The worms chapter one (2)

Beyond the confines of known space ,there was a large asteroid field. A warp trail got larger. The federation starship enterprise flew by.
U.s.s enterprise
“Now nearing the asteroid field captain. ” Ryan Harrington ships navigator reported. “All stop !”Addison ordered.”helm answering all stop. ” lt . dashale said. ” chief raise shields to maximum. “Addison ordered.
Security chief Barry giotto raised the shields.he and chief engineer pitcarim had transferred non essential power to shields. “Shields and screen are up Addison ” the security chief reported.
“Alright hear goes nothing. Helm take us in. ” Addison ordered. Dashale took the enterprise inside.
The ship was bombarded by the asteroids. The ship shock sounded like the enterprise was being pelted by hail.the shields and screen we’re holding.
“The ship is holding captain  “first officer and science officer sotril reported. The enterprise was over taxing far it was holding together. 
The enterprise used every energy it had to engage thrusters. The ship was on the other side of the debate field.
“The ship is out of danger. ” The  science officer announced. “Alright. Return to normal operations. “Adison said.
“Begin scanning sotril!” Addison ordered. “Comancing scan now captain. ” the science officer reported.
She started the scan. She looked for the source of the matalic readings. She found the reading.she enhanced the scanning equipment.
” captain. I have located the metilic mass. Object is a starship. Design is consistent with a heavy cruiser. Vesel is unknown design and configuration. I am not reading any humanoid lifesigns. ” she reported.
“Is life support active?”Addison asked. “Yes the air will probably be a bit stale but breathable. “Sotril said .
“Your going to send a landing party over there are you not ?” Dr. Mark piper asked. “That was my plan Mark. “Addison responded.
“Is there any way I can get out of going? “Dr. Piper said. “Not a chance doc. You are chief medical officer. With rights comes responsibility.” Addison said. “You and your aphorism. Can I tenporily step down as cmo so I don’t have to go?”piper said. Piper got a dirty look from Addison so he dropped it. “Ok . take us into transporter range helm. “Addison ordered. The helm officer took the enterprise close enough to the direct vessel. “Now in range!”Ryan reported.
“Alright! Commander sotril you have the ship. ” Addison ordered. “Aye sir. ” sotril said . Addison got up from the command chair. The Vulcan female Sat down in the center seat.
“Smith, piper, dassale,Ryan gioto with me. Chief have a tactical aid team join us in the transporter room. ” she ordered.
Transporter room.
The door opened, Addison and the landing party entered the transporter room. They were joined by nurse Christine chapel and a tactical team. That included lt. Leslie,lt.Galloway, lemli and Osborn.
“Coordinates ready captain. “Lt. Kyile informed her. “Lets move um out!”Addison ordered. The team got on the pad. ” energize chief.”Addison ordered.
Lt.Kylie activated the controls. The team was transferred molecules. There molecular form was transferred over to the other ship.
The team emerged on the other ship. She took out het communicator. “McCormick to enterprise transport complete stand by. “She said . “standing by !”Kyle said.
“Fan out! ” Addison ordered.the team moved out . Addison,Smith ,piper, chapel and dashale took out there. Tri corders and scanned various parts of the ship.
Yeoman Smith walked though the hall way. It was Erie. She tried to maintain her composure.
Yeoman Smith was surprised to find the corridor empty. Her device did not detect anything.
Dr. Piper and nurse chapel went in an opposite direction. They found the corridor empty. They kept on moving.
Addison found a terminal. She attempted to access the terminal. The terminal was in a language She did not recognize nor did the hand held micro computer.
She had the computer attempt to translate the information.she holed that the library was able to translate it  or It was close to another language. It would take some time.  She hoped that it would find something soon. She knew that it would take time.
” captains log the mystery of the direlect ship has gotten even more mysterious. We have not found any bodies or evidence of life. It is possible that the ship was unmanned. Why was it hear? What was it’s mission ? ”
What the team did not know was that smal worms were inhabiting the away team. The team was carying the worms and had no idea that it was happening.
End of part two.
Lt. Kyle was a recurring character seen in many episodes. He was played by John Winstone.
Nurse chapel was a recurring character played by makes barret.
Galoway was a recurring security officer played by David l Ross.
Leslie was played by Edie palsy. He was usually uncredited but  biling in a couple episodes.
Lemli was an uncredited extra. He was usually a security officer.
Osborn was an uncredited officer. Memory alpha did not know the name of the actor who portrayed him.


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