Aftermath chapter three

Elba two.
“Mr. Chairman I call Lt. Commander Megan shall. ” Sarah said. The medical officer placed her hand on the wound.”Megan Elise shall associate medical officer u.s.s enterprise. ” the computer voice said.
“You are a member of the medical staff on the enterprise?”Sarah asked. “Yes I am. “She said. “Did you read the reports of doctor dahner on miss mccomic?”Sarah asked.
“I did mam. ” she answered. “You read the reports of doctor piper as well as you examined miss comic yourself. “Sarah asked. “Yes I was asked to conduct a second opinion. I read all of the reports before during and after her break down and the contact with the transdimensional life form. ” shall reported.
“What did you conclude?”Sarah asked. “I have concluded that her breakdown was caused  by the weakening of the dimensional shields. Her brain scans verify that a direct causation between her break down and interference from the other dimension. ” shall said.
“You consulted professionals not from the enterprise or the task force?”Sarah asked. “That is correct. We consulted star fleet medical,daystorm medical,Vulcan science academy ,John Hopkins and others. They concur with our findings. ” megen said.
“She has had emotional issues before the mass fact she had to have a waver and was admited on a probationary bases. “Sarah asked. “Yes that is true mam. She did not have any uses from the time of her academy Addison to the time of the breakdown. She took precautions during that time. “Megen said.
“Your a medical doctor but after reading the reports from doctor dahner and other principles,do you believe that she requires further hospitization?”Sarah asked.
“I do not believe so. She needs out patients advice but Manny do. There is no longer a stigma to mental heath consultation. ” Megan shal.
“I am concluded with this witness Mr. Chairman. “Megen said . “doctor shall ,the medical department on the enterprise is very close knit. ” an andorian bored member asked. “Yes I gues that is a fair asestment. “She said.
“Doctor Mark piper is a formidable figure? “The Vulcan chairman asked.”yes he is a farther figure I gues. “Megan said. “Was there pressure to support doctor piper’s and doctor dahner’s view?”Spencer French asked. “No . doctor pipper wanted an objective view. This wS an important issue we wanted to get it right. “Megan shal said.
“Were you unbiased in this matter?”French asked.”I do not know that I am ever totally unused Mr. French. I did my best to remain unclouded. As I said, I wanted to get this right. ” Megan said.
“Miss mcomic had a reputation as a legend in star fleet?she was considered a rising star in the fleet?”the andorian asked. “Yes I gues that is fair. “Megen said.
“Did you want to write a report favorable to miss mcomic?”French asked. “I tried to keep my personal views in check. “She said. “Did you want to see her returned to service?”the Vulcan chairman asked. “That was a more favorable outcome but I wanted what was best for the service. ” Megan said.
“That will be all. Thank you doctor. “The Vulcan said. She nodded.then She stepped down from the stand.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of Norris
Norris was looking over ships records. He had Klingon hip hop playing in the background. “Bridge to captain. ” the vioce of kolona said. “Computor pause recording. “Norris said he activated the com unit. “Go ahead!” Norris said. “Sir. Incoming mesege from admiral komack. On a scale of particle of space dust to quntrum implosion he is closer to the latter. ” the Klingon com officer said.
“Thank you for the warning Lt.I will take it down hear. ” Norris said. The image went from the image of the female alien com tech to the image of the admiral from his office in sanfransisco.
“Hello sir. ” Norris said. “What are you trying to do Ben? You we’re supposed to solve a crises not start a new one? You have every bureaucrat’s uncle breathing down my neck. “The admiral said.
“I don’t understand sir. “Norris said. “Your telling me a member of your team presenting a less then orthodox idea on how to clean up the mass goo and you have no knowledge of it?”the admiral asked. “No sir I don’t. ” the captain said.
“Doctor Carol Marcus she is on your team?”the admiral asked. “Yes she is. “Norris asked.
“She presented an idea that has us all on edge. You know nothing about it?” the admiral asked.”no sir I honestly don’t. ” Norris asked.
“Basically the idea is to introduce a substance that alters the area. It would create a New would not restore pree mass space but recreate it. Its theoretical but if it worked …”komack said.
“If it worked,it could be weponized. “Norris said. “If we intend to use it in Klingon space we would have to share everything with them and The Romulans as well sense there space is affected as well. You can see the reprecautions?”the admiral asked.
“You said it is theoretical?”Norris said .”yes but if this idea is leaked they could peruse it. Your staf includes a non aligned alien whose alience is not known.”the admiral said. “You mee. Doctor xi the tholien ?” he asked. “Yes of course. ” the admiral said.
“I had not  heard about this. “Norris said. “Look Ben, loose lips colapses universes. I need you to get a lid on this. Keep this from anyone not in the family that includes your girlfriend. “The admiral said.
“She is not my girlfriend. “Norris said. “Have you made her your shepherds pie? ” the admiral asked.”well yes!”Norris asked. “Then she is your girlfriend. I don’t want any more talk of armigedon solution. There is another answer find it. “The admiral ordered. “Understood. Sir.”the captain said.
After he got off the line with the admiral he knew he had to act. “Doctor Marcus I need to see you now!”he said.
Doctor Carol Marcus knew that she had better not dottle.she was not looking forward to this encounter but knew it was inevetible.if course Kirk took the Artemis deeper into the post mass. Not that he would be helpful in this. He would probably be just as angry as Norris is.
She entered.”Carol you went behind my back. You went to star fleet without even informing me. “Norris said. “I realize that. “She said.
“I was totally Flat footed. The federation is totally up in arms. I had bo clue. ” he said. “I showed it to Jim. He felt as you did.he did not want me  publish this . sir we Harve to get creative. We have to think outside the box. ” she said.
“Look Carol you are a think in abstract. We live in a galaxy governed by the agresive use of force.the federation is committed to peace. We are not ignorant of the humanoid will to power. This could be the answer but there are always unintended consequences.” Norris said.
“I understand that Ben. We have to come up with something.time is running out Ben.” she said “this is a Pandora ‘s box that cannot be opened.”he remarked.
“I disagre but I will respect your view. I won’t persue it any longer. Time is of the esense. ” she said.
He knew what she was saying was right. There had to be a better way. That had to . one can hold to ones principle and save the day. Situational ethics need not govern everything.
Confrence room
Captain Norris called people he believed were the best In There fields. There was chief engineer hallak, doctor piper ,security chief giotto,Dr. Terisha,Sr. Marcus,Dr. Kalara ,commander Jessup,.com tech kolona,xi, and Spock were there.
“Ok people, we need answers. We need them yesterday. The universe is getting antsy. The governments represented hear are getting antsy. We have to solve this. We are not leaving this room until we have a workable solution. Let’s get to it. “Norris said.
Elba two
Lt. Chabot continued to present evidence that her nervous breakdown was due to the universe’s structural integrity distortion. She us able to return to society.
During testimony Addison saw the door opened.She heard someone enter. She turned to see who it was. It was ryan Herrington.
U.s.s Lexington.
“You want to get a bit of eat?”ryan asked. “Ensign I am your superior officer.that would be inopriate . ” she said.  Of course your correct. I ment no disrespect. ” he said. “I know that. ” he said.
The two dispersed. They started to go there seperate ways. S he turned around and looked. Then she kept going. She smiled.
“Mr. Chairman that concludes my case. ” Sarah said. “We will reces for lunch. We will convine at 1400. “The chairman said.
She wanted to see hi to ryan. Sarah advised against it.not until he adresed the bored. She agreed.
Staf mess hall
Sarah and Liz went over to ryan. “Hello ryan !”Liz said. “Hello Elizabeth!” ryan said. ” ok ry I want to see pictures. ” Liz said. He pulled out small obs from his poket. He showed her. “Derek is nowt five Hannah turned two. ” ry said. “They are adorable. ” Liz said.
“You named your kid sarek?” Sarah asked. “It was adie’s idea. Ambasador serek helped deliver him. She was transporting him to a sumit when They ran into Orion raiders. The ambassador found the name quite agreible. ” ryan said.
“I am sure he did. “Sarah said. “Ry. Adison does not need to be hear.she belongs out in the stars. The universe is in a crossroads ryan. She played a key role in saving the mass crises.we need her. This is what she is good at. “Liz said.
“Liz I understand your view . I read the transcript of the hearing before I arrived. You did not see things like I did. I was her husband Liz. I saw her downward spiral. I can’t do it again. I saw the effects it had on serek and little Hannah. I am going to apose release. “Ryan said.
“You have seen the evidence you can it deny that a led to b and. Without a without the structural instability if the multiverse,her breakdown would never have ocured “Sarah said.
“You cannot blame everything on the mass or the galactic instability !”ry declared. “The evidence would dismiss that statement. ” Sarah said.
“I have The right to adress the bored and I intend to exercise that right. ” ry said. He got up and left.he was not even close to be done eating.
“He is bitter !” Sarah said. “No he is not. He is not like that. He is hurt. They were once very much in love. Mayby a part of him still is. ” Liz said.
End of chapter three
In writing bored member Spencer French the actor I envision to at him is frequent star trek guest star Bruce French.
My inspiration to play the Vulcan chairman of the comision is Richard fancy. Best known to star trek fans as Vulcan captain in the first duty. He aliso appeared as a sky sprit in “tattoo”


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