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“The challenge !”

” Captain’s log we have just completed the sucesfull escort of a colonial transports to the new colony of nova prime. The colony has begin to get settled in and shows signs of much progress. I believe it will be a fine adition to the galaxy and to the federation. I am looking foward to following its progress in the coming weeks years and beyond !”
The captain was in her office feeding her daughter. Her son was playing on the floor. “Lunch is served!”yeoman smith said. “Oh thank you. Please put in on the table. Let me gues dr. Pipper did the menu!”she said. “He did! He incisted that it meet its required dietary needs! “Smith said. “Of course it did! Why am i not suprised? “She said. Yeoman smith put it down. “Addy? I am curious about something !”She asked. “What ut it?” She asked. ” Why is your son named sarek?”she asked.
“OH! i was escorting ambasador sarek to an important negocition.the shartle had to evade the Klingons. I went into labor a few weeks early. He helped deliver my son. So to thank him,i named him sarek in his hournor!”adison said. “I see! Do you think he will folow in the ambasasor’s shoes?” She asked. “You never know!” Adison said. With that the yeaman left. The door closed behind them.
“Can you say ilogical”addy asked. “Iwaical”he said. She laughed. “Close enough!”she responded.
“Bridge to captain!” Lt. Palmer said. “Go ahead lt! “She said.” You have an incoming mesege from admiral komack. “The com officer said. “I will take it down hear audry!”she said. ” Transfering now!”palmer said. The com officer transfered the message to the monitor in her qurters.
“Hello admiral!”she said. “Hi adison good work on that colony! ” he said. “Thank you why do i have a feeling that that is not why you called. “She asked. “It was not. Are you ready for your next asignment?”he asked. “I figured it was coming'”she said. “Not sighseing in the ormond nebula'”the admiral said. “Very well! “She said.
“The son of the vulcan prefect is getting maried! I would like the enterprise to be in atendence!”the admiral said. “You do now the enterprise is a constitution class starship. One of the premer ships of the line?”he asked.”that is why the prefect himself requested the presence of the enterprise. This is deemed a very important mission by star fleet and the council!” The admiral said.
“Very well. Will ambassador sarek be there. I would love to see him and his wife?” She asked. “He will be. Most of the whose who of the federation and of vulcan will be there!”admiral komack said. ” i figured!” She said.
She had lt. Dasale ajust the course and head for vulcan. Dasale and ryan set the course and engaged it. The ship was off.
After a while the chime rang. “Come in!” Adison said. The door opened,it was commander sotril. ” come on in!”she said. “I understand we are heading to vulcan?”sotril asked. “Yes if you want to spend some time at home ,that is perfecly fine. I have no idea when we will be coming this way again !” Adison said.
“There is something i need to tell you! ” she said. ” Ok! “Adison said. “I am marying the son of the prefect!” She declared.
End of part one.