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Nues part 7

“Captains log,the enterprise is on course for the romulon neutral zone. While science officer Spock is getting reports of what can only be described as tremors all over what has been labeled the x region. While the mass is continuing to expend although at a slow pace so far due to interventions. ”
  Commander Jessup was in his quarters . he was looking over intelligence reports and briefings. The chime rang. “Come in!”he said.
He had a feeling he knew who it was. He hesitantly answered. “Come!”he said.
The door opened,it was a female Klingon. “Terisha!”he said. “Jess. I had not had a chance to talk to you.we have a short time before We arrive at the border. “She said.
“It is good to see you. It has been too long!”she said. “Why did you leave me? You predicted that some chancellor would go to war with the federation over a trivial matter to enxhance his standing with the empire. Why did you join them?”he asked.
“I am a klingon! I had a duty to my people. “She said . “a duty to your people by supporting a whimsical leader. The federation was no threat to the empire. You lived with us for two years. You knew what kind of people we were. We were not interested in military expansion.”jess declared.
“I could not abandon my people. I am sorry you do not understand. “She said. “Nothing will change if those of conscience fail to challenge it. ” he said.
“You do not understand !”she said.”no I gues I do not. Perhaps I won’t. “He said.
Spock had been studying data com officer kolona sent him. He had adjusted the Sensors to scan for any shock waves similar to those that had been reported.the Vulcan suspected that they will increase.
“Captain! We are about to experience turbulence. “Spock said. Sure enough the enterprise rocked back and forth. The enterprise regained it’s composure.
“Is this going to keep happening?”Norris asked. “I believe it Will. ” Spock said. “Is this related to the mass?”yeoman Smith asked. “Uncertain yeoman but if I would have to speculate I would say mostlikly. “The Vulcan remarked.
“That is my thoughts as well Mr. Spock.”Dr. Markus said. “Captain several ships have failed to report in. Star base 14 got a cryptic message from the Artemis. “The klingon com officer reported.
“Could the mass be causing insanity?”Dr. Piper asked. “If the mass is emitting a kind of tradition it is possible. ” Dr. Dahner said. “The mass could be interfering with our ability to process. “Chief engineer said.
Doctor Marcus was concerned that the crises was bigger then anyone could possibly imagine.was the galaxy falling apart? If so why?
The enterprise moved closer to the neutral zone. The ship was traveling at warp 8.
Dr. Dahner was walking around the bridge. “Your a psychiatrist?” Gary Mitchell asked .”yes I specialize in the psychological affect of space on humanoids. “She said. “Your trying to improve the bread doc?”he said. “I heard that was your spe..”he said.
Elizebeth started to feel a kind of dejavu. She felt like She Had said this before.She knew that she never did. At least she was prety sure she had not. This was very odd. She felt that she knew Mitchell.she was certain that she had never met the man before. The conversation stoped after that.
Addison was standing off to the side. She had not thought much about her time as a star fleet officer sense she was placed on inactive satis. She liked being back. She wished she could command but that was not to happen at least now.
All of a sudden ,Addison seemed to be taken to another place. She was in open space. It seemed normal to her. It seemed natural. She did not steamed to be phased by it,at least not at this point.
She floated though space.she did not get motion sickness. She probably would have we’re it really happening .she saw the mass.She was nearing it. It looked at it would in real life. She felt what looked like a tractor beam. She was being dragged inside.
She saw something. It made no sense yet made perfect sense. Suddenly She heard a voice.
“Addy! Addy!” she turned around.it was Liz. She came tu. “You ok?”Dr. Piper Said. “I think so. I just really got lost in thought. ” daddy said. Nurse chapel scanned Addison.”I am detecting some elevated readings. ” chapel said.
“I saw the mass. I think I was being drawn Inside. When I came in I woke up hear.”Addison said.
“Could the mass be  trying to communicate with you?”Kirk asked.”it’s unlikely . “Liz said.”I would not be so quick to dismis it “Spock remarked.
The Enterprise neared the neutral zone. “Nearing the neutral zone!”Lee reported. “All stop mia!”Norris ordered. Mia stoped the ship. “Now at all stop!”mia reported. “Com tech hail the romulan flagship!”Norris ordered. The klingon Com tech sent the message. “We have been cleared to enter.”the com tech reported.
“Hear we go into the lions den.mia take us in.”Norris ordered. The enterprise went into the neutral zone. “We are now inside romulan space. ” Spock reported.
“Captain we have been invited to the romulan flagship. Captain and science officer. “The com officer Said.
“Alright,doctor Markus care to join me?”Norris said .”I wish to join you!”Kirk said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Jim. The romulan have not always liked you Jim.”Norris said. “Your keep her safe Ben?”Kirk asked .”we are on the same side this time . yes I will gurente she will be safe. ” Norris said. “I will hold you to that !”he said. “Of course” he said.
Transporter room
Norris tried not to show fear. Odd the federations stil did not understand the romulan.he hoped that the truce would hold at least until the crises was over if not before.
He could tell that there was quite a bound between Kirk and Dr. Marcus. The rumor was she gave him an ultimatum star fleet or her.he chose her. Norris could understand it and respect that.
The door opened,the two entered. “Do you have the coordinance Mr. Kylie?”Norris asked. ” I do. “The transporter operator said. They got on to the pad. “Ready when you are sir!”Kyle announced. “Enerzize Mr. Kyile. “The captain ordered.
The chief activated the transporter. The three were beamed from the ship to the romulan flagship.
Rihansu vessel
Dr. Kalara waited with others. On the commanders order ,the transporter was activated. The two from enterprise materialized on the pad.
“I’m commander Benjamin Norris commanding officer of the enterprise. This is Dr. Carol Markus and Dr. Terisha obk. ” Norris said.
“I am commander m’len,I am in charge of the special task force looking into the x reigon.  Usualy we are enemies commander. Perhaps now fate will force us to be friend. Though I am a warrior ,I do not relish war at least not as I once did. Some do not feel as I do. I fear that if there is to be a brave new world,our generation May have the hardest time living in it. “The commander said.
“‘recent events may force us to work together or die. “Norris said. “Yes I have senced that as well. This is Dr. Kalara she is heading up the operation. “He said.
Conference room
In the room was mostly romulan officers and Some scientist and officials. There was a tholien as well. Noris found that odd.
M’len started the meeting. “Dr. Kalara. “The commander said. The doctor got up. “The mass is a phenomena that eats up everything in it’s path. We have detected an energy signature prior to it’s appearance. The mass mayby from another dimension. That is conjecture. It is only one issue we are dealing with. ” she said.
The tholien got up to speak. “There have been an increase of turbulence. The first known sighting coincides with the first appearance of the mass. “Xi said in a translation.
“There have also been reports of psicotic episodes in area near the impact zone!” kalera said. ” are these events all related to the mass?”a romulan civilian asked.”it is unclear.”kalara said.
“I believe that this is far bigger then anyone thought. I believe that the structural integrity of the galaxy may be crumbling. The galaxy May be On the verge of explosion or implosion. “The tholien said.
“The mass is a syimptom of a bigger problem. “Kalaera said. “There is no prof of that. “Commander Bhutan said. “No but it cannot be disproven. We cannot ignore  this. “Kalara said. Many of the commanders and other atendies were unconvinced. “I agree. We need to be proactive. “M’len said.
M’len was an imposing figue. A veterin of over a hundred campaigns he was a force in romulan politics. When he spoke,everyone listened.
U .s.s enterprise
Lt. Marea bolt was in command of the bridge while Norris was gone. Kirk who was a civilian observer with no officials standing stood over her shoulders. While Norris was extending him professional certify,he made her umcofortible. She considered having Mr. Leslie escort him off  bridge.
Mia was fine with him on bored.she just did not want him on the bridge.she really did not want him looking over het shoulder. She tried not to let it phase her. It was proving difficult.
Spock studied the sensors.he was concerned about having so much of the fleet in one place. The computer sounded a chime. Spock read a bizare reading.
“We must move away. Quickly.”Spock said in a logical but a manner that communicated the urgentcy of the danger in a non emotional way. Mia ordered kolona to send the warning to the fleet.
The fleet tried to get away. A brand new doorway opened up. A new mass formed. Most of the fleet got away.an older frigate got caught in the wake. The ship was absorbed into the mass.
Norris felt the ship move. The mass was interfering with ships syistoms. A panel exploded. Noris pushed Dr. Kalera out of the way. Norris was knocked out.he fell to the floor.
The flship began to least.the eginerng crew tried to restore the ships gravity. The ship tried to get back on it a feet.
The enterprise had gotten lead time. The vessel was able to stop. The fleet stoped. The new mass was heading towards them. The ships went to warp but could they outrun it in time.
To be continued.
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