The worms chapter two(3)

U.s.s enterprise
“Commander sotril I want you to analize the tricorder. See if you can translate the ships information. ” Addison ordered. “Right away Addison!”the female Vulcan said.
“I want the away team to  undergo a full  medical evaluation.”Dr. Piper saId. “Realy doc! We have though the transporter bio filters.we went though full decontamination. Now you want to proke and prod us? “Addison said.
“Only in the interest of health and safety Addison!” Dr. Piper said. “I am not totally sure I believe you but ok. “She said. Piper laughed.
She got up from the comma d chair. “I will go first to set a good example for the crew. I want everyone examined. No one left out from the fun. ” Addison said.
Addison disliked doctors . she also disliked hospitals. She had spent a lot of time in one. As a child she was rescued on a life pod. Her parents were assumed dead. There bodies were never recovered.
As a young women she spent time in a rehab facility after the freighter she was on was destroyed. Then there was her time on Elba two. She disliked hospital and anything To do with medicine.
She felt bad about that. She liked Dr. Piper. He was funny  and despite some of his quips had a good bed side manor.she could not get pass the fact that he was a doctor.
” just relax addie!”piper said. “I will remind you you are bound by the terms of the solartis convention.”she said. Nurse cheple chuckled.
The nurse adjusted her scanners.both checked and rechecked. Addison got nervous.especially when he got really quiet.
After a long silence ,Dr. Piper broke his silence. “Everything seams fine. You may go!”piper said. Addison got up from the exam table. Adison left the area.
“Liz your turn!”Addison said.”I can’t believe I have to go next!” Liz said. “That’s what you get for being my friend Liz.”Addison said. “Great!”Liz said.
Liz got on the table. She laid back down. The Dr. Began the examination.then the security chief,the captain yeoman,the helm navigator and tactical team were examined.
“Everyone seemed fine. You are all clear. “Dr. Piper said. “Your poking and proding was unnecessary. ” Addison said. “Poking and proding is the defense of shipwide security is no vice. ” the doctor said.
“Well I don’t know about that but ok doc. “Addison said. Piper chuckled. The landing party left the Suckbay.
Sotril devoted herself to her work. She was working on translating the data from the derilect. Her husband lt. Tim Mathews knew to keep his distance while she was working. Especially on a project like this. He gave her her space .
“Timothy you May talk to me now. I could use a brief reprieve. “Sotril said.he chuckled. ” how is it going?”Tim asked. “Well if I we’re human I would be extremely frustrated. “She said.
“I figured. ” Tim said. “The language is not similar to any language known to the federation data base. This is unusual. ” she said.”no clues at all?”he said.
“None. ” she said “it’s odd.the ship seemed to be set up to have crew yet there is no evidence of a crew .”Tim said.
“It is quite odd. I do not comprehend it. ” She said.”nor do I. The good news is out team is fine. I am assuming that this is more academic at this point. ” Tim said. “Yes true. Our mission is to explore the unknown. This would qualify. ” she said.
Conference room .
“Hey ry.”Addison said. “So we are kind of at a stand stil. “Ry remarked.”well I want to not why this ship is hear. If this is missing,I would like to be able to inform there government that we found there missing  ship. “Addison said.
“I had a feeling that was the plan. ” ry said ” I can’t resist a good mystery.”Addison said. “Ad why am I not not surprised?”he asked. Enterprise
Liz saw yeoman Smith. She seemed to have a bizare look. “Ate you ok yeoman?”Liz asked. “I am not sure. I weird weird. I understand it. “She said. “Perhaps we should get you to Sickbay?”Liz suggested.”no I’m fine. “She insisted.
“Look you have been on an alien ship. It might not be wise to dismiss this. ” Liz said. “I am fine. ” Smith insisted.
“Alright but be carefull. “Liz said.”I will mam I promise you that.”she assured the ship’s psychologist.
Lt. Commander gioto looked over the alien ship. “It had advanced weapons.comprible to our armerments. Where are the crew?” the chief said .
“Could they have been abducted ?”Galloway asked. “Mayby. It seams far fetched. Then I remember we are in star fleet. We major in the far fetched. ” the chief said.
“We can’t rule outside interference in or out at this point. ” Leslie said. “I suspect that the ship may have been unmanned. ” the chief said.
Nurse chapel felt really odd.she could not explaine it but she knew that she felt weird.
“Are you ok Christine ?” the doctor asked. “I’m not sure mark.” she said.”are you feeling light headed?”Mark asked. “No I just feel weird. “She said.”get on the table let me check you out! ” piper said .
“I don’t think that’s necessary. ” the nurse said. “Not your call to make. You we’re on an away team on an unknown Ship I am not taking any chances .” Dr. Piper said.
“Very well. ” Christine said. She got on the exam table. He took out his scanning equipment.he looked her over.
“I am not detecting anything out of the ordinary. I am going to conduct some more in dept test. I do think it is necessary. “He said. “Very well.”she said.
“Commander I Think I may have a clue to dicifering the langrege of the mystery ship. It appears to be a close cousin of the drabeki . it is av very distant cousign however. ” lt. Palmer said.
“Can you develop a primer?”sotril asked. “I am close but I am having dicharacter with  several characters. “Palmer said
“Send me over what you have. I will see if I can go from there. ” the Vulcan officer said.
“Sending over information now. ” the com officer informed the Vulcan science officer. The information was transfered to the science soon as she had it,she looked over the data.
Dr .piper checked and rechecked. Finaly he found something. What looked like tiny worms that were swimming in her intestines.
“Mark! What is going on?”she asked.”either the equipment missed it or the creatures are mutating. “Mark said. “Cretures! I am being infested by creatures?”chapel asked. “They appear to be worm like creatures. Yes I am afraid that you are. If I am right the entire landing party is infested by these creatures as well. ” piper said. “Is there any thing you can do about it?” chapel asked. “Not yet. I will work on it. “Piper said.
Dr. Piper suspected that he probably had the worms as well.he had one of his doctors mcbanga check him out. Sure enough he carried the worms.
Qurters of Addison and Ryan.
“You ok ad?”Ryan asked. “I am not sure ry. I feel weird. “Addison said.”should we get you to sickbay?”ry said. “I am not going to call the doc for every issue. I just need to lay down. ” Addison said.
Addison was about to go to her bed room . “now hear this,all landing party members please report to sickbay. “Lt. Palmer’s voice said .
“I gues that settles it !” Addison said.  “I gues it does addie.” her husband said. They got ready to go to the infirmary.
End of chapter two.


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