Orion said.
  “There is the unintended consequences again”Niles said. “While I agree it is a huge rush,it could be accomplished. ” Spock said. “From a Vulcan that is a ringing endorsement” yeoman Smith said.”Lets get details together. We may have a solid proposal ” the captain said.
Elba two.
“Donald Cory you are the governor of this colony?”the Vulcan chairman asked. “That is correct “Dr. Corry said . “when miss mccomic arrived what was her condition ?”French asked .”she was exhausted. Mentily and physically. She suffered forms significant lack of rest .she had several nervous breakdown. We suspected post pardem dipreson as  well”  said.
“Did you see improvement?”the chairman asked. “There were up and down . she seemed to inprove but then relapsed. She claimed to be contacted by an unknown life form. “Cory answered.
“You read the record from the enterprise medical and psychological star as well as second opinion from other medical staf within the task force ?”the andorian asked .
“Yes I did. “The governor answered. “Do you agree with there asestment ?”French asked. “Even In a universe where where the unusual is mundane,the mental health field had tried to keep sceptical. There seams to be a causality between her mental breakdown and the life form from another dimension. “The governor admitted.
“Dr. Piper and Dr. Dahner argue that miss mcomic no longer requires inpatient care hear at Elba two. Do you agree?”the chairman asked.
“No I do not Mr. Chairman. “Cory said. “Please elaborate. “Mr. French instructed. ”
“She has had a history of mental instability long before the incident with the transdimensional life form.her birth parents were killed when she was young. She was on bored a freighter that was destroyed. She bearly made it out alive . she was admitted to star fleet academy on a provisional bases. I believe She should be kept hear for observation. “Cory argued.
“Does your staf agree with you?”French asked. “Yes I have statements from several of my staf who agree with my asestment. “Cory said. “I would like them entered into the record. “Cory said “without objection ” the chairman said.
“Lt. Chabot do you wish to question governor Corry?”the chairman asked.”yes Mr. Chairman I would. “She said “proceed!”the chair instructed. “Star fleet is very rigorous in it’s mental screening is it not?”Chabot asked. “Yes it is.”the governor said. “Do you believe she requires the care of a highly scoured facility such as Elba two?”Chabot asked .”it is my contention that she needs to ‘ve evaluated. My facility is the best choice sense we know her well.we know what to look for. “The governor said.
“Some of your colleges have believed that you tend to be over caucious?”Chabot asked. “Yes that is true. “Cory answered. “Dr. Simon van gelder called you out on several occasions “she said.”yes he and I are friends. Yes he has disagree with my stance as has others .”he said.
With that she ended the examination.after the bored questioned other staf members.other psycologest we’re questioned.
“Before we adjourn ,the husband of Addison mccomic has asked to give a statement. “Chairman said.Addison tried not to have a panic attack.she did not want to break down in the hearing. She tried to focus.
Ryian went to the witness stand.he looked as dashing ans handsome as ever. He always had an affect on him. Even when she was his supervisor. He put his hand in the interface wound.
“Harington ryian Thomas. Curently special asistent to earth ambassador to the federation council. Star fleet officer inactive. “The computer said.
“Before you adres this bord, what is your relationship with miss mcomic?”the chairman asked. “She is my estranged wife. She is the mother of my two children. “He said. .”son May proceede!”the chairman said. “Thank you Mr. Chairman. I have known Addison for seven years.we met when she was phaser room supervisor  and I was a technician.when she was promoted to bridge station we began to date. She was eventually promoted to first officer then commander of te enterprise. She proposed marriage to me. I said yes. We were Maried by a Vulcan priest at a vulcan monistary near star fleet command. I knew of her history . I have witnessed several incidents.  The incident th a brought her hear,I along with first officer,medical officer had to basically forcibly remove her from command. I went into reserve mode after that. I understand the circumstances . have no reason to doubt the report but I feel that she may need more ebaltuation. I urge you not to have her discharged until that occurs. Thank you”He said.
The chairman asked Sarah if she wished to question her. She urged her not to. She asked for a second to confer with her client.
“Please. I can’t throw him under a bus.”Addison said. “His testimony was damaging. He threw you under a bus!”she said. “No he did not. He is hurt. I can’t”she said.Sarah announced that she had no more questions.
Uss enterprise
“Let me get this straight you want to zap space effected by the mass with qonotons and transporter.”the chancellor said.
“It is more like a transporter. Sucess is not assured but it has a really good chance or working.”Norris said.
“Alright but if this fails it is on you!”he said. Noris said he understood. The screen failed.end of part four.

Aftermath chapter three

Elba two.
“Mr. Chairman I call Lt. Commander Megan shall. ” Sarah said. The medical officer placed her hand on the wound.”Megan Elise shall associate medical officer u.s.s enterprise. ” the computer voice said.
“You are a member of the medical staff on the enterprise?”Sarah asked. “Yes I am. “She said. “Did you read the reports of doctor dahner on miss mccomic?”Sarah asked.
“I did mam. ” she answered. “You read the reports of doctor piper as well as you examined miss comic yourself. “Sarah asked. “Yes I was asked to conduct a second opinion. I read all of the reports before during and after her break down and the contact with the transdimensional life form. ” shall reported.
“What did you conclude?”Sarah asked. “I have concluded that her breakdown was caused  by the weakening of the dimensional shields. Her brain scans verify that a direct causation between her break down and interference from the other dimension. ” shall said.
“You consulted professionals not from the enterprise or the task force?”Sarah asked. “That is correct. We consulted star fleet medical,daystorm medical,Vulcan science academy ,John Hopkins and others. They concur with our findings. ” megen said.
“She has had emotional issues before the mass fact she had to have a waver and was admited on a probationary bases. “Sarah asked. “Yes that is true mam. She did not have any uses from the time of her academy Addison to the time of the breakdown. She took precautions during that time. “Megen said.
“Your a medical doctor but after reading the reports from doctor dahner and other principles,do you believe that she requires further hospitization?”Sarah asked.
“I do not believe so. She needs out patients advice but Manny do. There is no longer a stigma to mental heath consultation. ” Megan shal.
“I am concluded with this witness Mr. Chairman. “Megen said . “doctor shall ,the medical department on the enterprise is very close knit. ” an andorian bored member asked. “Yes I gues that is a fair asestment. “She said.
“Doctor Mark piper is a formidable figure? “The Vulcan chairman asked.”yes he is a farther figure I gues. “Megan said. “Was there pressure to support doctor piper’s and doctor dahner’s view?”Spencer French asked. “No . doctor pipper wanted an objective view. This wS an important issue we wanted to get it right. “Megan shal said.
“Were you unbiased in this matter?”French asked.”I do not know that I am ever totally unused Mr. French. I did my best to remain unclouded. As I said, I wanted to get this right. ” Megan said.
“Miss mcomic had a reputation as a legend in star fleet?she was considered a rising star in the fleet?”the andorian asked. “Yes I gues that is fair. “Megen said.
“Did you want to write a report favorable to miss mcomic?”French asked. “I tried to keep my personal views in check. “She said. “Did you want to see her returned to service?”the Vulcan chairman asked. “That was a more favorable outcome but I wanted what was best for the service. ” Megan said.
“That will be all. Thank you doctor. “The Vulcan said. She nodded.then She stepped down from the stand.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of Norris
Norris was looking over ships records. He had Klingon hip hop playing in the background. “Bridge to captain. ” the vioce of kolona said. “Computor pause recording. “Norris said he activated the com unit. “Go ahead!” Norris said. “Sir. Incoming mesege from admiral komack. On a scale of particle of space dust to quntrum implosion he is closer to the latter. ” the Klingon com officer said.
“Thank you for the warning Lt.I will take it down hear. ” Norris said. The image went from the image of the female alien com tech to the image of the admiral from his office in sanfransisco.
“Hello sir. ” Norris said. “What are you trying to do Ben? You we’re supposed to solve a crises not start a new one? You have every bureaucrat’s uncle breathing down my neck. “The admiral said.
“I don’t understand sir. “Norris said. “Your telling me a member of your team presenting a less then orthodox idea on how to clean up the mass goo and you have no knowledge of it?”the admiral asked. “No sir I don’t. ” the captain said.
“Doctor Carol Marcus she is on your team?”the admiral asked. “Yes she is. “Norris asked.
“She presented an idea that has us all on edge. You know nothing about it?” the admiral asked.”no sir I honestly don’t. ” Norris asked.
“Basically the idea is to introduce a substance that alters the area. It would create a New would not restore pree mass space but recreate it. Its theoretical but if it worked …”komack said.
“If it worked,it could be weponized. “Norris said. “If we intend to use it in Klingon space we would have to share everything with them and The Romulans as well sense there space is affected as well. You can see the reprecautions?”the admiral asked.
“You said it is theoretical?”Norris said .”yes but if this idea is leaked they could peruse it. Your staf includes a non aligned alien whose alience is not known.”the admiral said. “You mee. Doctor xi the tholien ?” he asked. “Yes of course. ” the admiral said.
“I had not  heard about this. “Norris said. “Look Ben, loose lips colapses universes. I need you to get a lid on this. Keep this from anyone not in the family that includes your girlfriend. “The admiral said.
“She is not my girlfriend. “Norris said. “Have you made her your shepherds pie? ” the admiral asked.”well yes!”Norris asked. “Then she is your girlfriend. I don’t want any more talk of armigedon solution. There is another answer find it. “The admiral ordered. “Understood. Sir.”the captain said.
After he got off the line with the admiral he knew he had to act. “Doctor Marcus I need to see you now!”he said.
Doctor Carol Marcus knew that she had better not dottle.she was not looking forward to this encounter but knew it was inevetible.if course Kirk took the Artemis deeper into the post mass. Not that he would be helpful in this. He would probably be just as angry as Norris is.
She entered.”Carol you went behind my back. You went to star fleet without even informing me. “Norris said. “I realize that. “She said.
“I was totally Flat footed. The federation is totally up in arms. I had bo clue. ” he said. “I showed it to Jim. He felt as you did.he did not want me  publish this . sir we Harve to get creative. We have to think outside the box. ” she said.
“Look Carol you are a think in abstract. We live in a galaxy governed by the agresive use of force.the federation is committed to peace. We are not ignorant of the humanoid will to power. This could be the answer but there are always unintended consequences.” Norris said.
“I understand that Ben. We have to come up with something.time is running out Ben.” she said “this is a Pandora ‘s box that cannot be opened.”he remarked.
“I disagre but I will respect your view. I won’t persue it any longer. Time is of the esense. ” she said.
He knew what she was saying was right. There had to be a better way. That had to . one can hold to ones principle and save the day. Situational ethics need not govern everything.
Confrence room
Captain Norris called people he believed were the best In There fields. There was chief engineer hallak, doctor piper ,security chief giotto,Dr. Terisha,Sr. Marcus,Dr. Kalara ,commander Jessup,.com tech kolona,xi, and Spock were there.
“Ok people, we need answers. We need them yesterday. The universe is getting antsy. The governments represented hear are getting antsy. We have to solve this. We are not leaving this room until we have a workable solution. Let’s get to it. “Norris said.
Elba two
Lt. Chabot continued to present evidence that her nervous breakdown was due to the universe’s structural integrity distortion. She us able to return to society.
During testimony Addison saw the door opened.She heard someone enter. She turned to see who it was. It was ryan Herrington.
U.s.s Lexington.
“You want to get a bit of eat?”ryan asked. “Ensign I am your superior officer.that would be inopriate . ” she said.  Of course your correct. I ment no disrespect. ” he said. “I know that. ” he said.
The two dispersed. They started to go there seperate ways. S he turned around and looked. Then she kept going. She smiled.
“Mr. Chairman that concludes my case. ” Sarah said. “We will reces for lunch. We will convine at 1400. “The chairman said.
She wanted to see hi to ryan. Sarah advised against it.not until he adresed the bored. She agreed.
Staf mess hall
Sarah and Liz went over to ryan. “Hello ryan !”Liz said. “Hello Elizabeth!” ryan said. ” ok ry I want to see pictures. ” Liz said. He pulled out small obs from his poket. He showed her. “Derek is nowt five Hannah turned two. ” ry said. “They are adorable. ” Liz said.
“You named your kid sarek?” Sarah asked. “It was adie’s idea. Ambasador serek helped deliver him. She was transporting him to a sumit when They ran into Orion raiders. The ambassador found the name quite agreible. ” ryan said.
“I am sure he did. “Sarah said. “Ry. Adison does not need to be hear.she belongs out in the stars. The universe is in a crossroads ryan. She played a key role in saving the mass crises.we need her. This is what she is good at. “Liz said.
“Liz I understand your view . I read the transcript of the hearing before I arrived. You did not see things like I did. I was her husband Liz. I saw her downward spiral. I can’t do it again. I saw the effects it had on serek and little Hannah. I am going to apose release. “Ryan said.
“You have seen the evidence you can it deny that a led to b and. Without a without the structural instability if the multiverse,her breakdown would never have ocured “Sarah said.
“You cannot blame everything on the mass or the galactic instability !”ry declared. “The evidence would dismiss that statement. ” Sarah said.
“I have The right to adress the bored and I intend to exercise that right. ” ry said. He got up and left.he was not even close to be done eating.
“He is bitter !” Sarah said. “No he is not. He is not like that. He is hurt. They were once very much in love. Mayby a part of him still is. ” Liz said.
End of chapter three
In writing bored member Spencer French the actor I envision to at him is frequent star trek guest star Bruce French.
My inspiration to play the Vulcan chairman of the comision is Richard fancy. Best known to star trek fans as Vulcan captain in the first duty. He aliso appeared as a sky sprit in “tattoo”

Aftermath chapter two

Elba two.
The federation mentle heath  comision was governed by a council that consisted of representatives of the member world’s. The commisionors were mostly in the mental heath field.
The door opened, Addison entered along with her lawyer sarah,Liz and governor Corry.
They sat down at a table designed for the patients. It did resemble a defendants table at an American court. The commission tried to avoid it being a trial or even a parole hearing. The comparison could not be ignored
Addison looked around the room.  There were a few witness. Not the person she thought might be there. She sat down along with her representatives.
The Vulcan head Of the comision got ready to call the hearing to order. He hit a chime. “I nearby call this hearing to order. This hearing is to evaluate the request of Addison Jean mccomic to be released from the custody of the comision. ” setlik said.
“This comision was called at the request of miss mccomic. You are represented by council?” Spencer French asked. Sarah got up. “Lt. Commander sarah Chabot counsel for miss mccomic. 
“Commander you may present your petition ?'”the Vulcan chairman said. “Thank you Mr. Chairman. She got up. “Members of the commission. I nearby request the release of miss mccomic. Her mental collapse was due to influence of trans dimensional activity. I enter into evidence statements from doctor Mark piper senior surgeon of the starship enterprise and several concurrent reports from colleges of doctor piper. I also have reports from lt. Spock science officer of the enterprise and chief enginer halal attesting to the transdinensional. Activity. It Is our contention that the breakdown was caused by the said activity and th a she is fit to return to duty. ” sarah said.
“Your evidence is nearby entered into the record. “The chairman said.”Mr. Chairman I wish to call doctor Elizabeth dahner to testify. ” sarah said.
Doctor Elizabeth dahner sat down. She put her hand on a wound. “Elizabeth dahner,doctor of psyciatry. Curenrly member of staf Elba two. Star fleet commander assigned to starship enterprise. ” the computer said.
“Doctor dahner, you examined miss McCormick  before and after the incident involving the mass?”sarah asked. “I did Mam. “Liz said. “You atribbute the mentle breakthrough to the influx Of life forms from another dimension?” she asked. “Yes. Brain scans showed energy readings coinciding with the breakdown. With the dismentiling of the bracali experiment , her Braun scans returned to the readings taken at her last examination on the enterprise before her breakthrough. ” she said.
“Are you certain that the break down is connected to the mass?’sarah asked. “I have no doubt of that. A life form contacted her several times. “She said. “I submit those reports into evidence . “she said.
“I am finished with this witness.”sarah said. “Doctor your reports as a staf member are different that your testimony today.” an andorian commissionor asked. “Yes that is correct. I did not have the information I have now. My evaluation is inaccurate because I did not have pertinent information. ” Liz remarked.
“Your reports prior to her release are very troubling.”Spencer French said. “I realize that. I believe her mind was effected by the life forms. The evidence verifies that. “Liz said.
“Her last evaluation was not promising in fact you sais she might need at least a year more of inpatient care!”a telerite member said. “I was incorrect. ” Liz said.
“She has had break downs before she needed a special waiver to attend star fleet academy. “The Vulcan chair remarked. “Yes. But she has had a stellar carer in star fleet and attained command of the enterprise. She played a key role in the resolution of the mass crises. Captain Norris and commander Kirk has verified that. ” she said.”thank you doctor. You may step down. “The chairman said.
Startle craft Galileo.
In the cockpit, Dr. Carol Marcus scanned the space. She took extensive scans. She used everything she had.
“What is it Carol?”he asked. “Jim? The inert materials are poising space. I would compare it to alge. If we don’t do anything it will erode this space. In thirty years not even ships can servive. I  Don’t see how we can contain it. ” she said.
Conference room.
“This space is dying.if the area is not cleansed of the materials the area will be deadly to anythIng  Of  this universe. ” Dr. Marcus said.
  ” star fleet uses booms ,automated ships designed to clean plasma spills and other anprogenic natural disaster. The booms have been modified to deal with x particle. A fleet us on route.”Norris said.
“Can all of the particles be removed? From all reports there can be no remnants left?”the chancellor asked. “We don’t know but we will keep modyfing the bombs until we do “the Orion engineer said.
“Even with the entire fleet of booms working non stop conservative efforts it would take ten years to clean it up. “The chancellor said .
“This is not our final option chancellor. The booms are designed to buy us time. The best minds in the federation are working on solutions. ” Spock said.
“That is all fine and good but this is our empire at stake. The federation is relatively safe. “An advisor said. “We are committed to findings solution “Norris said.
“I suggest you come up with something soon. “The chancellor said.the transmission ended. “That sounded like a threat!”Smith said. “I believe it was.”Norris said.
“The chancellor is under anonymous pressure.  He was installed by hardliners. He came into office promising expansion. The mass threatened every aspect of the empire including economic and commercial interest. Nonm military cast play a smal role In Klingon politics but if there livelihood is threatened that cod change. “Terisha said.
“This is a threat. It may not totally a call to arms by the leader but a prediction. The chancellor first instinct is military but he may not be prone to conflict. “Jes said.
“This is a scientific and envioermentle issue.that is how we will solve it. Lets brain storm and come up with something. Science is the art Of making the impossible possible. Lets do it. ” the captain said.
The staf members at the conference table got up from the table. They started to disperse.
Dr. Carol Marcus had an idea but she was not sure if it was a good idea. “Jim do you have to get back to the Artemis?”she asked. “Not right away!”he said. “I have a possible solution to the mass crises. It is a doozy. I wanted to run it by you first”she said. “Am I going to not like it?”he asked. “It is very possible” she said. “Lets take a look if what you got!”he suggested.she agreed.
Qaurters of the captain
“I hope your not allergic or vegiterien. I did some research into diery customs bit your planet is similar to my one with different sub cultures. “Norris said.
“I am sure it will be fine!” kalera said. “So if your go into shock or are offended please don’t go to war with the federation “he asked.”no promises!” she said. They laughed. “I never heard a romylan laugh before !”he said. “Really? Rihansu comedy is legendary. We are silly wen not conquering planets. Sometimes we are silly as we conqur but any ways.”she said. “I had no idea. “Norris said.
“Lari I am afraid that the alience won’t hold. We seamed to be making strides . the chancellor is a pragmatist . I fear if he decides to go for a military solution the Romulans Will be forced to join you. We need to work  together to solve this. “He said. “I know that. I will do all I can to preserve the alience.”she promised. “I know. I gues I have gotten used to having you around. I would hate for You to not be around “he said “you  get rid of me that easily. ” she told him. “Good. ” Norris said.
Qurters  Jessup
The chime rang. “Come in !” Jessup Said .the door opened, it was terasha. “Hello”he said. “I have given thought to us. I wish to resume our marriage. “She said. “I stil love you. I can’t deny that.the fact is that we are literily from two different world’s. This alience is tenuous at best. There is no reason to believe that this will hold. ” he said.
“You stil don’t trust me do you?”she asked. ” you chose a corrupt leader over me ! How do I know you won’t do it again should mukerat Pesure a military solution. “He said. ” I won’t leave this time. I will request asylum in the federation. I am sure that I could teach anywhere. I am sure my skills could come in handy in any field. “She said. “You said that the last time. ” he said.
“Is there nothing left but bitterness in your heart ? “She asked. “Only a fool tries to rule a burning house. What was it sortrak who said that “never trust a double agent more then once. “He said. “I hope I can one day earn your trust . you know I would probably be crying right now but I don’t have tear ducts. “She said. She left. The door closed.
Elba two
Addison had changed from the yellow command officers dress to a white v neck scrub used by patients at the asylum. Addison had put her hair into a pony tail then taken it out and restyled it.
“You know you have styled and restyled it multiple times. ” Liz said.”I know. Its helps me relax. My adopted parents said I played with my hair when I arrived with them. I gues it is a kind of self soothing. “She said. “Are you nervous addy?”Liz asked. “A little. “Addison said. “The case is going well. .Liz’s said. “They have asked a lot of harsh questione. Some of the comisioners don’t seam convinced.”she said.
Sarah came in. “Dresing the part?”Sarah asked. ” the staf wanted me to ware the patients uniform. I did not want to argue. ” Addison said.
“You don’t look happy Sarah. ” Addison remarked. “There has been a last minute addition to those who wish to make a statement. ” she said. “Who is it?” Liz asked. “Ryian Harrington. ” Sarah said. ” oh no!”Addison said.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of Carol Marcus.
The two entered the quarters. She got a recorder and activated it. She called up a personal file. She showed it to Kirk.
He took the file and looked it over. “Project genises?”he asked. “It was a idea I had. I wanted to deal with the intergalactic problem of food shortege and other issues. I could not work out some quirks. I never showed this to anyone . ” she said.
“A device designed to reinvigorate a dead form creating a New matrix. ” Kirk said. “This could solve the problem of the post mass crises. The problem is that I don’t have a catylist. The most viable agency would be protomatter. “Carol said.
“Protonatter is unstable. It could make a bad situation worse. ” he said. “I know. If I present this to the task  force perhaps they could come up with something. “She said.
“Star fleet command might be reluctant to even sugest  this to the task force. The  partnership is a lose alience  . though we have strong supporters like kor and others the governments seam to be wavering. This could be weponized . “he said
“Look I know that scientist can be pawns of the military. We cannot have a brave new world if we refus to be brave .risk is the only way. The Klingons are dying. If the Klingons die chaos insues. We have to do something Jim .we are at a real risk of looosing it all . this is no ordinary emergentcy. ” Carol said.
” Carol this could start an arms race . a cold war a hot war. There has to be a better way. ” Kirk said. ” Jim there is not. This could be the answer. ” she said.
“Carol this is not the right choice. There is a. Better way. I bend the rules . I tend to rush in where angels fear to tread.we have to keep looking.”he said.
End of part two.

Aftermath chapter one

Vessel Cassandra
“Personal log I am on route to a hearing on Elba two.the hearing will determine rather or not I will be released by the mental health council and allowed to return to star fleet.  I go there with fear and trepidation. The fact that I have been called to meet with the commission in person is troubling.I am hopefull that the outcome will lead to my discharge and reinstatement with star fleet. ” Addison said.
“Along side me is enterprise psychiatrist and Personal friend Dr. Elizabeth danner. Before returning to  star fleet to aid in the task force ,she was a staf member if Elba twomi am hoping her testimony on my behath will be enough to convince the comision that I no longer need to be hospitalized. Also accompining me is enterprise jag officer lt. Sarah Chabot . ” Addison said.
“You ok addy?”Liz asked “I have wanted to be back in command of a ship now I might be to my own funeral. I really don’t want to go back to the asylum.i am piper and several of his doctor affirmed that . “Addison said.
“The comision has a reputation for being over cacious. Donald Corry is very conservative. Don’t sweet it. You will be back on the enterprise before you know it. “Chabot said. “I hope so Sarah. The Klingon empire and part of the romylan are experiencing a cataclysm and I am threatened with the federation funy farm. ” Addison said.
“Stay calm addy. Its not over. I have statements from doctor pipper,nurse chapel,multiple doctors on the med staf,captain Norris,and several commanders in the task force. You will be ok. “Liz said.”I hope your right Liz!”Addison said. The Cassandra remained on course.
U.s.s enterprise
Conference room.
Lt. Commander Aaron jeshop took over the briefing room. He had been on the com line with various federation officials, star fleet officers, as well as officers from ships on the task force and Klingon officials. He also had members of his staf come in and out of the room.
Doctor terisha obk entered. ” I have the most recent sansor scans . as well as impact to the fleet.”terisha said. “You brought this to me in person?”Aaron asked. “I wanted an excuse to see you. ” she said.
“Tery I can’t. ” he said. “Because your task force head of operations? Your technically my superior?”She asked . “no that’s not it. Right now the federation and Klingon and romulons excuse me ruhansu are all one happy fleet. Mukerat is an optunust. He starts wars to improve his standing with his generals and admiral. I am sceptical that he will cotinue the alience with us. That’s assuming he is not forcibly removed from office and the empire does not fall into cival war . I know you will side with the chancellor whoever it is. ” he said.
“I had hoped that I would have earned there trust . “she said. “The variables are the same as before.your a patriot.the problem is that you don’t differentiate between the ideal of kaighless and whoever happened to be occupying his seat.I can’t do this.” he told her.
“I am sorry you feel this way. I will respect your wishes.” terisha said.”Understood. “She said. “If you will excuse me commander.” the Klingon said. “Of course commander.” Aaron said. She left the briefing room. The door closed.
He started to try to process what had occured. Before he could,an aid came over to him. He got back to work.
Qurters of Norris
Noris had been on the bridge.he then went to engine room,science labs and other parts of the ship. Now he stoped at his cabin.
The door chime rang. He opened the door. “Larie? “Norris said. “Ben I brought you have a minute?”she asked. “Yea sure.”he said.
She Sat the table. She put a plate down . “can I joint you?”she asked.”by all means.”he said. “I hope no one gets the wrong idea about me being hear?”she said. “What would that be?”he asked.”I am not trying to get undo influence . I do not want the Klingon to think we are trying to shaft them !”she said.”I see. I thought maybe you ment something else. “Ben said.
Confrence room
The captain,lt. Commander Lucy Sanderson acting in the absence of Addison represented the enterprise. Commanders Kirk ,Andrea Tyler and sotril were there. Also there was others. Present was Dr. Piper,yeoman Smith, engineering officer hallak,security chef giotto,Dr.kalara,terisha ,Marcus and xi.
“Inacial surveys have revealed the mass is now inert.the mass is dead and has separated. “Doctor Marcus said.”the problem is that the material is acting like a thorn or a weed. It is preventing anything from growing.if it remains this area will become an interstellar wasteland. “Terisha said.
“If it remains nothing will grow. No stars will form. No interstellar life will be able to even traverse this area. “Kalara said.
“Ships shielding has been able to protect the ships, prolonged exposure will result in damage to the ship . over tong a time could result in irreversible. “Hallak said.”it would take a full year for any significant damage. ” the security chief said .
”  I would like to do more extensive scans. ” Dr. Marcus said. “I don’t see how. We have used the most extensive equipment used  by the three governments. “Lt. Commander Lucy Sanderson Remarked .
“A … Shar…tle co-uld be modified with Shi-led-ing from my ship. “Dr. Xi said. “Is more scans really necessary?”commander Kirk asked. “I believe it is commander. If we plan to combat this we need all the information we can get. ” terisha said.
“Can a shartle be modified without too much hassle?”Norris asked. ” yes it can. “The Orion said. ” without too much of a diversion I want the shartlecraft Galileo to be retrofitted. ” Norris ordered.they agreed .
“Is would like to go !”Dr.Carol Marcus said. Kirk did not like that idea.although the danger now was negligible it still excited. He did not want her to be put into any danger. ” I am sure that anyone in the science team could go. ” Kirk remarked.
Carol Did not like kirk’s statements. She was pertinent with twins but she was still a scientist.she stil wanted to do her job. She wanted to do this. She knew that her husband would not be a fan of it and he was not. Not at all.
“I see no reason why I can’t go. I am qualified as a pilot and a scientist. Mark is there any reason why I cannot go?”Carol asked.
Doctor piper did not want to be dragged into all of this. He was asked a direct question. He wanted to be honest. “I do not see any reason why she cannot go from a medical stand point.”piper said.
Kirk was not happy by that statement. “Very well . commander Kirk why don’t you go as well. “Norris said. Kirk knew Carol well. He knew She Would  not like the captain’s compromise. She would resent needing to be babysat especially by her husband. S he decided to relent. It was a responsible compromise.
The captain ended the mearing by ordering the team to get to work on implementing the shartle and it’s lunch. The captain knew he might not be popular so he left the room with great alecrity.
The team got right to work. They prepared the shartle with the shields.Carol was eiger to get out there. Kirk knew that.he did not quite share that view.he knew what she would think.
“Now entering Elba space”lt. Cosgrove a melerian reported. “Don’t suppose I can go awol?”Addison said.”think it is too late for that. “Liz said. “Your probably right .”Addison said. “Take us in Warren ” she ordered.the vessel neared the planet. “We are cleared to orbit!”Palmer announced. ” understood. Lt. Cosgrove I am placing you in command until or unless I return” Addison said. “Understood sir!”cosgrove said.
Addison got up from the command chair. Cosgrove Sat down at the command chair. “Well they know I’m hear. No sense avoiding it now. “She told Sarah and Liz. They excited the bridge. The door closed.
U.s.s enterprise
“Shartle is being prepped. “Spock reported. I am glad I am not a fly on the wall in the startle ” mark said.”one of the perks of being single I suppose. ” he said. The turbo lift door opened, kalera said. “You like being single captain. I am surprised.there is something to be Said for having someone to come home to .” kalera said.
The captain felt very uncomfortable. After a period of awkward silience bridge activity dominated.
“Now ready to lunch.” Carol said. “Standing by to open space doors.”Kirk said. “Your unhappy with me ?”Carol asked. “You insisted I leave star fleet. I did a you ask. I have never regretted it. Now you take the same risk. “Kirk said.”the risk is negligible. Even Mark agreed. “Carol said. “These are uncertain times. I gues I want some stability. ” Jim said.
The startled launched. The craf departed from the ship. “We are clear. “She reported.  ” heeding further in. “Kirk said.
“Jim. I want to be part of this. You said you joined star fleet to make a difference. That is why I became a scientist. I can contribute. I want to.  You r just like my farther. You assume because I am a scientist I am weak. “Carol said.
“I don’t think that . I never have. “Kirk told her. “I can’t believe Noris incisted that you chaperone me. “She said. “It could be worse. Spock could the chaperone. “Kirk said. “I like Spock ” she said.
The shartle kept going further into the sight of the now late mass. The craft was now In position.
The craft would now begin it’s scans of the area. The shartle was collecting data. At the same time the craft Sansors were also buisy at work. 
Planet Elba two
The transporter beam activated.the two emerged inside the facility . “you ok addy?”Liz asked. “Yea. Its just not easy being back hear. ” Addison said. “This is temporary. You will be on route back to the x zone before you know it. ” Liz said. “I hope your right. ” Addison said.
“Welcome back Addison. If you follow me!”governor Corry said. Addison Sarah and Liz followed the governor. “Look let me do the talking. I’m your lawyer let me do my job. I am good as what I do. ” the Indian born legal officer said. “Understood. ” Addison said.they entered the hearing room. The door closed.
End of chapter one.

Aftermath prologue

Previously on star trek the universe.
During a raid by terrorist group, the enterprise was damaged. The captain and others were killed,others injured. Commander Ben Norris assumed command of the enterprise.
Due to unintended consequences by an alien experiment, a large mass appeared. The mass absorbed everything in it’s path. The enterprise stoped the experiment .
The damage remained.the damage threatens the area of Klingon and romulan space code named the x zone . the federation has agreed to aid the area. A task force was dutpached to the area to deal with the aftermath. 
Commander Norris is promoted to captain and named commander of the enterprise and the task force. Dr. Terisha obk and Dr. Kalara are named liaison for there respective governments. Kolona remains as com officer.
And now tonight’s episode.
  U.s.s enterprise
“We are almost to the x zone. “Lt. Niles reported. “Take us in. “Captain Norris said. The door opened, kalara entered.
“If I we’re you I would stay clear of engineering for a while. “Kalara said. “Is the chief in a bad mood?”yeoman Smith said. “What is a good mood for the commander?”navigator Eliot said. “He is worried that we are pushing his engines beyond the limit. “Kalara said. “I will take his concerns under advisement” Norris said.
“Why did the Cassandra leave the area?”kalara asked. “I tried to get star fleet command to reinstate addison. Aperently she is stil in the custody of the comision on mental health and well being. Thecom commission wants her to appear before a hearing in person so I let her take the Cassandra to Elba. ” Norris said.
“Wait a minute! You gave a ship to someone who is technically stil an inpatient at an insane asilium” a lt commander named Lucy asked. “It is not as bad as it sounds commander!”the security chief giito said. “Before her break down she was an up and coming officer.she commanded the enterprise . she played a huge role in the conclusion of the mass crises. We owe her huge. Besides Liz is going with her. She can rake over if need be. “Norris  said.
“Now entering the x zone!” Spock reported. The enterprise headed inside the zone . the area was no longer toxic to humanoids but the area was prone to instability. “We  are now inside the zone!” Eliot said “all stop Niles. Kolona advise the task force to hold position. ” Norris ordered. “Aye sir. ” the female Klingon com tech said.she sent the message to the fleet.
“We have been ordered to hold position. ” lt. Palmer said . “acknowledge the order. Helm hold position. ” Commander Kirk said. The ship held position.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Doctor Marcus begin the probe!” captain Norris said . doctor Marcus began the scan. Commander Aaron jeshop monitored the test. The sansors monitored the area.
“The mass is now inert . the minerals seam to be choking off any life in the area. “Dr. Marcus said.
“This mass residue, it will prevent any new star formation ?”terisha asked. “Yes it will !” Carol said. “This area will be a menace to navigation. This area is a maker transit hub for the Klingon and romulons. “Kalara said. “We need some ideas people. ” Norris said.
The crew got to work. There was a lot of work to do. While the universe weathered a storm,they now had to weather the aftermath.
End of the prologue.


Nues 2.7

Bracalli space
The bracali were a regional power. They controlled a remote part of the known galaxy. They controlled there home soller syistom and two others.
They had a strong military and scientific aperatus. The bracali we’re religious but not theocratic. There was a faction that believed that they could contact there afterlife . they wer very curious.
A traditional faction had. Been able to control the military science wing of the government. They had begun a project to build a conduet to heaven.
Reserch outposts
“Anything?”the minister of science said. “Negitive minister.the missile have failed to open a gateway to paradise. “Dr. Rodav said. “Fire more missile. Increase the yield. “The minister said. “That is unwise exceletcy.”she said. ” we are so close. Follow my instructions. “The minister said. “Yes sir.”she said. Enterprise
“I am detecting a massive increase in energy in the epicenter sir!”Spock reported. “They are busy!”piper said. “The border is heavily patrolled. I am detecting an area not heavily patrolled. “Kalara said. “Did you checked for mine’s?”Kirk asked. “We did not find any thing associated with mines.” Carol said.
“Take us in. What a little more risk?”norris said. “This is not a big encouragement. ” hallak said.
“Lee plot a course for the concordance Carol is sending you. “Norris ordered.Lee got the course and plotted it. “Course plotted and engaged .” mia said
The enterprise went  warp. The enterprise attempted to get into the bracali frontier.they tried to sneak into there space.
” now entering bracali space!”Lee kelso announced. The enterprise moved in. “Now in bracali space!”Spock reported.
The enterprise retitled back and forth .the bridge crew tried to straighten the ship. Carol enhanced the shields. The enterprise seemed to whether the area.
“This area has become prone to turbulence. “Spock said. “I am attempting to compensate sir!”mia said.
“Captains log, the enterprise has  turbulence sporadically .. For the most part the shields have held. The ship is nearing the epicenter of the experiments.
“I am detecting a research post. I believe it is in charge of the research and experimentation. “Spock said.
“Com tech hail the station. “Opening hailing frequencies. “Kolona said. “Reserch post,your research is threatening the structural integrity of the universe. I urge you to stop at once. “Norris said.
“They are responding!”she announced. “On screen. “The captain said .on the view screen ,the command center was displayed. “You are trespassing In Our space. You have no right to dictate to us what we should and should not do!”the minister said.
“Sir. Your experiments threaten the galaxy.  “Norris said. “There is no evidence linking a causality between the experiments and the weakening of the structural integrity of the universe. ” the minister said.
“They have cut off the com channel. “Kolona said . “target the mistle launcher .”Norris ordered. Lee targeted the launcher. The enterprise fired on the launchers. The station rocked.
“What is this?”the minister said over an audio feed. “Your experiment are a threat to the universe. “Norris said. “This is sn act of war. “Minister said. “You declared war on us by engaging in that experiment.”Norris said.
A storm developed in space. The whole area shock. It was like an galactic wind in space.
“The attacks have  weakened the reigion. ” Spock said. “We will experience more turbulence . “Carol said.
The station fired on the enterprise. The enterprise dodged the torpedo.the shock wave caused the ship to liest.”damage on multiple decks. “Gary said. “Damage control parties dispatched to affected decks “the com tech reported.
“Leave our space or be destroyed.”the minister said. “Captain I have found the center of the vortex. I believe I know how to seal the rip in the space time continuum. “Terisha said .
The ship was hit again. “Damage to secondary hull. ” Spock said. “Head for the rip. “Norris ordered the enterprise headed for the vortex. The enterprise ducked impact. The enterprise hit the station.
The enterprise was too far from the station’s armerments. The enterprise maintained course. The ship shock around. The Ship turned up and down. The enterprise was hit.
The enterprise experienced a lot of damage. The ship held together. The enterprise kept going. “Now in position “the Orion said . “activate the deflector. We have to seal the hole. Mia Lee stand by to get us out of hear!” Norris ordered.
The deflector dish was turned on. The dish fired a discharge of energy at the hole. The hole started to be filled. “We need to remain a little longer. “Spock said. “Are you out of your mind?”Gary said.
The ship was jostled about. Several parts of the ship was struck. “We can disengage !”Spock said. “Do it. Lee mia! Get us out of hear!”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The ship could not get out of the wake. The wave hit the enterprise. The enterprise was pushed back. Lee and mia tried to get the ship to break free. The enterprise started to drift.
The vortex went inward. The epicenter started to get smaller.then the vortex vanished. It  replaced by normal space.
In the x zone, the cracks started to be filled. The universe’s structural intregrety started to be restored.
The mass was not designed to live in this galaxy. The mass started to die. The mass would not just vanish it would continue in an inert form. It would have to be cleaned up.
U.s.s enterprise
“Shields are off line. Primary reactor is off line. We are running on batteries. “Spock said. “The research post was damaged but is intact.”Carol reported.
“Captain, we have received word from the bracali government. The bracali parliament has ordered the immediate sesation of all experiments involving the vortex. ” The Klingon com tech reported.
“Captains log, the intersteler law treaty organization has dispatched a muti planetary fleet to the bracali to ensure that the experiments end. The bracali emperor and the minister of prominence has pledged to support the fleet. While we have repaired the enterprise enough to get underway . we are either to leave bracali space. Whole evidence of the mass remains things are slowly improving. ”
“Please take better care of my ship commander. “The Orion said. “I will do my best hallak with “your ship.”the captain said.
“Sir! Star fleet is assembling a task force at the kitomer outpost. Star fleet command wants us to go there!”the Klingon com tech said.
“We are going to a Klingon base?”Dr. Piper remarked.”it is under federation control now. “The com tech said. “We will undergo repairs there. “Norris said
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
“The x zone is still unstable. The minerals left from the mass causes turbulence in the region.the Klingon high council has asked us to aid in the effort to solve this problem. The federation is sending a task force to the x zone. Our mission will be to restore the space if we can. The enterprise will be heading up the task force. The romulans Will be joining us. Kalara will be my liaison.Dr. Trisha will be the Klingon liaison. Commander jeshop will be the star fleet liaison. Lt. Kolona will be remaining with us as com tech. ” he said.
“Jim. “Carol said. “You look happy?”Jim said. “I am on the science team sent to restore the x zone.I already have a few ideas. “Carol said. ” I am sure you will. ” Jim said. “Are you going to be on the task force?”she asked.”they have given me command of the Artemis. During the mission. “Jim said. “Congrats captain ” Carol said. “It is not the enterprise but a ship is a ship.”Jim said. “Indeed. ” she said.
” congrats on your promotion to captain. “Kalera said. “Thank you .”she said.”all decks standing by.”the tech said. “Mia take us to the x zone . ” he ordered.
The end .
Next up
The enterprise and the task force arrives at the x zone. Dr. Marcus has an idea on how to restore the area. While the crew adjust to life after the mass.