Aftermath chapter five with extended scene

U.s.s enterprise
Conference room.
“Let me get this straight! You want to use chronotons to restore time using a trabsporter!”the chancellor asked.
“Actualy it is more like a replicator. We will copy the space form the past and restore the area using the original patern.”Norris said.
“How can you be sure this will work?”the chancellor said. “We cannot be totally sure. There could be unforeseen consequences. I see no other option. “Kalara said.
“Star fleet ,federation Klingon ans romullan sources all believe this to be a viable option. “Terisha said.
“I do not Like uncertainty “the chancellor said.”none of us do sir. We have to be bold. You brought us in because you needed a fresh idea.let us help you chancellor. ” Norris said.
The chancellor considered his movements. “Very well. You may procede. You will bare the burden if this fails. “The chancellor said. “That’s fair. “Noris said. “Keep me apprised. Qonos out “he said.the screen faded.
“Alright I want a briefing in twenty minutes.I want detailed plans.”Norris ordered. They all agreed.
Qurters of Norris
“This is all scary. If we fail or make things worse we could cause a war. “Kalara said. “I know that. We have to try Some thing. “Noris said. “Yes we do. I believe we are make this work.too much is riding on this .there are too many sacrifices by so many people. I think we will chose to make a difference. “She said. “I hope so.”Norris said.
“So is this debre from a romulan ship?’Kalara asked. “I don’t want to discus it. “Norris said. “Ok. I understand. “She said.
Confrence room
“Ok let’s hear the plan!”Norris said. “We will need to evacuate the entire area from grid a to f. Only the designated ship can remain.”giotto said. “I will ensure that.evacuations are already underway.”commander kor said.
“We will lunch the tholien vessel which will be piloted by Dr.xi. the vessel will hold position hear on grid A.1″Spock said.
“Once the vessel is in position ,the vessel will activate the chronotons and transport the replicated space. “Dr. Marcus said.
“The monitoring task force will fall back beyond the x zone once the experiment ship Is in place. ” Jim Kirk said.
“With your ship be abversly effected?”Dr. Piper asked. “No -there-should not -be. Have -advance -shielding.”xi said.
“You have contingency plans if something goes wrong?”the engineer asked. “Yes -I-do!”the tholien answered.
“If the first experiment is sucesfull, we can continue though Klingon space and then into romulan space. “Kalara said.
“Once thus briefing is done,let’s get things into motion. The sooner we can get this show on the road the better. “Noris said.
The crews agreed. “Any questions? Alright. Dismished. “The captain said. Everyone got up.
Jim went over to Carol. “I know. I should not have leaked the data to admiral komack without your permission,”She said. “No you should not but it has seemed to work out. ” Jim Kirk said.
“I love you!” Carol said. Though Kirk was still a bit miffed,not so much that he would hide how he really felt. “I love you. “Kirk said.
Elba two.
Adison was back in her room. She waited for the decision of the commission.she had styled and restyled her hair several Times. The door opened. ” Ryian wants to see you. “Sarah said
“Do you want to see him?”Liz asked.”yes I do. Can I have a few minutes?”Addison asked. “Yes of course!”Liz said.Liz and Sarah left as the door opened.
Ryian entered the room. Addison and Ryian stood there in silence.neither one knew what to say or do next. Finaly Addison decided to made a mood. Addison went over and hugged him. He held on to her. Neither one wanted to let the other go.
“I am glad to see you ry!”Addison said. “I am glad to see you too adie .I have missed you. ” ry said.”When I do get released whenever it is,we should sit and talk. ” Addison said. “Absolutely!”he said.
The door opened. “Sory to disturb you too but the chairman is reconvening the hearing.they have made a decision. “Sarah said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Kor reports that the fleet has fallen back to outside the x zone. “Kolona reported.
“Very good. “Norris said. “Xi is ready when on your instruction ” the Klingon com officer said. “Mr.Spock open bay doors. Stand by to lunch. ” the captain ordered. “Preping hanger bay ready. Preparation is complete. “Spock said.
The hanger door opened. The tholien vessel launched. The tholien ship left the hanger bay. “Vessel is clear!”Spock reported. “Very good. Niles,Eliot pull us back. “He ordered. The enterprise left the area.
“We are now outside the x. “Eliot announced. “Com tech inform Dr. Xi to proceed when ready.” the captain ordered .
The tholien ship activated the chronotons. The ship scanned time an located the space before the mass. Then the tholien activated the process.
“I am detecting massive energy.”the Orion said. There seemed to be a massive explosion. There was no time to move.
All I’d a sudden there was a huge explosion. Then the dust started to clear.
The com tech transferred the image to the screen. The mass zoo was gone. Replaced by space. Stars had returned.
“I am not detecting any evidence if the mass remnents. ” Spock reported. “None your certain?’Norris asked.
“That had quite a kick to it. We will have to do this a few more Times before we have restored the space. “Dr. Piper said.
“We will have to look at that . we will closely scrutinize this before doing it again.”Norris assured the doctor.
“The area is  stable captain . All evidence proves that. ” the enginer said. “Glad to hear it. Let’s get in the post experiment anylises.good work everyone. “The captain said.
Elba two.
“This comision is now in session.we will come to order. The commission looked at several factors.we determined that the last mental break down was due to the influence of beings outside our universe. We did consuder previous incidents not related to the life form. We looked at her life. We believe that Addison mcomic may need additional treatment but we do not believe that that should be hear. Therefore I am ordering Addison Jean mccomic to be released from Elba two. “He said.
Adison was very happy. She hugged Liz and Sarah. She hoped that she would be able to be reinstated in star fleet.
“You are hear by discharged. You May leave at your convenience. Thus hearing is dismissed “the chairman said.
What about her and Ryan . she wondered what would happen between them?
Doctor Corry went over to her.”we will have to some paper work!” Cory said. “Of course “Addison said.
For what now addisonwas happy.she tried to take in the moment. She was hopefull. Somehow this would work out. .
U.s.s enterprise
Kalara checked and rechecked the the space around her she did every scan she knew to do. Everything had checked out. It seemed too good to be true.
Mayby they had got lucky.maybe all the hard work had indeed played off. She hoped so .maybe things do work out.
She had always been cynical. She was a sceptic at heart. Mayby things would be ok.
“Hear is the latest probe scan”yeoman Smith said. She thanked her. She took the padd.”yeoman !”she asked. “Yes man!”Smith said. “Did the captain ever fighgt my people?”Kalara asked. “Not directly. “She said
“I don’t understand. ” the rihansu scientist said. “His brother was killed during a romulan attack a few years back. ” She said .
“Oh ok. That explains it. Can you not tell him you told me. I think he considers private. “She said. ” off course. ” the yeoman said. They dispersed.
To be concluded.

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