The worms chapter four (5)

U.s.s. enterprise
“Captains log the enterprise is inside an asteroid field. We are trying to deal with the worms. There is another alien vessel in the other side of the asteroid. They have fired spacial charges. I suspect that they believe that any one who comes into contact with the worms is a threat to galactic hygiene and must be dealt with. ” Addison said.
“Hail the ship quickly!”Addison ordered. “Opening hailing frequencies!”lt. Palmer said. She activated the com unit.”your on captain!”the senior com officer reported.
” this is captain Addison mccomic of the starship representing the United federation of planets. A smal group of our crew were infested by the worms.this was a smal minority of the crew. Please discontinue your attacks. ” the captain said.
Orther side of the asteroid field .. Bendalli ship
“Sir! We are being hailed by the vessel on the other side of the asteroid field. “The com tech reported.
“Lets hear it! “Captain tuboran said. The com tech activated the com unit. the message was played.the captain listened to it.
“Activate the hollow interaction matrix. I wish to speak to the alien commander. “Tubirin said.
“You are going to talk to them? Our orders are clear.we cannot deviate!” first officer Dermot said. “I know that exo ! There is no reason I cannot hear them out. ” the commander said. The first officer did not like not like it. He decided not to protest any more.
U.s.s enterprise
“I am detecting some kind of energy transfer. It is similar to a transporter but I believe it is some of information transfer. ” science officer sotril said.
“Is this some kind of  attack? “The security chief asked. “No there is no weapons use in this commander.” the Vulcan first officer and science officer said.
On the bridge a gigantic energy filed emerged on the bridge. The energy field transformed into what looked like a humanoid life form. “This is not a life form. It is a holographic image. “Putcarin said. “Not quite . I am communicating to you from the ship on the other side of the asteroid field. ” th bendali captain said.
“Why are trying to destroy us with spacial charges?”adison asked “that is something I would like to discuss in private . ” the alien said “very well . sotril you have the bridge. Keep monitoring everything that’s going on. ” Addison said. . conference room.
“The worms infested our world and our people. The worms are an anethima to all we are. We have standing orders to fumigate anything that comes in contact with it. Your ship must be destroyed. There is no exception. ” the bendali captain said.
“Is the worm life threatening?” Addison asked. “In normal circumstances no. Most do recover. It is more of a nuisance then anything else .” the alien captain said.
“Then why go to all this  trouble to destroy it why go on an all out crusade against it ?” Addison asked.
“It is unclean. It represents disease. It is dirty. Those are infected are unclean. It is impure those infected remain affected.they carry the stigma. My people consider euthanasia or suicide to be moraly repugnant except for those inhabited by the worms. ” the alien said .
“This is not a health is a case of political morality. This is not your space? You have no jurisdiction over this area !” the captain declared.
“The worm protocol alows us to exercise power anywhere where the worms exist. No matter what. ” the bendali said.
“How convenient for you. Is there any way we can avoid being blown to bits?” the enterprise captain asked.
“No you have come into contact with the worms.your fate is sealed.I am sorry.” the alien captain said
“What if we accepted permanent exile in the field?” she asked . “too risky. There is no way that we can assure containment . “the alien leader said. “I figured. I want you to know I will fight you. I won’t role over and play dead. ” Addison said
“Then I can’t help you? ” Tiburon said. The image failed. She hit a com panel. “All decks brace for impact” adison said
The space inside the asteroid field rocked back and forth. Adiisom ran to the bridge. She entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge!” yeoman Smith said. ” let me guess more spacial charges ” Addison said.
“They will get us eventually if they keep this up. ” pitcarin said . “probably sooner rather then later. ” Addison said. “Please tell me you have an idea ?” Liz pleaded.
“Ry target the asteroid field! Dashalle stand by to floor it!” Addison ordered. “Addie this is your plan ?” Liz asked.
The enterprise fired phasers on the asteroids. The asteroids dispersed. The enterprise ran at high warp toward the rode the asteroid wave.
The enterprise moved off. Ryan and dasale tried to take the ship to a full stop. The ship kept drifting . finally the ship came to a stop.
The bendali ship came about . the ship fired on the enterprise. “Shields at 88 percent. ” sotril said . “return fire !” Addison said. The enterprise fired back on the enemy vessel.
“Vessel is stil in pursuit!” the Vulcan reported. “Big surprise!” Addison remarked. The bendali fired again. The ship dodged most if the fire. The reer of the ship was hit.
“That was close. “Liz said. “Too close. ” yeoman Smith said . the enterprise hit back with passers and photon torpedoes on the enemy vessel.
” we are being hailed . audio only.” Palmer reported. “On audio. ” the captain said. “You can’t elude us forever captain. You might as well just give up. ” the captain of the alien vessel said .
“Yea no not going to happen! I am not going to just yield.I am going to make it as difficult and uncomfortable as possible!” the captain said. “You will fail! ” the bendali said. ” non sequitur !” adison said.
The bendali vessel fired on the enterprise. ” minor damage to stabored bow. ” pitcarin said. The enterprise returned fire on the alien ship.
The enterprise fired a volley of photon torpedoes on the hostile ship. The enterprise then hit them with phaser.
The bendali ship fired on the enterprise. The enterprise rocked around. It rolled around but regained cohesion.
“These people are really getting on my nerves. ” Addison said . ” I have an idea. Timouthy take over!” sotril said .she got up. Lt. Mathews took over the science station.
Sotril Sat at an extra aft station. She mind melded with the computer. She used the sensors and her mind . she sent a mind burst. She fell back.
Tim started to get up. Yeoman Smith went over to her. She waved them off. “The hostile Is not moving .” Tim reported.
“It won’t last last long. We have to move” the Vulcan reported.”ry Vincent you know your job.”Addison said.the enterprise went to high warp.
“Sick bay to bridge. You done getting us shot at?”piper said.”for the moment doc. Did you call me to criticize my command style ?” Addison asked.
“Negative captain. I have some news in the worms. I need to see you at once.” Dr. Piper said. “I will be right down there.” she said.
End of chapter four.


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