Nues 2.6

U.s.s enterprise
Kirk looked over the bridge. He had wanted to command a star fleet ship Sense He was young.they called it the dream of stars. He had been a carer officer. Then he met Carol Marcus. She had given him an ultimatum , star fleet or her. He chose her.
Commanding a scientific research vessel was a compromise. It was not quite the same. They had retrofitted an old Apollo class vessel withdrawn from service. While Kirk was pleased with there hybred. The chance to command a star fleet ship,especially The enterprise was stil alluring. Now he got to command part of it.
He looked around the bridge. “Everything is in place Jim.”gary said. “Interlockings are clear. “Lee said. “The seperation protocols May have atrophied. We won’t know until actual use. ” Gary said .”that’s encouraging.”Kirk said.
U.s.s enterprise
Auxiliary control.
Unlike the Maine bridge,the a.c was setup like a bored room.there was a table with desk. Lt. Bolt,Addison mccomic,kalara, and terisha entered.
Terisha took a station designed to monitor environmental ans scientific research.xi the tholien manned a secondary monitoring station. Mia took a helm control station. Addison did not man a station but Sat at a chair.
“All decks stand ready!”a com tech informed the captain. “Begin decoupling protocal. “Norris ordered.
The area had been cleared. The partition connecting the two sections began to retract. A wall came up. The two sections went there seperate ways.
“Seperation achieved. “Spock said.”thank you Mr Spock .I did get that without your report but ok. Is the teather syistom set up?”Norris asked . “syistom is on line. “The Klingon com tech said.
“Test it out. “Kirk ordered. Spock tested every aspect of the process.”we are fully teathered with the drive. “Spock said. “Ben everything is ready. Sure you don’t want to back out?”Kirk said “don’t tempt me Jim. “Norris said.
The drive prepared to enter the mass. “Ready or not hear we go. “Norris said. Mia piloted the ship into the mass. The drive entered the area with the mass.
The drive entered the mass. The ship vanished. ” I have lost them. “Spock said . “were they absorbed?”Kirk said. “It appears so. I am not certain. “Spock said . “dawn!”Kirk said.
The enterprise drive section went inside the mass. It was a strange sensation . the crew was being altered. Then there was a large wave. It looked like a tidal wave. It struck the drive. They were gone. The question was where had they gone? What were they now?
Adison felt weird. She felt like She was in a ocean. It was not an ocean. She saw a reflection of herself. She did not look human.she looked like energy.she saw northern energy beings. Se wondered if the other beings we’re part of the enterprise crew. They did not look like the crew. She had no idea what. They would look like.
She saw something coming for her.she had no idea what it was.somehow She recognized it as Liz. “We are energy!”she said. “Odd isn’t it?”Liz said. “It is quite unusual. I don’t understand. “Addison said. “Nor do I! ” Liz said.
She heard a sound. It was like her dream. It called to her.She went towards it. “Addy what are you doing?”Liz said. She was dragged inside some kind of vortex.
She was in a New place. She looked humanoid again.where was she? How did she get hear? It looked like a house.a beach front house. This was a dream of hers. It was not real. She ran outside. She came to the pool.
“Addison !”a man said. “Your the shadow man. “She said. “Yes. I called to you. “He said .”your the reason I had the mental break down!”She said . “I’m sorry I did not mean for that to happen . your brain could not Osorb the information I sent at s rapid pace. I was trying to contact someone from your space. You picked up my transmission. I did not realize it would take time for you to process it.I am sorry.”he said.
“Who or what are you?”Addison asked. “I am not from your universe. It is difficult to explain.I am not what you call the mass.I will explain what has ocured. ” he said.
“The universe or multi verse has a rigid structural inteegrety. That intregrety has held. There have been a series of structured units or gestalts. These constructs are complete. Usualy they do not interact or are even aware of each other. ”
“At times there has been breaches,cracks. Some parts of space are in areas more susceptible to cracks. One of this areas is a frontier of a planetary alliance known as The bracalli coalition . they are located in a remote part of what you call the alpha . ”
“The bracalli are a deeply religious people. They believe that they are on a hub near there afterlife. One of there scientist came up with a plan to oppen a doorway to there afterlife. They developed an experimental torpedo that created a breach that would oppen up a doorway. It did not create a conduct to there paradise. ”
In space, everything was normal .ther was stars. The improvised torpedo was launched from a platform on the surface of a moon.the torpedo headed to an area determined to be at a prime spot.
The torpedo was in the prime spot. An aid informed his superior that the mistle was in position..the scientist in charge gave the order to detonate the torpedo . a tech pressed the button. The mistle exploded.
The missile impact created a gigantic rift in space. “Instead of creating a gateway to heaven,they eroded the structural intregrety of the multiverse.”
“What you call the mass is another realm. In that realm the mass is not an enemy of the ecology of the realm but serves a banificial service in t be area. The mass is not a threat to the area. There is a syistom that works well. ‘
“Hear the mass is a Killer. It destroys whatever it comes into contact with. It alters the environment . it makes the area habitable for itself. There is no way to stop it. As you know any efforts to hault it are temporary. ”
“There is more. Not only have the bracalli mantaned the experiment.they are planing to detonate more mistles. They are stil convinced that they reach there paradise. They are going to lunch more mistles. “The shadow man said
“Can we restore the structural intregrety?”Addison asked. “You have to convince the bracali to stop the experiment or stop there experiments. Then you have to seal the breach. The damage from the mass will remain but it will be a smaller threat then what we are dealing with today. “The form said.
“I understand.right now I am energy. How can I get back? “Addison said. “You know how!”the shadow man said. “Thank you for your help. “Addison said. “I wish you well. I hope that you will be sucesfull. ” the man said.
U.s.s enterprise saucer
Spock detected Some kind of energy burst headed to the enterprise . it transmitted a messege. “We are being instructed to stand by captain “Spock said. “Instructed by who? “Doctor Mark piper asked. “I believe that it is from the enterprise drive. I believe that the teather has held. ” Spock said.
“Stand by for what?”yeoman Smith asked . “I have no idea. I have a feeling that we Will find out very shortly . “commander Kirk said.
“We have something coming in from the mass!”Spock reported . “on screen. “Kirk ordered. The female Klingon transferred the image to the Maine viewer. An energy seamed to left the mass.
The energy seemed to transform. It became the drive section.
“We are being hailed. “The Klingon tech said. “On screen. “Kirk ordered. “Commander we have information for you. “Norris said.
The two sections of the ship recoenected. The enterprise was whole again. The enterprise had gone though it’s first deep space saucer seperation and perhaps its first absorption.
“Captains log, I have no memory of what accrued after we entered the mass . None of the crew of the drive section remembers what happened except for co first officer lt. Commander Addison Jean mccomic and psychiatrist Elizabeth dahner. Why they retain these memories is unknown. They have asked for a briefing and I have agreed.
Conference room.
“The structure of the universe was compromised is due to experiments by the bracalli. They were attempting to contact there after life. “Addison said.
“We have confirmed massive energy readings from that sector. “Dr. Marcus said. “I believe that the story from commander mccomic is plausible. “Spock said.
“All of the evidence indicates that the experiments are containing to occur. “Terisha said.
“We have to stop the experiments and seal the rupture in the space time continuum. ” addison said. “There can be no future experiments. “Kalara said. “The bracalli may not be Wiling to stop the experiments. ” the Orion said. “I spoke to star fleet command . they want us to try to convince them to stop the experiments. If not our orders are to stop the experiment by whatever means¬† necessary. “The captain said.
“All decks stand ready. ” the female com officer said. “Do you have the course plotted for the bracali ?” Norris asked. ” I do sir. ” mia said. “Engage!” he said. The enterprise went to warp.
To be concluded.


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