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Nues 2.4

u.s.s enterprise
“Now entering the Klingon empire . ” Lee kelso reported. “Take us in. “Commander Norris ordered. The enterprise entered Klingon space.”we are now in Klingon space !”Spock announced. “Out of the frying pan and into the fire!”mark remarked.”are you referring to the rihsnsu star empire as a proverbial frying pan?”kalara asked. “Yes I am. No offense !”Dr. Piper said. She laughed “none taken doctor piper”kalara said.
“Dr. Piper bark is worse then his bite usually !”Norris said.”I don’t know about that. I think I can be quite ferocious. “Piper said. “I will keep that in mind. Perhaps your telshiar file needs to be revised. “Kalara remarked .”wait the telshiar has a file on me? An old country doctor?” he said .”you are chief medical officer of the flagship of the federation! The intelligence agency keeps tract of key people!”kalara said.
“Liz I am not sure if I should be honored or horrified.”doctor Piper said.”just don’t let it go to your head.” dahner told him. He chuckled. “No promises Liz!”he told her.
Klingon vessel
“My Lord we have confirmed that the enterprise has crosed from rimusnagen space to Klingon imperial space. ” the gunner reported. “Very good. Your in my back yard now Ben Norris. “The admiral commented.”should o target them ?”the gunner asked.”not yet!”the commander said. “Understood!”the weapons officer said.
Khas went over to his commanding officer. “I don’t understand excelentcy. Why not attack now?”the Jr officer asked.”I must know why they are hear.they told our leaders that they want to help us.I fund that hard to believe. I am still not convinced that they are not behind the mass. I want to ascertain rather or not they are involved.” the admiral said.
“What if it turns out that They are not involved?”khas asked. “It hardly matters commander . they are our enemies. If they are by standers we will still turn on them for the simple reason that they are not us!”the admiral declared. The Jr officer said nothing in response. He was ordered to resume his duties.he gave the Klingon salute and complied with his orders.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are now in position!” Spock reported. “All stop mia!”Norris ordered. Lt. Mia bolt stoped the enterprise .the ship came to a full stop. “Now at full stop captain.”mia reported.
“Doctor Marcus lunch the probe!” Norris ordered. Dr. Carol Marcus the wife of lt. Commander Kirk prepared the probe. After a smal time the computer reported that the probe was ready for lunch.she activated the lunch.the probe left the large starship.
“The probe is away. ” Carol announced. The probe departed the ship. It traveled to the mass. The probe Was shielded so it could get pass the mass without being obsorbed.  How the tholien designed was not known. The command crew suspected that the scientist was not too eiger to divulge this information. They let it go.
The probe started to enter the mass. The probe was created to conduct constent scans. The sansors was constently taking readings.
“A.. S.. I.. Sus-pec-Ted.  The mass .. Is .. ‘re-struc-ing the space -around -it.”the tholien reported. “The mass is altering space. “Dr. Marcus said. “I agree. “Spock said.
“To our thinking the space is being rendered inert. I am not totally sure that’s accurate. It May be usefull to the mass. ” Dr. Obk said.
“Is the mass using space as food or fuel?” Kirk asked. “I cannot ascertain that lt. Commander.” kalara reported.
Lt. Commander Addison mcomic felt odd. She started to feel disoriented . she was in space. At least that she believed. She floated though space.
“Adison! Adison!” the voice said.”you again.why do you keep coming to me? ” she asked. “You come to us ! I mearly acknowledge your presence. ” the voice said. “Who are you?”Addison asked. ” you Must come to me. You cannot stop the inevetible. Acept what must be. Surrender is the answer. Risking the loss of all saves all. ” the voice said.
She was dragged inside a vacuole. “No!!” she protested. She screamed as the person got closer to the doorway. She saw the shadow man.the thing she believed was the voice. “Stop fighting it !” he declared.
She was swept inside. She fell inside the door way. She vanished. She woke up. “Adison! Are you alright?”Liz asked. “I think so. I had That dream again. “Addison declared.
Dr. Piper scanned her with a tri corder . “I am detecting the same elevated readings as I detected the previous Times you passed out. Rather or not it is contact by some kind of life form is not known. ” Dr. Piper reported.
“It felt real sir.rather it was or not I have no idea. ” Adison said to the captain.
“Could she have been in contact with the mass?”Carol asked. “You really think that the mass is a life form?”Gary asked. “Perhaps not as we think of life Mr. Mitchell but it could be a sentient form of life even if it alien from our understanding!”Spock said.
“Plants are life. Asuming it is like a plant. “Smith said. “With due respect miss mcomic has had a history of psicotic behavior. I don’t think we can go on her word.”Gary said.
“With all due respect lt. That was uncalled for. You say I am a walking freezer unit. “Liz said. “Okeveryone let’s dial it back a thousand notches. Xi do you believe the mass is a life form?”Norris asked.
“I… Bel- leave It co-uld be. Comand-Der. “Xi said. “It could be a different life form not necessarily the mass. ” Spock reported .
“It was urging me to give up. I am not sure what it ment. ” Addison said. “Was it urging us to accept our fate. A kind of gloat?”the security commander asked.”Matty but I did not get the impression That it was gloating . I got the impression that he wanted to help. It sounds fatalistic but I don’t think
it was. ” Adison commented.
“You really think this is a meesage?”Gary asked. “I don’t know lt. ” Addison said
“Hold on I believe I have found somet thing. “Carol said. “Report!”Norris ordered “I believe I have located a vacuole. ” terisha said.
“Can you have the probe zero in on it?” Norris asked. “I a-m a temp-ting to command-Der!”the tholien said.
The probe attempted to get a clear reading on the doorway. “I have lost telemetry!”Carol said. “Was the probe destroyed?” jess asked. “Before it stoped transmitted,it sent a single that it was being dragged into the vacuole. “Terisha said.”if the line between our dimension and another has been compromised perhaps the probe ended up there .” kalara said.
“Its possible.” Spock said. ” could another probe be modified?”The captain asked. ” yes! But will time take. Do.mi..I-bl-e yes!” xi said.
All of a sudden the aler Claxton sounded. “We have a perimeter alert!” Kirk said. ” report!”Norris ordered.”we have incoming. D seven warship. Its configuration is identical to admiral g’horm’s flagship. ” Spock said.
“Dawn it ! Shields up ! Red alert!”Norris said. The two ship’s we’re about to do battle.
End of part four
I was not sure how to write lines for tholien. In an episode I imagine either a translation critical such as a robotic sounding English translation or sub titles.
The walking freezer unit comment comes from “where no one has gone before ” the second pilot.

Nues part 7

“Captains log,the enterprise is on course for the romulon neutral zone. While science officer Spock is getting reports of what can only be described as tremors all over what has been labeled the x region. While the mass is continuing to expend although at a slow pace so far due to interventions. ”
  Commander Jessup was in his quarters . he was looking over intelligence reports and briefings. The chime rang. “Come in!”he said.
He had a feeling he knew who it was. He hesitantly answered. “Come!”he said.
The door opened,it was a female Klingon. “Terisha!”he said. “Jess. I had not had a chance to talk to you.we have a short time before We arrive at the border. “She said.
“It is good to see you. It has been too long!”she said. “Why did you leave me? You predicted that some chancellor would go to war with the federation over a trivial matter to enxhance his standing with the empire. Why did you join them?”he asked.
“I am a klingon! I had a duty to my people. “She said . “a duty to your people by supporting a whimsical leader. The federation was no threat to the empire. You lived with us for two years. You knew what kind of people we were. We were not interested in military expansion.”jess declared.
“I could not abandon my people. I am sorry you do not understand. “She said. “Nothing will change if those of conscience fail to challenge it. ” he said.
“You do not understand !”she said.”no I gues I do not. Perhaps I won’t. “He said.
Spock had been studying data com officer kolona sent him. He had adjusted the Sensors to scan for any shock waves similar to those that had been reported.the Vulcan suspected that they will increase.
“Captain! We are about to experience turbulence. “Spock said. Sure enough the enterprise rocked back and forth. The enterprise regained it’s composure.
“Is this going to keep happening?”Norris asked. “I believe it Will. ” Spock said. “Is this related to the mass?”yeoman Smith asked. “Uncertain yeoman but if I would have to speculate I would say mostlikly. “The Vulcan remarked.
“That is my thoughts as well Mr. Spock.”Dr. Markus said. “Captain several ships have failed to report in. Star base 14 got a cryptic message from the Artemis. “The klingon com officer reported.
“Could the mass be causing insanity?”Dr. Piper asked. “If the mass is emitting a kind of tradition it is possible. ” Dr. Dahner said. “The mass could be interfering with our ability to process. “Chief engineer said.
Doctor Marcus was concerned that the crises was bigger then anyone could possibly imagine.was the galaxy falling apart? If so why?
The enterprise moved closer to the neutral zone. The ship was traveling at warp 8.
Dr. Dahner was walking around the bridge. “Your a psychiatrist?” Gary Mitchell asked .”yes I specialize in the psychological affect of space on humanoids. “She said. “Your trying to improve the bread doc?”he said. “I heard that was your spe..”he said.
Elizebeth started to feel a kind of dejavu. She felt like She Had said this before.She knew that she never did. At least she was prety sure she had not. This was very odd. She felt that she knew Mitchell.she was certain that she had never met the man before. The conversation stoped after that.
Addison was standing off to the side. She had not thought much about her time as a star fleet officer sense she was placed on inactive satis. She liked being back. She wished she could command but that was not to happen at least now.
All of a sudden ,Addison seemed to be taken to another place. She was in open space. It seemed normal to her. It seemed natural. She did not steamed to be phased by it,at least not at this point.
She floated though space.she did not get motion sickness. She probably would have we’re it really happening .she saw the mass.She was nearing it. It looked at it would in real life. She felt what looked like a tractor beam. She was being dragged inside.
She saw something. It made no sense yet made perfect sense. Suddenly She heard a voice.
“Addy! Addy!” she turned around.it was Liz. She came tu. “You ok?”Dr. Piper Said. “I think so. I just really got lost in thought. ” daddy said. Nurse chapel scanned Addison.”I am detecting some elevated readings. ” chapel said.
“I saw the mass. I think I was being drawn Inside. When I came in I woke up hear.”Addison said.
“Could the mass be  trying to communicate with you?”Kirk asked.”it’s unlikely . “Liz said.”I would not be so quick to dismis it “Spock remarked.
The Enterprise neared the neutral zone. “Nearing the neutral zone!”Lee reported. “All stop mia!”Norris ordered. Mia stoped the ship. “Now at all stop!”mia reported. “Com tech hail the romulan flagship!”Norris ordered. The klingon Com tech sent the message. “We have been cleared to enter.”the com tech reported.
“Hear we go into the lions den.mia take us in.”Norris ordered. The enterprise went into the neutral zone. “We are now inside romulan space. ” Spock reported.
“Captain we have been invited to the romulan flagship. Captain and science officer. “The com officer Said.
“Alright,doctor Markus care to join me?”Norris said .”I wish to join you!”Kirk said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Jim. The romulan have not always liked you Jim.”Norris said. “Your keep her safe Ben?”Kirk asked .”we are on the same side this time . yes I will gurente she will be safe. ” Norris said. “I will hold you to that !”he said. “Of course” he said.
Transporter room
Norris tried not to show fear. Odd the federations stil did not understand the romulan.he hoped that the truce would hold at least until the crises was over if not before.
He could tell that there was quite a bound between Kirk and Dr. Marcus. The rumor was she gave him an ultimatum star fleet or her.he chose her. Norris could understand it and respect that.
The door opened,the two entered. “Do you have the coordinance Mr. Kylie?”Norris asked. ” I do. “The transporter operator said. They got on to the pad. “Ready when you are sir!”Kyle announced. “Enerzize Mr. Kyile. “The captain ordered.
The chief activated the transporter. The three were beamed from the ship to the romulan flagship.
Rihansu vessel
Dr. Kalara waited with others. On the commanders order ,the transporter was activated. The two from enterprise materialized on the pad.
“I’m commander Benjamin Norris commanding officer of the enterprise. This is Dr. Carol Markus and Dr. Terisha obk. ” Norris said.
“I am commander m’len,I am in charge of the special task force looking into the x reigon.  Usualy we are enemies commander. Perhaps now fate will force us to be friend. Though I am a warrior ,I do not relish war at least not as I once did. Some do not feel as I do. I fear that if there is to be a brave new world,our generation May have the hardest time living in it. “The commander said.
“‘recent events may force us to work together or die. “Norris said. “Yes I have senced that as well. This is Dr. Kalara she is heading up the operation. “He said.
Conference room
In the room was mostly romulan officers and Some scientist and officials. There was a tholien as well. Noris found that odd.
M’len started the meeting. “Dr. Kalara. “The commander said. The doctor got up. “The mass is a phenomena that eats up everything in it’s path. We have detected an energy signature prior to it’s appearance. The mass mayby from another dimension. That is conjecture. It is only one issue we are dealing with. ” she said.
The tholien got up to speak. “There have been an increase of turbulence. The first known sighting coincides with the first appearance of the mass. “Xi said in a translation.
“There have also been reports of psicotic episodes in area near the impact zone!” kalera said. ” are these events all related to the mass?”a romulan civilian asked.”it is unclear.”kalara said.
“I believe that this is far bigger then anyone thought. I believe that the structural integrity of the galaxy may be crumbling. The galaxy May be On the verge of explosion or implosion. “The tholien said.
“The mass is a syimptom of a bigger problem. “Kalaera said. “There is no prof of that. “Commander Bhutan said. “No but it cannot be disproven. We cannot ignore  this. “Kalara said. Many of the commanders and other atendies were unconvinced. “I agree. We need to be proactive. “M’len said.
M’len was an imposing figue. A veterin of over a hundred campaigns he was a force in romulan politics. When he spoke,everyone listened.
U .s.s enterprise
Lt. Marea bolt was in command of the bridge while Norris was gone. Kirk who was a civilian observer with no officials standing stood over her shoulders. While Norris was extending him professional certify,he made her umcofortible. She considered having Mr. Leslie escort him off  bridge.
Mia was fine with him on bored.she just did not want him on the bridge.she really did not want him looking over het shoulder. She tried not to let it phase her. It was proving difficult.
Spock studied the sensors.he was concerned about having so much of the fleet in one place. The computer sounded a chime. Spock read a bizare reading.
“We must move away. Quickly.”Spock said in a logical but a manner that communicated the urgentcy of the danger in a non emotional way. Mia ordered kolona to send the warning to the fleet.
The fleet tried to get away. A brand new doorway opened up. A new mass formed. Most of the fleet got away.an older frigate got caught in the wake. The ship was absorbed into the mass.
Norris felt the ship move. The mass was interfering with ships syistoms. A panel exploded. Noris pushed Dr. Kalera out of the way. Norris was knocked out.he fell to the floor.
The flship began to least.the eginerng crew tried to restore the ships gravity. The ship tried to get back on it a feet.
The enterprise had gotten lead time. The vessel was able to stop. The fleet stoped. The new mass was heading towards them. The ships went to warp but could they outrun it in time.
To be continued.
Next up
Nues 2
The galaxy hangs in the balience. Now the federation klingon empire and the romulan team up to save the universe.

Rumors of war part three

Organian planet
The capital city looked like mideval eroupe. There were catsles all around. Was this real buildings or some kind of ilusion.
Ensign davis watched the sunset. Dr. Piper went over to her. Dr. Piper and dr. Daner were concerned about her transfering to the enterprise from the u.s.s Taiwan. She had a sorted history including a nervous breakdown after an incident involving lighting cretures. She was declared fit for duty. Piper and danner had kept a close eye on her.
“I have been out in space so long,i forget what a sun rise looked like !” Mesha said.
” I know what you meen. It has been a few years for me. “Dr. Piper said. “Can we trust these people ?”mesha asked. “I don’t know yet. I don’t have enough information to make a determination like that. I am wiling to give them a chance but i really don’t know.”the doctor said.
In a different part of the city,Tomlinson was looking around. He was not sure what he was looking at. He was obivious to the fact that someone was coming near him.
“Bob!”a female vioce said.He looked up. He recognized the vioce. It was his fiencae angila martine. He knew that it was not really her. She was on the u.s.s Taiwan as com officer. He surmised that an organian had somehow taken the form of a human.
“Angala?” He said. “Hello bob!”she said. “Why take Angela’s apearence?”Tomlinson asked. “We want to understand you. You are quite perplexing to us!”she said.
“You were once humanoid. Don’t you remember those days?”he asked. “That was a long time ago bob. It is difficult to remember. “She said.
“We need your help. I am not sure we can defeat the rougue organians on our own. If these are your people you have an obligation to deal with them!”Tomlinson said.
“It is far more complicated then you can understand. There are many complexities to all of this. “The ‘angela”entity said.
Julianne was walking though where Tomlinson was. She saw Tomlinson and the other crewman. She was confused. She was on the shartle. Where did she come from?
“Who are you ?”Julianne asked. “I am an organian. I was hoping to understand more about your people. I have found this experience most enlightening!”the ‘women’ said. Then she left.
“Will they just sit by and do nothing ?”she asked. “I don’t know. I suspect they don’t want to get involved. Perhaps they don’t want to fight fellow organians. Perhaps they fear what might happen if they did. Ob earth,rusia and the united states wanted to avoid a direct war fearing mutually asured destruction. “Tomlinson said. “Is it possible this is a lie. That there is no faction ?”she asked. “Its possible ! Frankly i don’t know what to believe !”he admited.
Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log, enterprise life suport is off line. All repair and damage control parties have to use e.v.a suits. Chief engineer pitcarin is supervising the repair efort. With sansors done we arw a siting duck. I have sent two shartles to patrol the area.
Shartle percivale lowel
“Too bad your stuck in a floating carbored box with a walking frezer unit?” Dr. Elizabeth danner said.
“You heard that?” Dasale said.”i probably overcompinsate. Being a professional and all…”she stoped herself. “You ok liz?”dassale asked. “I am just experiencing deja vu that’s all!”she said.
” Look i am not the most sensitive guy. I should not have said it or thought it!”dassale said. “Looks it ok vince!”she said.
” Ok i think we have it!”pitcarin said. “You think we have it? With all due respect that does not inspire a lot of confidence! “Yeoman smith said. “So who wants to remove there helmit.first?”Kyile asked. “Sence yeoman smith is the least experienced person and an enlisted person i think you should be the first!”pitcarin said “is int the most senior officer take the risk?”smith said. “Myra it is a good thing i don’t write your performance review!”pitcarin said.
“Are you sure it is safe?”galway asked. “Relitivley sure. The computor says it is active!”kyile said.
“We need someone to be the test subject?”iriana said. “I will do it!”kyile said.”you sure?”pitcarin asked. “What’s the worst that can happen ?”kyile asked. Irina started to speak kyile stoped her.
“Your sure about this?”leslie asked. “Well yea i think so. Ok on three i remove the helmit! “Kyile said. He counted and hesitently removed the head gear. He started to take breaths. Pitcarin scaned him. “You seam fine ! The life support is functionional!”the chief said.
  “How are we suposed to do pur job in these things?”nurse chapel asked. “They are working on restoring life support. I hope we won’t be in need. “Doctor mcbanga said. “Me too! I am not going to hols my breath. “Chepel said. “Neither am i christine. “The doctor said.
“I gues until mark gets back,your in charge!”chepel said. “Yes weird sense i am the newbe but the ship is in good hands!”he said. “Attention all decks this is lt. Palmer you are now clear to remove e.v.a suits. Life support has been restored!”she said. “That is very good news!”chepel said. “I don’t know ,i found these kinda stylish ” mcbanga said. She laughed and had a you got to be kiding sigh.
Brefing room
“Alright ! In her absence ,lt tim mathews is assuming the duties of exo and science officer. Lt. Galway is supervising security. Ryian is supervising the phaser crew so i asked irina to represent navigation in this meating. Engineering report!”Addison ordered.
“Life suport is restored except on one deck. That area has been sealed off. It is a non esential area so we have declared victory for now and moved on. We are now working on weapons and defense!”pitcarin said.
“Lt. Palmer!”she said. “Intercraft is operational. External com is stil off line. Shartle crafts have picked up star fleet chanels. Organian fleet is heading for federation space. Commadore Wesley is asembiling a fleet to intercept.”palmer said.
“I have ordered radio silence while we make repairs. Unfortunately star fleet has not heard from us sence the ‘loss’ of enterprise. “Addison said.
“They think we are dead?”smith asked. “They have probably declared us mising. They do know whats going on. I am hopeful we can be in on the action. “Addison said.
Organian flagship
“A federation task force is on a direct intercept course for us!” Alison said. “Increase speed. Plot a direct course for the federation fleet!”ardec said. The helm officer nodded.
“I hope Addison servived! I would miss our fights!”Alison said. “Addison mccomic is but one peace of all this. No invidual or even an individual race is the goal. All humanoids must be subjugated until they are deamed ready for self governence. “Advec said. “Of course!”Alison said.
U.s.s Lexington
“Almost in weapons range!”the navigator reported. “Open fire once in weapons range. Mr. Alden send that order to the fleet!”Wesley ordered. Alden acknowledged the order and quickly complied with it.
The first vesel to reach the hostle fleet was the u.s.s athena. The athena was a frigate. The vessel fired a series of phaser and photon torpedos. The volleys struck a near by warship.
The warship returned fire on the smal scout vesel. The vesel barely dodged the fire. The captain, an orion naimed halak was very resorcefull.
The rest of the fleet quickly joined the fray. This included the Lexington and exiter. They fired on nearby targets.
The exiter was hit. “Shields holding!”giito reported. “Fire phasers point blank!”sotril ordered. The exiter fired multiple phasers burst on a near by ship.
“Sotril! The weapons fire from the enemy has been suprisingly limited! Several ships have not fired a single schot. “Gioto sai
“They are warming up! Reserving there weapons !”sotril said. “We are walking into a trap!” He said. “Info the commadore we have to fall back!”sotril said.
Several of the organian ships activated a pulse. The pulse was emited. It headed for the federation fleet.
“They are jaming our communications !”the com officer said. “Fall back. Maybe they will follow our lead!”sotril said. The exiter tried to get away.
“Doctor! I know ypur eiger to contact star fleet but i cannot alow it. “Alborne said. “Why?”piper said. “We have not decided how to respond!”he said.”that faction wants to either conquer or destroy us. How can you sit by and do nothing ?”piper asked. “We will act. We have not yet decided how. Alborne said.
Piper did not like the sound of that. He suspected that for the moment he and his team were traped there. He hated staying in one place for too long. That seamed to be how it was at least for now.
He went over to Julianne. “They are not going to intervene. That is how it seams. They may not let us leave!” Piper said. “We are stuck hear!”the yeoman asked. “I wont let that happen. I will do what i need to do. We will leave hear i promise you that juli !”he said.
End of part 3
Angala martine apeared in multiple episodes of the original series. She lost her fiencae In “balience of terror” in “shore leave” she was listed in the script as mary teller. When the producers realized she had been on the show before they changed her name to angila. Teller did make it on to the show.
Lt. Galloway was a freqient character in the original series played by david a roas. Galloway was vaporized by a phaser in omega glory but was seen in “tunabout intruder” ross also played security oficer dickerson in “day of the dove”.

Star trek fabic of excistence part four

S.s. clarks summit
Kahn tried to learn all he could about this time period. At first he reserched general information. He studied the history of humanity from the time he left earth until now. He learned of the third world war,colnel green,zefren cocren’s warp flight,the romulan war,founding of the federation and the starship program.
He then wanted more specific information. He studied up on earth,he studied on worlds of the federation. He reserched orther alien races including non aligned and enimies. He became very familer with this universe.he had to, sense he planed to become a major player in it. He would rule again as he once did. This time it would be bigger.
  The doctor came in. “How are you feeling ?” The doctor asked. “I am fine. The history leson has envigorated me!” The man said.”we are quite proud of all we have accomplished. I just wish that finding true love was one of them but nothing gets done perfectly in a day i supose. “The doctor said.
“I have had many loves. My greatest is for humanity. I want to see humans brought to there maximum potential ! “Khan said.”we have come a long way. I don’t know that we have left our infantcy but we are getting there!”the doctor said.
“We have lost something . Todays man is bereft of passion. We have rejected every thing asociated with our past. We have thown out the baby with the bathwatter. As john eldrege observed man is ment to be wild at heart. We cannot build a society on fear of anialation!” Kahn said.
“You were not there! I saw the ruins of several cities left over from the post atomic horror. The world was destroyed for all intents and purposes. ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ “he said.
“History is a guide,and a good one for sure,but it canot be the only one. There are other guides.fear is not morality. “The man said.
“Is strength moral? Might does not make right. It can’t. “The doctor said. “I won’t be tamed doctor. I am a warior by nature and by nuture. That cannot change. “Khan said. The doctor did not like the sound of that at all.
“I wil leave you to rest. “The doctor said. “Of course! Thank you doctor!” He said. The doctor was glad to get out of there.
Kahn decided he neaded more information. He had a keen mind and a keen intelect. He would now put it to work. He hacked into the star fleet main frame. He was able to gain acess to clasified projects.
He saw something that peaked his interest. “What is this?” Kahn asked. He looked it over. He went over files. He saw that they were about to test out the power source nick named mathusilah. The more he studied it,the more he wanted it.he would have it. He swore it.
  Khan had a plan. He was able to steltfuly though the floor. He snucked to the office of the medical office. He knew a techneque that could temporarily imobolize the medical officer without serious lingering efects. He knocked out the chief doctor of the ship. The doctor fell to the ground unconscious.
Kahn took the doctor’s uniform. He walked around the ship. He was able to get to a transporter room. He ran to the transporter chief. Before he could get to a phaser,kahn knocked him out. Kahn went to the pad and beamed on to the botony bay.
He began to revive his old crew.they woke up. He filled them in on the plan. They were all on bored and eiger to paticipate in the plan.
“We will restore all that was lost!” Joachin said. “I know that. I have no doubt of that. “Kahn told his folowers. They got to work.
S.s clark sumit
“Sir i am detecting a mass amount of power on the sleaper ship. ” science officer hadly reported. “What’s going on?” Merek asked.
Before the science officer asked,the bridge was struck with a non lethal gass that knocked out the crew on the bridge. All over the ship,the same thing occured. The entire crew if the civilian vessel was imobilized.
The team began to beam over to the vessel. ” We will beam over the crew to the botony bay! Every one except for the captain,science and medical officer. We may nead them. ” Kahn ordered. The team agreed.
The crew of the vessel was beamed over to the botony bay. They were placed in stasis. The vesel was placed on auto pilot to a remote but populated area of the federation. Kahn did not meen them ill but wanted them out of the way for now. Awake,they threatened an eliment of suprise.
Once the process was complete,the ship released the tractor beam from the ancient pre warp vessel. “Vessel is ejected!” Joaquin anounced. “Well done my friend! Today we begin. anew.we set off on a new day! That day begins now!  ” kahn said.  “Alter course! Set course for the test site! Maximum warp!”kahn ordered. “Course plotted excellentcy!” The pilot reported. The ship was off.
S.s clarks sumit
The captain started to wake up. He was out of it at first. He had no idea where he is. At first he did not know who he was. Then it came to him.  He started to realize what was going on. He realized where he was.
He saw two others there as well. Mr. Hadley his science officer. With him was the medical officer. “I would ask but i am prety sure i know the answer. Kahn!” Merek said.
“Before the hijacking,i was unable to complete my reserch on mr. Kahn. Before the gass attack, i was close to determing who this man was!” Hadley said.
“Well please mr. Hadley ! Don’t keep us in suspence!” The doctor said. “I believe khan is kahn nonian sigh. He was a major player on the eugenics war. ” Hadley said.
“He is a genetically engineered! That explains how he and the orthers were able to take over the ship so quickly !” Merek said.
“We are dealing with a bunch of super men! “The doctor said. “Unfortunately yes doctor ! “Merek said. “Who knows what there plans are! I suspect they may want to conquer humanity once again!” Hadley said. “A modern day Alexander the great!” The doctor said.
“What can we do?” Hadley asked.”not much yet ? I am looking for an opportunity! When it comes i will take it!” Merek pledged.
U.s.s enterprise
The turbo lift opened,sotril entered. “Are you ok?”Addison asked. “I am having difficulty. I believe i can muddle though!”she said.
“Are you ill?”doctor daystrom asked.” Negative ! Well not exactly ! “The vulcan said. “I don’t understand!”lary marvic said.”i am with child !” Sotril said. The two had nothing to say in response.
“Now in position !” Lt. Kyile anonced. ” Alright ! Care to do the hornors?” Addison asked doctor daystorm. He agreed.
He activated the test ship. He turned on the engines. He put the ship on its own power. The ship was ready to be tested. The experiment was ready to be tested.
End of part four