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Ties that bind part four

The mccomic began to suspect that something was going on. They were not sure what was going on.
She picked up the newborn. Her step parents were not sure that she should hold her. They did not dare to intervene at least not yet. 
The baby seamed to be calm around the young lady. They decided not to protest. They were careful around the new arival.
“What bring you hear Alison ?” Mrs mccomic asked. “I have been out of the loop. I feal it is time to come back to the universe as it were! Time to complete some unfinished business !” She said.
  That satement made both of them very nervous. “You and addison are friends ?”mrs mcomic asked. “We used to be. Very close but then she betrayed me! Left me to die! I am not hear for a reureunion . I am hear to settle a score! “Alison said.
“What is this. About!”mr. Mcomic said. She took out a phaser and aimed it at them.”please put hanah down! ” the grand farther pleaded. “I won’t harm any of you as long as you do what i tell you . You must follow my instuctions to the letter.
“Please let us go! At least let the kids and sherry go. I will be your hostege!”he said. “Noble but i need all of you as hostege. Addy will do whatever it takes to get you back. I want that! “She said. “Whatever your diferences,this is not the way to solve this! ” mrs mccomic said. “It is the only way! I lost every thing because of her. Now i will repay her for all she did. “Alison declared.
She placed a series of large towers around the area. Then they beamed to an unknown location.
A few minutes later,an explosive went off. Only the house exploded. No other building was efected. It was a masege to addison.
The trubo lift opened,dr. Mark piper and nurse christine chapel entered the bridge. “As i live and breath mark. I never thought you would come out of retirement!”she said. “Retirement was not as much fun as i thought it would be!”piper said.”i told you so! ” she said.”i knew you were going to say that!”he said.”i am glad that you are hear!”she said. “They made the right decision making you c.o!”mark said. She thought to herself i hope so.
“Captain! You have an emurgentcy transmison from lt.commander kendle in concord!”lt. Palmer said. “Oh no!”she thought. ” Mr. Dashele i need you to assume command until commander satril geta back.”Addison said. “Aye sir!”the helm officer said. She ran to the transporter room. The crew was perplexed as to what was going on.
Transporter room
“I have the coordinances captain!”lt. Takigowa the transporter chief said. She thanked him and got on to the transporter pad. “Ready when you are!”the chief anounced. “Enerzize!”Addison ordered. The.chief activated the controls. The commamder was beamed off of the ship and on to the planet.
She saw her childhood home in ruins. She screamed and ran towards the home. A man in a star fleet command uniform found her. ” Addy! No one was in the house!”he said. “Ryian are you sure?”she asked frantically.”no organic readings addy. We don’t know where they are. A neighbor saw a young women enter. They did not see anyone leave. “He said. She huged him.”look we will figure all this out! We will find them! There is no reason to think that they are not alive! “He said. “I know “she said. Star fleet command
“The device used was Klingon but it is a type that can be found on the black matket. It was fairly low tech!”comadore Wesley said.”we don’t think this is one of the major powers ?”Addison asked.”not at this point! We could be deling with an.individual or a group!”komack said.”we have not had an act of terorism on earth sence after the end of the third world war. “Commander sutril said. “Do you this wad aimed at me? “Addison asked. “We are looking over your service record! “Commander gioto said. “We discovered a transporter signal. We believe that they may have been kidnaped and they were wisked away by transporter!”pitcarn said. “We have stoped all incoming and outgoing traphic but they may have still goten away!”komack said.
“We are conducting a full investigation using every asets we have! “Wesley said. “I know that!”she said.
“Addison ! You should rest!”sotril said. ” I can’t! I’m way too jitery!” Addison said. “Look the minute i have news i will contact you! You have my word! ” sotril said. “Alright! ” she said.
Quters of captain mccomic
The door opened, it was commander ryian kendle. She waited till the door closed then embraced him. She was usually tough but not now. Now she let herself break down. She started to cry. He held her. “We are going to get though this! We will get our kids and your perents back! “She said.
The chime rang. She said come. It was dr. Danner. “Sory to disturb you! I wanted to check up on you! Hello ryian!”danner said. “Hello liz!”he said. ” it seams personal but i don’t know of any enemies who would have grudge. Star fleet mission is one of peace. My mission is one of peace. I have had to defend myself and my ship. I have tried to have compassion towards all and mallice towards none. Yet someone has a grudge and i don’t know why!”she said.
” Bridge to captain!” Lt. Palmer said. “Go ahead!”Addison said. “You have an incoming mesege but we cannot trace it !”she said.”i will take it down hear!”she said.
On the screen was displayed the image of alison. “Oh my!”ali!”she said. “Hello addy!” She said.
End of part four