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Lower echalon part seven

“Starship log,acting captain kyile reporting. After intervention by the trician star navy,the Klingon crusher was forced to withdraw. They claim that dr. Rojer korby one of the federation’s foremost arkeologest has commited terorism against the Klingon empire. I have no information for or against. Given the Klingon tract record on sentient rights i am louthed to extridite him to them. Without the facts i am constrained to protect him with all my might!” He said.
Jeglem and Julianne headed back to the area where kellerwitz had his headquarters. Veralia saw jeglom.she started to tense up. She started shaking. Galloway took her hand.
“What is it?”Galloway asked. “That man! He is colnel jeglum. He is a member of the secret police. ” Veralia said.
“Is that true?”kellerwitz asked. “I am an agent of a caldec government agency that looks to security and inteligence concerns. It is hardly a secret police. “Jeglum said.
“You killed most of my family! “She said. “Commander this is an internal caldec matter. She is a wanted fugitive. This is none of your concern. “Jeglem said.
“Kyle to kellerwitz!” Kyile over the comunicator. The commander took out the com device and fliped it open. “Go ahead !” The commander said.
“Kor is after doctor korby! Have him beamed up at once. I want him out of the line of fire. “Kyle said. “Fine with me!”kellerwitz said.
The commander went over to the doctor and cheple. “We nead to get you to the enterprise. “The commander informed him.”in light of what has occured,that seams prudent.”korby said.
” they are perparing to beam up now.”the commander said. “Acknowledged. ” Kyile said. “Look john i need something else from you. This requires going out on a limb. “The commander said.
U.s s enterprise
Transporter technician Wilson activated the beam. Dr. Korby and nurse cheple emerged on the transporter beam. “Doctor i have a lot of questiones for you!”kyile said. ‘I figured as much. I will cooperate with your investugation. ” Doctor korby said. “Mr. Lemli please escort the doctor to the brefing room!”the acting captain said.
“Enerzize!”kyile said. The operator activated the controls. Veralia emerged with Leslie and Galloway.
“I thought you two were looking at plants and animals?”kyile asked. “That was the plan sir. It just did not work out that way!”Galloway said.
“I see. Look i am not empowered to grant full asylum however i can grant you provisional asylum until my captain return to the ship.”kyile said.
“That is fine. I apreciate that lt.”Kyle said. “I will arange qurters for you.”kyile said. She thanked him.
Planet tricia
“Mr. Jeglem! I am lt. Kyile acting commanding officer of the federation starship enterprise. “Kyile said.
“Lt you cannot grant amnesty to miss veralia. This is a dangerous precident. There has never been emnity between the federation and the teldec emperium i would not want that to change lt. “Colnel jeglem declared.
“We seak peaceful co-excistence with all peoples. We abhore conflict. We do not get involved in internal matters of orther cultures. It is our prime directive. We allow for the granting of asylum in certain cases. “Kyile said.
“All interplanitary nation states have the right to conduct there own afairs as they see fit!” Jeglem said.”within a certain peramiter yes. The articles of interstellar law and orther document do give guidelines. “Kyle said.
“I ask you to off. Either turn her over to us or let her go. “He said.”that’s not my call to make colnel. “Kyle said.
“You do not want our ill will. We are not a major power but we are a regonal power with vest resources. We do have would be a mistake to alienate us. “Jeglem declared.
“Is that a threat colnel?” Kyle asked. “The fact is the federation is in a tight spot. The data breach has left you vanerable. The anipovnoids are working on an anti federations coilition. You just had a grueling battle with the organians. It is a bad idea to risk another enemy. “The colnel said.
“I fear what would happen to her if we don’t protect her. “Kyile said.
U.s.s enterprise
“The Klingon empire aledges you have commited acts of terorism against them. How do you respond to that?” Kyile asked.
“I am a man of science ,history ,i am an arkeologest. I study dead worlds. I am no threat to the Klingons. “Dr. Korby said.
“Why are they after you. Klingon don’t just target indiscrimate people. They have a personal grudge against you. What’s going on?’ Kyile asked.
“We have unearthed a lot of advanced technology on exo. Technology the Klingon would love to have. They suspected that exo was a military reserch operation. A ship came to attack us. We repelled there assult. They don’t like defeat!” Kyile said.
“How exactly did you repell there attack? Your post is not heavily armed. I find it hard to believe that you could out manuver a Klingon asult force. ” Kyle said.
“We are quite resourceful. Exo has become almost our home. We are wiling to protect it. “Korby said.
“The autopsy is very troubling as well. The multiple phasers schots were excesive. While i am loathed to turn over a federation citizen over to a race who has a bad tract record on sentient rights and has the death penalty,i find this troubling. “Kyile said.
“I am not a violent man. I will protect my team. That was what i did. “He said. “Why come hear?”kyile said. “I wanted to see christine. She has moved on apearently,i have not! “Korby said.
“The schoting was excesive. Don’t you think?” Kyle asked.”i take no chances when the safty of those i care about comes into play!” He said.
Transporter room
“How was the assmbly?” Kyile asked. “Amazing! I can’t talk about it. Only those there are alowed to discus that. “Addison said. “Glad to hear it!”Kylie said.
“So i leave for a few days and you manage to pick a fight with the Klingons and the teldec!”Addison said. Kyile got defensive. “I’m joking. “She said. “Ok!”kyile said.
“I know about the teldec situation. I know that the curent head of sate has engaged in a purge of his political enimies. I am going to grant her asylum. “Addison said.
“Thank you sir. I think that is best. “Kyile said. “I do too. Good work on both situations. I meen it. I will still tease you about it.”Addison said.
“Alright i don’t know about korby. I suspect he is hiding something but i can’t see him being turned over to the Klingons. “Kyile said. “Nor can i. I want to have the crew begin to retern to the ship. I want to get underway. I spoke to Wesley,he can get over near us with a task force if he has to. “Addison said. “I will have the crew recalled!”kyle said.
“Your heading back to the ship?”the colnel said. “I have nothing to say to you.” Julianne said. “I understand that. I do like you. It was not a rouse. ” Jeglem said. She left him. She beamed back to the ship.
Confrence room
“Captain i suppse you have heard!”davis said.”yes. Liz believes it was stress. I want you to have daily seisons with her at least in the near future. I am concerned by this. If it continues you may need to take a leave of absence but i am not there yet. Your on a kind of probation pree probation!” Addison said.
“I totally understand !”ensign davis said. “Ok. Your dismissed !”Addison said. She left the ready room. The door closed.
“I heard you manned the science station?”irina said.”yes i did. Nothing blew up.”checov said. “I knew you would be fine. “She said.
“All crew are back abored. ” tim said. “Ok. Irina take us out of orbit!”Addison said. The enterprise left orbit.
“We are not being persued. “Tim said. “Well stay on our toes people !” Addison ordered. The ship went to warp.
“Captain’s log after linking up with the Lexington and other ships the Klingons and taldec have backed off.”
“Your going back to exo three?” Christine said. “Yes you could come with me?” He said. “I can’t.”Christine said. “I figured.”he said. “You have changed rojer. I am not sure it is for the better.”she said. “I will miss you.” Rojer said.
Exo three
Dr. Korby reterned to the center of the operation. There was a female. There was also an alien looking crerure. He was bald. There was also another human male. There was another dr. Korby.
“Did you accomplish the mission ?” The orther korby asked. “I did. The tracking device was sucessfuly placed on the enterprise.” Dr. Korby 2 proclaimed. “Good! We can begin our work !”the balding alien looking man said. “What about the Klingons?” Dr. Brown asked. “We can handle them!”the alien looking man said.
U.s.s enterprise
“You wanted to see me?”Addison asked. “Yes i did!”dr. Mcbanga said. “What’s up doctor ?”Addison asked. “Look i scaned miranda’s dna. I had it sent to the central medical data base on memory alpha. I got a hit. ” Dr. Mcbanga said. “I see!”Addison said. ” According to her dna she is your sister!” Mcbanga said.
The end
Wilson was the transporter tech in “the enemy within”

Lower echalon part six

Planet tricea
Dr. Rojer corby and christine chepel walked to the hotel. The two neared the building. Suddenly they saw people heading right for them.
“Korby come with us!” A man said. “What is going on?” Christine asked. “Please miss cheple this has nothing to do with you. Doctor korby! Please do not make this any harder then it needs to be!”the lead thug said.
Cheple tried to defend doctor korby. She tried to strike the attackers. Her eforts were thawted.
“Christine no!” The thug said. “Do not interfere !”the lead thug said. “Who are you? “Chepel asked. “I’m sory! I have nothing against you. ” The thug said. He took a disruptor and stunned him. She fell to the ground.
Dr. Korby took a phaser out of his poket. He fired before the lead thug could get off a schot. The orther thugs tried to get out a schot but korby got there first.they were all stuned.
Klingon vessel
“The team located dr. Korby. They are about to aprehend him!”the com officer said. “Very good! I want this over with now!”kor said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Keptian,i have discovered multiple comunication between the planet and the klingone crusher. “Checov reported.
“What are they up to?” Kyile asked.”they have there reasons I’m sure!”tim said. “I just wish i knew what they were. ” Kyile said.
Mesha was In a bio bed. She wore the blue medical gowan. She had been in a catitonic sate for several houers.
She started to wake up. “Where am i?” She asked. “Your in sickbay. You were brought hear from your qurters. You blinked out in a way!” Dr. Mcbanga said. “What caused it?” She asked. “We are not sure yet. ” Dr. Mcbanga said. “I see. Am i ok?” Mesha said. “It apears that you are. I would like to keep you hear for observation until i am sure!”the doctor said. “Of course!” She said.

Planet tricia
Christine started to wake up. She was disoriented at first.she.started to come back to reality. She started to remember what had occured just before she had been rendered unconscious.
She got up and looked for korby.she saw several Klingon corpses.she was horified. Then she saw korby.
“Rojer? What’s going on?”christine asked. “They attacked me! I had no choice. “Rojer said. “Why did you kill them? Your not a violent man!”she said. “I had to protect you! I did not want to but i had no choice. “Rojer said.
“Who are these people?”christine asked. “They are Klingons! ” dr. Korby said.”what do they want?” Christine said. “On exo we have unearthed a lot of ancient technology. The exoites were an advanced race. Far advanced then most of the pressnt day space fearing races. The Klingons probably want our technology. The Klingon had a spy in our team. I have probably been followed. I am sory to have caused you trouble. “Dr. Korby said.
“Will they be back?”she said. “Yes. They will want to know what happened to there agents. They will probably tear this planet apart looking for me!”korby said. “We need to contact the enterprise. We need there help!” Christine said. Korby did not argue.
Planet tricia
Leslie,galloway and veralia had continued in the animal refuge area. They tried to keep moving. They had no choice.
Leslie sensed something was amis. He had everyone get down. The team got the teledraken phasers in place. They aimed it. There was a phaser blast. Leslie and galloway pulled veralia back. They quickly fired back on the schoters. The snipers fired back as well.  Veralia and the star fleet team took heavy fire.
Leslie got a running start.  even as the phaser fire came at him,he came up to the pirch where one of the sniper were.  Leslie stuned the sniper. He fell off the pirch. He was killed instently.
The team continued to fire on galloway and veralia. They hit back. Leslie jumped off of the blind and fired on the attackers.
  Leslie and galloway tried to protect the myaterias woman. They fired with all there might.veralia fired as well. She seamed to know her way around a phaser. Teldec law required all able bodied adults citizen to have military traning. It would make sence that she would know her way around a weapon.
The star fleet team fired on the asult team. They fired back. They hoped to ware out the orther side. Galloway’s strategy was to not yield. A kind of sustain recistence.
They continued to battle the strike team. They had subdued a few of them. They fired and ran. They got close to a trician ministry of rural and wildlife afairs outpost. The teldec force was forced to withdraw. For now they had endured and servive.
Kelerwitz was informed of what had occured. They came to the area where several star fleet officers were assembled. “Are you ok?”kellerwitz asked.
“Yes sir! “Galloway said. “I’m sory that your people got involved in all of this. ” Veralia said. “It sounds like it was unavoidable. I am glad your ok!” Kelerwitz said. “Thank you!” Veralia said. The commander nodded.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are getting a mesege from the planet. Nurse chepel says her guest was attacked by Klingon agents on the serface!”m’ress informed the captain pro tempt. “Hail kor!” Lt. Kyile ordered.
“On screen !”m’ress said. “Kor! Why have Klingon agents opened fire on federation citizen’s?”kyile said. “If your refering to the pitackh rojer korby he is a terrorist! ” kor proclamed.
“Is he not entitles to a show trial?”kyile asked. “Terrorist can be schot on sight with exteme predjudice. “Kor said. “Korby enjoys federation citizenship. We will protect him. We won’t let you indiscriminately kill one of our citizens” kyile said.
An aid went over to kor. He wispered in his ear. There was an exchange back and forth. “There was an ultracation between my agents and korby. My men are dead. They must be avenged!” Kor said.
The screen faided.
“They are heading for the planet”m’ress said. “Intercept! “Kyle ordered. The enterprise headed for the crusher.
“Hit there port pow!”kyile ordered. In the phaser room on Tomlinson’s order Angela fired a phaser berage. The phasers struck the Klingon crusher. The vesel mantained course. It fired back on the enterprise.
“Minnor damage to the aft nichelle!”checov reported.”stay on um Hanson !”Kyle ordered. The enterprise fired a volley og phasers at the vessel.
The enterprise supassed the war ship. It tried to be a berier to the planet. “Hold your ground every one!” Kyile ordered. The ship held firm.
The Klingon ship kept heading for the enterprise. The enterprise continued to fire on the Klingon vessel. The tricians sent several fighters. The fighters hit the Klingon ship. The Klingon ship was hit by two trician warships. The klingon ship was forced to withdraw. Kyile feard it was not over.
End of part six

Lower echalon part five

“Personal log lt. Christine chepel reporting. It has been difficult seing my former fiance dr. Rojer corby. Feelings that i had long ignored are resurfacing. I find myself very troubled. This has been harder then i had expected.”
Christine and rojer went out to dinner. After they walked the beach. “You have gotten qiet christine!” Rojer said. “I am just thinking that’s all.” Christine said.
“Being with you brings back so manny memories,so manny emotions. “Rojer said. “I know ! I feel the same way. “Christine said.
“We had a good thing going chrissy. We were a team. A unit. A colerberation. We could be again.” Rojer said.
“I am happy where i am roj. I don’t want to escivate ancient civilizations. That is not my interest any more. The things i have seen in so sort a time. The things left to see. Our future is out there not backwards.”christine said.
“The universe’s past is a key to the future. I have always believed that. I had believed that you did as well. “Rojer said.
“Things have changed. My priorities have changed. I have changed. I’m sory. This is not going the way you hoped ?”christine asked.
“No but it is going about as i expected it too. I know it would be an uphill battle. When your mind is made up it is usually a settled matter!” Rojer said.
“I don’t make decisions lightly rojer. It was a hard decision.  I like where i am right now. I can’t go back. I can’t say that down the road they mught not be a future for us but i can’t promise that. I would not ask you to wait based on no assurance that anything will develop. You need to move on rojer. Your a great guy. You will make a great husband. Maybe not for me!” She said.
“I can’t imagine being with anyone but you?”rojer said. “Well you never know. Mayby that new asistent of yours. What is her name ? Andrea?”she said.”its not like that.”he said. “Of course!” She said.
Klingon crusher
“The enterprise is following us from a distence my lord!” The science officer reported. “They want to know why we are hear!”the first officer said.
“If i were in kyile’s shoes i would feel the same way. I do not begrudge him that!”kor said.
“I do not like being followed. We should finish him off and be done with it!”the young gunner declared.
“The enterprise is not our enemy ! Not this time! At least not yet ! Lets not agitate them. Never pick a fight with a targ your not currently fighting. “Kor said.
“We are always at war with the federation. Always have been,always will be. “The gunner said. “You do not understand !” He said.
“I do not like them so close!” An engineering officer said. “Not do i. It is not always wise to swat a glob fly just because it is an anoyence. ” Kor said.
While kor did not want to clash with the enterprise,he would if he had to. If the enterprise got in his way he would not hesitate to get them out of the way.
U.s.s enterprise
Tubo lift
The new shift headed to the bridge. This included lt. Hanson who would be heading up the helm section. Tim mathews was heading up the navigators post. M’ress a catinoid race was comunication officer. There were a few orthers there as well.the turbo lift opened,the new crewman entered the bridge.
“Where is the science officer?”lt. Kyile asked. “I am not sure sir!”Hanson answered. “Who is the com officer for this shift?”kyile asked. Jolyin looked it up. “Ensign davis!”jolyin answered.
“Alright! I am going to check on ensign davis. Continue the shift change. I will be back. “Kyile informed him.
Lt. Kyle left the bridge. He entered the turbo lift. The door closed. The bridge crew proceded with the watch change.
Kyle walked to the qurters of ensign mesha davis. He pushed the chime. There was no answer.he kept pushing the chime. He decided to overide the door lock.the door came open. He entetered the qurters. “Ensign davis! Ensign mescha. “He said.
Normally he would not have gone into the qurters of a female crewman but he felt he had no choice. He suspected that something was going on. He went into the qurters.
Ensign davis was moving but seamed almost catitonic. When he spoke to her,she did not respond. He called for sickbay.
U.s.s enterprise
“She is in some kind of catitonic sate. She is fully conscious but is not responsive!”dr. Mcbanga said.”is this physicilogical?”kyile asked. “I believe so but i am not sure.” Dr. Mcbanga answered. “I see. Keep me aprised.”kyile said.”i will !”the doctor said. After that he left sickbay.
U.s.s enterprise
“We need a replacement officer for ensign davis. Any sugestions?”the acting captain asked. “Ensign checov.”tim mathews  sugested. “Is he the one who thinks that every invention on earth was invented by someone in rusia?” Hanson asked. “Yes. He is trained in science and computor technology. “Tim mathews said. “Alright have him brought to the bridge!”kyile asked. “Aye sir” m’res said.
Ensign pavil checov was suprised to get the sumons. He was trained to serve on the bridge but had not in an oficial capacity sence erning a comision in star fleet. He headed to the bridge.
The turbo lift door opened,ensign checov entered the bridge.
“You vaunted to see me sir?”checov asked.”yes we need a shift science officer for this watch. You are qalified. Take your post!” The acting captain ordered. Checov was a bit confused. “Aye sir!” Checov said. He sat down at the science station and got to work.
Planet tricia
The security officers and the mysterious female was able to elude the persuers. After a while galloway sugested they rest for a while.
“My name is veralla by the way.”she said. “I’m lt. Galloway,this is lt. Leslie. We are from the federation starship enterprise. ” he said. “I see!”she said. “Why are they after you!” Leslie asked.
“I am from taldec five. “Veralia said. “I had a security brefing on the taldec sector. I am guessing your family alied with the previous regime. “Galloway said.”correct!” She said.
“A few years ago a general desposed the taldecian administrator and took control of the allience. The new administration worked to purge the old one. ” Galloway said.
“My farther was a minor functionary in the agriculture ministery. My mother was a school teacher. The new regime is power hungery. They do not want to lose there grip on power.” She said.
“So they hunting you even to a vest planet far away from there empire. “Leslie said. “I’m sory that you got caught in the middle of all of this!” She told them.
“We would not just stand by and do nothing. It is not our way!” Galloway said. “They won’t just let me get away. They will continue to hunt me until i am caught and killed.”veralia said. “We won’t let them do that. “Leslie said. “I apreciate that. They won’t stop. I know that. ” She said.
  On another part of the planet,the business man was speaking to yeoman smith. His comunicator beaped. “If you will excuse me?” The business man said. “Of course!” She said.
He fliped open the mobile com unit.”jeglum!” He said. “We located veralia. Two star fleet officers have interveined. “The officer said. “I see. I want our effort doubled. I will be there shortly. ” Ajar said.
“Captain’s log. Lt john kyile temporarily in command of the enterprise. The Klingon ship has remained in formation. We are holding position from a distence.” Kyile said.
“We are being hailed !”m’ress said. “On screen !” Kyile said. The com officer activated the view screen. “We are no threat to you. Mind your my own business. ” kor said. The screen faided.”he is not happy !” Tim said. “No he is not!” Kyile said.
Cheple and korby walked back to the hotel. Suddenly the two were serounded. “Korby! Come with us!” The lead thug said. “What going on!” Cheple asked.
End of part five.
M’ress apeared in the animated star trek. She was a replacement com officer.
Hanson apeared in “court marshal” and “the menagerie”.
In the prime universe, checov was not seen until season two. Some have speculated he was there just not a bridge officer. In star trek 2, khan knew checov. Nick myer said he knew that this was a contradiction but did not care.
My fitst draft of this post was acidently erased. I have been unable to retreve the draft. I considered scraping this episode. After a few days i have decided to resume the story line.
I omited the corby chepel story line in the last post. I decided to lead this post with this that story.


Lower echalon part four

“Starship log, lt. John kyile temporily in command. The captain and senior officers are currently in comunicado paticipating in a planitary function. Several crewman are on leave on the planet. A Klingon vessel has been detected prompting us to leave orbit and investigate. ”
“I have informed the sr officers on the serface. Then we have headed out!” He said.
“All decks standing by!”oneal reported. “Mr. Spinel take us out of orbit.”Kyle ordered. The ship left orbit. “Course laid in.”dupaul anounced. “Engage!”kyile ordered. The ship was off. “Now pn course.”speli reported.
Planet trecia
“Ok listen up people !”kelerwitz said. Evryome quited down. “A Klingon war crusher has been reported in the vicinity. The enterprise is going to check it out. We are on our own until they return. I am not anticipating any trouble . I want every one to report in every two hours no exception !” The commander said.
“We are on our own.”Julianne said.”it seams that it is true. I am not concerned.” Kelerwitz answered. The team agreed but was stil a bit aprehensive.
“Why are the Klingons near hear. This is not close to there space .” Takigewa said. “Is it unusual but the Klingon like to seak out new areas of conquest. “Irina said. “Lets not jump to conclusion. I see no need to let this brother us. “Kelerwitz said. They all knew that he was right.
Galway and leslie had seen a lot of animals. As much as Leslie did not want to admit it,it was fasinating. He had learned a lot. Maybe it had been worth it after all.
They heard a noise. It sounded someone was being chased. It did not sound like an animal but a humanoid. They ran towards the sound.
“What’s going on hear?” Leslie asked. “This is not your concern?” The thug said. “Your not tricean. You have no business chasing this person. “Galloway said. He aimed his weapons at him. His alies did the same.
“You are unarmed! I am not! “The man said. Leslie went for the man’s phaser. Galloway went for the orther man. The women hit the first man. Leslie grabed the weapon. He stunned the man. He stuned the orther.
“There are more of them!” She said. “We better move!” Leslie said. Galloway wondered what had they gotten themselves into? Would they regret getting involved?
Uss enterprise
Angela and robert had beamed abored before the ship left to locate the Klingon ship. “So feel like helping me In the phaser room?”robert asked. “I would love to. Does that meen you are my seperior officer?”she asked. “Yes it does!”he said. “Aye sir!”she said smiling. He laughed.
Uss enterprise
Qurters of ensign mescha davis.
Ensign davis was a horible feeling that something was about to go horibly wrong. She did not know how but she knew that she did. It haunted her.
It was like what happened before was going to happen . Not the lighting cretures but some danger. It knawed at her. When she heard about the Klingon ship she knew something was wrong.
Dr. Mcbanga had a limited staf. He hoped that this would not turn into an incident but he knew that there was the posibility that it could. He did not like that part. Not at all. He would just perpare.
“I have located the ship! Sending it to the navigational !”jolyin reported.”i have it! “Spinelie said.”intercept that ship!”kyile ordered. Dapual followed the instructions.
Planet tricea
  Yeoman smith decided to take a walk around the park. She tried to clear her head. She found this planet very peaceful.
“How can someone so prety on a world so beutiful be so troubled?”a man.asked. “our ship is out on potrol. “Smith said.”as a frequent guest. I can.asure you that there is nothing to be concerned with! “He asured her.”i hope you are corect. “Smith said. “I am i asure you.”he said.
“I am not usually so done. Our crew has been though a lot lately!”smith said. “Understandible! “He said.” What brings you to trecia?”she asked. “Business. I inport objects from all over the glaxy. It is a rewarding ocupation.”he said.”i am sure. “She said. “I am ajar jeglum!”he said. “Marah smith!”she said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Hail the Klingon ship!”lt. Kyile ordered. “Opening hailing frequencies. “Lt. Oneal said. “Klingon vessel,this is nutral space! Please sate your business hear!” Kyile said. “They are responding!” Oneal said. The screen was active.
“This is kor, this to our knowledge is noy federation space. We do not answer to star fleet. “Kor said.
“We have no jerisdiction. You seam to be trying to keep your presence qiet. We are out in the open!”kyile said.
“where is captain mcomic. I hope she was not killed. Perhals ryian knpcked her up again !”kor said. His crew laughed.” She is attending the assambly on the planet!”kyile said. “We meen your ship no harm!”kor said. The screen deactivated.
“He seamed agitated. “Jolyin said.”more so then usual! Kor is usually very buttoned up. “Kyilr said. “What do you do now?”dapul said. “Follow a distence!”kyile said.
“The shift is almost over. Should we stay on or bring in next watch?”oneal asked. “No procede with the next shift!”kyile said.
End of part four

Lower echalon part three

U.s.s enterprise
Ensign checov saw tim returning from his run. He was heading back to his qurters. “Hello lt!”chexov said. “Hi you ok ensign. You do not seam like your usual chipper self. ” tim said.
“Its nothing !”checov said.”are you sure?”he said.”well ensign galiunion and i used to date at the academy but it did not work out. “checov said. “I see. You were hoping sense you were on the ship. You two might rekindle it?”he asked. “It seams that that is not going to happen !”tim said.”true!”he said. “Mayby it was not ment to be but maby it is. You might just need time!”tim said.
“I don’t sapose i can find someone to the death for her!”checov said. “No probably not! “Tim said. “It vas hard to see her again. I see her every day. I don’t know how to handle it!”the russan said. “Give it time!” Tim said.
“How did you know not to give up on commander sotril?”checov.asked.”it was the hardest decision i have ever made. It was unconventional. It worked it. It could have gone differently. Pavil it stil could be her. It may not be. You never know. It might be someone else!”tim said.”i know !”checov said.
Ensign davis felt out of wack. She was not herself. She had started to forget about the incident on u.s.s athens but lately she could not shake it.
She decided to go to sickbay. The medical section was quet.”mischa can i help you?”mcbanga asked. “This might be a case for dr. Danner but she is planetside. “Davis said.”how can i help you?”the doctor asked. “I am having night meres about the incident abored the athens. They had abated but now they are back with a vegience!” Mescha told the doctor.
He took one of his scanning devices and looked her over.”your reedings are a bit elivated.every thing look good. Have you been under a lot of stress lately ?”he asked.
“Well i am ajusting to life on the enterprise. I stil can’t believe i am hear. It was kinda a whirl wind that briught me hear.”davis said.
“Sense the ship is going to be in orbit for a few days,i would try to relax. I would try to short this out.”he said.
“Jubulio do i belong hear?”she asked. “Are you refering to star fleet or the enterprise?” He asked. “A little bit of both maybe !”she said.
“You have a stromg record. You have gottem good reviews. You have been decorated several times. I think you have to figure that out. I know this won’t fully go away if you leave star fleet!”the doctor said. “Yes i know that.”she said.
“This might just be you trying to catch up with yourself !”the doctor said. “I suspected that. “She said. “Just give yourself time. Surek did not transform Vulcan society in a day!”he said. U.s.s enterprise
“Sir! Parts of the planet are gone!”science officer pro tempt jolyin capart said. “Gone?”kyile said. “They are out of temporal phase. “Jolyin said. “How is that possible ?” Kyile asked. “Obital command claims this is standard operating procedure for these assambilies. ” Lt. Oneal at the com station said.
“I am stil concerned!”dapaul said.”me too but i don’t know that there is mutch we can do. They may have been doing this for cencuries. “Kyile said. “Lets hope so!”spineli said. “Just when think things can’t get weirder!”jolyin said. “Tell me about it!”kyile said.
“Should i do some kind of more instensive scans?”jolyin asked. “Negitive! It could be considered desecration. I should this is normal. I gues that they really want privicy!”kyile said.
Planet tricea
“Last i knew you were on exo three! Exploring an ancient civilization!”she said.
“I am on leave. I heard that you were in the area so i diverted hear!”rojer said.
“I gues your on the verge of some big discoveries?”chepel asked.”absolutely ! I think our finds will bring about several relolutionary jumps!”rojer said. “Is your team well. How is brown?”she asked.”brown ia good. I will tell him you said hi. I have some new team members. Including a young women naimed andrea!”he said. “You found a replacement for me!”she said.”its not like that chrissy. “He said.”it is not my  business !”She said. “It is realy not like that. “He said. “Alright!”she said.
“I often wondered what it would have been like if you and i did not break up!”he said.”roj that door has been closed. “She said. “I know that!” He said. “I am glad to see you!”she said. “Likewise !” He said.
“I’m sory if this is not how you wanted it to go .”she said. “No but it is how i expected it.  I will servive !”rojer said. “Of course!”She said.
The crew was having a picnic. “So do you like be on the receving end of the transporter?”julianne asked.” I perfer to operate it. I like the transporter!”he said.
“Some people stil dont like using it !”kelerwizt said. “Every test has verified that it is perfectly safe.” Takigawa said. “I do admit that is is a little un nerving even now!”irina said. “I asure you,you don’t need to is the safest mode of transportation even more traval. “Takigawa said.”i find that hard to believe.”irina said.  “i am not surprised!”kelerwitz said.
“You may just be biased!” Julianne said. “Mayby!”irina acknowledged.
“I personaly think that transporters are a fad. They won’t be around in a hundrd years!”an alien said.
“I hope not!”takigawa said. Everyone laughed. “Let me gues you build ships?”julianne asked. “No i study trends. I am an anyilist for the university of delta. I study paterns and movements with the galaxy. It is quite fasinating!” The man said.
“What brings you hear?” Smith asked. “The asambly. Usually non Inhabitents are not alowed. I am studying it from a far. I am bran haloid. Kellerwitz introduced himself and the orthers.
Kellerwutz was not sure about this guy. The mission of star fleet was to make contact and forge good relations with orthers. He could give him a chance.
In the woods,the two security officers wondered though the preserve but found no animal. They spent quite some time but found nothing. Leslie was getting a little bit ansy. Galway assured him it was worth it.
Then they saw a large heard. They looked similar to horses. They both kept quet and observed. They could not believe what they were seing.
“I can’t believe your hear. I would dream about seing you. I woke up and i knew you were not there. “Angela said. “I am hear now!” Robert said. “I know that and i am glad of that. I am so glad to be with you. I don’t want it to end. “She said. “Nor do I. “Robert said. “I am sory. I don’t want to seam down!”she said. “Your not!” He said. She held on to him. He held her.
U.s.s enterprise
“Incoming message from star fleet command. There are reports of a Klingon battle cruser in the area. Star fleet wants us to check it out!” Lt oneal said.
“Inform them that we acknowledge the order and will do. “Kyile said. “Aye sir!” Oneal said. “Are we going to recal the shore parties?” Dupaul said. “I see no reason to. This could be nothing. Oneal inform the party leaders!” Kyile ordered. “Aye sir!” The com officer said.
“Mr. Spineli stand by to leave orbit. Mr. Dupaul set corse for the last known location of the Klingon ship!” Kyile ordered.
End of part three.
Lt. Oneal apeared in “return of the archons” and “the tholien web”
Lt. Spineli was the helm officer in “space spead”

Lower echalon part two

U.s.s enterprise
Lt. Kyile entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge !” A jr officer said. “I know star fleet protical but i will still never get used to that. “Kyile said. “We can dispense witn that tradition! ” lt. Dapaul the officer at helm said. “Nice try!”kyile said.
The officer laughed. Many of the crew joined in. “SO! Anything to report?”kyile asked.”negative! Every thing is going well! “Navagator spineli said. “I see!” The acting captain said.
“So only a few days! “Kyile said.”you will be fine sir!” Dupaul said. Kyile was not sure he had the same confidence that the helmsman did.
Planet tricea
Christine chepel had changed out of the duty uniform and put on street cloths. She went to a cafae where they planed to meet with her x fiencae.
She went to the front desk. The matre d brought her to the table.her former fiencae was already there.
She saw him. He was as dashing as ever. He looked up and saw her. He found her as stuning as ever. “Christine!”he said. “Rojer !”christine said. She hugged him.
“I was suprised to hear you were in the area! “Christine said.”i was just as suprised to hear that you were in the area.”rojer said. “I had no idea that you had joined star fleet.i did not see you as a military type !”he said.”now rojer! Star fleet is not a military organization. We explore the glalaxy. “She said.”it is stil a hierarchial organization with strict disclipline and structure. Not my cup of ractigino. “Dr. Rojer corby said.
“Why i am suprised rojer. You seam like someone that enjoys stucture and disclipline!”she said.”perhaps. While i am a work a holic and a little on the stoic side only to a point. Just because we were no longer a couple did not mean that we could not be partners. You were an important part of the team.”he said.
“My heart was not in it any more. “Christine said. “I gues i can understand that. “Rojer said.”we needed time apart. “Christine said. “Perhaps we did. Now ?”he asked. “I am happy where i am rojer. “She said.”i gues i am not suprised. When you persue something,you go all in. “Rojer said. “I do. “She said. “I missed you !”korby said.
U.s.s enterprise
Miranda entered the sickbay. “You wanted to see me?” Miranda asked. “Please come in ! I was hoping to get some readings on you. I was hoping i could find your relitives!”dr. Mcbanga said.
“You believe that my family may be born in the federation?”miranda asked. “Well most humans originated on earth. It stands to reason that there has to be some relitive somewhere in the federation. Memory prime has exstsnsive data!” The doctor said. “I figured i would be an enomily all my life!”she said. “You are seven right?”he asked. She laughed.
Lt. Tim Mathews was working out in the gyim. He liked to work out. He was on a tread mill. He then went though a run though the ship.
It was odd being alone on the ship without sotril. He would make the best of it he suposed. It was only a few days.
Acording to planitary law,beams in could only take place in designated area. They made sure to beam In to a  designated area.
Leslie and galloway beamed into the planet near the safarie zone. Some remote zones are off limits to all but indigenous animal life. There were other areas that alowed limited contact by humanoid life.
“Hear we go!”galloway said. “Are you sure that this is safe?”Leslie asked. “Yes it is. “Galloway said. “Ok i will take your word for it!”Leslie said. “You have to be really qiet. “Galloway said. They crotched and qietly moved though the woods. They hoped to be able to see various animals. While Galloway was interested in seing plants as well but Leslie was not.
Would they see anything ? They both hoped that they would. They had no idea what would come of this expedition.
U.s.s enterprise
  Julianne found a group of officers planing to head to the planet. This group included transporter chief takigawa,yeoman smith, irina and orthers.”ready ?” Kellerwitz asked. They said they were and they headed to the transporter.
“Must be weird being on the receving end of the transporter!”smith asked.”i have used it before. Manny times. “Takigawa said. They got on the pad. The chief activated the controls. The team beamed on to the planet.
Planet park
“So how have you been? It feels like foever sence i saw you!” Tomlinson said. “I know it. I have been good. We have contacted three new species. I have had to learn three new languages. My job has been majorly in vougue lately !”Angela said. “I can imagine. Myine has too.”he said.
“I heard about that. You delt with kahn,the organians and probably orthers!”she said. “I have not been borred!”he said.
“You gave me quite a scare. When i heard that the enterprise had vanished,i feard the worse. I was so glad when i heard that you and the enterprise was ok. ” Angela said.He kissed her.
“I get woried. You and i have dangerous ocupations. Sometimes i fear one of us will be killed before we can get maried. “She said. “I know. I try not to think about it. I would be lying if i said i did not. “Robert said. “Don’t go and die on me lt. That is an order!”she said. “Yes sir. I gues you do outrank me technicaly!”he said smiling. “Yes i do!” She said.
Mescha decided to take a nap. She could not get to sleep. She almost gave up and got back up.then she fell asleep.
She saw the lighting cretures. They were every where. They struck fellow crewman.all she could do was watch. The cretures avoided her. They did damage to the crew. She woke up in a cold swet. She decided to give up on a nap.
End of part two
Specilist robery Tomlinson was killed in “balience of terror”in the prime universe on his weding day. They never did get formerly maried. He was to mary Angela martine teller.
Lt commander kelowitz was a frequent recurring character during the first season of the original star trek.
Lt dapaul apeared in”arena”and taste of Armageddon ” he was a helm officer. The actor sean kennaly also played the cripled captain pike.
Lt. Spineli was helm officer in space seed.
Rojer corby apeared in what are little girls made of?

“Lower echalon” part one

Alternative titles
“Rising stars” “other half”
“Captain’s log, the planet tricea has invited a federation starship senior staf to paticipate in a planet wide meating. The meating is part business but pegentry. It is reminiscent of the native American pow row. Usually off worlders are not alowed to paticipate. We have been alowed to attend. “Addison said.
U.s.s enterprise
“I am not alowed to have my comnunicator in the room. In an emergentcy i can be reached though the porter!” Addison said.
“I understand sir!”kyile said. “Commadore Wesley is near by. You can always contact star base 12.”she said. “I got it!” Kyile said.”manny will be going on shore leave. Just make they understand they are clear on star fleet rules on leave on non aligned worlds. Have them refer to star fleet general orders. You may want to brush up on them as well!”she said.
“I will addy!”kyile said. “Your cleared for clasified bulitens. “She said. “I know the pricedure and i know my responsibilities. “Kyile said.
The two entered the transporter room. “You want me to go now don’t you?”Addison said.”look i know the enterprise is just as mutch one of your kids as sarek and hannah but i can do this. I am a gradute of mit and Oxford and star fleet command school. I am a skiled engineering and command officer. I know what I’m doing !”he said.
“Ok. I trust you. I really do. I will leave you now. Good luck!”Addison said. “You too Addison !” Kyile said. “Coordinates set!”takigewa said.”enerzize!”She said. The chief activated the beam. The captain was beamed to the planet.
“If she tries to beam back up .. pretend you did not hear it!”kyile said.” Understood! ” the chief said. He chuckled.
“I have to prove that i can handle this don’t i?”kyile said. “Its not you. If ryian were in command she would worry. “Takigawa said.”i know! I don’t take it personaly. “Kyile said. “You will be fine john!”he said.
“Your sure your ok?” Nurse christine chepel asked. “Yes. Chris you traned a great nursing staf. I can muddle though for the next few days. I assure you i will be fine!” Dr. Mcbanga said.
“I can stay!”chepel said. “You need a break. I am not sure your choice of how you plan to leave is the best idea. “He said.
“Yes i think it is. Look rojer was my fiencae but he has been a good friend a lot longer. “She said. “Be careful. I just don’t want to see you hurt!”dr. Mcbanga said. “I apreciate that. I will be careful. ” christine told him. “Alright!” Dr. Mcbanga said.
Shartle bay
A shartle bay came into the bay.the craft came in and landed. The scout ship completed the landing procedure. Lt. Robert Tomlinson was watching the craft comming in.
The door opened,a young women in a starfleet yellow dress. It was his fiencae angella martine teller.
“Angela !”Tomlinson said smiling. She lit up as soon as she saw him. He ran over to her and gave her a great big hug. The last time he saw her was after the incident with the Taiwan when they were held by the intergatic body. He saw an alien representation of Angela recently.
“I missed you!”robert said. “I missed you!” Angela said. They left the hanger bay walking hand in hand. The door closed behind them.
Qurters of ensign mescha davis.
Ensign davis was haunted by a previous mission. Memories would randomly come in to her.mind. the chime rang.
She did not hear it at first. She finally heard it. She opened the door. It was yeoman smith. “Are you ok?”smith asked. “Yes of course!”davis said.
“Are you sure?”smith asked. “Yes i am. A buch of us are going to part of the planet that does not observe the assambly. It is a high turest area want to come?”smith asked. “No i am not much of a tourest”davis said.”are you sure?” Smith asked.”yes but thank you! ” davis said.”ok!”smith said. The yeoman left.
“The area is mostly desolate. There are plenty of animal and plant life!” Galloway said.”you want to observe? ” leslie said. “Yes. That is it!” Galloway said.”i am not sure this is quite my cup of tea!” Leslie said. ” Come on! Will you come? I need someone to come with me!” He said. “Alright ! I will go with you. I hope i don’t regret this!”he said.
Checov ran to catch up with irina galiunion. He called her naime several times.finally she caught up with her. “Irina!”checov said. “Hello pavil!”she said. “I vas vondering if you vanted to go out somevhere on the planet?”he asked. “Pavil ve are not a couple any more!”she said.”i know that!”he said. “I am sorry. This is just not a good idea!”she said.
“Your probably right. I am sory i brought it up!”checov said.”no its ok!”she said. Then they dispersed.
Tim Mathews walked though the coridor. He said hi to yeoman Julianne hewit and a few orthers. He went to his qurters. He missed sotril. He decided to make the best of it. It would be a long time.
End of part one