Aftermath prologue

Previously on star trek the universe.
During a raid by terrorist group, the enterprise was damaged. The captain and others were killed,others injured. Commander Ben Norris assumed command of the enterprise.
Due to unintended consequences by an alien experiment, a large mass appeared. The mass absorbed everything in it’s path. The enterprise stoped the experiment .
The damage remained.the damage threatens the area of Klingon and romulan space code named the x zone . the federation has agreed to aid the area. A task force was dutpached to the area to deal with the aftermath. 
Commander Norris is promoted to captain and named commander of the enterprise and the task force. Dr. Terisha obk and Dr. Kalara are named liaison for there respective governments. Kolona remains as com officer.
And now tonight’s episode.
  U.s.s enterprise
“We are almost to the x zone. “Lt. Niles reported. “Take us in. “Captain Norris said. The door opened, kalara entered.
“If I we’re you I would stay clear of engineering for a while. “Kalara said. “Is the chief in a bad mood?”yeoman Smith said. “What is a good mood for the commander?”navigator Eliot said. “He is worried that we are pushing his engines beyond the limit. “Kalara said. “I will take his concerns under advisement” Norris said.
“Why did the Cassandra leave the area?”kalara asked. “I tried to get star fleet command to reinstate addison. Aperently she is stil in the custody of the comision on mental health and well being. Thecom commission wants her to appear before a hearing in person so I let her take the Cassandra to Elba. ” Norris said.
“Wait a minute! You gave a ship to someone who is technically stil an inpatient at an insane asilium” a lt commander named Lucy asked. “It is not as bad as it sounds commander!”the security chief giito said. “Before her break down she was an up and coming officer.she commanded the enterprise . she played a huge role in the conclusion of the mass crises. We owe her huge. Besides Liz is going with her. She can rake over if need be. “Norris  said.
“Now entering the x zone!” Spock reported. The enterprise headed inside the zone . the area was no longer toxic to humanoids but the area was prone to instability. “We  are now inside the zone!” Eliot said “all stop Niles. Kolona advise the task force to hold position. ” Norris ordered. “Aye sir. ” the female Klingon com tech said.she sent the message to the fleet.
“We have been ordered to hold position. ” lt. Palmer said . “acknowledge the order. Helm hold position. ” Commander Kirk said. The ship held position.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Doctor Marcus begin the probe!” captain Norris said . doctor Marcus began the scan. Commander Aaron jeshop monitored the test. The sansors monitored the area.
“The mass is now inert . the minerals seam to be choking off any life in the area. “Dr. Marcus said.
“This mass residue, it will prevent any new star formation ?”terisha asked. “Yes it will !” Carol said. “This area will be a menace to navigation. This area is a maker transit hub for the Klingon and romulons. “Kalara said. “We need some ideas people. ” Norris said.
The crew got to work. There was a lot of work to do. While the universe weathered a storm,they now had to weather the aftermath.
End of the prologue.



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