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“Rumors of war”

“Captain’s log, years ago while on a freighter i lost my cloest friend. While it apears aliens found a way to revive her. It is not the Alison i knew. This is a cold angery,devoid of compasion or any thought beyond the programing. “Addison said in her log.
“My investigation into her mysterius handlers led my ship to a star tunnel. There we met the organians. A race who apear humanoid are much more then that. What they are presisly is not known. ”
“The organians are more powerful then us. I decided to order my crew to abandon ship after a one sided battle. It is my hope to have some of my crew report to star fleet of this threat and mobilize. This threat may be bigger then anything we have ever faced before. ”
U.s.s Lexington
Commadore robert Wesley entered sickbay. “How are our patcients?” Wesley asked. “They are in perfect health. All six of them!”dr. Sarah wallice said. “Six?”Wesley said. Then it occured to him.
“Commadore have you uploaded enterprise files?”sotril asked. “Yes i have. My crew is looking it over. We have transmited it to command as well. The fleet is on its way to the area where the enterprise was last seen. We are going to send every thing we have. We may even ask the Klingons for help!” Wesley said.
“We have to strike soon. We do not have a lot of time!”she said.”i agree. We will. The scout ship athena will escorts the children to star base 12. Addison’s step parents will meat them there. I would like you to stay with us. The excitors c.o had a nervous breakdown. I would like you to take command for now. I will understand if you wish to decline i will understand !”he said.”i anticipated you would ! I will do as you have asked !”sotril said. “Thank you commander. Mutch will be asked in the next few days of us all!”Wesley said. “I know! “She said.
Shartle craft columbus
“Any sign of the captain?”irina said. “No mam. I have checked with every ship. Nothing !”yeoman smith said. “You don’t think she did not make it do you?” Dr. mabanga asked. “No.way not Addison ,she made it. She would not let something like this go unfinished. “Palmer  said.
“I was an optimist until today!”nurse chapel said. “We have not lost yet! “Galway said.
“Wait i have incoming ! Its is the percival lowel!” Irina said. “Addy are you there?” Palmer  said. “Rumors of my death were greatly exadurated. Look i have a lead on the wereabouts of the enterprise. We have to hury. “She said. “The enterprise was destroyed!”smith said. “Not exactly !”kyile said. “Have all ships folow us. We don’t have a lot of time!” She said. The shartle folowed Addison’s ship.
The shartles headed for a gas gient. “I have it !”pitcarin said.”plot a course for it. Have all alied vessels follow us in!”Addison ordered. The shartles headed to the area. “I have a visual!”kyile reported. “On screen ! Lets see it!” Addison ordered.
The enterprise was adrift. It was dark. It seamed almost cold,lifeless. It ran on inertia only. “Life suport is off line! It is operating on batery back up. “Pitcarin said. ” It is salvegiable?”liz asked. “It will take a lot of work but i believe so. “Pitcarin said. “Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time! “Addison commented.
Shartle columbis
“I am confused! We saw the enterprise destroyed!” Yeoman smith commented. “Did we?”leslie asked. “How did they pull off such a deception?”smith asked. “Even if we asked i doubt that they would tell us!! A megician never reveals there tricks!”mabanga said. ” Never underestimate Addison mccomic!”dassale said.
A humanoid male came towards the crew. Dr. Piper was the senior officer so it was his job to speak for the crew. He started to introduce himself but it seamed that the aliens knew who they were somehow.
Then a series of back and forths,and then a decleration no one was expecting came. “Welcome to organia!”alborne said
“Excuse me ! What did you say this world is?”dr. Piper asked. “This is organia?”trafain said. Every one on the team from what they believed to be the late starship enterprise was quite agitated by this news.
“Your organiens? “Davis asked. “I understand your confusion but you are working off of a false premise i asure you!”alboyne said.
“The organians are trying to conquer the galaxy. They seam to believe that the universe canit thrive without there benevolent oversight !”Tomlinson said.
“They have encountered the outsiders!”claymare said. “What is going on?”davis asked.”the organians you encountered are another faction. I gues we had better start at the very beginning !”alborne said. “That would be helpful !”dr. Piper said. End of part one

Times and seasons part five

” Captain’s log the enterprise has discovered some kind of doorway in space. Could it be an ancient tunel in space used by intergalatic pilgrims long ago?”
“While the prudent thing to do would have been to wait for the back up ships to arive,i believe we canot wait. I ordered the enterprise to go in”
On the captain’s order,ryian and dassale sent the ship inside. The enterprise went by warp into the vortex.
“We are inside !”sotril reported. “We are travelaling at astronomical speads!”kyile reported. “I have located an arpiture.” Sotril said. “Senr coordinants to navigation . Ry you know what to do!”Addison ordered. “You got it ad!”ryian said.
Ryan set the ship on course for the arpiture. Dasale engaged the warp drive. “On course!”dassale anounced.
The ship went at high warp for the arpiture. “We are in position .”sotril reported. “Gioto open it up!”Addison ordered. The security chief opened the arpiture. A large doorway in space had just become visible. “Take us in vince!”Addison ordered. The enterprise went inside the arpiture.
The vessel went inside the arpiture. The doorway acted like a sling schot. The vesel was schot across space. The ship stoped.
“Now at all stop!”dassale anounced. “I am detecting a fleet of ships. Ships are of an unknown design and configuration!”sotril said. “There are a lot of them!”dr. Piper said.”that is quite an undersatement mark!”gioto said.
“The vessels are heavaly armed.they had several canon that resemble phaser banks.they gave advanced shield grid!”sotril said.
Alien vessel
“That ship is the enterprise! Its Addison’s ship!”she said. “You are well aqainted with the ship and the commander?”the alien captain asked. “All too well! She is ambicious but caucitious. We is not afraid to rush in where Angels fear to tread but only if she has a plan!”Alison said.
“What will her next move be?”the alien commander asked.”she knows she is outguned. She will want to evaluate you! Find your weekness. She believes in peaceful solutions. She is a warior if she has to be but she perfers a non violent solution. “Alison said.
“Excellent ! Hail her. Lets be friends !”the alien commander said. Every one knew what he ment by that. This included Alison.
U.s.s enterprise
“We are being hailed. It is the lead ship!”lt. Palmer reported.”they want to talk. “Addison said.”they could cut us down very easily. The fact they are not could be sugnificant !”Elizabeth said. “They want to know who they are. It may be a type of reconisance. Alright i’l byte. On screen !”Addison ordered.
Com oficer palmer activated the view screen. On the screen the image of the bridge of the alien ship was displayed on the view screen.
“Hello Addison !”Alison said.”we have got to stop meating this way. “Addison said. “I have been asked to convey greatings from the organiens. They want to invite you to there command ship. While there intentions may apear provocative ,they hope to convince you there intentions are benevolent !”she said.
“We hope to have peaceful coexistence with all races. I would like nothing else then to have friendly relations with these organiens as you call them!’Addison said.
“They want me to extend to you an invitation to come to there flagship. They are perparing a dinner in your hournor. In fact your entire senior staf is invited. “She said.
“I would be happy to attend!”she said. “Excellent ! We look foward to seing you!”she said. “As do i!”she said. “Chanel closed!”palmer said.
“Sotril i want you to remain abored. Your first duty is to the ship. Needs of the manny! “Addison ordered. “Understood!”sotril said.
“Gioto i want you to stay behind as well. I have a special task for you. “Addison ordered.
“Sir i am detecting only one life sign on the flagship. It is Alison !”sotril said. “They don’t register as life forms?”piper said. “A life form but not as we know it mark. “Addison said.
Addison and gioto went into the turbo lift. “Chief we can’t let the ship or crew fall into the hands of these aliens. I want you to stay behind. If nead be destroy the ship. Dont let it fall into enemy hands!”Addison said. “Understood!”gioto said.
Addison decided to dress in the green dress uniform. It was a diplomatic event though it was a bit of subtufuge on both sides. Protical is protocal and she did like the dress uniform.
She went to the transporter room joined by her senior staf. Present was dr. Piper,chief engineer pitcarin,lt. Palmer,lt. Dassale,Ryan,and liz. “Coordinates set!”takigawa said. “Lets get this overwith!” The captain said. They got on to the pad. The chief engaged the transporter. The team was beamed off of the ship.
Organian flagship
The crew emurged in a transporter room. There Alison was there to meat them. “So you did find a side? You have a cause or does a cause have you?”Addison asked. “The organians have much to offer addy bear. They are advanced but not just in technology ,they are advanced in enlitenment as well. They have taught me much !”she said. “Was the attack on my family erlier this year sanctioned by them? What about the chioce between my old ship and my family ?”she asked. “They can explain there intentions far better then i can!”Alison said. They followed the crew.
Dining room
“Addy,this is ardvec,commander of the organian expeditionary force. “Alison said.
Addison introduced her crew. The organians looked humanoid. They did not show up on the sansor scans.
“You did not bring your first officer. A pitty it has been a long time sence i have sean a Vulcan !”ardvec said. “Then you have been in our space before ?”ryian asked. “Clendestinlly yes! We have spent much your time in your corner of the galaxy ! “Sporan said.
“What is your perpose for coming now?”Addison asked.”well we are not quite as we apear. We apear humanoid but we are acualy non coporial. We were once solids but went though an alteration. We take on human form to contact humanoid life. We have done it on manny ocasions. “Ardvec said.”now you have a fleet. It seams you have been spying on us. Altering our people ,the stage seams set for invasion!”Addison said.
The organians laughed. “We have had the opportunity to observe humanoid life for a long time. We have come to see that the source of problems in the galaxy is humanoid life. There is a flaw in copirial excistence. It is an incurible one. There is a need for violence,domination,we have put out so manny brush fires over the centeries. We grow tired of it. “Sporan said.
“We over the centuries have come to one conclusion. Carbon baised life must be restrained. The rule of humanoid life must come to an end!”angrel said. “We do not advocate invasion but colinization. We plan to take control of the galaxy. Your life can prosper but under our oversight. In time perhaps we can grant your people soveregn indepennce but not for at least a milenia!”ardvec said.
“We have observed plots to destabilize the reigion. Rebelions,interplenitary scrables. You are formenting the very conflicts you claim to hate?”palmer said. “The only order that can endure is ours. It is not braging if it is true.”ardvec proclaimed.
“Why a qiet invasion ?”dassale said. “We don’t want a protracted war. We seak to avoid violence. We seak to qietly build then overwhelm and control. “Sporan said.
“Why alter those who are dying or brain dead. Alison is a different person. You altered her filter. Her control!”piper said.”it is necessary. “Ardvec said.”you claim to be benevolent and yet you do things that seam malevolent to say the least!”pitcarin said. “What is the human expreson,you have to break an eag to make an omlet. Before we can build,we must tear down. Earth myithology is full of ilusion of blis after apocalyptic events. The pheonix rising from the ashes. “Angrel said.
“Your pragmatic. “Addison said.”yes we are. Look i understand your fear but you simply don’t have any other chioce!”Alison said. Addison knew what that ment. Either they submit wilingly or they will be altered like Alison.
This was as she thought. This was her worse fears realized. The situation was grim. There was a chance.
“This is good for the universe. It is good for humanity. You will excell under our rule. You will thank us for it in time. “Ardvec said. Addison seriously doubted that.
Addison realized that the only hope was sotril and gioto. Addison began to see that they were not getting out of this alive.they will be altered or imprisoned or agree to there terms. Addison would never do that. The plan depended on secrecy. That had to be stoped. This would be the bigest challenge for Addison and the enterprise crew.
End of part five
I considered an alien race not fetured on star trek. I considered the anipovnoids a species i introduced erlier in the series but i don’t want to conect the story lines at least not yet.
I considered rojan’s species from “by any other name”. I decided on organians. Are these the same as alyborne and his ilk. Well we will have to see.

One destiny part five

U.s.s enterprise
Transporter room
“Cordinates ready captain!”lt. Kyile said. “Thank you mr. Kyle !”kirk said. Kirk and the team went on to the pad. “Ready when you are!” Kyile anounced. “Enerzize!”kirk ordered.
The operator activated the transporter beam. The away team went though the transformation from solid to liquid. They were beamed from the enterprise to the faragauit.
Faragut transporter room.
“Why am i so nervous? It is jim kirk not zefren cocren or the president! “Addison said. ” he is a living legend! “Abby said. “I do not believe in legends living or ortherwise. “Sotril said. “Of course not. “Addy said.
“I have there signal!”takigawa said. “Enersize! “Addy said. The chief activated the beam. The team emurged.
  “Welcome abored!” Addy said. Kirk began to remember a pivotal event that he served hear. He remembered an emurgentcy beam out.  one that he bearly survived. Kirk began to day dream. He quickly regained his composure. He hoped no one noticed.
“Addy it is good to see you!”kirk said. “And you jim. “She said. He saw abby. His memories took him back to a year erlier. She looked like Elizabeth daner.
“Who are you?” Kirk asked. “I’m abby danner,Elizabeth was my sister!” Daner said. “Were you twins?” Kirk asked. “I’m two years younger but we used to get that a lot. “She said. “I regret what ocured on the enterprise!” Kirk said. “I know. I read your report. I don’t blaime you captain. “Abby said. “I apreciate that!” Kirk said.
“Hello captain remember me?” Yeoman smith asked. “Jones?” Kirk said. “Smith sir!”she said. “Of course.”kirk said.
“How is the ship?” Scoty asked. “We are holding our own scoty. Thanks to all of you.”she said. “You seamed to be doing prety good from what we saw!”mccoy said. “Adison is a constent professional. She does what is neadful to safe gaurd the ship!”sotril said. “That is very evident !” Kirk said.
“Captain’s log the enterprise is efecting its own repairs. At the same time,we are aiding in the repairs of the u.s.s faragut. While there are reports of battles within the Klingon empire. There apears to be some kind of political upheaval. The Klingon government is denying all reports. ” kirk said.
The Klingon fleet loyal to kizerek was able to imobolize the border fleet. The fleet set course for the federation border.
U.s.s Lexington
“We have incoming! A Klingon fleet seams to be poised to cross the border into federation space!” The Lexington science officer reported. 
“Order the fleet to hold there ground! ” commadore Wesley ordered. “Aye sir! “The com officer said.
The ships fortified there position. They vowed to hold there ground. The ships had all weapons on standby. The two fleets were preparing for the battle both sides knew was coming.
The Klingon fleet was the first to open fire. The Klingon hit them with multiple plasma canions. The Klingon fired on the federation ships. The battle had begun. Kizerek was on the move.
Uss faragut
Conference room
“I apreciate your help jim!” She said. “It is the least i can do. Your finding the ship was a huge help to the  efort to stop this threat!” Kirk said. “It is not over yet unfortunately. That threat stil excists!” She said.
“We will stop them. I am confident of that. “Kirk said. “I hope so. It will be an uphil climb.”Addison said. “Everything of substence is difficult. I know we can and will subdue that ship. “Kirk said. “You are arogent!” She said. “I perfer to call it confidence!” Kirk said. She laughed. “So that is what it is!” She said.
“Bridge to captain mccomic!” Sotril said. “Go ahead!” She said. “Klingon forces have struck federation space. The ship commanding the fleet is the vessel believed to be commanded by kizerek!” Sotril said.
“Is there a response from the Klingon government ?” Addison asked. “They claim that the Klingon forces involved in the battle did so against the orders of high command!” Sotril said.
“Kizerek is known to be a disenter to the high command. This could be a rougue operation. ” kirk said.
“It could be plausible denibility. The Klingon could be trying to hedge there bets or lul us into a false sense of security . It does seam to be a bit far fetched. ” Addison said.
“I don’t want to see a war if one can be prevented. I am hopeful that perhaps the organiens will intervein. I am not sure we can count on that. “Kirk said.”i agree. I think that the prototype is a problem. Witch is more troubling i am not sure. ” Addison said. ” Agreed!” Kirk said.
“What are our orders?” Addison asked. “Continue repairs! Await further instructions!”sotril said. “Confirm recipt of order. Will comply!” She said. “Will do sir!”sotril said.  “this thing is getting more and more serious by the minute!”kirk said. “It would seam so!” Addison said.
“Captain. We have a weird mesege. It was in code. It said would love to put you though a mind shifter,times makes us friends. One warior to another !”palmer said. “Does the message say where?”kirk asked . “I have coordinents!”palmer said.”jim what’s going on?” Mccoy asked. “Spock take charge!”kirk said.
“Jim what in blazes is going on hear?” Mccoy asked. “I may have a lead?”kirk asked. “If your wrong?”mccoy asked. “The crew may want to learn vulcan!” Kirk said. “That’s not funy!”mccoy said.
Uss faragut
“The enterprise just lunched a shartle. No one is sure why!” Ryan said. “I’m sure kirk has his reasons. “Addison said.
“You have spent a little bit of time with him! “Ryan said. “Ryan are you becoming jellous? ” she said. “Well no! He is jim kirk!” He said. She huged him. ”
Nearby planet
Kirk landed the shartle. He then left the ship. He walked to the prearanged meating area. He did not bring a phaser.he waited.
A few minutes later a towering figure arived. In a few minutes,he was revealed to be the Klingon kor.
“I was wandering if you were going to show?”kirk asked. “I had to be careful. This is a time when i have no idea who my enimies are. I don’t like politics kirk. I never have. I am part of a noble family so i have been forced to from time to time. I am a warior first and foremost. “Kor said.
“The attack was not sactioned by high command?”kirk asked. “No kizerek is only interested in himself. He would sacrifice all Klingon life if it banefited him.”kor admited. 
“What about the commander of the prototype? ” kirk asked. “Kedair is a force of nature. He is beyond arogent. He believes he is a man of destiny. He has all the charisterics of kizerek. They are similar except for one thing! “Kor said.
“What is that?” Kirk asked. “Both would lead there men straght into grethor. Kedairs men would go wilingly! Kizerek is an oportunest who latched on to kedair. Kedair started all this. I believe he will try to finish this!” Kor said.
” Kizerek just latched on to this. A kling on sory!” Kirk said. ” You humans! Yes kidair is the threat not kizerek! Mark my words kirk! “He said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Welcome back jim!”mcoy asked. “Thanks. I got a civics lesson from kor!”kirk said. “Sounds like fun!”mcoy said.
“Captain i have done some research into the transporter technology , this technology is very similar to a transporter research iniciated by neil pitcarin.”spock said.

Pitcarn. I am aware of him. He served on the enterprise under pike. Brilliant scientist,not much of a conversationilist thogh. “Scoty said.
“Your one to talk scoty!” Mccoy said. “Hey! It takes one to know one!”scoty said. “The research is erily similar to the research conducted by the klingons.”spock said. “Pitcarin is stil at alpha cinterie u corect?”scoty asked.”yes. That is corect!” Spock said. ” oh my. They are going to hit the university next! Stop any chance of us being able to counter them. “Kirk said.
“I agree!”spock said. “Mr. Dasale plot course for alpha cinterie!”kirk ordered. Dasale set the course. “Course ploted and engaged! ” sulu reported.
“Palmer inform the faragut of what we are planing. “Kirk ordered. “Sending!” Palmer said.
Klingon vessel protptype.
“Transporter repaired and standing by. “The enginer said. “Excellent! Helm set course for alpha cinterie!” The klingon rougue admiral said. The helm agreed. The ship was off. The ship went to warp. A preaditor after new prey.
End of part five

In the woods part six

Liz and miranda held hands as they ran from the Klingons. The Klingon eforts to capture the two seamed to be thawted. Liz was not going to take any chances. The two ran like there was no tommorow and liz feared that there might not be.
They ran and ran. Liz was so woried. She was determined. She let her determination overwhelm her. It seamed to be working.
Kor got a report. “What is this place?”kor asked. “It is a highly unusual planet my lord!” The science officer said. “I suspect that this planet may have been some kind of base for one of the old empires. The empire is gone,perhaps the race that built is is gone as well but perhaps the technology remains. ” Kor said.
“I have wondered that myself. “The science officer said. “This world is a marval. I believe that the secrets of this world could greatly benefit the klingon empire. If we could conqur it. Learn its secrets. It could be a potent wepon in our quest to be a force in the universe! ” The Klingon commander said.
“I believe that girl may be in control of the planet. Perhaps the planet interfaces with her!”karzok said.
“Your teling me a female child is in control of masive  power?”kor asked. “Perhaps ! It is a just a suposistion at this point my lord.i suspect that this is true. I know you want to capture dr. Danner. This planet may be a bigger targ to capture!” Karzok said.
“I want both. I want this world but i must have Elizabeth danner as well! “Kor said. Karjok disagreed but would not challenge his commanding officer. A man with a lot of power.
  The two stoped after walking for some time. They decided to rest. “So have you been hear on this planet all your life?”liz asked.” I was born hear! “She said. “There was just your parents? How did they get hear? Where were they from?” Liz asked. “They did not say. I asumed that they were always hear but i don’t know!”miranda said.
“This is quite a mystery! Nothing seams to add up. The more answers i get,the more questiones pop up ! I am runing out of answers but not questiones. ” She said.
“This planet is perfectly normal to me. This has been my home. I look at it differently then you do. I simply know it is hear!”she said.
“If this planet is not magic,if it is technology. The Klingon will try to capture it. They will try to figure out its secrets. If this was some kind of base for an alien race that may or may not exist. “Liz said.
After a while they walked more. Then they rested. They had no idea where they were going but they knew they had to keep moving.
Kor came towards them. “I come unarmed. I wish to talk! “He said. “If your hear under a flag of truce,that meens you can’t defeat us but are not wiling to give up. Either your staling or your hoping to score a victory another way!” The little girl said.
” you have got me perplexed i will admit that. I don’t know how to overcome it. You are far from the federation. You are one person. You have a wrecked shartle. You are far away from help. Perhaps we should not be enemies. “Kor said.
” kor your not a man of peace.your a pragmitist only when you have to. Your untiment goal is to bring glory to the empire and your hournor. “Liz said.
“Yea that is all true. I may not be able to subdue you for the moment but even with the suport of this planet you canot outlast me foever. Your playing a game you won’t win! You help me i will contact star fleet. Have you returned to the federation.” Kor said.
“Kor! I won’t help you. You will defeat me without my help. “She said. “The fact is i will defeat you Elizabeth !” Kor said. “Kor i am not going to help you.i won’t turn my back on the federation or star fleet. “Liz said.”you know who you are! You know the ugliness that reside inside you. You fear exposing it. You know its inevitable !” Kor said.
” I will give you 30 of your minutes. I believe human’s call it lead time! I would start moving if i were you” he said. He left. They started moving.
  They kept moving. Sure enough the klingons kept there word. They attacked. Sudenly they felt themselves enveloped by a transporter like beam.
They found themselves in another place.liz guesed that she was in another place.she beleved that she was still on the planet. The door opened. “Dr. Elizebeth danner! “An alien said. ” Hello grozern!”miranda said. “Hello miranda.”the alien male said.
End of part six

In the woods

It was all a blur at first. It got into focus a little. It was still fuzzy. It came more into focus.
She saw images. None of it made sence at first.
She saw dr. Mark pipper. “This is dr. Elizabeth daner. She joined us at the eldeberen colony!” He said.
The imags jumped. She saw a man she did not recognize. He seamed to be a superior officer.he had a phaser rifle. “The ugly things. The things we don’t date expose but he’l dare. He does not need to care!”
She saw herself. She had some kind of extraordinary abilities . It was not enough against this enemy. She saw herself fall to the ground. Cut dowm by a man in a similar uniform. He apeared to be a seperior officer.
She saw herself dying. She saw the orther officer. He leened over her.
Then she saw herself die. She saw the man looking over her grave. She saw two graves. Then it became fuzzy again. The image faded.
Elizabeth danner woke up. She was not sure where she was at furst. She started to become more and more coherent. Then he came to her.
She was at the pilots chair of a shartle craft. How did she get hear? She tried to remember her last memory before waking up in the shartle.
She was on the enterprise. She left her office. She went to her qurters. She changed. She read a bit then went to bed. She woke up hear.
Why was in a shartle? How did she get hear. Where was hear. The ship was hit.
“Computer ! What was that?” Danner asked. The computor made noises. “Detecting klingon battle crusher d-7” the computer vioce said.
“Star fleet scout ship! This is commander kor! Stand down or be destroyed. “The commander said.
There was no she would surender. She had no idea what was going on. She was not about to experience klingon hospitality. Luckily there was a nearby planet. Man she was really glad she took Addison up on those piloting lessons.
She tried to evade the battle crusher. She really wanted to know why star fleet did not arm there shartle crafts? The vesel was hit.
She could not outrun or outgun the attackers. She tried to head for the planet. The shartle began to discend to the planet. The klingon vesel fired photon torpedoes. The shartle was hit and began to dive.
Liz felt the craft falling.great i am about to die and i have no idea what is going on. She feared she might die without knowing why.
End of part one