Legacy chapter four (5)

“Captian’s log, the landing party is trapped on bored a Klingon. Vaberale to the zombie Klingon and to the zombie virus. On the enterprise,the ship is about to be boarded. “Captian Norris said in his log.
U.s.s enterprise
The security team took out there phasers. The transporter beam activated. The Klingon zombies emerged on the bridge. The security team opened fire.
One of the zombies touched a security guard. The guard started to turn green. Yeoman Smith shouted in fear.
Another guard was hit by a punch by a Klingon. The rest of the  guards opens fire. “Clear the bridge!”Kirk ordered.
Kirk fired on the zombie Klingon at point black range . it Did nothing. Kirk tried to give cover to the rest of the bridge crew. Terisha,Smith and other officers tried to leave.
“I’m staying! “Kolona said. “Clear the bridge that’s an order. You too Ryan!”Kirk said.
Ryan begged for a phaser. He was given one. The team moved into a turbo lift. The crewman turned into a zombi ran . he hit Kolona. She started to turn into a zombie. Kirk ordered them to abandon her. The door closed.
“We just left her?”Gary asked.”we had no ‘chioce! She is one of them now. Whatever them is!”mia said. “What now?the whole ship is under attack?”Ryan asked.
Dr .dahner sealed her office. “We are safe for now!”Liz dahner said. “How long is now?”ensign David asked. “You ok? Is this causing flashbacks of those lightning creatures?”Liz asked. “A little!”Davis said. “Just hold it together mesha!”Liz said.
Lt. Lee kelso and lt. Dashale erected a force feld outside the warp drive. They hoped that the poor man’s force feld might shield them at least temporarily. The zombies were holding position right by the field. “You ok Lee?” dasahale asked. “To be honest not relay Vincent !”Lee said. “I know what you mean!” dasale said.
Sick bay.
Dr. Megan shall and dr. Mcbanga abd the rest of the team stood ready. The Klingon emerged. Dr. Shall injected them with a hypo spray.  The Klingon was stunned. The rest of the team followed suit. The zombies were stunned. ” come on let’s move. It won’t last long. ” Megan said.
They went to a crallway. They just kept moving. They had no chioce. They saw Carol and kalera. “What’s going on ? Who are these people?” Carol said. “They were Klingon. Now I have no idea!” Megan said.
Klingon ship
Norris and Addison had made it to a supply closet. They sealed it. “I have been able to find zombie life signs. They are all over the ship .” Addison said. “Without the communicators we can’t warn the orthers! ” Norris said.
“I am guessing this has something to do with either the mass or the instability . ” Norris said. “We sealed the rupture. Why are they hear?” Addison asked. “I don’t know. None of us are safe!” Norris said.
“I’m woried for Ryan and the kids . ” Addison said. ” yes I am woried for kalera!”he said. “What  going on between you two? “Addison asked. “Its complicated. “Norris said. “You two make a good couple. Every couple is complicated. Ryan and I have been though so much. We should not have made it but we have. “Addison said. 
“She killed my brother Addison! I can’t forgive that!” the captain said. “During the war?” kalera asked.”yes . she was the weapons officer that fired the fatale schot.” the captain said.
They heard a noise. “I believe this is Morse code!” Norris said. ” h !”he said. “A”Addison said. “L a..” he said. “K halak. Its the chief. ” Addison said .the door opened. The chief scanned the two. “You don’t trust us?” Norris asked. “Some of our crew are now zombies. I can’t take the chance. ” the chief engineering officer said.
Addison noticed that he spent more time scanning Addison then the captain. “Did you detect some kind of parasite?” Addison asked. “That is not how I would characterize it in such a fashion. ” the Orion said. ” you two don’t waste time. ” Norris said. “We need to get you off the ship. ” halak said. “We all need to get off this ship. I can do my job.” Addison said. The perimeter went off. “We got to go! ” halak said.
A group of zombies came. They growled. They were like rabid animals. They were filled with spit and green goo. They whielded there batleth. They used the rifles like sword. Noris struck the other sword with the magshuft sword. The three worked to overpower the zombies.
Norris used all of his might to overpower the zombie. Norris allowed his survival instinct to kick in. Norris forced the zombie to drop the batleth. Noris stabbed the zombie with his rifles . the zombie was startled. Addison stabbed the zombie.
Norris took off his focus. A zombie attacked him. Norris started to change. Sudenly they heard a noise. It was a group of Klingon.they had not been absorbed by the zombies. The Klingon started to stab the zombies.the zombies were for the moment were incapacitated. The leader of the Klingon was about to stab Norris.
“Put it down !”Addison insisted. “He Is not one of your men any more ! I have no chioce. He cannot be saved. ” the lead Klingon said. ” put it down now !” Addison insisted.
“I have found a connection between the mass and the Klingon affected by the unknown substance “Spock said. “Oh?” the tech said.
“The mass substance and the automiton phynomina are related.unlike the mass it has not become inert. “Spock said. “Why has the goo not become inert?”renelds asked. “Perhaps it has. Perhaps the inert material is becoming toxic in the receptacle causing the behavior some might characterize as zombi like behaviors. ” Spock said. “How do  reverse it or at least stop the spread?” the tech asked. “I do not know” Spock said.
Dr. Piper and  chapel continued to. Try to flea zombies. It was a difficult task. They kept running. They met up with Leslie and Galloway. “There is no way we are going to make it are we?” chapel asked. “I am not giving up yet nurse. ” Dr. Piper declared.
End of chapter four.


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