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preservers and the preserved. 

Captain Ben Norris roameed the house in Jackman Maine. “There you are! Becck is ready to surve the cake. You can’t bail. Your the guest of hornor. ” kalera said. “You agreed that if amber and Becky tired to throw me a birthday party that you would talk them out of it! ” he said. “As I recall you made noises that could have been interpreted as agreement. ” she said.”rihansu pragmitsm.” Norris said.

“You know you love me! ” she said. “Yes I do. ” he said. “You do love me or know it!”he asked. ” I am not sure! ” he said. A young girl came up to her.”aunt Becky and amber want you in the living room asap!”she said. He picked up his daughter. The husband and pregnant wife and daughter walked to the living room. 

“Its about time! Our sisters were getting antsy!” Jason said. For some reason Ben found it odd that jasson was there. He could not remember why. He knew he should not be hear. He saw Rebecca’s husband. He did not think he should be heat either. “I can’t believe they incistt on celebrating our birthday every year! I don’t want to be reminded I’m old! ” he said. ” its a celebration that your still hear. ” Jason said. “That’s something I suppose. ” he said. 

Amber brought out the cake. Becky started the singing if the happy birthday song. There were lot of children. Ambers and Jeff’s kids. As well as Rebecca and tom . Jason was not maried. Something was off. He blew out the candles. “What’s wrong? ” kalaera asked. “I made a silly wish by mistake. ” he said.”there is always next year. “She said. ” you can have my birthday wish !”his daughter said. “Thanks hunnie!” He said as he hugged her. 

Suddenly a phaser blast ripped though the street. He told everyone to get down.there was a beam in. It was quter and his ilk. ” what are you doing hear ?” Captain Norris demanded to know. ” I have come to destroy you!” He said. He schot Jason. Then he schot tom.he schot Rebecca. He tried to protect amber but quter ran through him like he was transparent. Amber was shot at point blank range. She fell to the ground. 
“No please. Stop it! Stop all of this! There is no need. ” The captain insisted. “There is every need. ” Quter said. He went for kalera. He tried to shield her as he had amber. He knew it was futile but he refused to do nothing. The phaser blast went though the captain as if he was not there. It hitt her. He screamed. “Why?” He asked.”you are the old.the old order must be destroyed to make way for the new. There is no path like the one true path!” Quter said. “We could do exist. ” He said. “No! No existence. Preservation of the sacred not the profane! ” He said. Then a wave of energy came at him. He screamed as he woke up. He felt sweet all over him. He could not possibly sleep after this.

He was on the enterprise. He had been hear all along. He remembered it all. The one true path. The mass crises,the aftermath, the homes crises ,the zombies and the Christmast party.it was all a dream yet it felt so real. There was no way he could sleep after all this. He decided to get up. 


“Hello captian.”the Klingon com officer said. “I was not expecting you to be up. ” The captian said. ” I have had trouble sleeping sence I was a zombie. My body is still on the mend. It helps to do some work. ” She said. “Is there anything going out of the ordinary?”he asked. ” Sense the mass crises we are in a new normal. Everything is quiet. The post crises recovery is continuing.” She said. “Anything new with the one true path!” He asked. ” Not sence the mass crises. They were on the galaxy most wanted list. The crises put them on the back burner. There have been nothing sence the crises. ” She said. ” OK.”he said. “Why?” She asked. ” I was curious.” He said. “If I hear anything I will let you know.” She said. “Of course. ” He said. 

He took out his communicator. “Dr. Dahner!” He said. She was a bit groggy.”hello this is dahner.”she said. “Sorry to disturb you but I need someone to talk to.”he said. 

She put on a bathrobe over her night gown.the chime rang.she signeled for him to enter.she made tea. He explained his dream. ” You have had the same dream for a week now?”she asked.”it is different but it is Basically the same theme. It’s all ends with everyone I care about including kalera killed by quter. ” He said. ” It could be your fears talking. Your sub conscious could still be deeling with the death of Jason and what happened to Rebecca. Your probably worried about the rest of the family. Despite your trouble with kalera you care about her deeply. Quter may represent the dangers. “She said. “What if there is really is a threat by quter and his preserver cult?”BN asked. 

“It’s posible. Do you have a high ESP Rating?” She asked. “Not really. I was tested at the academy. “He said. She had a memory. She saw the enterprise hit by an energy barrier. She saw a crewman with weird eyes. It was Garry Mitchel “Liz you OK?” He asked. “Yes. It could be some kind of premonition. The mass did cause the university structural integrity to be compromised as you know! It’s posible . ” She said. 

“Maybe I am chasing a wild goose. I might be parinoid. “Ben said. “Bridge to captian.”krik said” go ahead Jim.”Ben said. ” Incoming message form Star fleet command. It’s admiral komack. ” Kirk said. “Have kolona transfer it to Dr. Dahner’s quarters. 

He activated the screen. “Ben !”the admiral said. “Hello sir!”he said. ” We just got a message from anver prime. They report that a sub species has vanished. There is no trace. There village remains just not the people. There is no explanation”the admiral said. 

End of part one. 

Times and seasons

  Planet earth
  “So i would like to have your attention !”sotril in a dress uniform said. The room got silent. “Today we celbrate the promotion of captain addison mccomic to rank of admiral. Well i don’t but everyone else does!”sotril said.
Everyone laughed. “I would like to raise a toast to admiral mccomic !”she said. Everyone joined in even her young son who had a super surek sippy cup.  “How does it feel to be the youngest admiral in star fleet?”liz asked. “I like the power. I like that jr officers fear me! I’m kiding. I have not let it go to my head too much!”she said.
“She makes me call her sir!”Ryan said. “No i don’t!”she said. Everyone laughed. “Don’t give your sucesor any idears!”tim mathews said. “We don’t have to wory about our new captain letting her position go to her head! “Yeoman smith said.
“Unless she reverts to an erlier form if vulcans!”dr. Piper said. “Great ! I had not considered that!”tim said.
“How does it feel to be the captain ?”lt. Palmer asked. “It is a job title,it does not define me. I am who i was before only with more responsibilities!”the vulcan exo said. Lt. Palmer was a bit taken a back by this answer. The crew had come to expect it from her.
Everyone was having a good time. Addison went over and picked up her son. “Can you say admiral mommy?”she asked. He said something very close. She put him back down and let him play.
Addison looked around the room. She was going to miss her crew. She liked the promise of the challenge of being an admiral. She got lost in thought.
She heard a comotion coming from outside the dining room. She heard phaser fire. No one was armed.
She had yeoman smith take her son and daughter into a closet. The door opened,Alison began to fire indiscriminately. She was about to go for Addison but ryian shielded her. She screamed.
Then Addison woke up. She had utered out load. “Addy its ok! You had a night mere!”ryian said.”again? I’m sory ry!”Addison said.”Let me gues ! It ends with everyone being slaughtered by. Alison !”Ryan said. “I don’t like that she is on bored. I will be very happy when we arive at elba and we will be rid of this pasinger!”Addison said.
She was waring a night gowan and was barefoot. She started to get out of bed. “Your going to go check on her arnt you?”Ryan asked. “I have to ! I won’t be able to get back to sleep if i don’t ry!”she said. “I know! You remember what 20th century psychologest roy masters said about checking the door to see if it was locked after you kept checking?”he asked. “I know! It is embracing my evil. Roy masters did not have an unknowns factor on a masive heavy crusher!” She said.
“I am going to go back to sleep! Wake me up if you need me!”he said. “Ok ry !”she said. She put on a robe and excited the qurters. The door closed.
She walked to the brig. She entered. She saw two gourds outside the holding cell. The cell had a force field. A tech sat at a monitor post. She looked inside. Alison was sleaping.
  “Any trouble ?”she asked. “No mam! She was up when we came on. She soon fell asleep. “Lemli said.
“You two were briefed on her?”Addison asked. “Yes mam! Ve know vhat we are up against !”a security officer with a rusan acident said.
” Your phasers are ready?”she asked. “We know what we need to do! We know who this is!” Lemli said. “Do you doubt our abilities ?” The rusan jr officer asked.
“No i don’t. I am just concerned. She has been involved in two major incidents that thretened the stability of the federation. You canot be too careful!” She said.
“We apreciate the gravity of the situation captain!”lemli said. “Ok i won’t brother you any more!”Addison said. “Its fine mam!”the rusan said.
“Cary on! I won’t disturb you further!”Addison said. They noded. She took one last look at Alison before she left. Then she excited the brig. The door closed.
She could not sleep yet. She knew that she was not going to be able to fall asleep yet. She decided to give Elizabeth danner a visit.
Elizabeth danner was not doing well herself. She kept having a recurring dream of her own. One that,like the captain, could not shake.
In her dream,she enters the bridge with doctor mark piper. There is another man she fails to recognize. He was of scotish ansestry. There was also an asain. She did not recognize him either.
  “This is dr. Elizabeth daner! She came abored from the eldeberen colony!”piper said.
It always ended the same way. The enterprise struck by an energy barier. She herself was struck. Then she awoke.
The chime rang just as she awoke. She was pretty sure she knew who it was. She got out of bed. “Come in!”danner said.
The door opened,sure enough it was captain Addison mccomic. “You had the night mere again!”liz said. “I can’t wait til we get to alba. I want to not have to think about her for a while! “Addison said.
“You really think she is a threat?”danner asked. “I don’t know. I think she is, if left to her own devices. Under lock and key i don’t know. I have a bad feeling i just can’t shake. Am i nuts liz? ?”Addison asked.
“Yes you are. I am not sure about this. She is definitely an unknown qantity. Your justified in being concerned. “Elizabeth said.
“She scares me liz. I don’t know why but she does. “Addison said.”i can see why!”Elizabeth said.
  Dr. Mark piper was unable to sleep . He went to his office in sickbay. He looked over his scans of Alison crenic. He found something. He looked it over. He may have just made a breakthrough.
End of part one