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Interstellar law part 7

“Captain’s log unbeknownst to us we had an intruder abored this whole time. Lenore karidien a young women who was abored the Taiwan before she was detained is acualy a sabotour. One whose intent is to do damage to the enterprise. ”
“I will kill this man captain!” Lenore said. ” Chief get your man out of hear!” Addy told him.”sir? “Pitcarin asked. “Chief i can handle this! Go thats an order!”she said.
Chief pitcarin and the enginers except for kyile who was a hostege begun to flood out. “What do you want lenore!”Addison said. ” You should have listened to naruka captain!” Lenore said. “I very much doubt we would have just been premitted to leave. Mr. Quzert has been buisy whiping the other deligates into a frenzy. “Addison said.
Addison decided to ram lenore. Shw threw enginer kyile out of the way. Gioto fired on lenore. Lenore repelled the phaser fire.
Gioto stoped fireing. The security officers began to leave. “Gioto hold your ground!” She said. The entire security team including commander giotto left engineering.
“I figured we should talk in private. Addy. I’m suprise you permit your crew to call you by your first name. Not very professional for someone who usually runs a tight ship'” lenore said.
” due to the nature of our mission i sometimes have to push them to the breaking point. I push some protical aside. I want them to see that though I’m tough. I am a real person. “She said.
She went at lenore. Lenore struck her. “The vulcan blocked my control !” Lenore said. “I don’t like having telipathic markers in my head. “Addison said.
Addison slamed lenore to the wall.lenore fought back. The two rolled on to the ground. Lenore punched Addison. Addison deflected and struck lenore. Lenore fell backwards.
“Addison ! You can’t defeat me!” Lenore said. Lenore hit Addison. She fell to the ground. She got back up.
She went for the phaser witch was on the ground. Lenore tried to retreve it. The two fought it out. They traded jabs.
Addison thought to herself “man i wish i had extra sensory perception!” She did not. She would her mundane perception and abilities to defeat this whatever it was. She was able to distract the attacker long enough to pick up a phaser.
She fired on the image. The phaser hit her. She stunbled. For a minute the image faided. ” Its useless Addison ! You can’t defeat me! “The lenore image said.
Lenore punched on Addison. She struck her. Addison was knocked out. She headed for the engines. Her plan was to destroy the enterprise.
With one of the premere vessels in star fleet destroyed while in orbit of the headquarters of the league of interstellar law,the federation wi blame the league. The federation will boycott the league. League ships will defy the boycot. It will lead to war. That was what the anipovnoids will qietly build while the universe battled it out. They will pick up the peaces”
  The image went to the engines. The image was about to go inside the engines. Soon the engine would be destroyed.
The image was hit. Sotril began a mild meld. The image was faided. Addison woke up.
“We are not out of the woods Addison !”the vulcan said. She helped her up. “Agreed. “She said.
The two went to the security room. “Is this going to work?” Addison asked. “I am not sure!” The vulcan said. “I figured!” Addison said.
She began a meld. “My mind to your mind! My thoughts to your thoughts! “Sotril said.
Kayseak was on his ship. He felt something. ” kaysheak! Kayshiek!”Addison said. “What is going on?” The anipovnoid asked.”i am giving you a taste of your own medicine! How do you like being on the receving end ambassador!” She asked.
“Even if you defeat me. The seed has been sowed. Many worlds in the league don’t like you. That won’t change. The seeds of war have been firmly planted. “The ambassador said.
“Mayby. The federation is not interested in war. We seak peace! “Addison said. “You do but orthers do not. Your vioce will be drowned out'” the ambassador said.
“Do you have it!” Dr. Pipper asked. “Not yet !”palmer said. “Addison we are not ready yet!” Dr. Pipler said.
“We will defeat you ambassador . You know why. We are not war like but we are not ignorent. We used to be. Unfortunately it was not that long ago. We know what to look for. We will be watching. “She said.
“We are ten steps ahead of you! We have every thing planed. You have come into the game too late to afect a meaningful oppisition to our plans.  We will win ! In truth we already have. “Kaysheak said.
“Got it ! ” palmer anounced. ” Send it to tackicawa!” Dr. Pipper ordered. “Sending!” Palmer said.
“Well i hope you know what your doing. Even the best planed strategy usually does not yield the intended results. There are always unforseen veriables,unseen forces. Nothing ever goes quite acording to plan. You know another key point to consider?” Addison said.
“What is that?” The ambassador asked. There was multiple transporter beams. Several security teams led by dr. Danner emurged in the area. “Never mess with Addison mccomic!” She said.
Office of naruka
“Ambassador kaysheak and mr. Quzert cooked up this scheme together. Mr. Quzert would atempt to take over the league. The anipovnoids will qietly build. The fact is this was a plot by these two !” Addison said.
“There will be an enquiry . We do things in a certain way. I see no reason to hault the trial. We can retract the confeson sence it was coerced. “The prosicutor said.
“Oh no! Dismiss the charges!” Addison said. “These are serious aligations!” Crete said.
“These ‘aligations’ are a bunch if targ manure and you know it mr crete. You got hood winked and now you don’t want to own up to it. I am leaving with the taiwan and her crew!” Addison said.
“We have procedures and they will be folowed. The trial will go foward. The crew will remane in custidy. ” The secritary general said.
“Oh no! No way! We are leaving. The taiwan is coming too. “She said. “The ships won’t let you. I will activate article three. The ships in orbit won’t let you leave!” Naruka said.
“Well my good friend matt decker is on his way. He is bringing a few friends. No big deal. “She said.
“You would risk war?” Crete asked. “You risk war ! You started this! ” Addison said. “You would not send an invasion force to this planet?”crete said. “We will see!” Adison said.
” ok hear is my offer? The trial will go foward. The crew may leave. They will be tried in absentia. The taiwan will be released. The blokade will be continued unles the members want it!”naruka said.
“It will have to do! I want the prisonors released at once!” She said. “I will isue the order right away!” Crete said. 
“Captain’s log the crew of the taiwan and the ship has been released. We are leaving league space at high warp.  We will be heading to star base 10. ”
“I’m sorry mr. Leslie! “Addison said. “It happends. Not this particular case but you know what i meen?” He said. “Captain kravnosky is taking a leave of absence from the fleet. I understand you have a few transfers!”shaw said. “Ensign davus,dr.mcbanga are transfering!” She said.
The door opened. “How bad is it?” She asked . “Bad. They got a lot of pur security codes defenses. We are vanerable!”gioto said. “We will work to change our codes. It will take time. “Shaw said. “The league is claming we bulied them!”cogly said.
“We bulied them! Probably the fleet will stay close to home until this crises is over!” Addison said. “We will be back!” Shaw said. “Yes we will!” She said.
The enterprise went to warp.


Interstellar law part six

“Captain’s log. I have a sneaking suspicions that this whole afair was a trap to lure the enterprise hear. Why i don’t know. The league of interstellar law may have been the victom of a hostile takeover by a mysterious alien race with extra ordinary empathic powers called the anipovnoids. The nature of there plot is not known.

“Your brain scans show signs of telipathic activity. Someone has been pocking around in there!” Pipper said.
“He was taunting me. Perhaps he used some form of mind control on captain kravnosky. ” Addison said. “This could be a way to establish a pathway!” Ryian said.
“Could this be the beginning of some kind of plot to infiltrate the federation? A prelude to an invasion?” Gioto said. ” even with extraordinary mental abilities. Could one man perpitrate an invasion by himself ?” Ryan asked. “I very much doubt he is by himself !” Sotril said. 
The door opened,shaw and cogly entered. “Our good friend quzert is working the deligates. “Shaw said. “He is trying to push for sanctions ! ” cogly said. ” mr. Quzert has a long reputation for being anti federation. I think he is acting on his own !”shaw said. “You think he is cohoots with kayshaek?” Giito asked. “I would not be suprised.” Addison said. “Sotril if he has made some kind of nexis with me,can you remove it?”Addison said. ” i believe i can. “Sotril said. “Please do! I am really not interested in being part of the anipovnoid’s evil plan to take down the federation. I rather like the federation!” She said. Sotril got to work.
Qurters of lenore
“I am scared paul!” She said. “Lenore i want let anyone hurt you! I promise!” Lt. Leslie said. She held on to him. “I’m sorry! “She said as she pulled away. “No its ok! “He said. He held her tight.
Her eyes emited a pulse that knocked the l.t out. He fell to the ground unconscious. She pased though him. She was ablt to link with him.
She took out a device. “I have the information !” She said. “Good! Transfer it to me at once!”kayshaek said. “Sending now!” She said.
League council chamber
“Mr. Sectratary in light of recent revilations, we call on this security council to impose sanctions the human coilition and we call on a blakade of all collition ships including freighter and convoys!” The nazaka ambassador said. The tholien ambassador secconded the motion.
“Mr. Secritary the evidence is hardly compeling. I cannot see reason to do this as this time!” A galimite deligate said.
The galimite was bood. ” The captain of that ship confessed. They should be made to suffer! “The nazaka declared. The crowd claped and cheared.
“Silience. This chamber will be in order. There is a motion on the floor! Those who suport sanctions vote now. Those apossed. The vote has caried!” The secritary said. The anipovnoid votted no.
“This is unessary and a dangerous course of action'”the galimite said.
Enterprise bridge
  “We are being hailed! It is the secritary general !”palmer said. “On screen !” She said.
On the view screen,the grazella apeared. “Captain! Your federation has been declared to be a rougue regime. You should leave!”he said.
“Not without the tawain and her crew!”she said. “You know that’s not posible! “Naruka said. “Your placing justification for stif penalties on evidence you know to be false. Your league has lost all credibility Mr. Secritary!” Addison said.
“The league is the universes best hope for peace captain. We set the stage for universe law!” Naruka said. “I can’t disagree more! ” Addison said.
“Id you stay i am not sure i can gurente your safty.” Naruka declared. “You claim to be part of an organization that believes in the rule of law yet this looks more like mob rule !” Addison said. ” I wish you well!” He said. The message faided.
“He is quite a diplomat. Lousy leader but good diplomat!” Addison said. ” What do we do now!” Dasale asked.
“Incoming message !”palmer asked. “The sacritary wants a second round?” Addison asked. “Negitive! Its anton kardien!”palmer said. “I will take it in the conference room!” Addison said. “Transfering now!” Palmer said.
She got up and went to the confrence room. She activated the view screen. On the screen was an older man. She recognized him as the actor anton keridien.
“Hello anton! It is good to talk to you!”Addison said. “And you Addison ! You have to see one of my plays. This week we are doing the tempest. Lenore is wowing the audience as usual !”he said.
“Lenore is with you?” Addison asked. “Where else would she be. I hardly let her out of my sight! Pitfalls of a single perent i gues. “He said. “Its good talking to you but i have to go. “She said. “Can we talk later?”he asked. “Yes!” She said.
“Computer !” She said. The computer started cherping. “Working !” The computer said.”locate lenore karidien! “She said.” Lenore karidien is in engineering !”the computer said.”crap! Addison to commander giotto ! I need a security team to converge on engineering . Order them to be discrete. Don’t do anything until i arive!” Addison said.
“Every thing looks good!” Kyil said.”keep checking. I don’t want any surprises in case we find ourselves In a combat situation. “The chief engineer commented.
Lenore entered. “Mam you really should not be hear!” Mr. Kyile said. “Oh I’m sorry. I did not meen to intrude. “She said.
  Gioto galloway and other security officers entered but kept there distent. Then Addison entered.
“Lenore! What is going on?” Addison said. ” I don’t understand captain!” She said. “You say your acting company is performing king leer? “She asked.”yes!” Lenore said. “Your farther said they were permorming the tempest. He also said you were playing Miranda. What is going on?”Addison asked.
  “As you wish captain. “Lenore said. Lenore grabed kyile. She took his phaser and aimed it at him. “Tell your people to back off or this person dies!” She said.  End of part 6

Interstellar law part five.

Uss enterprise sickbay.
“Would you stop pocking and proding me mark?” Adison asked.”you dodged an explosive. I am going to give you a through examination. “Dr. Pipper proclamed.
“I am perfectly fine!” She said. “I would be able to make that determination if you would stay still. ” Dr. Pipper said. “I am trying ?” She said. “Try harder. This will go quicker if you cooperate!” Nurse chepel said. “Fine!”she answered.
The door opened. “You gota be more carefull!”ryian said. “I was. That was what i thought until it happened!”addison said. “Addison,the explosive is orion but it can be perchased on the black market. It was a fairly low yield. Either a warning or ment to target a few people !” Commander gioto said.
“Anyone take credet?”Ryan asked. ” three. The army of the lord and sal. Free pretora and an extreme faction of eden group. ” Gioto said.
“I take it we are not taking any of these clams seriously ?”Addison asked . ” We are not players in free pratoris crises. Eden mayby. It still does not make sance!” Smith said.
” Is this conected to the trial?” Ryan asked. “Who knows?” Addison said. ” The planet security is investigating. I am not sure i trust them. “Gioto said. “I am pretty sure i don’t! ” ryan said.
“Bridge to captain. There is a hearing tomorrow. Apearently captain kravnosky has asked to make a satement to the tribuneral ! “Palmer said. ” This could be interesting !” Ryan said.
Council chamber
“Captain mccomic?”the anipovnoid asked. “Ambassador keratshia !” She said. “I am pleased you were not seriously injured in the attack ! “The ambassador said.
“Your concern is touching ambassador . “She said. “I never saw it comming. You becoming commanding officer of the enterprise! It is a most enlightened turn of events. “He said. “I am glad you aprove!”she said. “Some day our two people will go to war!” The ambassador said. “We don’t chose war. If we have no chioce we will defend ourselves. “Addison said. “Believe me ! You will have no orther chioce! ” keratshia said. “Why tell me this?”she asked.
“hear we are diplomats. We can migle,have this plesent conversation. “He said. “You relish war?” She asked. “I don’t fear it ! I don’t believe it should be avoided. Good day captain. I wish you good health !”he said.
She went into the courtoom and sat down.”you ok? ” liz asked.” One of the deligates realy freked me out. I have no idea how to take it!” She said.
” This court is in order! “The judge said. The room came into order very quickly. “Captain kravnosky you have a satement for the court?”the judge asked. Addison observed the anipovnoid who seamed to somehow control the man. “I do mr. Chairman! “He said. “You may speak!” The chairman said. ” mr. Chairman. We falsified the evidence. There were no orions. We destroy the vessel believing it to be a threat. It was a civilian vessel. “The captain said.
“there is no way! The sansors log cannot be altered! ” pitcarin said. ” I know !”Addison said. “This is very unusual ! They cant believe that we would fall for this!”‘pitcarin said. “They know it won’t convince. It not about that,it not proof but an excuse.  this alows the interstellar law leugue to deal with us. Every one will suport it!”she said.
” You declare to this court and to this universe that you fired on one ship . There were no orions?”the judge asked. “That is corect !” He said.
The court room went to a frenzy. There was phrases like down with ths federation and There was hang the man. Finally the court calmed down and order was restored. 
“Due to the confesson,thr tribuneral may consider that in there deliberation of sentence.”the judge said.
“Alright i am going to see chairman naruka. Return to the ship ! No one is to beam down!”she ordered. ” Addy should int you return to the enterprise?”Ryan asked. “I have to go talk to the secritary. I will be fine!” She said.
Ryan was not asured. There relationship was complex. Addison was a complex person. She was a girlie girl in many ways. She also could rebuild an engine during a battle with the Klingon and romulins. She was bold. She was fearless. He was different. He was shy,more reserve. He perfered to be behind the scenes in a suport role. She scared him at times. He feared she would bite off more then she could chew.
Office of secritary general naruka.
“Any sixth grader any where knows that sansor logs cannot be altered. A fabricated file can be detected. This totally puts the ligitimacy of this leage into question. ” Addison said.
“The court is independent from the general assambly. I have no jurisdiction over it!”he said. ” Your organization is undergoing a hostile take over. It is becoming the propiganda arm for rougue planitary nations. I plead with you to do something ! “Addison said.
“I cannot help you. You will. Have to go to the juducial arm of our organization ! “He said.
“I had hopes for you mr. Secritary. I thought you were a resonible man.  Your not who i thought you were. “Addison said.
“Things are prety tense?”lenore said. “We are in for all intense and perposes hostile space. While technicaly we have diplomatic rank,that is tenuous. We are on our own!” Leslie said.”you think we will make it?”she asked. He took her hand. “You will be in a production of king leer before you know it?” He said. “Ok!”she said.
” captain! We have identified several people near the explosion before it ocured. There was one who seemed to expect something. He was unphased after. Ambassador ketshaya!” Gioto said.
” He seemed to be controling the captain!”pitcarin said.” I think he is the architect of all this! “Liz said.
“I agree! We can’t get a fair trial. We call for back up,we look like the agressor!” Addison said. “I’m guessing that is what they want!” Dr. Pipler said. “I think so! Look gioto,pitkarin can you design a virus that will whipe the memory of that ship?”Addison asked. ” yes we can! It is not clear how much data they already have!” Ryan said. “Get it ready just in case! ” she ordered.”aye sir!”they said. ” what about the taiwan crew? “Dassale asked. “I wont leave them behind. We will get them out!” Addison said.
The crew was on high alert. They prepared for potential battle. They got ready.
Addison decided to get some shut eye. She fell asleep. She was inside fog. There was nothing else. “Addison ! Adison! There are monsters in the fog! I am the monsters and the fog! You know who i am! I am coming for you Addison ! It was never about the tawan. It was about you and the enterprise! Crushing the head won’t kill the body but it wil criple you. I will crush your federation without fireing a schot! ” The shadow man said.
“Who are you?”Addison asked. In the dream she wore a night gowan and was barefoot. “You know who i am !” The shadow man said. The man came out of the shadows. It was the anipovniod. She woke up.
“Addy you ok?” Ryan asked. ” Yea I’m ok. The anipovnoid. I think they have telipathic abilities . Unlike Vulcans,i don’t think they require touch. I think he can project himself. I think he is behind all of this! None of us is safe!” Addison said.
End of part five

Interstellar law part four

“The court will be in order!” The judge said. Finally silience swept though the court room.
“Captain kravnosky do you intend to plea guilty ?” The gorn jurest inquured. “Yes mr. Chairman! I am pleading guilty !”kravnisky said.
“What is going on?”lt. Commander giotto asked. “I wish i knew !” Addison said. ” Do you speak for the crew or yourself !” The judge asked. “Myself !” He said.
” Very well. We will revisit the plea of the crew at another date! ” the judge said. “Mr. Chairman defense advocate ask we set aside the plea until i can consult with my client!” Commander shaw asked. “I object. I see no evidence of coersion. I move the plea be acepted!” Mr. Crete said.”i see no reason to delay this procedings. The plea is acepted. We will revisit the matter later!” The judge said. The courtroom was ajurned.
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
“They would not let mr. Cogley or myself talk to the captain. They claim that he does not want consul. ” Commander shaw said.
“His tone was unusual. It was not scripted but disjointed. It seamed to be forced somehow. It did not seam like him!”liz said.”he could have been druged. Without a close scan i canot be sure!”dr. Pipper said. “The fact that they won’t let us see him is quite odd! ” gioto said.
“What is the end goal? Make people not like us. Slap sanctions on us?” Dassale said. “The league as a whole does not like the concept of the federation. There are races who are enemies for the most part.”sotril said. ” It could be a ploy to get us to do something rash! ” pitcarn said. “I have considered that.”Addison said. “His confesson dooms the iner circle. My gues is that they will convict the first officer and a few orther senior bridge officer. The rest they may get a conviction but let them go,they may even let them all go. They want the conviction !”cogly said.
” We have to get the ship back. That is a big threat. Every rougue group can use it to build defenses ans get an uper hand !” Gioto said. ” we will keep on things. I am not ready to make any moves yet!” Addison said.
U.s.s enterprise.
Lt. Leslie rang the chime. The door opened. She smiled when she saw who it was. ” I was wondering if i could show you around the ship!” The lt said. “I would like that!” Lenore karidian said. “Excellent ! Is now a good time?” He asked. “Now us a great time!” She answered.
“This is one of my favorite views!” Leslie said. “It is beutiful.”she said. “Space is just as woundrus as it was the first time i left earth. I fugured the alure would ware off. It has not yet! It may  but it has not yet!” He said.
“Are you an iddelest paul?”she asked. “Not really ! Although i am enginer and bridge officer,my primary duty is security . My duty requires me to cyinical. Being in a place like this tends to cool my cynism a little bit. “He said.
” Think a hundred years ago we had just started to branch out beyond our home space ! I wounder where we will be a hundred years from now!” She said. “I think the skies the limit!”he said. “I don’t believe that you are a cynic!” Lenore said.
“It makes no sense captain!”commander jannice lester said as she paced in her cell. She wore a blue v neck scrubs witch was worn by prisoners of the i.c.c.
“He vowed to fight this with every fiber of his being. Now they wont let us talk to him. Something is up! Lester said.
“I thought the same thing jan. I don’t know what! ” she said. “If i suddenly change my plea. You know something is up! I know what happened! I know this is a bunch of targ manure!” She said. “Tell me how you really feel! I will get you out of hear janice!”she said. “I know you will Addison ! ” jannice said.
She left the cell. She went outside. “Mccomic to enterprise! “She said. No one responded. She really wished she had her phaser. They would not permit it. She ran. There was an explosion. Addison roled around. She made it out.
Uss enterprise
Conference room
“Tim! “Sotril asked. “Yes hun?” He said. ” Do you resent that i left you?”she asked. ” No of course not sweet heart!”he said. He hugged her. ” I am concerned that you mught change your mind on that latter.”she said. “I wake up next to you every morning. I fear this is just a dream. I wake up and see your hear. This is real. I don’t see that changing. I wish it had happened differently. I am not going to lie. I was hurt but i understand. I know why it happened. “He said.” there is something i need to tell you!” She said. ” I already know. “Tim said. “You do? Your ok with it?” She asked. ” Definitely ! I am not too suprised. ” tim said. “Nor am i ?” She said. ” Am i going to be the odd man out? The most ilogical in our family ?” He asked. “We could get a dog! “She said. “So yes i am going to be the odd man out! Tim said. “Bridge to commander sotril. Your needed on the bridge !” Palmer said.
Addison had servived the attack . No one was injured or killed. The goal was to send a message. Behind the ruble was a tall alien.the alien head and stomich resembled a human. The creture had one limb. It was a big. The alien was ten feet tall. It was an anipovnoid.
End of part four

Interstellar law part three

“Captain’s log, i am beeming down to the serface along with doctor,piper,nurse chepel and lt. Commander arial shaw and Samuel t cogley. The medical team is to evaluate there health and well being. I am to meat with the secritary general uda naruka. ”
Addison,dr. Pipper,nurse chapel,shaw and cogley emurged on the pad. “Captain mccomic ! I am maris halza chief of staff to sacritary naruka! “He said.
“This is dr. Mark pipper. He is in charge of medical team!”mccomic said. ” dr. If you follow mr. Crete he will show you to the acused!” Halza said. “I would like to meat with them after the medical evaluation !”cogley said. “That can be aranged. ” Crete said.
Crete did not seam happy about this. He had no chioce. The decision had been made up the chain of command and he was bound by it.
“I wil bring you to the secritary? ” halza said. “Of course. We will catch up later mark?” Addison said. “You got it!” Pipper said.
The office looked like a forest. The secritary tried to make it look like his home world. He woundered if his sucsesor would revert it back,keep it or make the office look like his home world.
“Mr. Secritary!”Addison said. “Captain mccomic ! I understand your not much for formality! May i call you Addison ?”he asked.”of course! “She said.
“How do you like my office?” He asked. “Its different ! “She said.”you know we live outside. No houses. Diplomats from other planets hated it. We designated an area far away from the capital witch can have stuctures. Apearently we have a reputation as an independent vioce of reason!”he said.
“I hope that is the case! Why dredge up this case. The ship was clearly a combatent. It was part of the orion fleet. ” Addison said.
“Why not put it to the test? If the crew of the taiwan is inocent,why not let the process play out? “Naruka said. ” This seams cut and dry. I don’t know you but it seams mr crete either is trying to make a name for himself or is being used to make a mounton out of a mole hill!” She said.
“Mr. Crete is a professional. He is only seaking the truth. If the crew is inocent they have nothing to worry about!”naruka said. ” I understand that. Justice must be fair,eaquil and blind. I am not sure there is not an agenda hear. ” Addison said.
“This will be fair. We believe in the principle of the rule of law.” Naruka said. “Can you speak for every one in the group ?”she asked. “I canot speak to every one in my organization . We are not monolithic Addison. “He said.  “Another thing. We wish the tawan returned to us. It is federation property. “She said.
“It is evidence. The security council has ordered it terned over to mr. Crete. ” he said.
Dr. Pipper and his team was brought to the detention area. The crew of the taiwan’s uniform was replaced with a two peice blue scrubs. “Can your men back up a bit?”piper asked.
“You have gotten yourself in quite a pickle uri!”pipper said. “Would not be the first time mark. My first officer jannice lester! “He said. Mark checked her out after examoning the captain.
“Angela ! Bob says hi. He is thinking about you! “Chepel said. “Tell him i miss him!” She said. “I will!”the nurse said. “Have you been treated ok?” Cogley asked. “We have been treated fine! Better then fine! More like guest. The fun comes after we are convicted i supose!” The captain said. “Well i hope to avoid that last part!”commander shaw said. “Don’t count on it!” Crete said.
Rec room
U.s.s enterprise
“You look down paul?”lt. Galloway said. “During our visit to the league i am persona non grata!”leslie said. “You can understand why?”galoway said. “I can. I stil don’t like it! ” he said.
A young women came in. It was lenore. Leslie went up to her.”hi there I’m lt. Leslie. Excuse me paul!” He said. “It is good to meat you. “She said.
“Your kinda exiled hear until the trial is over!” Galloway said. “Well my production crew will miss me but we can make a big to do about my trumphent return performance when i get back. I can see star fleet in action. “Lenore said. “I think we are the best crew in the fleet!”leslie said. “From what i have seen,i am quite impresed!” She said.
“I would like for commander shaw and i to be alone with my clients! “Cogley said. “That is not premisible!” Crete said. “The gaurds can remain. You don’t need to be hear mr crete. I need to be able to talk freely with them!”he said. Crete left in a huff.
  “Do we have a chance?”lester asked. “There is always a chance! It will be tough!” Shaw said. “I like a challenge !” Cogley declared.
Sotril was looking over paper work. Tim leened in and kissed her neck. “I am trying to work. “She said. “Dont mind me!”he said. “There is kinda hard with you leening over me!”she said. “I could see that!” He said.
  “Hold on come hear!” She said. She huged him and they kissed. “I really need to get some work done. Don’t you have something to file? “She asked. “Ok i will get out of your hair! I will catch up with you after you get off!”he said. “Agreed!” Sotril said.
He went to the door. “Tim! I love you!”sotril said. He smiled. “I love you!” He said. Odd he thought . Just being around her made him smile.
U.s.s enterprise
Conference room
“They are in good health.all indications are they are being well treated!”pipper said. “Right now they are treated more like guest. There cells resemble hotel room. They are well fed. ” Shaw said. “I get the impression this is a game to them! I think they want to make us look bad!” Cogly said.
” Don’t they risk us looking resoniable while they look like bulies. ” Gioto Asked.
“It is difficult to know what there agenda is? “Sotril said. “The first hearng is tomorrow ! “Shaw said. “Are you ready?”Addison asked. “Yes !”she said.
Court room.
“Where is sotril?” Liz asked . “She was not feeling well! “The captain said. “Oh! “Piper said. “Is that not omeal quzart?”gioto said. “Why is he in the prosicutor’s box?” Dr. Piper asked. “I don’t know. He is an activist. ” Liz said.
  “Look its the tribeneral bored!”pitcarin said. “Rougue gallery. We have anipovnoids,tholien,kzinti,at least there is a few impartial races sutch as the argelian!” Gioto said. “How can they possibly get a fair trail? The deck seams stacked against them!” Liz said.
Then the presiding judge got up to the chief judge’s bench. It was a gorn. “This aleviates my fear!”Addison said.
“This court is in order! This is the case of the universe vrs commanding officer and crew of the taiwan acuused of murder and destruction and crimea against sensients! What is your oficial response ?”the gorn jurest asked.
Shaw was going to rise. Suddenly captain kravnosky got up instead shocking every one. Addison got woried. Something was up. “We are guilty!”he said.
The court room went into an outrage. The judge had to restore order. What was going on?
End of part three

Interstellar law part two

U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
  At the confrence was captain mccomic,commander sotril,doctor pipper,dr. Danner, lt commander giotto, lt. Mathews,Ryan,lt. Dassale,yeoman smith,lt. Palmer and chief enginer pitcarin.
” Lt!”Addison ordered. ” the laugue of interstellar law was formed 400 years ago following the slaver war. The league inforces a series of treties agred upon following that war. The league was set up to enforce the articles of interstellar law and to encourage dialogue and diplomacy. To solve problem without violence and war fare. The united federation has agred in principle to the article but is not a member. There have been disagrements between the two. A lot of it is a turf war. The federation see the league as weak. The league sees the federation as just another intergalatic nation sate. The league has done some good. It has also bean used by member worlds in order to advance pet causes or to go after pet peaves. ” lt said.
“What is the case against the tawain?”Addison asked. ” It goes back to a year ago. The orions were using a outlying area of space near the federation border as a staging area for raids on shiping in several near by area. The uss tawain answered a distress call from a convoy. During a battle with the orions,one of the orion vessels was destroyed. The tawain crew clamed it was a combetent. A laurien named omeal quzert clamed that the ship was in the area and was not a combatent. The praliminary inquiry sided with the taiwan. Two orher inquiry also cleared the captain and crew. Mr. Quzert has been presing this to anyone who will listen!” Mathews said.
“The crew of the tawain is acused of murder and indiference and other charges. The league is alowing us to transport a ligal team consisting of samual t cogly and commander arial shaw. They have also agried to alow us to beam those who were not onbored at the time of the incident. I do need to say if we feel that the trial is not fair,we may have to atempt other meens if sicering there release. I hope to avoid that!”Addison said.
“I am concerned that the league may try to acess files not related to the event. While we have fairly good relations with the league as a hole,there are some members who we do not including the gorn,tholiens and anipovnoids and nazaka. If they acesed fleey strength and other data we might never recover!”gioto said.
” We are trying to retreve the ship as well! “Adison said. ” I will be debrefing the tawain crew to hopfuly find out how much they accesed. I want battle drils just in case. I want all non away team.members to remain on ship. There will be no leave. I want to avoid any of the usual diegnostic and maintinance usually associated with docking at a port of call. Are there any questiones. Dismished!”Addison said.the crew got up.
“Captain. Com officer lt. Angela martine,her fiencae is a weapons officer lt. Robert Tomlinson. “Tim said. “Thank you. I will arange to speak to him. “She said. Tim left the room.
“Sir. I did not want to mention it in the brefing but lt. Leslie served abored the taiwan during the incident. He should not be on any landing parties. ” Gioto said. “I will make sure he is not. Thank you for briging it to my attention. I will speak to him.mayby he has some insight!” Addison said.
“I hope I’m wrong. I have a feeling this is not going to go well. Then again i am a bit of a wory wart. Comes with waring a red shirt i gues. “He said.
“I have some misgivings about this mission myself. I am going to keep my eyes oppen. I intend to be very carefull. I know you will be watching . Please share your thoughts. I am going to need every one on this!” She said.”thank you i will!” He said.
  Office of security chief.
“Your grounding me on this mission ?”leslie said. “It nothing personal paul. You were on bores the tawian during the incident and diplomatic imunity may not apply. We don’t totally recognize this court. Its for the best'” gioto said.
“Captain kravnosky is a good men. I enjoyed serving under him!”leslie said. “Look Addison is a straght schooter. She won’t let the crew of the taiwan get the shaft. Sit tight!”gioto said. “That is not my nature neil! If it were you,could you sit on the side lines?” Leslie asked. ” Paul star fleet can be risky especialy for security personelle. We risk our lives when vital. It is not in this case. If you go your a libility. This is for the best. You can help in a suport role. If i know you,you will contribute to this misson. You always have come though when we have nedded yu. This time it has to be from behind the scenes. ” Gioto said. “Have you always been this much of a hard but?” He asked. “I am prety sure i was worse!”the commander responded.
Confrence room
“You wanted to see me captain?”Tomlinson asked. “Bob come in. I wanted you to know i will do all i can to get all of the crew of the tawan free including Angela !”Addison said. “Thank its meens a lot. I am really woried'”he said.
“I poord over the data. Every thing i have seen convinces me that that ship was conbative. I suspect that this is some beuracrat trying to make a naime for himself at the expense of the taiwan !”Addison said.
“Can they get a fair trial?” Robert asked. “I want let them be rail roaded. ” Addison said. “Thank you!”he said.
Later on bridge
“Now asuming orbit!” Ryian said.” Star base signals that they are ready to beam abored there advisors!” Lt. Palmer said.”Lets go meat our guest!” Addison said.
Transporter room
“Energizing now!” Transporter chief takicawa said. The chief activated the controls. The two emerged.
“I’m lt. Commander arial shaw! ” she said. “I’m samual t cogly atteorney at law!”he said. “You too have been briefed?”addison asked.”yes fully ! There is no case. Any grand jury would fail to indite!” Cogley said. “I know that. You know that. This might not be about the facts !” Addison said. “I hope cooler heads will prevail!” Shaw said. “As do we all!” Addison said. “Hopefully the judge will see though this case and dismiss it!” Cogley said.”i understand that you  have been fully brefed?”sotril said. “This is not my first trip to the rodeo commander!” He said. “Rodeo?”she said. “Not important. Am i a diverson or do i really have a job?”cogley said. “You do for now! ” Addison said. “That’s what i figured!” Samual said. They left the transporter room. The door closed behind them.
  The enterprise departed the star base and headed for the planet parliament. Capital of the league of interstellar law.
“Now ariving at the planet!” Ryian said. “Assume standered orbit! “Addison ordered. “Standered orbit acheved. ” dasalle anounced. “The leugue says they are ready to beam over the crew of the taiwan not charged!” Palmer anounced. ” Have them beamed abored at once! ” Addison ordered. ” Secritary general uda naruka. Of grazella has requested to meat with you at your erliest convenience!” Palmer said. “Arange for him to meat me in an hour”Addison said. “Grazela. Odd choice to be the leader. Grazela go though a laughty hybornation period. ” Piper said.”mayby its mostly cerimonial!” Tim said.
Transporter room
” Welcome abored. Please folow dr. Piper and nurse chepel for medical screning. After your settled in. I like for you to be debriefed. “Addison said. “I’m dr. Jubulio mabenga staf. Medical officer! ” he said.
” Ensign mesha davis weapons techinican. Relief officer. “She said.” Lenore karidien i was a civialian. I was on route to star base six. I am an actress. “She said. “I am sory for the inconvenience. Will you paticipate in the debrief?” Addison asked. “Anything i can do to help?” She said.
“I know you. Were you at elba two?” Lenore asked. “Your farther must be anton keridien. I remember you now! You visited him! You were a teenager then!” Addison said. “Yes. My farther is doing much better now. It seams so are you captain!” She said. “Yes!” She said.
They left the room. ” What was that about?” Dr. Piper asked. “Her farther is a celebrated actor. He had a nervous break down when i was a patcient on elba two. “She said.
“Excuse me commander are you ok?”mcbenga asked. “I am having trouble concintrating. I have experience sensitivity to light. I crave spicier foods!” Sotril said. ” I suspected as much! I did mt internship in vulcan. You should come for an exam as soon as your duties permit!” He said.
” Addy i want that man on my staf!” Piper said. “I see what i can do!”Addison said.
End of part two.

Interstellar law

U.s.s taiwan
“Captain’s log we have completed a survey of the legolas sector. Now heading for a nearby sector. Routine maintinance shows all system are functional. Ship and cree have done well. ”
  “Sir my com station is being jamed!”the com officer said.”are you sure ot is a jaming device!”the captain asked.”all system are functioning normally !”the com officer said. ” keep trying !”the captain ordered.
” Aye sir!”com officer Angela martine said. “Helm increase speed just in case!” Captain kragnovsky said. The helm officer lt. Farell agreed. The helm officer increased speed.
The ship was hit. “Report!” The captain ordered. “We have struck a mine. There is minimal damage!” The science officer anounced. Several ships arived.
“We are being hailed. Someone they have found a way to get pass the dampining field !”martine said.
“On screen! “The captain ordered. The com officer transferred the image to the view screen. “This is the league of interstellar law! You are under arest for war crimes! “The captain said. 
U.s.s enterprise -bridge
The turbo lift opened. “Captain on the bridge!” Yeoman smith said. “As you were!”captain Addison mccomic said.
“How was the brefing?” Lt. Commander gioto asked. “The whole fleet is on edge sense the taiwan vanished!”Addison said.
The door opened tim entered.”well arnt you just all smiles! How is maried life?”ryian asked “good except this russan security gaurd thought i was trespassing in sotril’s qurters! “He said.
“Your moving into her qurters?”the captain asked. “I am working on it. I am negotiating leting her let me bring my stufed and mountes targ. I’m nogitating,she is saying no in several laungreges! ” tim said. “Every mariege is give and take. Right ryian?”she said. “Yes love!”he said.
“You look really happy!”Addison said.”i am!”tim said.”who is next in the senior staf to tie the knot?”yeoman smith asked. “I nominate liz!”Addison said. “She is a bit of a walking frezer unit!”dassale said.
The door opened, sotril entered.she wispered to tim. “Hi sweet heart!”she took her station.
“What about you commander? “Smith asked. “I ware a red chances of living though the day are not verry good! “He said.”your a commander why not trsnsfer?” Pitcarin asked. “Medical would not take me!”gioto said. “I am not sure your cut out for the medical department !” Dr. Pipper said.
“What about mark? Planing on pairing off?”Addison said. “I think i am too old for that. “He said.
“Addy! I am picking up the latest transmission from the federation news service! There is an update on the Taiwan!” Lt. Palmer said.
“On screen !”Addison ordered. On the view screen was the transmison. Palmer hit play. “This breaking news,the uss Taiwan dissapered a week ago . Star fleet has had nemerous ships out looking for the vessel. We have just receved this satement from the leage of interstellar law! ” jesica Armstrong reported.
“I am erdon crete,chief prosicutor for the intergalatic criminal court for the league of interstellar law. The intergalatic police acting on my orders have caried out a lawful aprehension of the commanding officer and crew of the u.s.s Taiwan wich is under the aupices of the earth,vulcan andorian federation,they were indighted for crimes. The oficial charges will be published later today. “The myzarien said.
” we are going to be contacted by admiral komack any second now. Ryian lay in a course for star base ten!  Stand by!” Addison ordered.
“Addy you have an incoming message. Its admiral komack!” Palmer said. “Right on schedule. I will take it in the confrence room. Tim its time the records officer pull there weight around hear. Call up every thing on the league of interstellar law and the myzariens. I want a full report at the mission brief!”she said. “You got it! ” tim said.
Addison went to the confrence room and sat down. She fliped on the monitor. The image of admiral komack was displayed.
“Admiral!” She said. “I asume you heard the news!”he said. “I did! I asume you will want us to go to the league?”she asked.
“Yes stop off at star base ten. Pick up commander arial shaw and samual t cogly atterney at law. The league has agreed to alow the acused acess to medical and ligal council. They will alow the enterprise to go to the planet parliament. I am sending you every thing we have on the event in question including your own enquiry! Look we will cooperate providing this is a fair trail. If this becomes a circus…”he said. “I understand ! ” she said. “We will keep you in touch star fleet out!”the admiral said.
End of part one