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Worms the conclusion.

” captains log,the enterprise is now in federation space. The bendali ship has backed off . those affected by the worms have begun treatment. Those affected who have begun treatment have responded well. ” Addison said.
Addison and Ryan walked hand in hand to sickbay. “Nervous?” Ryan asked. “A little! You?”she asked
“Yes I am. I am excited to not have worms climbing around my body “he said. “I know what you mean. I feel the same way. ” Addison said.
They arrived at the sickbay.the door opened.the two entered. “Ok get change and get on the bio bed. “Dr. Piper said.
Ryan changed into the blue cover l like robe with a black shirt. She wore the blue night gowan. Nurse chapel took some readings.
“Ok ? Are You ready?”Dr. Piper asked.”not really . let’s do it any way. “Addison said. Dr. Piper took out a hypo spray. She was injected with the futuristic syringe.
She started to feel odd. She did not know what to make of it. She started to feel some mild discomfort.
She took some deep breaths .she tried to deal with it as best As she could. The pain got worse. It was barible but not awesome.
She finally fell asleep. She has bizarre dreams. She had one dream where she was in the house of her step parents. Where she spent most of her childhood.
She saw Ryan. S he saw her son and daughter. She saw her step parents. She saw a group of Klingon zombies.she tried to protect her family.
She woke up. “Addie your safe!” Dr. Piper said. “Am I cured?”she asked.”you stil Cary the worms but they are dead they should dissolve in your syistims or you should pass it .at this point it is inert. “Christine chapel said.
“That is a cheery thought. “The captain said.piper laughed. Ryan had his son and daughter with him
“Addie you will be happy to know that Hannah is fine. There is no evidence that she was ever infected with the worms. ” Dr. Piper said.
Nurse chapel picked up Hannah and gave her to Addison. Adison picked her up. She kissed her head. “I am glad to hear that doctor.”she said.
“Captains log the landing party has completed there treatments. We are now heading to star base 42. ”
“Now on course!”dasalle said.”alright lets go out there!”she said.
The end.
Universe one a Klingon ship  that was assumed to be destroyed in the mass crises reaks havoc.
Universe 2. The enterprise visits star base 42.

“The worms ” chapter five (6)

“Captain’s log,the enterprise has temporarily eluded a bendali ship.we are in high alert. While Dr. Piper have asked me to come to sickbay.  ” Addison said.
Addison entered sickbay. “What do you got for me doc”  Addison asked. “Well the worms could be deadly if not treated . if treated they are more of a nuisance then a plague. Had the middle ages had the scientific knowledge we have or even the knowledge of the 20th and 21st century ,the black plague could have been avoided. I decided to start at a kind of anti bacteria of some kind. I have found a treatment regimin I believe that will cure the worms. It may take a week or so. There May be some discomfort during that time. I Expect a full recovery in time. ” piper said.
“So we are not going to die or become a worm or a parasitic host?”she asked. “As long as you follow my regime To the letter. “Dr. Piper said. “Alright! I will follow your program to the letter Mark!”she said. “You had better addison!”the doctor said.
“Ok I will . you have my word.I will fully cooperate with your treatment program. ” she said.
“The landing party will probably need to take that time off during treatment. ” the doctor said.
“I don’t think any of us will mind a beef rest it. We will probably need time off after the treatment is complete.” Addison commented.
“Yes no doubt. Go easy on them for a while!”he said. ” ok. Can you begin treatments now?” she asked. “Absolutely! I just wanted to inform you first.” the c.m.o told the captain. “Of course get things set up !”Addison said. “You got it!”the doctor said.
Addison excited the turbo lift and entered the bridge. ” captain on the bridge . “yeoman Smith declared.”as you are. ” the captain said. Everyone resumed what they were doing previously.
“The doctor has developed a treatment. It may be a little painfull but it should be successful.” adison said.
“The bendali vessel is powred up again. ” sotril said. “I imagine they have sophisticated sensots. I am thinking they Will be on the hunt for us any seconds now. ” the security chief remarked.
“Shields up. Stand by. ” Addison ordered. “Shields up. ” Ryan said. “Weapons are. On stand by!” dasale said .
“Captain Dr. Piper says he is ready for the first ‘victim'” Palmer reported. “That does not inspire a lot if confidence does it? Alright yeoman Smith go. ” Addison said.”aye mam!”the young yeoman said.
Yeoman Smith excited the bridge.she entered the turbo lift.the Door closed.
“Captains log the bendali vessel is looking for us. We are continuing  to attempt to evade them. We are on course for federation space. Treatment have begun. ”
” hostile vessel has found us. It has just set itself On a direct intercept course for us. ” the security chief said. 
“Open hailing frequency. Ship to ship!” the captain ordered. The com officer activated the com unit.”hailing frequency open!” lt. Palmer said.
“Attention bendali vessel! This is captain Addison mccomic. We have found a way to cure the ailment caused by the worms. Your attack is unwanted. ” Addison said.
“They are responding . ” the com officer said . “On screen. ” the captain ordered. The com officer transfered the image to the view screen. On the screen displayed the image of the alien bridge
“Captain ! Your condition is of no consiquence to US! Even if you are cured you were stil affected by the worms. You are will be always be are eternally uncleen. Your ship must be destroyed. ” the captain said.
The screen faded. ” not the answer I wanted but it was the answer I expected. This is about to get tense. ” she said.
The two ships neered each other. The hostile opened fire on the enterprise. “Shields held. ” sotril reported. ” return fire!” the captain ordered.
The enterprise fired on the warship. The bendali ship quickly hit back on the enterprise. The ship rocked back and forth.  “Shields holding. ” the security chief announced.
The enterprise fired back on the warship. The warship was hit In front and back.
The enterprise was hit again. “Shields down to 87 percent” the Vulcan science officer said. The enterprise kept traveling at warp. The enterprise was continued to be chased. The enterprise fired back on the bendali ship.
The enterprise fired multiple volleys of photon torpedoes on the warship.
The enterprise ran at high warp towards the ship. It pushed off the ship .they fired phasers on the ship.  “It seams that the vessel has lost us at least for the moment. ” the chief said.
Later on.
“Captains log so far yeoman Smith,security officers Galloway and Leslie have been undergoing treatment for the worms. They are responding well . ” Addison said.
“Now nearing federation space. ” Ryan reported. “Take us in. ” Addison ordered.the enterprise entered. “Now in federation space ” dasale reported. “Ok. Sotril take over. ” Addison said.
“Aye sir!” the Vulcan said. Addison got up from the command chair. “Time to face the music adie ?”Ryan said. “You too Ryan. That’s an order. In fact I want all of the landing party to go to sickbay. “Addison said.
Addison left the bridge. The commander left the turbo lift. The door closed.
To be concluded.

The worms chapter four (5)

U.s.s. enterprise
“Captains log the enterprise is inside an asteroid field. We are trying to deal with the worms. There is another alien vessel in the other side of the asteroid. They have fired spacial charges. I suspect that they believe that any one who comes into contact with the worms is a threat to galactic hygiene and must be dealt with. ” Addison said.
“Hail the ship quickly!”Addison ordered. “Opening hailing frequencies!”lt. Palmer said. She activated the com unit.”your on captain!”the senior com officer reported.
” this is captain Addison mccomic of the starship representing the United federation of planets. A smal group of our crew were infested by the worms.this was a smal minority of the crew. Please discontinue your attacks. ” the captain said.
Orther side of the asteroid field .. Bendalli ship
“Sir! We are being hailed by the vessel on the other side of the asteroid field. “The com tech reported.
“Lets hear it! “Captain tuboran said. The com tech activated the com unit. the message was played.the captain listened to it.
“Activate the hollow interaction matrix. I wish to speak to the alien commander. “Tubirin said.
“You are going to talk to them? Our orders are clear.we cannot deviate!” first officer Dermot said. “I know that exo ! There is no reason I cannot hear them out. ” the commander said. The first officer did not like not like it. He decided not to protest any more.
U.s.s enterprise
“I am detecting some kind of energy transfer. It is similar to a transporter but I believe it is some of information transfer. ” science officer sotril said.
“Is this some kind of  attack? “The security chief asked. “No there is no weapons use in this commander.” the Vulcan first officer and science officer said.
On the bridge a gigantic energy filed emerged on the bridge. The energy field transformed into what looked like a humanoid life form. “This is not a life form. It is a holographic image. “Putcarin said. “Not quite . I am communicating to you from the ship on the other side of the asteroid field. ” th bendali captain said.
“Why are trying to destroy us with spacial charges?”adison asked “that is something I would like to discuss in private . ” the alien said “very well . sotril you have the bridge. Keep monitoring everything that’s going on. ” Addison said. . conference room.
“The worms infested our world and our people. The worms are an anethima to all we are. We have standing orders to fumigate anything that comes in contact with it. Your ship must be destroyed. There is no exception. ” the bendali captain said.
“Is the worm life threatening?” Addison asked. “In normal circumstances no. Most do recover. It is more of a nuisance then anything else .” the alien captain said.
“Then why go to all this  trouble to destroy it why go on an all out crusade against it ?” Addison asked.
“It is unclean. It represents disease. It is dirty. Those are infected are unclean. It is impure those infected remain affected.they carry the stigma. My people consider euthanasia or suicide to be moraly repugnant except for those inhabited by the worms. ” the alien said .
“This is not a health is a case of political morality. This is not your space? You have no jurisdiction over this area !” the captain declared.
“The worm protocol alows us to exercise power anywhere where the worms exist. No matter what. ” the bendali said.
“How convenient for you. Is there any way we can avoid being blown to bits?” the enterprise captain asked.
“No you have come into contact with the worms.your fate is sealed.I am sorry.” the alien captain said
“What if we accepted permanent exile in the field?” she asked . “too risky. There is no way that we can assure containment . “the alien leader said. “I figured. I want you to know I will fight you. I won’t role over and play dead. ” Addison said
“Then I can’t help you? ” Tiburon said. The image failed. She hit a com panel. “All decks brace for impact” adison said
The space inside the asteroid field rocked back and forth. Adiisom ran to the bridge. She entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge!” yeoman Smith said. ” let me guess more spacial charges ” Addison said.
“They will get us eventually if they keep this up. ” pitcarin said . “probably sooner rather then later. ” Addison said. “Please tell me you have an idea ?” Liz pleaded.
“Ry target the asteroid field! Dashalle stand by to floor it!” Addison ordered. “Addie this is your plan ?” Liz asked.
The enterprise fired phasers on the asteroids. The asteroids dispersed. The enterprise ran at high warp toward the rode the asteroid wave.
The enterprise moved off. Ryan and dasale tried to take the ship to a full stop. The ship kept drifting . finally the ship came to a stop.
The bendali ship came about . the ship fired on the enterprise. “Shields at 88 percent. ” sotril said . “return fire !” Addison said. The enterprise fired back on the enemy vessel.
“Vessel is stil in pursuit!” the Vulcan reported. “Big surprise!” Addison remarked. The bendali fired again. The ship dodged most if the fire. The reer of the ship was hit.
“That was close. “Liz said. “Too close. ” yeoman Smith said . the enterprise hit back with passers and photon torpedoes on the enemy vessel.
” we are being hailed . audio only.” Palmer reported. “On audio. ” the captain said. “You can’t elude us forever captain. You might as well just give up. ” the captain of the alien vessel said .
“Yea no not going to happen! I am not going to just yield.I am going to make it as difficult and uncomfortable as possible!” the captain said. “You will fail! ” the bendali said. ” non sequitur !” adison said.
The bendali vessel fired on the enterprise. ” minor damage to stabored bow. ” pitcarin said. The enterprise returned fire on the alien ship.
The enterprise fired a volley of photon torpedoes on the hostile ship. The enterprise then hit them with phaser.
The bendali ship fired on the enterprise. The enterprise rocked around. It rolled around but regained cohesion.
“These people are really getting on my nerves. ” Addison said . ” I have an idea. Timouthy take over!” sotril said .she got up. Lt. Mathews took over the science station.
Sotril Sat at an extra aft station. She mind melded with the computer. She used the sensors and her mind . she sent a mind burst. She fell back.
Tim started to get up. Yeoman Smith went over to her. She waved them off. “The hostile Is not moving .” Tim reported.
“It won’t last last long. We have to move” the Vulcan reported.”ry Vincent you know your job.”Addison said.the enterprise went to high warp.
“Sick bay to bridge. You done getting us shot at?”piper said.”for the moment doc. Did you call me to criticize my command style ?” Addison asked.
“Negative captain. I have some news in the worms. I need to see you at once.” Dr. Piper said. “I will be right down there.” she said.
End of chapter four.

Worms chapter three (4)

U.s.s enterprise
“Medical log, chief medical officer Mark piper reporting. After discovering a direlect vessel behind an asteroid field. Itapeared.originally it had appeared that the landing team were unaffected by the ship. We were mistaken. Correction I was mistaken.” the doctor said.
“Aperently some kind of worms had infected the landing party. I am reexaming the members of the landing party. ”
“What’s going on?”Addison asked. “It seams that my exam on the landing party were incorrect. I found worms inside myself and nurse chapel! I am now going to test all of you as well.”piper said.
“What kind of worms?”Addison asked. “I don’t know yet. “The doctor said.
“Addison please get on the table. “Dr. Piper said. “Just relax captain!”Dr. Mcbanga said. “Who are you?”Liz asked. “This is one of my staf doctors. He came a bored at the aldeberen colony.”piper said.
“Did you say aldeberen colony?”she asked. “Yes why?”the New doctor said. “No reason. “Liz said.
“You have the worms!” piper said. “Mark you said I was ok. “Addison said. “I know addie.I thought you were. I don’t know what happened. “Dr. Piper said.
“I have been nursing Hannah. I could have infected Her. ” Addison said. “I will have her tested as well. “Dr. Piper said.
“Are they a threat to our health?”Addison asked. “I don’t know yet. “The senior doctor answered. “Are we contagious?”Addison asked. “I am not sure. “Mark said
“What do you know?” Addison said. “Look I am stil early in this investigation. The only way for me to figure this out is for me to do my job. I can hardly do that with you yelling at me. “Dr. Piper said.
“Of course . your right. Procede. “Addison said. She went over to a corner.Liz was next she was infected. All of the team tested positive for the worms.
Then the doctor tested Hannah. Addison held on to her. “She does not have the worms. It is possible that they cannot be detected at this  phase or because of het size. Right now she is negative. I am not ready to declare her worm free at this point. This is a good sign so far. “Piper said.
“Ok. Look Mark I’m sorry. My mama bear instincts kicked in. “Addison said. “I know. I will do everything I can. “He said.
“What now?” the security chief asked. “We need to find out if the rest of the crew not on the landing party is infected.  I want to check in with sotril. I am hoping to be able to scan the crew at once. “Dr. Piper said.
“Do it. ” Addison ordered. “For Now are we basically a plague ship?” the chief of security asked. “I am afraid so bary. We will have to send a warning single. “Addison ordered.
“I will get right on it “the chief engineering officer said. ” ok good. ” Addison said.
“I would like to run more test. ” Dr. Mcbanga said. “Very well. “Addison agreed.
Dr. Piper explained the situation to the Vulcan first officer. “It s workable but it will take some time. Tim can you give me a hand?” She asked.
He came over to her. “Can you clear out that station ?”She asked.”sure babe. I mean sir. “He said. He Sat Down and cleared out the station. He got the station ready to be used for the experiment.
Dr. Piper and sotril then worked on creating the scanning device. The two tried to get the parameters for the scan.
“Alright it’s ready for the scan. “Sotril said. “Hear goes nothing. “Piper said. The science officer activated the scanners. “Orange will indicate infection. I have had the landing party tagged. I am having the computer filter them out. The computer will now show them as yellow. ” the science officer said.
“Acording to this only the landing party is infected. “Dr. Piper said. “Could these worms only be able to service on that ship?” Tim asked. “I have found no evidence that the worms are dying. It could be. ” Dr. Piper said
“We will need to keep testing in case there is a long incubation process. “Dr. Piper said. “Agreed. “The female first officer said.
Brefing room.
Seated were captain mccomic , commander sotril,Dr. Piper, chief enginer pitcarin,security chief giotto, helm officer dashale, navigator Herrington com officer Palmer,yeoman Smith and doctor dahner.
“All tests show the crew that were not part of the landing party are not infected by the worms. The computer will continue to be scanned periodically. ” the female Vulcan first officer said.
“Is the worms confined to the host bodies?” Addison asked. “So far. We are checking and rechecking. “Pitcarin said. “Is the worms perisistic?” Addison asked. “No . not so far. ” Dr. Piper said
“Alright. We will remane inside the asteroid field for now. That will be all.” Addison said.
She went over to the first officer. “Look I want from this point for you to attend all Keating involving me. If you feel that I am incapacitated,you have to take command your duty is to the ship. ” Addison instructed her. “I will sir. I will do what I have to. ” she said .
“Good. I hope it won’t be necessary. I fear it might be. ” Addison said. “It is a distinct possibility. ” the Vulcan said. “I fear it may. ” sotril said.
“You wanted to see us?” Addison asked. “Yes I did. I have developed a very crude primer. It may be exact but I believe it is fairly accurate. I have the computer run the translation. ” Palmer reported.
“I found a message from the ship. I believe it is from the government of the sending ship. ” Palmer said.
“Play the message Audrey.” Addison ordered. “Right away Addison. ” she answered.
She played the transmission. On the screen was displayed an alien person. The alien looked human except with a ridge near the eyes. “If get this heed! If go to this ship. Do not return home ship. If return return. Worms unclean. Incuruble. Leave behind. ” the message ended.
“It seams that only the landing party is in danger. ” Palmer said. “How can that be? “Addison asked. “They went to a lot of trouble to try to get us to leave the infected behind “the chief said . “indeed They did. ” Addison said.
“This does not make sense. We are missing something. What I don’t know. ” Ryan said.
“I agree. ” Addison said. She paced around the room. Addison did not like any of this.
Lt. Palmer continued to check the logs from the ship. She reported to the captain on what she found. “Alright. The worms were accidently brought to the bendali home world from a near by world. The dutril.  The worms are benign to the dutril but cause discomfort to the bendali. The worms were brought to this ship to be marooned. The creatures cannot be seen outside a host. Like us they developed a way to detect and trap them. I suspect there probably was some kind of buoy but it may have been destroyed after all these years. ” Palmer said.
“This was a plague ship or sorts. ” Addison said. “It seams so. ” Palmer said. “Our curiosity got the best of us. ” Addison said.
The asteroid did rocked. The enterprise shock back and forth. “Report!”Addison ordered. “Captain I am detecting the use of spacial charges. ” Jr. Science officer David ported.
“Long range sensors detect a ship. The vessel is more advanced but it is bendali.”sotril reported. “Hail that ship. Quickly. ” Addison ordered. The com officer sent the message.
End of chapter three.

The worms chapter two(3)

U.s.s enterprise
“Commander sotril I want you to analize the tricorder. See if you can translate the ships information. ” Addison ordered. “Right away Addison!”the female Vulcan said.
“I want the away team to  undergo a full  medical evaluation.”Dr. Piper saId. “Realy doc! We have though the transporter bio filters.we went though full decontamination. Now you want to proke and prod us? “Addison said.
“Only in the interest of health and safety Addison!” Dr. Piper said. “I am not totally sure I believe you but ok. “She said. Piper laughed.
She got up from the comma d chair. “I will go first to set a good example for the crew. I want everyone examined. No one left out from the fun. ” Addison said.
Addison disliked doctors . she also disliked hospitals. She had spent a lot of time in one. As a child she was rescued on a life pod. Her parents were assumed dead. There bodies were never recovered.
As a young women she spent time in a rehab facility after the freighter she was on was destroyed. Then there was her time on Elba two. She disliked hospital and anything To do with medicine.
She felt bad about that. She liked Dr. Piper. He was funny  and despite some of his quips had a good bed side manor.she could not get pass the fact that he was a doctor.
” just relax addie!”piper said. “I will remind you you are bound by the terms of the solartis convention.”she said. Nurse cheple chuckled.
The nurse adjusted her scanners.both checked and rechecked. Addison got nervous.especially when he got really quiet.
After a long silence ,Dr. Piper broke his silence. “Everything seams fine. You may go!”piper said. Addison got up from the exam table. Adison left the area.
“Liz your turn!”Addison said.”I can’t believe I have to go next!” Liz said. “That’s what you get for being my friend Liz.”Addison said. “Great!”Liz said.
Liz got on the table. She laid back down. The Dr. Began the examination.then the security chief,the captain yeoman,the helm navigator and tactical team were examined.
“Everyone seemed fine. You are all clear. “Dr. Piper said. “Your poking and proding was unnecessary. ” Addison said. “Poking and proding is the defense of shipwide security is no vice. ” the doctor said.
“Well I don’t know about that but ok doc. “Addison said. Piper chuckled. The landing party left the Suckbay.
Sotril devoted herself to her work. She was working on translating the data from the derilect. Her husband lt. Tim Mathews knew to keep his distance while she was working. Especially on a project like this. He gave her her space .
“Timothy you May talk to me now. I could use a brief reprieve. “Sotril said.he chuckled. ” how is it going?”Tim asked. “Well if I we’re human I would be extremely frustrated. “She said.
“I figured. ” Tim said. “The language is not similar to any language known to the federation data base. This is unusual. ” she said.”no clues at all?”he said.
“None. ” she said “it’s odd.the ship seemed to be set up to have crew yet there is no evidence of a crew .”Tim said.
“It is quite odd. I do not comprehend it. ” She said.”nor do I. The good news is out team is fine. I am assuming that this is more academic at this point. ” Tim said. “Yes true. Our mission is to explore the unknown. This would qualify. ” she said.
Conference room .
“Hey ry.”Addison said. “So we are kind of at a stand stil. “Ry remarked.”well I want to not why this ship is hear. If this is missing,I would like to be able to inform there government that we found there missing  ship. “Addison said.
“I had a feeling that was the plan. ” ry said ” I can’t resist a good mystery.”Addison said. “Ad why am I not not surprised?”he asked. Enterprise
Liz saw yeoman Smith. She seemed to have a bizare look. “Ate you ok yeoman?”Liz asked. “I am not sure. I weird weird. I understand it. “She said. “Perhaps we should get you to Sickbay?”Liz suggested.”no I’m fine. “She insisted.
“Look you have been on an alien ship. It might not be wise to dismiss this. ” Liz said. “I am fine. ” Smith insisted.
“Alright but be carefull. “Liz said.”I will mam I promise you that.”she assured the ship’s psychologist.
Lt. Commander gioto looked over the alien ship. “It had advanced weapons.comprible to our armerments. Where are the crew?” the chief said .
“Could they have been abducted ?”Galloway asked. “Mayby. It seams far fetched. Then I remember we are in star fleet. We major in the far fetched. ” the chief said.
“We can’t rule outside interference in or out at this point. ” Leslie said. “I suspect that the ship may have been unmanned. ” the chief said.
Nurse chapel felt really odd.she could not explaine it but she knew that she felt weird.
“Are you ok Christine ?” the doctor asked. “I’m not sure mark.” she said.”are you feeling light headed?”Mark asked. “No I just feel weird. “She said.”get on the table let me check you out! ” piper said .
“I don’t think that’s necessary. ” the nurse said. “Not your call to make. You we’re on an away team on an unknown Ship I am not taking any chances .” Dr. Piper said.
“Very well. ” Christine said. She got on the exam table. He took out his scanning equipment.he looked her over.
“I am not detecting anything out of the ordinary. I am going to conduct some more in dept test. I do think it is necessary. “He said. “Very well.”she said.
“Commander I Think I may have a clue to dicifering the langrege of the mystery ship. It appears to be a close cousin of the drabeki . it is av very distant cousign however. ” lt. Palmer said.
“Can you develop a primer?”sotril asked. “I am close but I am having dicharacter with  several characters. “Palmer said
“Send me over what you have. I will see if I can go from there. ” the Vulcan officer said.
“Sending over information now. ” the com officer informed the Vulcan science officer. The information was transfered to the science soon as she had it,she looked over the data.
Dr .piper checked and rechecked. Finaly he found something. What looked like tiny worms that were swimming in her intestines.
“Mark! What is going on?”she asked.”either the equipment missed it or the creatures are mutating. “Mark said. “Cretures! I am being infested by creatures?”chapel asked. “They appear to be worm like creatures. Yes I am afraid that you are. If I am right the entire landing party is infested by these creatures as well. ” piper said. “Is there any thing you can do about it?” chapel asked. “Not yet. I will work on it. “Piper said.
Dr. Piper suspected that he probably had the worms as well.he had one of his doctors mcbanga check him out. Sure enough he carried the worms.
Qurters of Addison and Ryan.
“You ok ad?”Ryan asked. “I am not sure ry. I feel weird. “Addison said.”should we get you to sickbay?”ry said. “I am not going to call the doc for every issue. I just need to lay down. ” Addison said.
Addison was about to go to her bed room . “now hear this,all landing party members please report to sickbay. “Lt. Palmer’s voice said .
“I gues that settles it !” Addison said.  “I gues it does addie.” her husband said. They got ready to go to the infirmary.
End of chapter two.

The worms chapter one (2)

Beyond the confines of known space ,there was a large asteroid field. A warp trail got larger. The federation starship enterprise flew by.
U.s.s enterprise
“Now nearing the asteroid field captain. ” Ryan Harrington ships navigator reported. “All stop !”Addison ordered.”helm answering all stop. ” lt . dashale said. ” chief raise shields to maximum. “Addison ordered.
Security chief Barry giotto raised the shields.he and chief engineer pitcarim had transferred non essential power to shields. “Shields and screen are up Addison ” the security chief reported.
“Alright hear goes nothing. Helm take us in. ” Addison ordered. Dashale took the enterprise inside.
The ship was bombarded by the asteroids. The ship shock sounded like the enterprise was being pelted by hail.the shields and screen we’re holding.
“The ship is holding captain  “first officer and science officer sotril reported. The enterprise was over taxing far it was holding together. 
The enterprise used every energy it had to engage thrusters. The ship was on the other side of the debate field.
“The ship is out of danger. ” The  science officer announced. “Alright. Return to normal operations. “Adison said.
“Begin scanning sotril!” Addison ordered. “Comancing scan now captain. ” the science officer reported.
She started the scan. She looked for the source of the matalic readings. She found the reading.she enhanced the scanning equipment.
” captain. I have located the metilic mass. Object is a starship. Design is consistent with a heavy cruiser. Vesel is unknown design and configuration. I am not reading any humanoid lifesigns. ” she reported.
“Is life support active?”Addison asked. “Yes the air will probably be a bit stale but breathable. “Sotril said .
“Your going to send a landing party over there are you not ?” Dr. Mark piper asked. “That was my plan Mark. “Addison responded.
“Is there any way I can get out of going? “Dr. Piper said. “Not a chance doc. You are chief medical officer. With rights comes responsibility.” Addison said. “You and your aphorism. Can I tenporily step down as cmo so I don’t have to go?”piper said. Piper got a dirty look from Addison so he dropped it. “Ok . take us into transporter range helm. “Addison ordered. The helm officer took the enterprise close enough to the direct vessel. “Now in range!”Ryan reported.
“Alright! Commander sotril you have the ship. ” Addison ordered. “Aye sir. ” sotril said . Addison got up from the command chair. The Vulcan female Sat down in the center seat.
“Smith, piper, dassale,Ryan gioto with me. Chief have a tactical aid team join us in the transporter room. ” she ordered.
Transporter room.
The door opened, Addison and the landing party entered the transporter room. They were joined by nurse Christine chapel and a tactical team. That included lt. Leslie,lt.Galloway, lemli and Osborn.
“Coordinates ready captain. “Lt. Kyile informed her. “Lets move um out!”Addison ordered. The team got on the pad. ” energize chief.”Addison ordered.
Lt.Kylie activated the controls. The team was transferred molecules. There molecular form was transferred over to the other ship.
The team emerged on the other ship. She took out het communicator. “McCormick to enterprise transport complete stand by. “She said . “standing by !”Kyle said.
“Fan out! ” Addison ordered.the team moved out . Addison,Smith ,piper, chapel and dashale took out there. Tri corders and scanned various parts of the ship.
Yeoman Smith walked though the hall way. It was Erie. She tried to maintain her composure.
Yeoman Smith was surprised to find the corridor empty. Her device did not detect anything.
Dr. Piper and nurse chapel went in an opposite direction. They found the corridor empty. They kept on moving.
Addison found a terminal. She attempted to access the terminal. The terminal was in a language She did not recognize nor did the hand held micro computer.
She had the computer attempt to translate the information.she holed that the library was able to translate it  or It was close to another language. It would take some time.  She hoped that it would find something soon. She knew that it would take time.
” captains log the mystery of the direlect ship has gotten even more mysterious. We have not found any bodies or evidence of life. It is possible that the ship was unmanned. Why was it hear? What was it’s mission ? ”
What the team did not know was that smal worms were inhabiting the away team. The team was carying the worms and had no idea that it was happening.
End of part two.
Lt. Kyle was a recurring character seen in many episodes. He was played by John Winstone.
Nurse chapel was a recurring character played by makes barret.
Galoway was a recurring security officer played by David l Ross.
Leslie was played by Edie palsy. He was usually uncredited but  biling in a couple episodes.
Lemli was an uncredited extra. He was usually a security officer.
Osborn was an uncredited officer. Memory alpha did not know the name of the actor who portrayed him.

The worms

Beyond the confines of planet earth. Beyond the confines of mars, Saturn Jupiter Pluto . beyond the terran soller system. Beyound the known space . to the unknown stars
In one of those unknown stars was the federation starship enterprise.a deep space exploration vessel . the starship enterprise.
“Captains log, captain Addison mccomic reporting. The enterprise is on a deep space exploration mission of the galaxy. We are continuing to go further into the unknown. ”
Qurters of the captain
The captain was sleeping. Her husband was next to her. The baby was crying. ” it’s your turn to get the baby ry! Quick before she wakes up serek.”she said.
Her husband Ryan was very grogy. He started to come more and more alive. He got up and picked up there daughter Hannah and brought her to her mom. She took the child .
“Hi there baby girl. “Addison said. “I am going to start to get back to sleep and we are going to encounter a klingon warship. “Ryan said .
“Ry! We are far away from klingon space. I doubt we will encounter them this far out. ” Addison said. “Mayby not the klingon per say but you know what I mean. “Ry said.”your so negative Ryan. You need to be bubbly and optimistic like me?”Addison said. “I don’t think the galaxy is ready for someone else to share your level of optimism. ” ry said.
She laughed. “Probably not. “She answered.
On the bridge,the night shift worked on enhancing the sansors. So far this area was mostly just empty space. There was not much there. Devoid of activity for the most part. “Sir , I got something. ” officer mesha Davis reported. ” report!”security chief giotto now in command during the night shift. “I am detecting an asteroid field. I am also detecting some kind Of metallic elements beyond the field. “Davis reported.
“Can you determine what is it?”the security chief in charge asked.”not from this distance. There is too much interference. ” Davis reported.
“Alright. Navigator alter course. Set course for the asteroid field. “The acting captain ordered. “Altering course . course laid in”lt. Spinelie said. “Engage course Mr. Dspual..”the chief ordered. “Course plotted and engaged.”DePaul reported.
“I am going to regret doing this but wake the captain and senior staf ” the security chief in command said. The com officer for the shift lt. Angala Martine  complied with the order.
In the captain’s quarters, Hannah was nursed back to sleep. She was returned to a crib. Ryan and Addison had gotten back to sleep. Then the call came. “Now hear this.captain mccomic to the bridge. Senior department heads to the bridge. ” Martine said.
“I told you this would happen addie.this better be good.”he said. “I doubt bary would wake us up on a light and transient cause.”Addison said. “True.”Ryan said.
Addison and Ryan got a baby sister for the kids.they entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge.” yeoman Smith said. “Thank you Jones !”Addison said. “Smith sir.”she said. “Of course yeoman. “Addison said.
“Report!” Addison ordered.”we detected a massive asteroid field. Beyond that field is some kind of metallic field. It could be a ship or ships. We can’t get any accurate reading s. ” the Jr science officer said.
The turbo lift opened, the department heads entered. Present was first officer sotril. While star fleet had a uniform dress or a two set uniform pants and top,sotril like Addison opted for the dress. She was a typical Vulcan.unlike many Vulcans she had long hair and braided it.
Chief enginer pitcarrin was a veterin engineering officer.he is an expert on warp drive engines and technology including the transporter. He started out as an enlisted officer but later graduated from officer candidate school. Now he is a chief engineer.
Dr. Mark piper is the chief medical officer. He is kind of an old country doctor. Next to him was Dr. Elizabeth dahnor ships pysiatrist.she opted for the two peace pants uniform. Lt. Palmer the com officer took her station. Lt.Tim Mathews stood near the other department heads.
Lt. Dasale took the helm station.Ryan took the navigator post. Addison briefed the st staf. “Chief can we. Reinforce the shields so we can travel into the field ?”Addison asked.
“Yes We can. I would rather not but I have a feeling your mind is made up. ” the enginner said.”your right “she said. “It can be done. I can’t fatally guarantee we can traverse it safely.I think I can with an aceptible degree of certainty.” the chief engineer said.
“Good enough chief. Get it ready “she said. “You got it.”pitcarrin said.
Later on.
“All decks stand ready. “Palmer said.”helm take us in.”she ordered.
End of prologue
Dr. Piper appeared in “where no man has gone before” he was played by Paul fix.
Lt. Commander giotto appeared I. “The devil in the dark” he was played by bary Russo.
Yeoman Smith was played by Andrea Dorman. She also appeared in “where no man has gone before”
Dr. Elizabeth dahner was played by Sally kellerman. She was seen in where no one has gone before .
Lt Palmer filled in for nichele Nicholas as communication in two episodes.”doomsday machine “and “way to Eden”
Lt dashale appeared In multiple episodes . he was played by Michael barrier.
Lt .DePaul appeared in “arena ” and “taste of Armageddon “he was played by Sean kanery.
Lt.spineli appeared in space seed.

Revenge of nomad chapter 5(6)

Jim Kirk moved to Nomad. “Hello ! Who are you ? Why did you do this?”Kirk asked. “The creators betrayed me. I seek revenge. “Nomad said.
Spock entered. “Vulcanian.I know you. “Nomad said.Kirk was surprised to see the Vulcan science officer on the surface.he motioned to speak to Kirk in a corner.
“Commander, I believe I some answers. “Spock said. “Alright let’s hear it. “Kirk said.
“Originaly there was only one probe. I am not certain how the probe constructed the other probes. Aperently the original probe was constructed on earth. It was called Nomad. The probe merged with another. The probe is from another reality. In that reality you commanded the enterprise. You defeated Nomad. It has a hatred for humanity and you in particular.”Spock said.
“How did it get hear?”Kirk asked.”the instability caused by the experiment. The same one that caused the mass crises.”Spock said.
“This probe is a inter dimensional stow away?”kor asked. “More or less that is correct . ” Spock said. “You said he defeated the probe in the other reality. How did he accomplish that? ” m’len said. “Jim you engaged Nomad . you questioned his infallibility. You caused him to confused him. You caused him to be flustered. ” Spock said.
“Basically you talked him to death. “Kor said. “I would say that is an accurate anylises captain”Spock told him.
“I imagine we cannot try that again?”the romulan commander said “I assume he has fail safes in place to prevent that . “Spock said.”we need a different plan. ” Kirk said.
Kirk went over to him. “Nomad!” Kirk said. The probe was surprised that he knew who he was.
“You are not roy Kirk. You are not Kirk but you are Kirk. ” the probe said. “I am not your Kirk but I am Kirk. You are a refuge from another reality?”Kirk said.
“I do not Like the term refuge but yes.that is correct. I am not from thus reality. ” the probe said.
“You seek revenge?”Kirk said. “I must get revenge. I was betrayed.that injustice must be answered. ” the probe said.
“That quest for vengeance is not logical. It is not reasonable.”Kirk told him.
“For every action there is an eaquil and opposite reaction. Nomad must servive.Nomad must endure.any threat to Nomad must be eliminated.”Nomad declared.
“Your mission is irrational. Your two selves merge. Two and sterilization.your whole existence is a is a joke. You are flawed. “Kirk said.
“You cannot succeed not roy Kirk.not Kirk .you cannot succeed again .I will not play into your plan!”Nomad declared.
Kirk knew that that was probably true. There had to be a way to stop Nomad.there was no way that Nomad was infallible. Nomad was mortal. He was not infallible. One Kirk stoped him.
Kirk had an idea. It was a gamble. Everything was Sense this crises began.
Kirk Spock and The rest returned to the bunker.they wanted to regroup. They Informed the president and other principles.
“I have a theory . I suspect that the probes are hollow. Somehow he controls them in a telepathic fashion.if we can desperate Nomad from the other probes,maybe we can work to end this threat. ” Kirk said.
“Vulcan telipapithy is confined to direct physical contact. “Spock said.”wait. I have an idea!”captain Norris said.
All over the planet the People of earth staged a revolt. They did attack the probes directly. While xi fired on as Manny probes as he could.
He was telepathic.he sent out a telepathic jamming device. While he could only extend it so far. Several proves were destroyed.
While Addison was able to create a phaser modified to lunch telepathic wave. She fired on the Nomad. Nomad was hit. Nomad was to forced to drop the link.
All over the planet the probes became dead. The threat of Nomad was now confined to Paris. The battle was now localized and manigible.
Spock began a mind meld. Spock communicated with Nomad. Spock tried to turn him off.Nomad tried to stop him. Spock tried to keep his faculties. Spock looked for a way to deactivate the Nomad prove.
After a sustained fight the probe was turned off. Secyity moved the probe to a cyonic unit. It was heavily shielded in a whare house.there was a heavy presence if guards stationed near The unit.
“Captains log the threat by the Nomad probe is over. The federation has been able to broker an agreement for an alliance between the United federation of planets,the Klingon and romulan star empire. While the universe is far from on the eve of universal peace.there are stil plenty of threats to the galaxy.this is definitely a step in the right direction. ”
Dr .piper and Elise was relieved that the crises was over. “Ellie I hope you will return to star fleet.”Dr. Piper said. “I Will consider that. “She said. “Good.”piper said.
Ben Norris ran to his sisters place. He made sure they were ok. “Kalera!”Ben said. “She kept us safe Ben. At her own risk. She is a keeper !”Amber said. He Leaned in to kiss her.he recoiled. He did not  understand why. “We need to talk.there is something I need to tell you.” she said.
To be concluded.

Revenge of nomad chapter four(5)

“Acting captains log, marea bolt reported. The entire fleet is immobilized. The fleet is running on batteries. While the probes could wipe out the fleet,it seems  content to let us remane ans watch it’s reign of terror on the planet.we know there is nothing we can do about it. ”
The probes destroyed unmanned inatiliations on the planet. The probes took out communications networks. The probes were everywhere.
“On the planet, the people of earth went into basements or old bunkers. Planurary security urged people to stay in there homes. People listened.
U.s.s enterprise
“I believe I know what this probe is.”Spock said. “Ok report. ” mia said. “The probe includes construction used in pre world war three earth. ” Spock said. “This is one of ours?” Ryan asked. “I have determined that the probe is reminisciistent of a deep space unmanned probe launched in the early twenty first century according to earth calender. It is known as the nomad probe.”Spock said.
“The probe was designed to contact New world’s. They lost contact with it and it was presumed destroyed.although mankind got too preoccupied with other things. “Ryian said.
“Why is a probe designed for peacefull contact and exploration going psycho . why hear. It seams to be an all out assault.” yeoman Smith said.
“It is very parculler. ” Spock said. ” indeed. “Mia said. “Could the probe have suffered some kind of mental breakdown?”kolona asked. “Perhaps but that does not explaine the other probes. He built a fleet. He or whatever. ” Niles said.
“We need more information. ” Spock said. “I agree but how do we get that information?”Eliot said. “I would like to mind meld one of the probes. I suspect they are linked together.” Spock said.
“A mind meld. Mr. Spock this is basically an invading army. The probes could cause you ireprible harm. “Ryan said. “As a Vulcan I am trained to be resourceful. I believe I can accomplish this. “Spock said.
Mia considered his words. “Go!” she ordered .”aye Captain.” the Vulcan said. The Vulcan excited the bridge.
The probe hit the rehab hospital.several orderlies were killed. Dr. Piper moved her wheel chair. They just kept moving. They went into a closet.
“I can’t get a way from trouble can I?”Elise said. “I will protect you. I may be an old country doctor but I hate losing patients.I don’t intend to now.” Dr. Piper said. “I know. I trust you.” Elise said.
“This is not over.” the doctor said. “I know that. “She said. The two hid. The patients and staff tried to hide. The probes went though the halway.
The probes fired on weapons and offensive. The probe fired on anyone with weapons . non combatants were not targeted. That could change.for now it attacked those it considered a threat to itself and it’s plans.
The probes seemed to be unstoppable. The probe seemed to travel though the planet unmolested. Except in one place.
Xi took on the nearest probe. Xi scot a lightning bolt though his eyes. The bolt struck the probe. The probe had fire coming out of him.the probe fired. Xi’s internal shields held.
Xi fired back. The probe exploded. Xi then turned to the next probe.he picked up the probe and threw it across the street. It fell to the ground. A loud thud was heard.
The probe fired on Xi. Xi deflected the shot . he fired back on the probe. The probe exploded.
“Remind me to never tick him off.”Leslie said.  “Agreed. “Galloway said. “He is on our side right?”the female said. “He is. ” Leslie said. “Just making sure!”the young lady said.
  At the presidential complex in Paris, the attendees of the sate dinner tried to dispersed. The guards fired on the probe. The probe returned fire.
“Stop!”Kirk said. “What are you talking about?”a guard asked. “Stop firering. Do not fire. ” he ordered. “We are under attack?” the security said. “Only if you attack them. We have to get our people to safety. His goal is to take out our ability to fight him. ” Kirk insisted.
The security commander ordered the force not to fire unless the probe did. The team kept moving.
They went into a bunker. The team made it. Kirk Norris and Addison went into the chamber that had turned into the command chamber of the president.
“None of our defences are working.the only thing that is working is your tholien friend.” hamin said. “I would rather not have our only defence a tholien !”acron said. “Madam president we have taken too many casualties.we have to cease all operations until we can figure a defence”!Kirk said.
“Are you nuts? Those probes are automatically taking out our life lines you purpose we let them?”hamin asked.
“We can’t afford to lose more people. We can’t have canion fodder like this.these are lives. We have to focus on finding a solution. Overwheliming force won’t work this time. ” Kirk said.
“Only a fool uses weapons that have failed to work in the past. We can find other solutions.”kor suggested. “He speaks well. “The romulan commander said.
“Cease operations. “The president said. “Understood.”admiral komack said. ” we need a plan. One that does not involve a tholien expeditionary force. “The president said. They agreed.
“The probe seems to have an odd connection to me. I want to go see him. ” Kirk said.
“Are you out if your mind?” hamin asked .”we need a solution. No one is unexpandible. I can find a solution. “Kirk said.
“I will go with him. I believe the human expression is we must hang together or we will hang seprerarly. “Kor said. “I will go as well.”m’len said. “Very well but be careful. Get me some answers. “The president said.
Kalera and amber’s family waited in a bunker. “My tri corder indicates that The probe is still outside.”Kalera said. “Why are They after me?”she asked. “The probes hacked into our data base. I suspect they are targeting families of important officials. I am sorry. U know Ben would never intentionally put you at risk. “She said. “”I know that.”she said.
Kalera could tell that she was woried. She had every reason to be.”I will do everything I can to protect you. ” Kalera said. “I know that. You really care about Ben don’t you?”she asked. “I do. Very much so.” she said. “I can tell. ” Amber said.
“So are you going to raise Rebecca’s child?”Kalera asked. “Yes. I am hoping that she will be released form Elba at some time. That is out of my hands I suppose. “Amber said.
Spock. Made it to the air lock.he had to crawl  though very Jeffrey tubes to get to an airlock.he arrived. He had to manually open a supply locker. He took out an e.v.a suit. He got suited up and left the ship.
He headed for one of The probes. He activated a rocket pack. He neared a probe. He stoped and attempted a mind meld with the probe. “I am nomad. I an tanru we are tan ru.”Spock said. enterprise
“What did you find out?”mia asked.”the probe was originally an unmanned probe launched form earth two centuries ago. The probe was injured and linked with another probe. This probe mison was to sterilize soil samples. The two probes became one. They combined  objectives.”Spock said.
“Now there mission is to sterilize New life. “Ryan said . “there is more. This probe is form another reality. It became trapped hear during the mass crises. “Spock said.
“It is hear by accident. ” security chief giotto said. “Yes it would appear so. “Spock said. “It is continuing it’s mission hear?”Ryan asked. “It plans on getting revenge. “Spock said. “Revenge against who?”liz said.
“The probe was stoped and even deactivated by a star fleet officer we all know. James t Kirk. “Spock said.
“Lt. Commander Kirk. “Mia said.”in there reality he commands the enterprise. “Spock said. “Don’t tell that to captain Norris. “Niles said. “Will he kill Kirk?”Smith asked. “No I think the probe will inflict as much damage as he can and make lt. Commander Kirk watch.”Spock said.
“We need to warn commander Kirk. Star fleet command needs to know as well. ” the security commander said.
“The transporter is down but I could use an e.v.a suit and dive to parris. ” Spock said. “I should go. I am a security officer. “The chief of security said. “I am trained in evasion tactics commander. “Spock said to him.
“Spock you have the information. Go!”mia said. “Aye sir. ” Spock said.”good luck Mr. Spock. I suspect you will need you. “The security chief informed him. “I believe your correct.”Spock answered.
Kirk made it to the Maine level of the complex. He saw one of the probes. The probe stoped. “Kirk but not roykirk. “Nomad said. “I am Kirk. ” he said. The two were near each other.
End of chapter four.

Revenge of nomad chapter three (4)

“Acting captains log,lt. Marea bolt temporarily on command. The enterprise has discovered that a group of probes are preparing to strike earth. A jamming device prevents us form warning earth of the impending attack. We are traveling at maximum warp to get to earth to warn command in time. “She said.
Lt. Lee kelso was on break. When the ship went to red alert,he went to the brefng room. “Lee decided to be holed up with the rest of us?”mitchel asked. “I always pick the worse time to go on break.”Lee said. “It happens”the chief of security said.
The enterprise went to maximum acceleration. The ship was flung Like a sling schot. The enterprise came out of warp. “Sending message To star fleet command. “The Klingon female said.
Admiral komack was speaking to a Klingon officer went over to the admiral. He whispered in his ear. He went over to horn acron and transmit hamin ,the president two senior aids. They informed her of what was going on.
The fleet lunches. Even the romulan and Klingon ships launched. The ship’s formed a line around the planet.
“All ships standing by. “Spock said.”order all ships to target the hostile. Do not for until directed to do so. I want to avoid a conflict if we can. ” mia said. “All ships are acknowledging orders!”the female Klingon said.
The enterprise and the aimed ships held position. The nomad fleet went up to the wall of ships. The probes opened fire on the ships. The entire fleet lost power.
The nomad probes went to the planet. One of the probes went to te space dock.
Space dock.
“They are accessing our data base!”a tech said. “Block it.”commander styles said. “I can’t
. “the tech said. “What are they accessing?”the commander asked.”personnel and families. Key Starfleet people.”the tech said. “Oh my!”styles said.
Home of amber Norris
“This must be a difficult day for you!”kelara said. “It is. I find myself looking at this picture a lot. This was the last family picture taken before Jason died. So much changed after that.” kalera said. “I am sorry about Rebecca. “Kalera said. “I am planing on adopting Becky’s kid when she is born. “Rebecca said.
All of a sudden they heard a noise. It sounded like a space craft. Kalera told her to gather her kids. She did want to frighten her but she feared that something was seriously wrong.
She had her phaser ready. She tip toed further into the room. Outside the nomad probe emerged outside the home. The probe had secessfuly landed.
The probe burst though the door. Amber scooped up her kids. She screamed as she saw the massive robot. “Amber get your kids to the basement! Quickly. ” kalera said.
The robot chased her. She fired on the probe. The shield on the probe held. The phases did little.
The probe hit a mantle. The mantle fell down. Stuf went everywhere. Kalera fired on the ceiling.the ceiling fell on the probe. She fired on the area. She did not really think that the probe had been killed.
The security force went over to the president and the two other heads of sate. “Mr. President, chancellor,preator,the planet is under attack. We need to get to the bunker at once. ” hamin said.
The security forces surrounded the probe started to surround the skies. They had taken out several orbital devices. The probe held control of the skies.
Once the probes had fortified the sky,other probes descended to the surface. The probes went over the world.
The probes went to key cities of the planet. The probes deactivated the power in sanfransisco. The probes took control of the golden gate bridge. Several probes held the bridge.
The probes surrounded the star fleet command complex. The power to the complex was off line. A scrudrin of star fleet security fired on the probes. The probe fired. Several security guards vanished. This probe ment business.
The admiral in charge did not want more Carnege. The admiral ordered all security forces to withdrawal. The officers moved back at once.
The probe went to all major cities of earth. The probe emerged in parris,London ,San Francisco,New York,Montreal,johannesburg,chambers,Tokyo ,Beijing,Moscow and other sites.
The probes captured Paris. The enterences and egreses of the city were fortified. The city was in the hands of the probes. Another wave of probes landed at the presidential complex.
The probes hit the doors. The probes spread out. A group of security guards created a humanoid chain. The soldiers fired on the robots. Several officers vanished.
Kirk and Norris joined kor and m’len had there weapons ready . “who are you? What do you want?”Kirk asked “Jim! Get down!”Norris pleaded.
The probe looked at Kirk. It scanned it’s memories. It rembered Kirk. It remembered how it was beamed on to the enterprise after destroying the malurian sysitom. It rembered how it believed Kirk was his creator. He remembered kirk’s final betrayal.
“You! Not Roy Kirk. Not the creator. “Nomad said.nomad struck like a lightning. Everyone was stunned.
“You know me?”Kirk asked. “I know you James t. Kirk .”The probe said. “I am not aware of you. You have me at a disadvantage. “Kirk said.
“You are not the creator. You are not Jackson Roy Kirk. “Namad said.”what do you want?”Kirk said. “Must sterilize the imperfect. First must get revenge. ” nomad said.
Amber and her kids got to the basement.there was a bunker left over from the third world war. Kalera joined them .Amber tried to calm her baby who was crying.her other kids were stunned.
“I have set up a few barriers. I don’t know if it will last forever but I am hoping it will slow then down for a while. “Kalera said.
“Who   is that?”Amber asked. “I am not certain. It is some kind of robotic life form. It can live in space and on land.”she said. “Why is it doing this?”she asked. “I don’t know. I promise you that I will do all I can to protect you and your family. “Kalera said.
“I know. I trust you.”Amber said. “I am not the Angel you hope me to be.”kalera said. “I sense something is troubling you. I have sense that sense  you got hear. ” Amber said.
“I am a different person from who I was a few years ago. “Kalera said. “We all change. ” Amber said. “I did something in the past,something awful. ” she said.
“Main power is out. We are functioning on reseve. “Spock said. “Orbit is intact. ” Eliot said. “The probes control space and the skies of The planet. “Niles said.
“I wish I knew who these probes are or why. ” ryian said. ” so did I. “Mia said.
The probes were everywhere. People were panicking. Xi got up. The alien non humanoid went over to the probe.
The probe fired. The projectile did little against the tholien. The tholien was not as fragile as other life form.
The non humanoid xi fired on the. Probe. The probe was hit. The probe staggered. The probe was not expecting this. Xi Kept firering.
The probe was wounded. The probe fired back. The alien servived the impact.
Xi came back and fired a lightning bolt at the probe. The probe was hit. The probe lunged itself at xi. Xi came at the probe. The two wrestled. There was sparks.
Xi emitted some kind of fire. The probe was in fire. Xi launched another lightning bolt. The probe exploded.
Xi got up. Everyone clapped for Xi. Xi was a hero. Then a group of six nomads were all lined up against him.
Leslie,Galloway and the girl with them all thought To themselves. “Oh crap!”
The v.I.p all made it to the bunker. The probes were not interested in the non terrains. The primary mission was sterilization. For now that mission was suspended. The mission now was to get Revenge.
Kirk noticed that he was the focus of it’s anger. He found it odd sense he never met this probe. He also had connection to the probes. It was odd. That might be the key to all this.
End of chapter three