Nues 2.4

u.s.s enterprise
“Now entering the Klingon empire . ” Lee kelso reported. “Take us in. “Commander Norris ordered. The enterprise entered Klingon space.”we are now in Klingon space !”Spock announced. “Out of the frying pan and into the fire!”mark remarked.”are you referring to the rihsnsu star empire as a proverbial frying pan?”kalara asked. “Yes I am. No offense !”Dr. Piper said. She laughed “none taken doctor piper”kalara said.
“Dr. Piper bark is worse then his bite usually !”Norris said.”I don’t know about that. I think I can be quite ferocious. “Piper said. “I will keep that in mind. Perhaps your telshiar file needs to be revised. “Kalara remarked .”wait the telshiar has a file on me? An old country doctor?” he said .”you are chief medical officer of the flagship of the federation! The intelligence agency keeps tract of key people!”kalara said.
“Liz I am not sure if I should be honored or horrified.”doctor Piper said.”just don’t let it go to your head.” dahner told him. He chuckled. “No promises Liz!”he told her.
Klingon vessel
“My Lord we have confirmed that the enterprise has crosed from rimusnagen space to Klingon imperial space. ” the gunner reported. “Very good. Your in my back yard now Ben Norris. “The admiral commented.”should o target them ?”the gunner asked.”not yet!”the commander said. “Understood!”the weapons officer said.
Khas went over to his commanding officer. “I don’t understand excelentcy. Why not attack now?”the Jr officer asked.”I must know why they are hear.they told our leaders that they want to help us.I fund that hard to believe. I am still not convinced that they are not behind the mass. I want to ascertain rather or not they are involved.” the admiral said.
“What if it turns out that They are not involved?”khas asked. “It hardly matters commander . they are our enemies. If they are by standers we will still turn on them for the simple reason that they are not us!”the admiral declared. The Jr officer said nothing in response. He was ordered to resume his duties.he gave the Klingon salute and complied with his orders.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are now in position!” Spock reported. “All stop mia!”Norris ordered. Lt. Mia bolt stoped the enterprise .the ship came to a full stop. “Now at full stop captain.”mia reported.
“Doctor Marcus lunch the probe!” Norris ordered. Dr. Carol Marcus the wife of lt. Commander Kirk prepared the probe. After a smal time the computer reported that the probe was ready for lunch.she activated the lunch.the probe left the large starship.
“The probe is away. ” Carol announced. The probe departed the ship. It traveled to the mass. The probe Was shielded so it could get pass the mass without being obsorbed.  How the tholien designed was not known. The command crew suspected that the scientist was not too eiger to divulge this information. They let it go.
The probe started to enter the mass. The probe was created to conduct constent scans. The sansors was constently taking readings.
“A.. S.. I.. Sus-pec-Ted.  The mass .. Is .. ‘re-struc-ing the space -around -it.”the tholien reported. “The mass is altering space. “Dr. Marcus said. “I agree. “Spock said.
“To our thinking the space is being rendered inert. I am not totally sure that’s accurate. It May be usefull to the mass. ” Dr. Obk said.
“Is the mass using space as food or fuel?” Kirk asked. “I cannot ascertain that lt. Commander.” kalara reported.
Lt. Commander Addison mcomic felt odd. She started to feel disoriented . she was in space. At least that she believed. She floated though space.
“Adison! Adison!” the voice said.”you again.why do you keep coming to me? ” she asked. “You come to us ! I mearly acknowledge your presence. ” the voice said. “Who are you?”Addison asked. ” you Must come to me. You cannot stop the inevetible. Acept what must be. Surrender is the answer. Risking the loss of all saves all. ” the voice said.
She was dragged inside a vacuole. “No!!” she protested. She screamed as the person got closer to the doorway. She saw the shadow man.the thing she believed was the voice. “Stop fighting it !” he declared.
She was swept inside. She fell inside the door way. She vanished. She woke up. “Adison! Are you alright?”Liz asked. “I think so. I had That dream again. “Addison declared.
Dr. Piper scanned her with a tri corder . “I am detecting the same elevated readings as I detected the previous Times you passed out. Rather or not it is contact by some kind of life form is not known. ” Dr. Piper reported.
“It felt real sir.rather it was or not I have no idea. ” Adison said to the captain.
“Could she have been in contact with the mass?”Carol asked. “You really think that the mass is a life form?”Gary asked. “Perhaps not as we think of life Mr. Mitchell but it could be a sentient form of life even if it alien from our understanding!”Spock said.
“Plants are life. Asuming it is like a plant. “Smith said. “With due respect miss mcomic has had a history of psicotic behavior. I don’t think we can go on her word.”Gary said.
“With all due respect lt. That was uncalled for. You say I am a walking freezer unit. “Liz said. “Okeveryone let’s dial it back a thousand notches. Xi do you believe the mass is a life form?”Norris asked.
“I… Bel- leave It co-uld be. Comand-Der. “Xi said. “It could be a different life form not necessarily the mass. ” Spock reported .
“It was urging me to give up. I am not sure what it ment. ” Addison said. “Was it urging us to accept our fate. A kind of gloat?”the security commander asked.”Matty but I did not get the impression That it was gloating . I got the impression that he wanted to help. It sounds fatalistic but I don’t think
it was. ” Adison commented.
“You really think this is a meesage?”Gary asked. “I don’t know lt. ” Addison said
“Hold on I believe I have found somet thing. “Carol said. “Report!”Norris ordered “I believe I have located a vacuole. ” terisha said.
“Can you have the probe zero in on it?” Norris asked. “I a-m a temp-ting to command-Der!”the tholien said.
The probe attempted to get a clear reading on the doorway. “I have lost telemetry!”Carol said. “Was the probe destroyed?” jess asked. “Before it stoped transmitted,it sent a single that it was being dragged into the vacuole. “Terisha said.”if the line between our dimension and another has been compromised perhaps the probe ended up there .” kalara said.
“Its possible.” Spock said. ” could another probe be modified?”The captain asked. ” yes! But will time take. Do.mi..I-bl-e yes!” xi said.
All of a sudden the aler Claxton sounded. “We have a perimeter alert!” Kirk said. ” report!”Norris ordered.”we have incoming. D seven warship. Its configuration is identical to admiral g’horm’s flagship. ” Spock said.
“Dawn it ! Shields up ! Red alert!”Norris said. The two ship’s we’re about to do battle.
End of part four
I was not sure how to write lines for tholien. In an episode I imagine either a translation critical such as a robotic sounding English translation or sub titles.
The walking freezer unit comment comes from “where no one has gone before ” the second pilot.


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