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“The siren call “part one

“Your sure she is my sister?”Addison asked. “I have checked and rechecked . you have the same parents !” the doctor said. “My parents died when I was young.that is simply not possible. There is no possible way that she could be my sister!”Addison said. “DNA does not lie. I will see if Dr. Piper can give a second opinion if you like!”he said. “I would. Its nothing personal. “She said. “Its ok.I fully understand. “The doctor said.
Later on
Office of Dr. Piper
The older doctor entered. “You looked at his findings?”Addison said. ” I have the results but your not going to like it. “Dr. Popper said. “It can’t be mark. She is what seven. They died Mark. “Addison said. “I don’t have those kind of answers. All I do know is that is your biological sister. “Dr. Popper said.
“I was a bit harsh to your Jr surgeon!”Addison said .”he will get over it. You ok?”he asked. “I am in shock. It makes no sense. “Addison said .
“I know what this is about. You always justified the fact that you were abandoned by her your family because they died. Now your just left with unanswered questiones..”Dr. Piper said. “Are you a medical doctor or a pyscyitrist?”Addison asked. “I will leave that to Liz. “He said.”wise!” Addison said.
Qurters of captain Addison mccomic.
“You ok addy?”ryian asked. She put her head on his shoders.she wore a night gowan.he had shorts and no shirt.
“No I am not ok ry!”She said. “I figured! I was not sure if you would admit it!”he said. “I am not going to pretend not this time. Are they stil alive. If so where have they bean all this time?”Addison asked.
“You think they are still alive?”ruins asked.”I have no idea. I had finally had to terms with it. I had reconciled them and my other perents. Now it is all jumbled again.”she said. He held her.
“You will get to the bottom of this ,that I know. If I know you,you wont stop until you do!”he said.”your right!”she said.
Near by syistom
Puritan exploration and research vessel.
“This is the first sutch  steller phynomina we have ever encountered. “First officer redeva said. “Your sure ? If if is not the scientific Senate wi not be pleased. I don’t want our sister ship having something to hold against us!”enginner litrell said.
“I’m excited. We have seem more in a year then Manny if our people on the home world have seen in four life times. “The energec female navigator said.
“I am detecting a warp signature.”science officer engina said.”a ship?we have not see so much as space degree sense we entered this area. “Betrie the navigator said.
“Hail the vessel!”the captain said. “They are hailing us captain !”the com officer said. “On screen! “The captain said. The com officer transfered the message to the main view screen.
On the screen displayed a bridge with bright light and colleges. It was a functional bridge.it was very festive. The crew were all skilled. They were all male.
“Greetings I am klasic,captain of the handrini conglomerate. We are a journey to spread love and peace and understanding throughout the galaxy. ” the commander said.
“We are on a mission to explore mostly interstellar phynomina. The more unusual the better!” the commander said.
“We are not that dissimilar I think!”he said. He had a very big smile. It was do big you could probably fit s startle craft inside.
“You are every attractive!”the first officer said. The exo was usually very reserve. You would expect this kind of outburst from a the navigator.everyone looked at her. “I’m sory. I don’t know where that came from. ” she said. She was quite embarrassed.
“It is quite alright.  You are quite stunning yourself!” the commander said. “Thank you what a lovely thing to say!”she said. 
“Perhaps you would be my guess. You and your command staf. We can swap stories and compare notes.” the commander said.
“Of course!” the commander said. The commander was suspicious of these guest. It seemed too convenient . the commander’s  bull meeter went way up. He wanted to be nice. They wanted to be a good neighbor in the galaxy.he decided to take them up on  there offer. He hoped that he would not regret it.
The commander left the security chief in charge of the ship. The commander and the rest of the crew Beemed to the alien ship. The crew materialized in the transporter room of the previously unknown vessel.
“Welcome a bored!”klasic said .he did not appear as friendly as he had before. Now his smile looked more devious. “Procede!” he said. The female officers moved against there comrades.
“What is this?” captain ogreer asked. “Call it a hostile take over!” klasic said.
End of part one.

Times and seasons part two

After meating with liz,the captain decided to atempt to try to get back to sleep. She walked to her qurters. While she was walking ,she was interupted by a message on the public adress.
“Captain mccomic please report to sickbay”the vioce of doctor mark piper said. She went over to a com unit. She presed the button. “Mark this is addy! I am on my way!”she said.
She was suprised to hear that mark was stil awake. She was curious to know what he wanted her for. She headed to sickbay.
She entered. “Burning the midnight oil mark?”Addison asked. “Yes i am. It seams what’s keeping you up on night is keeping me up as well! Dr. Piper said.
“Ok mark, you have my attention!”Addison said.”i have been looking over the medical scans of miss crenic. It took me a while but i think i have partially figured out the mystery!”he said.
“Now you really have my attention mark!”she told him. “Her moral filter,her conscience is gone. I compared her medical records sense she was captured earlier this year with her last exam before the incident on the fraghter.  “He said.
“There is a huge gap in her brain !”she said. “Her conscience ,if you will,has been removed. I speculate that this was done on perpouse.”the doctor said.
“Are you saying you believe that she was somehow regenerated?” Addison asked.
“I can’t prove it. It is an hypothosis that at this point,i can neither prove or disprove. It is a resonible model. “The doctor told her.
“I see! We could be looking at some kind of alien experimentation. Perhaps it is some kind of alien plot. That is beyond my job description. ” The doctor said.
“Fair enough doc!”Addison said. “It is some place to start!”he said.”indeed it is. Good work !”she told him. He nodded.
“I’m not done yet. I will continue to work on this. I will keep you aprised on my progress. “The doctor told her. She thanked him for that.
She excited sickbay. This confirmed what she had suspected but did not dare to say out loud. Now she had it confirmed.
She decided to roam the deck for a moment. If this was the product of alien munupulation,to what end? Was it simply to cause chaos? Was it part of an invasion plot? She had no idea. It woried her. She was tired but she knew she could not sleep. Not after this news.
Things were qiet on the bridge .things usually were at this time of day. Although there were no diferences between day ans night in space,federation starships ran on a 24 day structure. This was the time artificially constructed as night.
“Sir! I am detecting some energy signal! It is faint. It keeps coming in and out!”ensign mischa davis maning the science station reported. ” Are you certain?” Lt. Tim mathews in command asked. “Confirmed sir. It is getting stronger. It is getting closer. “Davis said.
It became more and more clear.”i have something sir. Detecting several ships. It is tholiens!” Davis anounced.
Mathews knew full well about the tholiens and there tactics. Tholiens would seround a ship and trap them in an energy wave. It was called the tholien web.
“Evasive action quickly !” Tim ordered. The ship tried to get away. The enterprise went at maximum speed.
“Target those ships fire!”mathews ordered. Tomlinson at helm opened fire. The enterprise fired multiple voleys of phasers and photon torpedoes at the ships.
The tholiens knew what the enterprise was doing. The enterprise knew what they were up to. They were trying to compinsate for that. The enterprise had uped there game.the tholiens would have to up there’s as well.
The tholiena fired on the enterprise. Addison felt the rumble from the weapons fire.she ran to a com unit. ” Bridge this is Addison! Report!”she ordered.
“We are under attack by the tholiens. They are atempting to form a web !” Tim said.
“Continue evasive action! I will right up!”Addison ordered. “You got it! Will do!” Mathews replied.
The ship continued to fire on the ships. They kept trying to evade the tholiens as well. While the bridge was maned by night crew,they were hardly the b team. They were the orther A team.
Addison felt strange going to the bridge in a bath robe,night goan,and bare foot. She did not feel she had time to change into a duty uniform. She ran into a turbo lift. She headed straght for the bridge.
The turbo lift door opened,the captain entered. ” We have so far been able to evade the tholien vessels captain!”mathews informed her.he then got up. She took the command chair.
“Target the aft section of the cloest ship and fire!”she ordered.the ship got as close as they could and then Tomlinson fired a voley of photons at the nearest hostile ship. The ship was struck by the enterprise. The enterprise hit another tholien ship. This time with phasers.
The enterprise hit the first two ships again. The two orther ships hit the enterprise. Several section of the ship was hit by plasma fire. There was exstensive damage on lower decks.
The enterprise undetered fired on the two vessels yet to be hit in a substential fasion. The enterprise hit them with phasers and photons.
“Question bob! If we take one of the ships out of the eqasion,will they be able to generate a web?”Addison asked.
“I don’t believe so!”he said. “I have a plan!” She said. The enterprise pounded the vessel that had taken the most damage. While the other ships tried to protect there comrade,the enterprise refused to let up. They just kept fireing.
“Sir! The vessels are powering down!” Davis reported. “Are they serendering?” The navigator lt. Dapaul asked. “Tholions don’t yield. They are simply acknowledging that they can’t beat us without being batered and blody themselves. They don’t want to risk mutual asured destruction. That tells me they want something . This is not a strictly military or sabotage mission. It is something more. “Addison commented.
“Sir! We are being hailed!” The night shift relief com officer rylie morel said.
“On screen ensign!” Addison ordered. The com officer activated the view screen. The screen showed thw bridge of a tholien vessel.
“Captain! I demand that you turn over Alison crenic to me at once!”the tholien said in a broken english wich was translated by a michanical sounding vioce.
End of part two