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Previously on star trek the universe.
A little known Klingon starship commander challenged the chancellor of the high council and won. He had no constinuentcy. In order to maintain his power,he went to war with the federation.
Despite early victories,the Klingon fleet got bogged down. The federation fleet was able to break the stand stil and pushed out the fleet.
A group of aliens who revered the mysterious preserves plotted to spread war though the galaxy.they ambushed the enterprise . the captain was killed. The first officer was imcompacited. Ships second officer Ben Norris took over. He was later named permanent commander.
An experiment by a remote alien race caused the structural integrity of the universe to be compromised. This allowed a mass to envelop the universe. The intregrety was restored.
The mass crises forced the United federation of planets to work with the Klingon and romulons.the Three powers have negotiated a more permanent arrangement.
The enterprise is assigned to investigate things related to the mass crises. After a summit on earth, the enterprise returns to duty.
Now tonight’s episode.
Remote space
Klingon frontier
Klingon cruiser
“Excelentcy! The freighter armigosh failed to report in. It was last seen in sector b,7. “The com tech reported.
“Send last known coordinates to the helm. Helm set course. Maximum warp.” captain lutux said.
The com tech sent the information to the helm. The helmsman got the data. He imedietly imputed the data. “Course plotted ” the helm officer said . “excicute!” the captain ordered.
The Klingon katinga class warship went to warp. The vessel headed to the area. While Klingon propinganda sated that the empire consisted entirely on the warriors but the truth was the empire depended on everyone . this included transport of freight. This included trade with ans without the empire.
“I have located the freighter. Vesel I destroyed. I am finding evidence of the freight in the debree ” the science officer reported. “This rules out piracy . “the first officer said.
“Send the discovery of the debre to high command. ” the captain ordered.the com tech sent the update. “Mesege sent “the com tech reported.
” sir! The freighter was destroyed by Klingon disruptors. ” the science officer said. “Are you certain?” the captain asked . “yes sir. ” the science officer said.
“K’horn was defeated by captain kor near cleck de Kell brachk.  Could there be more dissidents not defeated by loyal wariors?”the first officer asked.
“Keep scanning . whoever did this for whatever reason is an enemy of the klingon people . they must be vanquished!” captain lintux said.
The science officers scanned the area for signs of ships . the bridge technicians pulled all the stops to find it. ” I have something my Lord!”the science officer said . “report!” the commander ordered. “Sir I have located a Klingon war cruiser. Katinga class d 7. It is the kimperk .” the science officer said.”that is impossible! The vessel was destroyed by the mass. ” the first officer said.
“It fully matches the design and configuration of the kimperk. There are life signs. The signs are erratic. ” the science officer said. “The vessel is the ship that destroyed the freighter. I am certain if that sir!” the weapons officer reported.”intercept!” the captain said.
The warship went after the vessel believed to be involved in the attack. The loyal ship caught up with the enigmatic vessel. The direlect ship fired on the vessel.
“They have acesed our prefix codes our shields are down!”the weapons officer down. There was a transporter beam. Klingon merged.they had signs of serious wounds . they were life less robotic. They resembled zombies. They walked clumsily.
Several of the bridge crew opened fire with there disruptors.the disruptors did nothing . they zombie Klingon were unaffected.they did not even seam to notice that they were under attack. They did react.
Several of the crew were stabbed.The zombies were relentless. The zombies did not have a goal. There goal was violence. .
After the zombies beamed away. The ship moved on. 
End of prologue

“Revenge of nomad” chapter 2(3)

Planet earth
Kalera needed to get away.she had no idea where to go. She did not want to visit any of the rihsnsu ships. She decided to go where perhaps she should not.
She went to where Ben’s sister lived. She took a deep breath and walked to the front door.she knocked.
The door opened,a young women with a baby In her arms opened the door. “You must be kalera.come in. I’m Amber.would you like some coffee?”he asked. “Sure thank you.”kalera said .
They sat down in the kitchen. “You know who I am?”kalera said. “Of course. Ben and I talked quite often. Ben used to be closest with my sister Becky.  Now I gues I have filled that role. “Amber said.
“He has mentioned me. Good I hope?”she asked. “Yes very good. He likes you. “Amber said.”I had hoped he did. He is not always easy to read. “Kalera commented. “We have noticed. “Amber said.
“Today is a difficult day for your whole family I suppose. “Kalera said.”it is. Jason death affected us all. I was 16 when he died. He was out of the house for a lot of my childhood. Ben and him we’re close. Ben Jason had a bound my sister and my brother and I never could compete with. ” Amber said.
“Is it odd that Ben and I are friends? “Kalera asked. “The war was five years ago. We humans are usually very forgiving.it’s not like you fired the plasma Canon that took his life.”Amber said.she thought to herself if she only knew.
In the city of san francisco,Leslie and Galloway kept there distencec. Dr. Xi came to a cafe. “I have never served a choline before. What can I get you?”the owner asked. “The -strong-est-coffee -you-have.”the tholien said. “That I can do!”the owner said.
“What brings you two out hear?”a young lady asked. “We are baby sitting the tholien. ” Galloway said. “I did not realize we had diplomatic relations with the tholien.”she said.”we don’t. Xi is a special case. He has done alot for us.”Leslie said.  U.s.s enterprise
“Uh lt. Harrington!”Spock said “oh I am I inactive. Call me Ryan.”he said.”very well I spoke to my farther. He is agreed to affiliate your renewering of vows. He has also offered to use the embassy to hold the wedding.”Spock said.
“Awsome. Please send my thanks to the ambassador. ” Ryan said. “I will do that. ” Spock said.
Pallice de laconcord
Ben never liked diplomatic functions. With something like this,he was not sure why he was hear.
“I thought I put these things behind me.” lt. Commander Jim Kirk remarked. “I am stil trying to get commander Leland out of retirement. ” norris said. “I gues we will muddle though. “Kirk said.
The Klingon commander norris and romulan commander m’len asked to join them. “Hello. So far so good. No major incident. ” Kirk said. “Are you anticipating trouble?””m’len asked. “No but trouble seems to find me rather or not I go looking fo it.”norris said.
Home of mark Leland
Newport Maine
“Sarah!”Mark said. Mark was in a wheel chair. “How are you?”she asked. “One day at a time I suppose.I am getting stronger a little bit every day.” Leland said. “Are you going to return to star fleet?”Sarah asked. “I have no idea. ” Leland said.”you have plenty of time to make decisions like that. “Sarah Chabot said. “So Ben norris is the c.o?”Leland asked.”yes . Addison mccomic and Jim Kirk are sharing the first officer duties.”Chabot said. “I see. Things change. “Leland said.
Mess hall.
“Doc why do yo act weird around me? The walking freezer unit was unfair. “Gary mitchel said.”nothing I have not heard before. ” Liz said.”it’s more then that. Every time you look at me,it’s like you are swing a ghost. I am prety sure we never met prior to the nues crises.” Gary said.
“You remind me of someone .perhaps something. “Liz said. “Something?” Gary asked. “A memory perhaps. “Liz said. “You really don’t to talk about it do you?”Gary asked. “No I don’t gare. ” Liz said.
“Ok. I will drop it . ” Gary said.”ok thank you. I don’t mean to be hostile. “Liz said. “Your fine Liz.soro doctor. “Gary said .”no Liz is fine. “She said.
Long term nursing facility
The facility was run by a former star fleet officer. It catered to those injured in space. It had Manny star fleet officers. Dr. Mark piper entered.
He came to a women in a wheel chair.both legs had to be amputated. “Ellie!”piper said. “Dr. Piper. I heard the enterprise was in town. “Ellie said.
“We escorted the Romulan and Klingon heads of sate to earth. I wanted you to know your not forgotten. ” piper said.
“I really apreciatete that. ” she said.”you are missed. “He said .”I miss it. Nothing like the enterprise. “She said. “No there is not. At my age I could retire. I imagine my successor could be even more ornery then I am. If that’s possible.”he said. She laughed.
U.s.s enterprise
“Sir. Several unmanned probes have stoped transmitting. ” kolona said. “This is highly unusual.”Spock said.  “It is. Well hallak will hate this but I am taking the enterprise out to investigate .” mia bolt said.
“We have clearance to depart. “The Klingon com tech said.Ryan stood back. He was a civilian. He hoped that he would not be kicked off the bridge.
“Clear all mornings. ” mia ordered. Lt Eliot released the morning. Lt. Niles took the ship out. The space doors opened, the vessel headed out.
The nomad probes had moved closer to the planet earth. Nomad one had scanned the area. “Incoming vessel. U s.s enterprise. James t Kirk is not on bored. Oh well. Kirk is on earth. I will get my revenge. ” nomad one said.
“I have detected several objects. “Spock said. “On screen. “Mia bolt ordered. Spock activated the screen..on the screen was multiple nomads. “Oh my!” mia said.
“The probes are jamming the com network. “The Klingon female reported. “Shields up. “Mia ordered.
The enterprise tried to head to earth. They were at high warp. The nomad probe matched course and speed. The nomad bypassed the ship. While nomad one wanted to get revenge on the enterprise,nomad wanted the enterprise to witness seeing his revenge pourd out on earth. The planet that produced him and that had betrayed him.
The probe passed the enterprise. “They are on course for earth. “Spock said. “Crap. Get that com line open. “Mia ordered.
She hoped that this threat could be stoped. She was not sure. She would try.
End of chapter two.

Nues 2.7

Bracalli space
The bracali were a regional power. They controlled a remote part of the known galaxy. They controlled there home soller syistom and two others.
They had a strong military and scientific aperatus. The bracali we’re religious but not theocratic. There was a faction that believed that they could contact there afterlife . they wer very curious.
A traditional faction had. Been able to control the military science wing of the government. They had begun a project to build a conduet to heaven.
Reserch outposts
“Anything?”the minister of science said. “Negitive minister.the missile have failed to open a gateway to paradise. “Dr. Rodav said. “Fire more missile. Increase the yield. “The minister said. “That is unwise exceletcy.”she said. ” we are so close. Follow my instructions. “The minister said. “Yes sir.”she said. Enterprise
“I am detecting a massive increase in energy in the epicenter sir!”Spock reported. “They are busy!”piper said. “The border is heavily patrolled. I am detecting an area not heavily patrolled. “Kalara said. “Did you checked for mine’s?”Kirk asked. “We did not find any thing associated with mines.” Carol said.
“Take us in. What a little more risk?”norris said. “This is not a big encouragement. ” hallak said.
“Lee plot a course for the concordance Carol is sending you. “Norris ordered.Lee got the course and plotted it. “Course plotted and engaged .” mia said
The enterprise went  warp. The enterprise attempted to get into the bracali frontier.they tried to sneak into there space.
” now entering bracali space!”Lee kelso announced. The enterprise moved in. “Now in bracali space!”Spock reported.
The enterprise retitled back and forth .the bridge crew tried to straighten the ship. Carol enhanced the shields. The enterprise seemed to whether the area.
“This area has become prone to turbulence. “Spock said. “I am attempting to compensate sir!”mia said.
“Captains log, the enterprise has  turbulence sporadically .. For the most part the shields have held. The ship is nearing the epicenter of the experiments.
“I am detecting a research post. I believe it is in charge of the research and experimentation. “Spock said.
“Com tech hail the station. “Opening hailing frequencies. “Kolona said. “Reserch post,your research is threatening the structural integrity of the universe. I urge you to stop at once. “Norris said.
“They are responding!”she announced. “On screen. “The captain said .on the view screen ,the command center was displayed. “You are trespassing In Our space. You have no right to dictate to us what we should and should not do!”the minister said.
“Sir. Your experiments threaten the galaxy.  “Norris said. “There is no evidence linking a causality between the experiments and the weakening of the structural integrity of the universe. ” the minister said.
“They have cut off the com channel. “Kolona said . “target the mistle launcher .”Norris ordered. Lee targeted the launcher. The enterprise fired on the launchers. The station rocked.
“What is this?”the minister said over an audio feed. “Your experiment are a threat to the universe. “Norris said. “This is sn act of war. “Minister said. “You declared war on us by engaging in that experiment.”Norris said.
A storm developed in space. The whole area shock. It was like an galactic wind in space.
“The attacks have  weakened the reigion. ” Spock said. “We will experience more turbulence . “Carol said.
The station fired on the enterprise. The enterprise dodged the torpedo.the shock wave caused the ship to liest.”damage on multiple decks. “Gary said. “Damage control parties dispatched to affected decks “the com tech reported.
“Leave our space or be destroyed.”the minister said. “Captain I have found the center of the vortex. I believe I know how to seal the rip in the space time continuum. “Terisha said .
The ship was hit again. “Damage to secondary hull. ” Spock said. “Head for the rip. “Norris ordered the enterprise headed for the vortex. The enterprise ducked impact. The enterprise hit the station.
The enterprise was too far from the station’s armerments. The enterprise maintained course. The ship shock around. The Ship turned up and down. The enterprise was hit.
The enterprise experienced a lot of damage. The ship held together. The enterprise kept going. “Now in position “the Orion said . “activate the deflector. We have to seal the hole. Mia Lee stand by to get us out of hear!” Norris ordered.
The deflector dish was turned on. The dish fired a discharge of energy at the hole. The hole started to be filled. “We need to remain a little longer. “Spock said. “Are you out of your mind?”Gary said.
The ship was jostled about. Several parts of the ship was struck. “We can disengage !”Spock said. “Do it. Lee mia! Get us out of hear!”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The ship could not get out of the wake. The wave hit the enterprise. The enterprise was pushed back. Lee and mia tried to get the ship to break free. The enterprise started to drift.
The vortex went inward. The epicenter started to get smaller.then the vortex vanished. It  replaced by normal space.
In the x zone, the cracks started to be filled. The universe’s structural intregrety started to be restored.
The mass was not designed to live in this galaxy. The mass started to die. The mass would not just vanish it would continue in an inert form. It would have to be cleaned up.
U.s.s enterprise
“Shields are off line. Primary reactor is off line. We are running on batteries. “Spock said. “The research post was damaged but is intact.”Carol reported.
“Captain, we have received word from the bracali government. The bracali parliament has ordered the immediate sesation of all experiments involving the vortex. ” The Klingon com tech reported.
“Captains log, the intersteler law treaty organization has dispatched a muti planetary fleet to the bracali to ensure that the experiments end. The bracali emperor and the minister of prominence has pledged to support the fleet. While we have repaired the enterprise enough to get underway . we are either to leave bracali space. Whole evidence of the mass remains things are slowly improving. ”
“Please take better care of my ship commander. “The Orion said. “I will do my best hallak with “your ship.”the captain said.
“Sir! Star fleet is assembling a task force at the kitomer outpost. Star fleet command wants us to go there!”the Klingon com tech said.
“We are going to a Klingon base?”Dr. Piper remarked.”it is under federation control now. “The com tech said. “We will undergo repairs there. “Norris said
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
“The x zone is still unstable. The minerals left from the mass causes turbulence in the region.the Klingon high council has asked us to aid in the effort to solve this problem. The federation is sending a task force to the x zone. Our mission will be to restore the space if we can. The enterprise will be heading up the task force. The romulans Will be joining us. Kalara will be my liaison.Dr. Trisha will be the Klingon liaison. Commander jeshop will be the star fleet liaison. Lt. Kolona will be remaining with us as com tech. ” he said.
“Jim. “Carol said. “You look happy?”Jim said. “I am on the science team sent to restore the x zone.I already have a few ideas. “Carol said. ” I am sure you will. ” Jim said. “Are you going to be on the task force?”she asked.”they have given me command of the Artemis. During the mission. “Jim said. “Congrats captain ” Carol said. “It is not the enterprise but a ship is a ship.”Jim said. “Indeed. ” she said.
” congrats on your promotion to captain. “Kalera said. “Thank you .”she said.”all decks standing by.”the tech said. “Mia take us to the x zone . ” he ordered.
The end .
Next up
The enterprise and the task force arrives at the x zone. Dr. Marcus has an idea on how to restore the area. While the crew adjust to life after the mass.

Nues 2.6

U.s.s enterprise
Kirk looked over the bridge. He had wanted to command a star fleet ship Sense He was young.they called it the dream of stars. He had been a carer officer. Then he met Carol Marcus. She had given him an ultimatum , star fleet or her. He chose her.
Commanding a scientific research vessel was a compromise. It was not quite the same. They had retrofitted an old Apollo class vessel withdrawn from service. While Kirk was pleased with there hybred. The chance to command a star fleet ship,especially The enterprise was stil alluring. Now he got to command part of it.
He looked around the bridge. “Everything is in place Jim.”gary said. “Interlockings are clear. “Lee said. “The seperation protocols May have atrophied. We won’t know until actual use. ” Gary said .”that’s encouraging.”Kirk said.
U.s.s enterprise
Auxiliary control.
Unlike the Maine bridge,the a.c was setup like a bored room.there was a table with desk. Lt. Bolt,Addison mccomic,kalara, and terisha entered.
Terisha took a station designed to monitor environmental ans scientific research.xi the tholien manned a secondary monitoring station. Mia took a helm control station. Addison did not man a station but Sat at a chair.
“All decks stand ready!”a com tech informed the captain. “Begin decoupling protocal. “Norris ordered.
The area had been cleared. The partition connecting the two sections began to retract. A wall came up. The two sections went there seperate ways.
“Seperation achieved. “Spock said.”thank you Mr Spock .I did get that without your report but ok. Is the teather syistom set up?”Norris asked . “syistom is on line. “The Klingon com tech said.
“Test it out. “Kirk ordered. Spock tested every aspect of the process.”we are fully teathered with the drive. “Spock said. “Ben everything is ready. Sure you don’t want to back out?”Kirk said “don’t tempt me Jim. “Norris said.
The drive prepared to enter the mass. “Ready or not hear we go. “Norris said. Mia piloted the ship into the mass. The drive entered the area with the mass.
The drive entered the mass. The ship vanished. ” I have lost them. “Spock said . “were they absorbed?”Kirk said. “It appears so. I am not certain. “Spock said . “dawn!”Kirk said.
The enterprise drive section went inside the mass. It was a strange sensation . the crew was being altered. Then there was a large wave. It looked like a tidal wave. It struck the drive. They were gone. The question was where had they gone? What were they now?
Adison felt weird. She felt like She was in a ocean. It was not an ocean. She saw a reflection of herself. She did not look human.she looked like energy.she saw northern energy beings. Se wondered if the other beings we’re part of the enterprise crew. They did not look like the crew. She had no idea what. They would look like.
She saw something coming for her.she had no idea what it was.somehow She recognized it as Liz. “We are energy!”she said. “Odd isn’t it?”Liz said. “It is quite unusual. I don’t understand. “Addison said. “Nor do I! ” Liz said.
She heard a sound. It was like her dream. It called to her.She went towards it. “Addy what are you doing?”Liz said. She was dragged inside some kind of vortex.
She was in a New place. She looked humanoid again.where was she? How did she get hear? It looked like a house.a beach front house. This was a dream of hers. It was not real. She ran outside. She came to the pool.
“Addison !”a man said. “Your the shadow man. “She said. “Yes. I called to you. “He said .”your the reason I had the mental break down!”She said . “I’m sorry I did not mean for that to happen . your brain could not Osorb the information I sent at s rapid pace. I was trying to contact someone from your space. You picked up my transmission. I did not realize it would take time for you to process it.I am sorry.”he said.
“Who or what are you?”Addison asked. “I am not from your universe. It is difficult to explain.I am not what you call the mass.I will explain what has ocured. ” he said.
“The universe or multi verse has a rigid structural inteegrety. That intregrety has held. There have been a series of structured units or gestalts. These constructs are complete. Usualy they do not interact or are even aware of each other. ”
“At times there has been breaches,cracks. Some parts of space are in areas more susceptible to cracks. One of this areas is a frontier of a planetary alliance known as The bracalli coalition . they are located in a remote part of what you call the alpha . ”
“The bracalli are a deeply religious people. They believe that they are on a hub near there afterlife. One of there scientist came up with a plan to oppen a doorway to there afterlife. They developed an experimental torpedo that created a breach that would oppen up a doorway. It did not create a conduct to there paradise. ”
In space, everything was normal .ther was stars. The improvised torpedo was launched from a platform on the surface of a moon.the torpedo headed to an area determined to be at a prime spot.
The torpedo was in the prime spot. An aid informed his superior that the mistle was in position..the scientist in charge gave the order to detonate the torpedo . a tech pressed the button. The mistle exploded.
The missile impact created a gigantic rift in space. “Instead of creating a gateway to heaven,they eroded the structural intregrety of the multiverse.”
“What you call the mass is another realm. In that realm the mass is not an enemy of the ecology of the realm but complimentary.it serves a banificial service in t be area. The mass is not a threat to the area. There is a syistom that works well. ‘
“Hear the mass is a Killer. It destroys whatever it comes into contact with. It alters the environment . it makes the area habitable for itself. There is no way to stop it. As you know any efforts to hault it are temporary. ”
“There is more. Not only have the bracalli mantaned the experiment.they are planing to detonate more mistles. They are stil convinced that they reach there paradise. They are going to lunch more mistles. “The shadow man said
“Can we restore the structural intregrety?”Addison asked. “You have to convince the bracali to stop the experiment or stop there experiments. Then you have to seal the breach. The damage from the mass will remain but it will be a smaller threat then what we are dealing with today. “The form said.
“I understand.right now I am energy. How can I get back? “Addison said. “You know how!”the shadow man said. “Thank you for your help. “Addison said. “I wish you well. I hope that you will be sucesfull. ” the man said.
U.s.s enterprise saucer
Spock detected Some kind of energy burst headed to the enterprise . it transmitted a messege. “We are being instructed to stand by captain “Spock said. “Instructed by who? “Doctor Mark piper asked. “I believe that it is from the enterprise drive. I believe that the teather has held. ” Spock said.
“Stand by for what?”yeoman Smith asked . “I have no idea. I have a feeling that we Will find out very shortly . “commander Kirk said.
“We have something coming in from the mass!”Spock reported . “on screen. “Kirk ordered. The female Klingon transferred the image to the Maine viewer. An energy seamed to left the mass.
The energy seemed to transform. It became the drive section.
“We are being hailed. “The Klingon tech said. “On screen. “Kirk ordered. “Commander we have information for you. “Norris said.
The two sections of the ship recoenected. The enterprise was whole again. The enterprise had gone though it’s first deep space saucer seperation and perhaps its first absorption.
“Captains log, I have no memory of what accrued after we entered the mass . None of the crew of the drive section remembers what happened except for co first officer lt. Commander Addison Jean mccomic and psychiatrist Elizabeth dahner. Why they retain these memories is unknown. They have asked for a briefing and I have agreed.
Conference room.
“The structure of the universe was compromised is due to experiments by the bracalli. They were attempting to contact there after life. “Addison said.
“We have confirmed massive energy readings from that sector. “Dr. Marcus said. “I believe that the story from commander mccomic is plausible. “Spock said.
“All of the evidence indicates that the experiments are containing to occur. “Terisha said.
“We have to stop the experiments and seal the rupture in the space time continuum. ” addison said. “There can be no future experiments. “Kalara said. “The bracalli may not be Wiling to stop the experiments. ” the Orion said. “I spoke to star fleet command . they want us to try to convince them to stop the experiments. If not our orders are to stop the experiment by whatever means  necessary. “The captain said.
“All decks stand ready. ” the female com officer said. “Do you have the course plotted for the bracali ?” Norris asked. ” I do sir. ” mia said. “Engage!” he said. The enterprise went to warp.
To be concluded.

Paradise and perdition part five

Uss enterprise
Confrence room
On the view screen was displayed the federation surgon general.
“We have contacted the Klingon though a bavk chanel. They are not happy to say the least. Klingon news outlits are caling this a plot by the federation to destobolize there empire. They have sent ships to the Klingon -federation border. We are trying to share our information with them but they don’t want anything to do with that. “The surgon general said.
“Do we know how bad the virus has spread?” Dr. Pipper asked. “No we do not. We are getting varied reports but nothing tangible. This virus has spread beyond the orginal qarentine. “The surgon general said.
“I assume that we are planing to set up a new qarentine zone?”piper asked.”we are but we fear that any qarentine zone will be inacurate. We have to start somewhere! “The federation oficial said.
“This thing will continue to spread!”sotril said. “Yes. We need to find the Plymouth. We want you to escort the palmyra to the qarentine zone command and then look for the Plymouth !”the oficial said.
“Understood! We will get right on it. “Addison said. “We will stay in touch !” The oficial said. “Agreed!”she said. The message ended. The screen was deactivated. 
“Captain’s log the enterprise has arived at the qarentine command center and is terning over the s.s palymyra to there custody. We are planing to move on. Our mission is to locate one of there sister ships and escort it to the qarentine zone and determine where they have been.”
“Addy you need to hear this!” Lt. Palmer said. ” a spokesman for the edenites is claming that the federation is persicuting the edenites. They claim that the edenites are being falsly acuused of carying the virus. They say this is part of a propiganda campaign to discredet the group. The press secritary for the president has stated that the qarentine is necessary to combat this virus. These acusations are ludacris. “The reporter jesica Armstrong said.
” Really ? The edenites are turning this political. This virus is devisating. It is no laughing matter!” Addison said.
“I know that! “Irina said. “Why won’t your people take it seriously?” Addison asked.
“Manny edenites suffer from persicution complex. Manny are from minority ethnic groups on there planets or in other minority groups . Despite the benevolent history of the federation,to the edenites they are an empire run by herberts who don’t understand them!” Irina said.
“Rad is the son of a diplomat. Severen was a leading scientific mind on his world. How can they not see this?”Addison asked.
“They have gotten caught up in there own ideology.  Many see themselves as the man in the cave. They believe that like the priosonor who see the world outside the cave,they understand the true nature of the universe. We hold on to the cave. This was why i left. I came to see that they took it too far. “Irina said.
“They could cause this virus to spread to areas it need not have spread. We could have had this virus contaned.  The edenites will be held acontible for this!”piper said.
“I have found the Plymouth. They are under attack by a Klingon battle crusher !”sotril anounced. “Dawn it! Alright plot an intercept !” Addison orddered. Irina ploted the course. The ship went to warp in order to rescue the Plymouth even though they have caused so much trouble. The enterprise was off.
End of part five

Peridise and purdition part two

U.s.s enterprise
” So i hear your planing to adopt miranda?” Addison asked . “I have given it a lot of thought and i think i can be a mom!” She said. “I think it is a good idea! You have my full support !” Addison said. “That meens so much comming from you! Look i was wondering you and ryan would be wiling to be her godparents ?”she asked.
“Sotril and tim asked us to be there child’s godparents. I would be honored!”she said. “If it is too much..” she asked. “I am happy to. I am going to keep you too heathy. On the freighter they said i was destened to have 80 cats!” She said.
“Mayby i won’t be known as a walking frezer unit anymore! “Danner said.”i would not get too hung up on that. Dasal was out of line. ” Addison said. “I gues i should losen up!”danner said. ” be who you are! ” Addison said. “Easier said then done at times!” Liz said.
“Look you ok liz. Ever sense you came back from that planet,you are different! “Addison said. “I am not ready to talk about it!” She said. “Ok if you need to talk about it,i am hear! ” Addison said. “Thank you!”she said.
Addison and danner entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge !”yeoman smith said. Sotril got up from the command chair. The captain sat down in the command chair. Sotril returned to the science concil.
Addison noticed someone she did not recognize. “Who is this?” Addison asked. “This is ensign irina galiunion. She borded the enterprise at the elbeberen colony!” Dasale said.
“What did you say?” Liz asked. “I borded at the eldeberen colony. I was thrilled when i was asigned to the enterprise!” She said. “It is good to have you abored !”Addison said. “Thank you sir!” She said.
“Addison you have an incoming mesege from the federation surgon general dr. Andrae more !” Lt. Palmer said. “I will take it in the conference room. Sotril you have the bridge!” Addison said. “Understood!” Sotril said.
Confrence room
Addison entered the conference room. She sat down and activated the view screen. On the screen the oficial apeared.
“Captain! There has been a masive outbreak of bennetprosser 114 virus on the edge of federation space. The area has been sealed off and qarentined.  “He said.
“I am sory to hear that. I have seen the results of b.p 114. I would not wish it on anyone. “Addison said.
“A civilian vessel palmyra atempted to get pass the blokade.unfortunately they suceded. We are not sure where they went. The crew was checked out on deniva and they did not apear to have the virus. This strain pops up without warning. We have no idea where they are. Under the law anywhere they go has to be qarentined. “The surgon general said.
“I understand sir!”she said. “Time is of the essence. I need the enterprise to locate the palmyra and stop the ship from getting any further. We then have to determine where they been. This is urgent!” He said.
“Will you send us all the pertinent data?” Addison asked. ” Sending now!  Please find them before this epidemic spreads to all corners of the federation!” Morre said. “We will !”She said.
“We will stay in touch. Federation out!”he said. She turned off the screen. ” captain to the bridge !”Addison said.”go ahead captain!”sotril said.
“Lt. Palmer will receve coordinates. As soon as irina has them,set course for those coordinances best possible speed!” She said. “Will do!”sotril said.
Lt. Palmer got the coordinates and sent it to irina. She laid in the course. Lt. Dasal entered the course and the ship went to warp.
Conference room
Asembled was captain mccomic,commander sotril,dr. Piper,dr. Danner,lt. Dasalle,irina,commander gioto,chief pitkarin,and lt. Palmer.
“The civilian vessel palymra has gotten passed the star fleet blokade. The vessel is on the lose. The vessel is manned by edenites!” Lt. Commander gioto said.
“Our mission is to locate and asertain where they have been and who they may have come into contact with!”Addison said.
“Did i hear you right? Edenites? “Irina asked.” Yes they are edenites?” Gioto said.
“What are edenites?” Dr. Pipper asked. “They are a group of people from several different races who are searching for basically the garden of eden. They believe the garden is on a planet. “Irina said. “They are esentialy space hipies!” Gioto said.
“Will they listen to reason ?” Smith asked. “We don’t know! Our orders are to get them back into the qarentine zone. “Addison said.
  After a while the captain dismished the meating.everyone got up from the table. After everyone left Addison and irina were stil there. “Captain! I used to be an edinite. “Irina said. “They don’t seam to acknowledge any authority by the federation or any orther government. “Addison said. “They see the only government that efect them as there group. “Irina said. “Do they fear the virus?” Addison asked. “They do not believe they are imortal or indusyrible. They don’t like to be brothered. They don’t believe what goes on out side there organization afect them. I know it probably does not make any sense!”she said.
“I don’t want a fight between the enterprise and the crew of the palmyra. Will you act as a liasion between us and them?”Addison asked. “I will captain but i don’t know if they will listen. I am a trator. I Am coleberating with the hurbert. ” She said.
“I am glad your hear!” Addison said. “I will do all i can captain. I don’t want the virus to spread and i don’t want edenites to get sick or die. “She said.
“Thank you. Please for now on call me addy or Addison. I am not mych for titles especially within my senior staf!”she said. “Very well Addison !” Irina said.
“Well you sound crankier then normal mr. Gioto!”piper said. “Well mark the idea of space hippies. Science and technology has alowed us to solve a lot of problems. No it is not the end all be all but i don’t want to go back!”gioto said.
“Not all edenites want civilizations to go back!” Irina said. “I take it some do?”dassale asked. “Some lt. Not the mojority!”irina said.
“Addy i believe i have found the palmyra. “Pitkarin said. “Irina vincent you know your job. Lets get it done!”Addison said. The ship headed for the palmrya.
End of part two

Paridise and perdition

U.s.s Lexington
“We have an incoming vessel. Private vessel s.s palmyra.  “The science officer said.
“Hail the vessel!” The commadore ordered. The com officer sent the message. “They are responding!” The com officer said.
“On screen!” The commidore said. The view screen fliped on.”this is commidore robert wesly in command of the Lexington,by order of the federation council you must remain in the qarentine zone. Please retern to one of the planets inside the zone. ” The commidore said.
“Commidore. None of our crew are infected by the great blight. We are perfecly healthy. Please let us resume our mission. “The civialian in command said.
“I’m sory. No one under any circumstance is to leave the qarentine zone. This is a class one medical emurgentcy. “Wesley said.
“We must be alowed to resume our quest. ” The owner said. ” People have tested negitive for the viris and then have surcombed to it. We barely understand this thing. It is vital you coperate with qarentine procedues. “Wesley said.
“Vessel is moving towards us and the potrol fleet!”the science officer said. “Stand down palmyra! “Wesley ordered.
“We can outrun this hurbert!” A blond male said. “That may not be a wise course of action !”a vulcan female said. “We canot reach these herberts!” The male said. The leader decided to tempt fate.
“Vessel is atempting to flea!” The science officer reported. The vessel went to warp. It went towards one of the smaler vessels.
“Palmyra! Stand down return to port. You are dangerusly close to violating qaurentine ordee. Back off and we will forget this whole incident. ” Wesley said
“We follow a law higher then herburts law!”the leader said. The seven abored agreed. The vessel came at the scout ship.
“Authorise the uss Magellan to fire a warning schot off there port bow!” Wesley said. “Aye sir!’the com tech said.
The Magellan fired phasers off there port bow. The vessel did not flinch. “Vessel is stil on course!” The science officer reported.
The civilian ship apeared to have ploted a colision course right for the u.ss Magellan. It used the ships shields to propel the ship away from the potrol fleet.
“The palymra is gone!” The science officer said. “Where did they go? “Wesley asked. “They could not have been destroyed!”the first officer said.
“Found them. They are out of the qarentine zone! ” the science officer said. They went to warp.
“I lost them again ! They used some kind of scrambling device!” The science officer said. “Great we could have typhoid mary on our hand. “Wesley said. “Mayby they are not infected!” The com officer said. “You have not seen this virus in action lt. I have and it is not prety. “Wesley said.
“We cannot persue them. We are technicaly in the qarentine zone. We cannot go after them. Inform star fleet command. Its up to addy now!” Commadore Wesley said.
End of part one.

In the woods part seven

“Who are you?” Elizabeth asked.”my name is grozern. I am an itanite!”he said. “Your species  died out thousands of years ago! Even that is just legend!” She said.
“Not quite! Our home world was destroyed. A remnent was spared that fate. An unknown race has moved species in order to preserve them. “He said.
“Is this your new home world?” Liz asked. “No! It is not. It is an outpost. We are observing. Colecting data. This is one of many. We keep a low profile. “He said.
” Why did you not contact ne right away?”she asked. “The last time we contacted humanity was during the time that European colonest were upending native land in north ans south america. We had no idea what you were like now!” Grozen said.
“What of miranda? The goodness i have seen in her should tell you something !” She said. “She has been amoung us more then with your people ! I have scaned your mind. I see that you and your federation is something we can work with. I have sent a message to your star fleet ! The enterprise is on its way to pick you up. “He said.
“Then they are alive!”liz said. “They said the same thing about you! “Grozen said. “What about the Klingon ?” She asked. “We can handle that. As i said erlier  we are keeping a low profile these days. This planet has unusual capibilities. We will be using them. when the dust settles,we will contact your people!”grozern said.
“We know this is a difficult time for your federation. Your security codes were compromised. You will endure. We are not ready to come out if hiding,someday we will!” Katzune said.
“Are you on your own or do you have contact with the preservers?”she asked. ” That is a discussion for another time! I have a letter for your captain. A down patment if you will on a future allience. “Grozern said.
” I do have one request. Take miranda with you!” Kitek said. “I want to stay with you. This is my home!”she said. “You need to be with your own people ! You have had to grow up too fast. You need to be a child for a while. We will see eachorther again. I promise!” Grozern said. She huged him.
Kor and his team were on the move. Suddenly they were beamed off of the planet. They were back on the ship.
“What is this?” Kor said. ” Sir we are in orbit of qonos!” Korzok said. “How is that possible ?”kor asked.
“Sir the sansor datta for the few days! Its gone!” Korzok said. “How can that be? “Kor asked. “I don’t know!” The science officer said. “It is not just the sansors,every thing ,logs journal,reports gone. We have no record of the last few days!” Korzok reported.
” What is going on?” Khas asked.”i wish i knew!” The commander said. ” i doubt this was star fleet. I think something else might have been at work on that planet. “Korzok said. “Perhaps ! I will keep my eyies oppen. I will be watching ! “Kor said. “As will i my lord!” Korzok said.
” Elizabeth ! You are very troubled.”grozern said. “I still don’t know how i got hear. I can’t remember the last few days. These visons i have been having ! “She said.
“You were subjected to a Klingon mind shifter! They removed the last few days from your mind!  It is a common techneque by the Klingon. Unfortunately even our technology is unable to restore memories removed by Klingon mind shifters. “He said.
“Why me? I am a physchologest who is on her first deep space mission. I hardly seam like a target of interogation by the Klingon !” She said.
“I don’t have those answers Elizabeth. You do have high esp. I would avoid the energy barier. Every one should. They call it a barier for a reason. You especially !” Grozern said.
“Those images! What were they?”she asked. ” there are paralel realities. You got a glimpse into one of those realities. It does not have to impact this one. “He said.
” I see!”she said. “The future is unwritten !”grozern said. ” I know that. I will try!” She said. “Good!” He said.
  She and miranda walked around the forest. ” Enterprise to danner!” The officer said. “Are you in orbit?” She asked. “Afirmitive doctor ! “The officer said. “Two to beam up!” She said. She and miranda were beamed up to the enterprise.
After the enterprise left orbit. The planet vanished. It was like it was never there. Where it went,no one knew. They would be back.
End of part 7

In the woods part five

Liz ran to find miranda. “Miranda we have to get out of hear!” Liz excalmed. She grabed her hand and they ran for the door.
The Klingon stormed the home. The two ran outside. One of the Klingons spoted them. “Run like you have never run before !”liz told her. She agreed. The two held hands and ran as fast as they posibly could.
  The Klingon ran . They ran very fast. They both ran like there lives depended on it because it did. They found a hiding spot. Liz instructed to not make a sound. Liz hoped to wait him out. After that she had no idea.
They could not outrun them foever. They were two agest 15 plus they had a ship in orbit. A battle crusher with a crew of about 400,the same as the crew compliment of a constitution class vessel. 
Liz tried not to think about that right now. One thing at a time. She had to protect miranda and herself. Right now the name of the game was to endure. She had to keep going. She could not give up or give in. She just had to persivere.
They hid under tries. They did not make any moves whatever. The Klingons began to patrol the forest hoping to find the two. So far they did not have much luck. Liz hoped that she could endure just long enough.
They stayed in the same area for a few hours. The Klingon were just as maticulous as the liz and the little girl was. They eventually moved on and went to another area. They stil waited just in case.
Then after not hearing any one,they decided to keep moving.they did so very qietly. They moved slowly but determined.
They made it quite a distence. They moved non stop for a few hours then stoped. They sat down. “I’m sory to get you caught up in all this! You are a kid. This has nothing to do with yoy. If it was not for me,you would be fine. “Liz said.
“Your sad arnt you liz?” Miranda said. “I am. Your very perceptive. I am just woried. My ship is gone,i don’t know where the crew is. I have no memory of what happened. The Klingon are after me and i don’t know why. Its driving me crazzy!”she said.
“Your afraid that your ship was destroyed and that your crew is all dead!”Miranda said. “You don’t miss a beat. Yes your right! “She said.
“Its more then that?”the little girl said. “What do you meen?”liz asked. “You feared you killed them?”she said. “Why would you say that?”liz asked. “You did not liz. Your a good person !”she said.
“The night mere! In it i am on the enterprise. I am on the bridge. The captain, its not addison but someone else. I don’t recognize him. Dr. Piper is there. Some i recognize some i don’t. I borded the enterprise from the el deberen colony. I borded the enterprise when it lunched. I think that i am seing images from a paralel universe mayby. I don’t know. It does not make any sense. “She said.
“If it is from a paralel universe,why worry about it?”miranda asked. “I am in esence the same person. The same factor that exist in that reality do hear as well. “Liz said.
“What happens in these night meres?”Miranda asked.  she tried to remember. She saw images. She tried to focus. They flooded her.
“We were on the edge of the galaxy. Well what we had explored. We discovered an energy barier. I was injured. So was another crewman. I think he was the first officer. We both have high extra sensory perception. The barier made us stronger. Absolute power corupted absolutely. ”
” the man tried to take over the ship. I refused to listen. I joined him against the crew. In the end i turned against him. I died stoping him. “She said.
“Liz it does not have to be this way. That reality does not have to be this end. Change your destiny. Live in this reality. ” She said
“I will try! “She said . “Good!” The girl said. They stayed in the woods for a while. Then they started moving.
The Klingon did not give up either. They searched in a grid like paturn. They kept going. One of the teams found them. The two ran.
They ran until they were totally out of breath. They fell to the ground. A Klingon neared them. A pole from the ground rose up.the Klingon was traped.
Another Klingon ran to them. The Klingon was schot up by some kind of lazer from the ground. The two moved on. What was this planet? What was going on? This whole thing was just getting stranger and stranger. She had a feeling that it was not over yet. It had only just begun. Before this was over,it would get even more strange.
End of part five

In the woods part two

  The craft began to discend to the planet. The craft went into a free fall. The craft fell at a rapid rate. It roled upside down and back several times.
Eventually it fell to the ground. It noise hit botom. There was a smal explosion. The shartle crashed.
Elizabeth danner saw the images again. She saw the bridge of the enterprise. She saw dr. Piper. She saw the captain she did not recognize.
She saw the senior officer. The man who betray the c.o. the man who would betray them all.
She saw the battle on the mystery planet. She saw herself on the wrong side. Then she saw herself turning on the the officer who seemed to be mutating. Then it ended with her death.
She woke up. She screamed at first. “Your ok !” A vioce said. Daner had no idea where she was. She saw that she was in a bed room . She was in a bed. The room looked like it was a cotege.
“Where am i?” Liz asked. ” Your about a mille away from the crash site!” “The vioce said.” Crash site?” Liz asked.
“You were in a shartle? It crashed. I think you were under atrack! “She said.
The image came into focus. It was a little girl. She seamed to be anywhere from 9 to 12.”attack ! “She said.
She thought it over. Now she remembered. “Yes ! Now i remember ! I was in the enterprise. I went to bed. I woke up a shartle. I was under attack by the Klingon. I was hit. I thought i was a goner. I made it?”she asked.
” You were banged up but you were not in too bad of shape!” The little  girl said. “Ok! “She said.
“Your still a little confused arnt you?” The girl said. “I am  Very confused! The questiones just keep growing! “She said.
“I’m miranda!” The girl said. “Elizabeth !” She said.
“It is good to meat you Elizabeth !” Miranda said. “How old are you?” She asked. “11!” She asked . “Are you human?”liz asked. “Yes i am! What else would i be?” Miranda asked.
“I thought mayby you were an alien asuming human form ! “Liz said. “No i am as i apear!”the child said. “You act very mature. At least in the brief time i have known you!” Liz said.
“I thought i had a good imagination! At least you did not acuse me of being a targ!”the little girl said.
“Where is your parents?”liz said. “They are dead! My farther died a year ago. My mom died four mouths ago. “She said.
“How did you get hear?” Liz asked. ” my grandperents came hear. They were private people ! They wanted to be left alone!”she said.
“How did i get hear?” She asked. “You walked hear. I gues. I saw you a ways off. I helped you hear. You have no memory of that?” She asked. “No. Are there no one else hear?” Liz asked. “Just you and i!” She said.
She got up. “You should rest. You have been though a lot!”she said. “Your probably right!” She said.
  She got back into bed. She decided to rest for a bit. “How did you servive?”she asked . “I have a replicator! Besies there are hurbs,buries, my perents set me up well just in case. My perents thought of every thing!” She said.
“Why did they not want to be around people ?” Liz asked. “I don’t know. They never said. They were a bit secritive!” The girl said.
“Do you have acess to a comm unit?” Luz asked . “My perents did not believe in it. They did not want to talk to any one!” The girl said. “I see!” The doctor said. “I will let you rest. I will check on it in a bit!”the girl said. The little girl left. She closed the door. 
Liz was confused. She was tired. She decided to try to figure this all out later After she felt more rested.
In orbit,the klingon ship held position. “Captain ! I am detecting debree on the planet. I am also detecting aditional life sign! ” the. Tactical officer said. “She servived the attack ?” Kor said. ” It would apear so! “The tactical officer said. “Find her exact location !” The Klingon commander ordered. “Yes sir!”the gunner said.
End of part two