After math chapter four

U.s.s enterprise
Conference room
“Captains log, we dodged one bullet. We saved the universe from implosion. We have restored the structural integrity. Now the area infested by a transdimensional mass has become uninhabitable. It will only worsen. I have assembled the best and the brightest in multiple fields to brainstorm ans hopefully come up with a solution. “Norris said in a log.
“Was the area striped out of All life or is the stars ir other material stil present?” Dr. Piper asked.
“In-con-clu-dive. Not have sufficient in-for-mation” Dr. Xi said. “Could the space be reanimated?”Eliot asked. “Not with the mass goo? ” the Orion said . “are we really calling the inert material mass goo?”the security chief asked. “I don’t know what else to call it” kalera answered.
“I don’t care what you call it as long as you get rid of it !”Norris asked .”could the mas goo be neutralized with radiation?”Trisha asked . “perhaps but we would have to keep pumping the space with radiation until we killed the inert matter. I would not advise.”the security chief said.
“Lets not save the space by destroying it. ” Norris said. ” have we considered a form of alge th a could eat the mass goo !”piper said. “Same problem. We can’t predict the unintended consciquences. “Kalaera said.
“We are talking what we can’t do. What can we do?”Norris asked. “What – about using chron-o-tons?”xi asked. “As in time travail?”Spock said. “We could scan the time line and replicate the
Space before the mass and replace the New matrix with the old. “Kalaera said.
“Is that even possible?” Niles asked. “Theoretically yes. “Terisha said. “I concur. It Will not be easy.”Spock said. “A spe-cies cal-ed the krenum have ex-per-I-men-Ted with temporal min-I-p-u-lation” the tholien said.
“It could work. If it does we could solve this problem easier then we thought possible. ” the Orion said.
  “There is the unintended consequences again”Niles said. “While I agree it is a huge rush,it could be accomplished. ” Spock said. “From a Vulcan that is a ringing endorsement” yeoman Smith said.”Lets get details together. We may have a solid proposal ” the captain said.
Elba two.
“Donald Cory you are the governor of this colony?”the Vulcan chairman asked. “That is correct “Dr. Corry said . “when miss mccomic arrived what was her condition ?”French asked .”she was exhausted. Mentily and physically. She suffered forms significant lack of rest .she had several nervous breakdown. We suspected post pardem dipreson as  well”  said.
“Did you see improvement?”the chairman asked. “There were up and down . she seemed to inprove but then relapsed. She claimed to be contacted by an unknown life form. “Cory answered.
“You read the record from the enterprise medical and psychological star as well as second opinion from other medical staf within the task force ?”the andorian asked .
“Yes I did. “The governor answered. “Do you agree with there asestment ?”French asked. “Even In a universe where where the unusual is mundane,the mental health field had tried to keep sceptical. There seams to be a causality between her mental breakdown and the life form from another dimension. “The governor admitted.
“Dr. Piper and Dr. Dahner argue that miss mcomic no longer requires inpatient care hear at Elba two. Do you agree?”the chairman asked.
“No I do not Mr. Chairman. “Cory said. “Please elaborate. “Mr. French instructed. ”
“She has had a history of mental instability long before the incident with the transdimensional life form.her birth parents were killed when she was young. She was on bored a freighter that was destroyed. She bearly made it out alive . she was admitted to star fleet academy on a provisional bases. I believe She should be kept hear for observation. “Cory argued.
“Does your staf agree with you?”French asked. “Yes I have statements from several of my staf who agree with my asestment. “Cory said. “I would like them entered into the record. “Cory said “without objection ” the chairman said.
“Lt. Chabot do you wish to question governor Corry?”the chairman asked.”yes Mr. Chairman I would. “She said “proceed!”the chair instructed. “Star fleet is very rigorous in it’s mental screening is it not?”Chabot asked. “Yes it is.”the governor said. “Do you believe she requires the care of a highly scoured facility such as Elba two?”Chabot asked .”it is my contention that she needs to ‘ve evaluated. My facility is the best choice sense we know her well.we know what to look for. “The governor said.
“Some of your colleges have believed that you tend to be over caucious?”Chabot asked. “Yes that is true. “Cory answered. “Dr. Simon van gelder called you out on several occasions “she said.”yes he and I are friends. Yes he has disagree with my stance as has others .”he said.
With that she ended the examination.after the bored questioned other staf members.other psycologest we’re questioned.
“Before we adjourn ,the husband of Addison mccomic has asked to give a statement. “Chairman said.Addison tried not to have a panic attack.she did not want to break down in the hearing. She tried to focus.
Ryian went to the witness stand.he looked as dashing ans handsome as ever. He always had an affect on him. Even when she was his supervisor. He put his hand in the interface wound.
“Harington ryian Thomas. Curently special asistent to earth ambassador to the federation council. Star fleet officer inactive. “The computer said.
“Before you adres this bord, what is your relationship with miss mcomic?”the chairman asked. “She is my estranged wife. She is the mother of my two children. “He said. .”son May proceede!”the chairman said. “Thank you Mr. Chairman. I have known Addison for seven years.we met when she was phaser room supervisor  and I was a technician.when she was promoted to bridge station we began to date. She was eventually promoted to first officer then commander of te enterprise. She proposed marriage to me. I said yes. We were Maried by a Vulcan priest at a vulcan monistary near star fleet command. I knew of her history . I have witnessed several incidents.  The incident th a brought her hear,I along with first officer,medical officer had to basically forcibly remove her from command. I went into reserve mode after that. I understand the circumstances . have no reason to doubt the report but I feel that she may need more ebaltuation. I urge you not to have her discharged until that occurs. Thank you”He said.
The chairman asked Sarah if she wished to question her. She urged her not to. She asked for a second to confer with her client.
“Please. I can’t throw him under a bus.”Addison said. “His testimony was damaging. He threw you under a bus!”she said. “No he did not. He is hurt. I can’t”she said.Sarah announced that she had no more questions.
Uss enterprise
“Let me get this straight you want to zap space effected by the mass with qonotons and transporter.”the chancellor said.
“It is more like a transporter. Sucess is not assured but it has a really good chance or working.”Norris said.
“Alright but if this fails it is on you!”he said. Noris said he understood. The screen failed.end of part four.


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