Nues 2.5

Planet earth.
Office of the president of the federation.
The federation had no official channels with The Klingon empire. They had no diplomatic channels. The current arangment was unofficial and New. No diplomatic channels had been set up.
“Madam president the grazella special envoy has arrived. “A receptionist said. “Send him in!” president said. The door opened. The grazella representative entered the office. “Madam president. “Lakear derap said. “Mr. Envoy! I hope your trip to earth was not too eventful!”the president said. “I have had worse. I bring a message from the Klingon empire. They insist that the incidents are not authorized by the empire. The attacks are being perpetrated by those to a rougue admiral maimed g’horn. ” the representative said.
“This does not instil Faith in the chancellor and his government. It is hard to partner with a weak government especially when we have no assurance of protection. “The president said.
“The imperial government appreciates that. They are trying to handle this situation. The Klingon empire is taking the brunt of this crises. “The ambassador said.
“I am aware of that. I am aprecitive of there position. At the same time I cannot put my people at risk.the enterprise is currently in Klingon space . I don’t know if we can do more until the situation with rouge factions abates.”the president said.
“I will communicate that to the Klingon. “The ambasador said .”very well ambassador. “The president said. “We will keep in touch madam president.”the ambassador said. “Of course!”the president said. The non aligned representive left the room. The door closed.
“We stil relief convoys heading into Klingon space. Do we turn them back?”horn acron the chief of staff asked. “We cannot have that convoy go into enemy space under these circumstances. There is no cease fire in reality.the fleet must turn back. “Haman the security advisor said.
“The fleet cannot go into hostile space under these circumstances. “An aid said. “The convoy will maintain corse for the border but is not to cross into Klingon space without my consent. “The president said.
“We help them we risk getting our fleet schot. Down. We don’t help they acuse of fiddling while son is burned. “Acron commented.
“If the mass expands, lt could have a further destabilizing effect on the empire. Outer territories might try to cisesde. “Hamin said. “I want hourly matter what.”the president said. The staff agreed.
U.s.s enterprise
The Klingon vessel commanded by g’horn attempted to intercept the enterprise. “Hail the vessel!”Norris ordered. Lt. Kolona tried to open a channel to the warship.
Odd she thought. A few days ago,she was a soldier in the I.d.f now she was working for star fleet.this was once her superior officer.
“No response. “Kolona said.she kept trying but there was no response. No one expected that they would.
Klingon warship
“Now in weapons range!”the gunner reported. “The commander of the enterprise is a fool. He should have fired the first schot when he had the chance. Procede!”g’horn said.
The Klingon ship opened fire on the enterprise. The ship was hit. “Shields holding. ” Gary reported.”return fire. “Norris ordered.the enterprise fired phasers  and photon torpedoes on the Klingon ship. The warship fired as well.
The Klingon vessel fired on multiple sections of the ship. Damage control procedues went into effect. Several decks had to be sealed off.
The enterprise fired on the Klingon warship. The enterprise fired on multiple sections of the ship.
The Klingon vessel opened fire on the enterprise’s deflector dish. The dish was hit.the explosion caused the enterprise to least.the vessel quickly regained it’s gravity.
The enterprise fired a series of volleys on the Klingon warship. The enterprise did not let up.
Neither did the klingon. Both Boris and g’horn were skilled tactician. They both knew what they were doing.
“Captain the battle seams to effecting the mass. I am detecting massive energy readings eminating from it!”Spock said.
“Are we about to experience New mass?”Norris asked. “I am uncertain sir!”Spock answered.
As the battle continued,Spock focused on studying the area near the mass. “Cptain a mass is about to form right above the warship.”Spock said.
“Warn g’horn! “Nor is said .the female Klingon tried to contact the Klingon vessel.
The Klingon vessel tried to get away from the new mass. The warship went to high warp. The ship went to maximum acceleration. The mass started to form.
The enterprise swooped in and engaged a tractor beam. The vessel was able to get away. The vessels cleared the area.
“We are clear!” Spock said. “For Now!”Lee kelso said. “We got there attention.admiral g’horn is demanding we release him at once!”Kolona said. “Now they are willing to talk. ” Dr. Piper said.
“Disengage the tractor beam.”Norris ordered. Gary mitchel presed the disengage button.the ship was released. The warship moved away from the enterprise.
“What will he do Now? Will he resume the battle ?”Kirk asked.”he may. Lets find out!”Norris ordered.
“They are powering weapons!”Spock said.”you got to be kidding. ” Mark said.the Klingon warship fired on the enterprise.for the most part the enterprise dodged the weapons .
The enterprise turned around .the ship fired on the warship. The shields had been weakond. The Klingon vessel went to warp.
“The vessel has withdrawn.”Spock said. “He will be back!”Gary said.”count on it!”terisha said.”hope fully he does not bring some of his friends with him. ” Kirk said.”agreed!”Norris said.
“Orders sir?”mia asked. “Head back for the mass. We have work to do.”Norris said. The enterprise headed back to the mass.
Everyone knew that g’horn would be back. He would not give up. Neither would those allied with him. The mass was still a huge threat.
“Captains log,the enterprise gas returned to the area where the mass was. The enterprise has held position and has resumed scan of the mass. The scientific crew is working around the clock to getting to the bottom of the mystery of the mass. ” Norris said in the log.
Rec room
Addison was writing . she recorded the dreams in a diery.she was trying to short it out. She believed that she was on the verge of something. She was just not sure what she hoped to sort it all out and do it quickly. That was not as easy as it sounded.
The door opened . Dr. Eluzebeth danger entered. She went over to The table where Addison was. Elizrbeth did not ask if she could join her,she just did.
“Liz I think I have figured this out. I think I know what the dream means but your not going like it,Neither is the captain.”Addison said.
“Ok. What is it?”Liz asked. “I think that the dreams is some kind of telepathic contact . perhaps from The mass or someone or something else. I believe that is a message . “Addison said.
“Ok.lets assume that this is a meseege. What is the messege?”Liz asked.
“This is where it gets nutty Liz. I think that we need to go into The mass. “Addison said. “If we do ,we will be obsorbed!”Liz said. “Will we? Are we sure of that? “Addison said. “You r suggesting something really serious. Your suggesting we risk our lives perhaps the future on a dream. “She said.
“I know but we are at a stand stil. We have nothing. What if there is an answer. ” she said.
“You can’t be serious addy ! This is suicide!”Gary said. “Th-ere I-s mer-it t-o it”the tholien said . “it is risky but there is a chance that the mass or another life form is attempting to contact us!”kalara said.
“No offense but miss mccomic us not a realublr source. Even if the dream is telepathic contact it could be a trap. “Gary said.
“It could be a clue. An important one. We have to take risks.” terisha said. 
Commander Norris did some thinking.  He considered what to do. He considered his moves . he knew the stakes. He got up. He paced around the bridge for a couple of seconds. He tried to weigh the odd. He considered both sides.
” if we separated the saucer from the drive could we teather the two Sides?”noris asked. “Yes!”the tholien said. “I want every science staf to work on having the two sections connected. Jim you will command the saucer.the rest of us.we are going in. ” Norris declared.
“Captains log, the mission of star fleet is to boldly go where no one had gone before. That requires risk.this seams to be fool hardy.I see no other option.
“You don’t look happy ?” Norris asked. “I’m not. The saucer seperation has never been attempted outside the lab. “The Orion said. “Look I see other way. We have no other options. “Norris said.”alright. “He said.
“Everything is set up. “Kalara said. “So are you coming with us doctor or staying with the saucer?”noriss said. “As senior rihansu it is my duty to come along. Besides if this works u don’t want the federation taking all the credit. “She said. “If this works the chancellor will rewrite the new version mukurat will have done it all by himself.”tetiahsa said. “So why are we sticking our necks out for people who don’t give a lick for us?”Mark asked. ” needs of the many!”Norris said.”of course!”the doctor said.
The two sides got to as a safe distance .the two sides detached.the drive went in.
End of part five


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