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“Rumors of war”part five

“Captain’s log,captain Addison mccomic reporting. A species known as the organiens have begun to strike the federation. They imobolized a federation task force. ”
” The organians are heading to the heart of the federation. Star fleet is orginizing a fleet to answer the agresive fleet. Star fleet is asembiling every thing they have to counter the threat. The ships harmed In the previous battle are fevorously working to get underway and join the fray. ”
“While the enterprise badly damaged in an incident before the battle is working to repair itself. I am hoping to get the enterprise underway and able to defend the federation from this attack. ”
“Warp power is restored. I can give you warp 8. I am working on getting the engines to maximum warp!” Pitcarin said. “Warp eight i like it! Good work. Pass that on to your team as well. “Addison said. “Thank you will do!” He said.
The chief got back to work. “Phasers at 95 percent!” Palmer inforner Addison. “Tell ry he is sliping in his old age. Tell him i want that five percent ?”addy said.”do i really have to tell him that?”palmer asked. “No tell him good work. I do want that five percent !”Addison said. “I will comunicate that to him addy!” Palmer said. She chuckled and said good.
“We are just about ready to get underway then?” Smith said.”yes it seams we are. “Addison said.
“Palmer inform the crew that i plan to leave for rygel in thirty minutes. “Addison said. “You got it addy!” Palmer responded. “You on top of your game irina?”Addison asked. “You bet i am addy!”she responded.
“I want the department heads asembled before we leave! “Addison said. Palmer agreed.
Addison was touring the ship. Elizabeth danner had returned from the shartle. She caught up with her. “Addy!”danner said. “Did you servive with dasalle?”she asked. “Put it this way i am either going to kill him or marry him or both!”liz said.Addison laughed.
“Please tell me your not doing what i think your doing?” Liz asked. “I have not gotten to see the whole ship yet!”Addison said.”you can’t think this is a hopeless battle?”liz asked. “I never said i did!”Addison said. “Really ? Repeating Nelson tour right before trafelger?”liz said. “Is it a little morbid?”she asked.”just a little . I gues i am not suprised!”liz said.
“So do you like dassale?”Addison said. “No of course not. “Liz said.she chuckled and said “ok”.
U.s.s enterprise
The turbo lift opened, the rest of the department heeds entered the bridge. Chief engineer pitcarin had been very buisy. He knew he was not done yet.
Dr. Mcbanga had been just one of the medical staff now in dr. Piper’s absence,he was acting c.m.o. aside from a few scrapes he had been relitivly underwhelmed with work. He knew that that was about to change.
Lt. Galloway took over security portfolio while gioto was gone. He had been pinchiting where he needed to. He had worked on infrastructure issue.
” The department heads are hear as you requested!”acting first officer tim Mathews said. “Satus reports ?”Addison ordered. “Sickbay is ready and standing by !” Engineering is ready!”pitcarin said.”weapons systems ready and functional.”galloway said. “Helm is ready !”dasale said. “Navigation is functional !”irina said. ” Psiciatric services ready!”liz said.
“We will probably need your services after the battle!”Addison said. “Probably !”liz said. “Comunication ready and standing by!”palmer said.
“We are going to mantain radio silence until we arive at the battle scene. Just in case the organians have patrols. Besides i would like to shock all of the starship commanders who thought i was too young and too inexperienced. “Addison said.
Every one laughed. “Set course for rygel!”Addison ordered. Irina plotted the course. “Course plotted!”she reported. “Course engaged!”lt. Dasale said. “Lets go into the fray!”Addison ordered.the enterprise went to maximum warp.
Planet organia
The organians were very hospitable. The food was very good. Everyone was uncomfortable. They did not want to be hear.
“We can’t just sit hear and do nothing!”mesha said. “I understand your frustration ensign but we are in there backyard. “Dr. Pipper said.
“We are well fed well cared for but this is a prison and we are prisonors. “Takigawa said. ” We are in less then a ideal situation. They seam to be in control and at the moment they are. We have to sit tight for now. “Piper said.
“How long?” Julianne asked. “I don’t know !”piper said.
Dr. Piper could see that his crew were getting restless. He was as well. He knew that he could not be hasty. Right now there was not a lot that he could do. He was looking for the right oportunity. What was it? When would it come and would it come?
The organian elders ordered that there deliberation be held in secret. They were not to be desturbed. They had made it very clear.
The organians were able to scan different time lines. They accesed time lines where they did not interveign.
They watched one syinerio where the federation fleet was hit heavily by the organians. The rougue organians hit with ships and the organians in energy form also hit the ships.
They saw ships destroyed. They saw the actions of the opreson of rougue organians. In some the organians destroyed technology. In some organians destroyed whole planets as a demonstration of there power. In other humanoid resistence went to scorched earth style recistence.
None of the potential outcomes were flatering. “We do this! We create a dangerous precident!”trafane said. “We don’t do this,we create a dangerous precident. “Claymare said.
“We cannot be held responsible for every misdeed commited by our seperated brothers. We kicked them out of our number. We do not have to pay for all of there sins. “Trafane said.
“Don’t we? We chose to kick them out. We alowed them to do there own thing.then we said we would not get involved. Our inaction alowed them to spread. We alowed them to rise. If they inflict devisation on the cosmos,we are to blame!” Claymare said.
“That is a strech!”trafane said. “I don’t think so. ” Claymare said. Alyborne had not chimed in.
“I don’t like the idea of the intervegning in humanoid afairs. I fear we are already involved. Were we wrong to just expel and alow them to do as they will? I don’t know. I believe we must act. I believe we are commited at this point. “Alyborne said.
While every one in the elders got a vote. No one was in charge but when alborne talked the others listened. While trafane did not want to take this action ,he decided not to opose alborne on this.
U.s.s constilation
“Sir! I have located the organian fleet!”science officer mssada reported. “Send it to helm! Order all ships to head for that fleet!”commadore mathew decker ordered.
Uss exiter
“Receving fleet coordinents ! “Com officer lt john farewell reported. “Send to helm! You know what to do helm!”sotril said. “Hear we go again !”gioto said. “It would apear so!” Sotril said.
Several ships were in fireing range of the hostile fleet. They quickly fired on the rougue organian vessel. The ships fired with phasers,and photon torpedoes. The battle had begun.
“Addy! Our forces have engaged the organian fleet!” Palmer said. Addison knew it was comming and now it was hear. She hoped she would get there in time.
End of part five
Commadore decker commanded the constilation in the prime universe as well. He was also depicted in “new order’
Science officer masada was mentioned in “doomsday machine ” but never apeared.
Lt. John farewell was a helmsman ,navigator and com officer who apeared in multiple season one episode of the original series.

Rumors of war part four

“We cannot interveign. It would send a dangerous precident. “Trafaine said. “To alow our seperated brethen to inflict violence and opreson is unimaginable !”claymare said.
“Humanoid life has caused concern. There bent towards violence ! Mayby outside colinization might do some good!”trafane said.
“You know where this will lead. You know how this will end? Our ‘brothers’ will take it too far as they always do. “Claymare said.
“In that event we can intervene then! “Trafane said. “If we admit that intervention is inevitable then why delay it? Look we agree humanoids are impulsive irational but they have potential. They could turn it around. You know given the other faction history ,this will not end well!” Claymare said.
“You really want us to undertake this policy change? Once we do this ,there may be no turning back?” Alborne said. “I realize that. This may be our only choice. They have forced us to this point. “Claymare said.
Alborne listened to both sides of this argument. He recalled a similar one years ago. This one led to the scism between the organians. That debate led to the stand stil they were currently in. Would what they do today make the situation worse or improve it. Alborne was not yet sure.
Alborne was not sure what should be done. Organiens were known for. Being very qautious. Alborn was even more caucias then most organians. Todays event was not different.
The exiter tried to withdraw. The exiter hit anything that came near it. The ship went to maximum warp. The ships harnessed any power it could muster to generate more speed.
Sotril suspected that the organians had more then a few tricks up there sleve. She hoped more ships would get the hint before it was too late.
Organian flagship
“Is every thing in place?”ardvec asked.”yes my lord!” Alison said.”comence with the plan!”ardvec ordered.
“Sir the organian vessels are withdrawing !”the science officer reported. “This can’t be right!”the exo said. The commadore knew he was right.he had no idea what they had planed. The jaming device was still active.
“Withdraw! We have to save ourselves . I just hope orthers figure it out.”he said. The Lexington went at warp speed.
The organian ships apeared to be leaving the reigion. The ships then stoped. They combined there energies and fired a simultaneous burst at the ships. The ships tried to elude the masive shock wave that was heading right for them.
The ships went to high warp in any direction. Several ships got caught in the wave. Manny ships were tosed and too and fro. Some showed evidence of being on fire. Orthers were adrift.
The exiter had gotten away before time. It was retivley unscaved. The exiter went to a safe distence. The vessel went to a full stop.
The Lexington had gotten out as well. They had encured some damage but made it out. The.comadore was releved for his ship and crew but felt bad for those who did not.
Several ships had been saverly.damaged but no vessel had been destroyed. He hoped that casulties were light.
The ships were in bad shape. Several ships were adrift. They.were all very vanerable. All ready to be attacked.
Organian ship
“Vessels are nearly all imobolized. “Alison reported. “Very good! Set course for the rygal system. “Ardvec ordered. “We are not going to destroy the fleet?” Alison said. “They are in no position to fight us. They are demoralized defeated. I would like them to watch us demolish what remains of there fleet. I want to advance further into there space!”ardvec said.
Alison was not happy about it. There was nothing she could do about it. She kept silent. Not that it would change anything. Once ardvec made up his mind,that was how it was.
This was just a job to the organians. To her this was personal. Humanity abandoned her. She had abandoned them. She was witnesing her revenge.
Uss Lexington
“Hostiles are moving out. They are on course for the rigal system!” The science officer reported. “We have to get pass there jammers. We have to warn the federation!”Wesley said.
Paris France
Pallice de la concorde
Office of the president
“Madam president,we have confirmed that the organian fleet is on course for rygal. “Intergalatic security advisor markon a delten said.
“Star fleet is lunching every thing we have. “Admiral komack said.
“Can we hope to stop this threat?”federation president helena lakish asked.
“Madame president it will be difficult. This will require a full scale mobilization the likes we have not seen before. ” Admiral komack said.
“Do it! We cannot risk losing all we have worked for. Use whatever resources you need admiral!”she said
“Thank you Madame president. “Komack said. “Do you believe that we can stop this threat? ” the president said. “This will be a difficult struggle. There is no asurence of victory or survival. “Admiral komack said.
The president paused. She considered what was said. “I want updates every houer no matter what. “The president said.they agreed. The president dismissed the meating.
A week or so erlier,no one had heard of the organians. Now they were poised to take over the federation. There might be no stoping them.
U.s.s enterprise
The bridge was buzing with activity. Crewman were coming in and out. Equipment was being.led in and brought out.
Palmer left the com station and ran over to Addison who was repairing an aft station. “Addy we have limited coumination capibility. I just got an urgent update from dassale!” Palmer reported. She looked at the pad.
“Tim! Star fleet just isued a code one. Task force under commadore Wesley imobolized.hostile fleet heading for rygal. We need to get this ship operational. Yesterday is not too soon! “Addison said.
“You don’t look prety happy john!” Pitcarin said. “We have got though to star fleet! The organian fleet imobolized comidore Wesley fleet. The hostile are heading to rygal. Addy wants to get underway four years ago if you know what i meen!”kyile said. “I will do my best. Even a mericle worker is bound by some universal laws if nature!” Pitcarin said. “I won’t tell anyone that. ” Kyle said. The chief laughed.
Planet organia
“I have not seen any of the council of elders in quite a while!” Takigewa said. “I think they are in some kind of meating. No one is alowed in and no one has left. “Dr. Piper said. “I hate being stuck hear. Why did the captain want us to come hear?” Takigawa asked. “She was convinced that this was an important peace of the puzzle.she is correct. It is!” The doctor said.
“To sit on the side lines is disconcerting. “Takigawa said.”i understand. It is not in our hands at least for the moment. “He said.
“Do you think the rougue faction will conquer the federation?”takigewa asked. “I don’t know. I realy hope not but i don’t know. I have never been mutch of a tacticion. “Piper said. “Of course not. ” The chief said.
End of part four.
The deltens are a race of bald headed humanoids. Ilea in star trek the motion picture.

Rumors of war part three

Organian planet
The capital city looked like mideval eroupe. There were catsles all around. Was this real buildings or some kind of ilusion.
Ensign davis watched the sunset. Dr. Piper went over to her. Dr. Piper and dr. Daner were concerned about her transfering to the enterprise from the u.s.s Taiwan. She had a sorted history including a nervous breakdown after an incident involving lighting cretures. She was declared fit for duty. Piper and danner had kept a close eye on her.
“I have been out in space so long,i forget what a sun rise looked like !” Mesha said.
” I know what you meen. It has been a few years for me. “Dr. Piper said. “Can we trust these people ?”mesha asked. “I don’t know yet. I don’t have enough information to make a determination like that. I am wiling to give them a chance but i really don’t know.”the doctor said.
In a different part of the city,Tomlinson was looking around. He was not sure what he was looking at. He was obivious to the fact that someone was coming near him.
“Bob!”a female vioce said.He looked up. He recognized the vioce. It was his fiencae angila martine. He knew that it was not really her. She was on the u.s.s Taiwan as com officer. He surmised that an organian had somehow taken the form of a human.
“Angala?” He said. “Hello bob!”she said. “Why take Angela’s apearence?”Tomlinson asked. “We want to understand you. You are quite perplexing to us!”she said.
“You were once humanoid. Don’t you remember those days?”he asked. “That was a long time ago bob. It is difficult to remember. “She said.
“We need your help. I am not sure we can defeat the rougue organians on our own. If these are your people you have an obligation to deal with them!”Tomlinson said.
“It is far more complicated then you can understand. There are many complexities to all of this. “The ‘angela”entity said.
Julianne was walking though where Tomlinson was. She saw Tomlinson and the other crewman. She was confused. She was on the shartle. Where did she come from?
“Who are you ?”Julianne asked. “I am an organian. I was hoping to understand more about your people. I have found this experience most enlightening!”the ‘women’ said. Then she left.
“Will they just sit by and do nothing ?”she asked. “I don’t know. I suspect they don’t want to get involved. Perhaps they don’t want to fight fellow organians. Perhaps they fear what might happen if they did. Ob earth,rusia and the united states wanted to avoid a direct war fearing mutually asured destruction. “Tomlinson said. “Is it possible this is a lie. That there is no faction ?”she asked. “Its possible ! Frankly i don’t know what to believe !”he admited.
Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log, enterprise life suport is off line. All repair and damage control parties have to use e.v.a suits. Chief engineer pitcarin is supervising the repair efort. With sansors done we arw a siting duck. I have sent two shartles to patrol the area.
Shartle percivale lowel
“Too bad your stuck in a floating carbored box with a walking frezer unit?” Dr. Elizabeth danner said.
“You heard that?” Dasale said.”i probably overcompinsate. Being a professional and all…”she stoped herself. “You ok liz?”dassale asked. “I am just experiencing deja vu that’s all!”she said.
” Look i am not the most sensitive guy. I should not have said it or thought it!”dassale said. “Looks it ok vince!”she said.
” Ok i think we have it!”pitcarin said. “You think we have it? With all due respect that does not inspire a lot of confidence! “Yeoman smith said. “So who wants to remove there helmit.first?”Kyile asked. “Sence yeoman smith is the least experienced person and an enlisted person i think you should be the first!”pitcarin said “is int the most senior officer take the risk?”smith said. “Myra it is a good thing i don’t write your performance review!”pitcarin said.
“Are you sure it is safe?”galway asked. “Relitivley sure. The computor says it is active!”kyile said.
“We need someone to be the test subject?”iriana said. “I will do it!”kyile said.”you sure?”pitcarin asked. “What’s the worst that can happen ?”kyile asked. Irina started to speak kyile stoped her.
“Your sure about this?”leslie asked. “Well yea i think so. Ok on three i remove the helmit! “Kyile said. He counted and hesitently removed the head gear. He started to take breaths. Pitcarin scaned him. “You seam fine ! The life support is functionional!”the chief said.
  “How are we suposed to do pur job in these things?”nurse chapel asked. “They are working on restoring life support. I hope we won’t be in need. “Doctor mcbanga said. “Me too! I am not going to hols my breath. “Chepel said. “Neither am i christine. “The doctor said.
“I gues until mark gets back,your in charge!”chepel said. “Yes weird sense i am the newbe but the ship is in good hands!”he said. “Attention all decks this is lt. Palmer you are now clear to remove e.v.a suits. Life support has been restored!”she said. “That is very good news!”chepel said. “I don’t know ,i found these kinda stylish ” mcbanga said. She laughed and had a you got to be kiding sigh.
Brefing room
“Alright ! In her absence ,lt tim mathews is assuming the duties of exo and science officer. Lt. Galway is supervising security. Ryian is supervising the phaser crew so i asked irina to represent navigation in this meating. Engineering report!”Addison ordered.
“Life suport is restored except on one deck. That area has been sealed off. It is a non esential area so we have declared victory for now and moved on. We are now working on weapons and defense!”pitcarin said.
“Lt. Palmer!”she said. “Intercraft is operational. External com is stil off line. Shartle crafts have picked up star fleet chanels. Organian fleet is heading for federation space. Commadore Wesley is asembiling a fleet to intercept.”palmer said.
“I have ordered radio silence while we make repairs. Unfortunately star fleet has not heard from us sence the ‘loss’ of enterprise. “Addison said.
“They think we are dead?”smith asked. “They have probably declared us mising. They do know whats going on. I am hopeful we can be in on the action. “Addison said.
Organian flagship
“A federation task force is on a direct intercept course for us!” Alison said. “Increase speed. Plot a direct course for the federation fleet!”ardec said. The helm officer nodded.
“I hope Addison servived! I would miss our fights!”Alison said. “Addison mccomic is but one peace of all this. No invidual or even an individual race is the goal. All humanoids must be subjugated until they are deamed ready for self governence. “Advec said. “Of course!”Alison said.
U.s.s Lexington
“Almost in weapons range!”the navigator reported. “Open fire once in weapons range. Mr. Alden send that order to the fleet!”Wesley ordered. Alden acknowledged the order and quickly complied with it.
The first vesel to reach the hostle fleet was the u.s.s athena. The athena was a frigate. The vessel fired a series of phaser and photon torpedos. The volleys struck a near by warship.
The warship returned fire on the smal scout vesel. The vesel barely dodged the fire. The captain, an orion naimed halak was very resorcefull.
The rest of the fleet quickly joined the fray. This included the Lexington and exiter. They fired on nearby targets.
The exiter was hit. “Shields holding!”giito reported. “Fire phasers point blank!”sotril ordered. The exiter fired multiple phasers burst on a near by ship.
“Sotril! The weapons fire from the enemy has been suprisingly limited! Several ships have not fired a single schot. “Gioto sai
“They are warming up! Reserving there weapons !”sotril said. “We are walking into a trap!” He said. “Info the commadore we have to fall back!”sotril said.
Several of the organian ships activated a pulse. The pulse was emited. It headed for the federation fleet.
“They are jaming our communications !”the com officer said. “Fall back. Maybe they will follow our lead!”sotril said. The exiter tried to get away.
“Doctor! I know ypur eiger to contact star fleet but i cannot alow it. “Alborne said. “Why?”piper said. “We have not decided how to respond!”he said.”that faction wants to either conquer or destroy us. How can you sit by and do nothing ?”piper asked. “We will act. We have not yet decided how. Alborne said.
Piper did not like the sound of that. He suspected that for the moment he and his team were traped there. He hated staying in one place for too long. That seamed to be how it was at least for now.
He went over to Julianne. “They are not going to intervene. That is how it seams. They may not let us leave!” Piper said. “We are stuck hear!”the yeoman asked. “I wont let that happen. I will do what i need to do. We will leave hear i promise you that juli !”he said.
End of part 3
Angala martine apeared in multiple episodes of the original series. She lost her fiencae In “balience of terror” in “shore leave” she was listed in the script as mary teller. When the producers realized she had been on the show before they changed her name to angila. Teller did make it on to the show.
Lt. Galloway was a freqient character in the original series played by david a roas. Galloway was vaporized by a phaser in omega glory but was seen in “tunabout intruder” ross also played security oficer dickerson in “day of the dove”.

Times and seasons part seven

“Captain’s log,the enterprise is traped in hostle space. We are up agest an advanced fleet. While the organians look human,it apears that there form is an ilision. There real form unknown. I cannot hope to defeat them militerily at present time or esape towarn the fleet. I am forced to acept a risky gambit. One with no promise of success !”
Shartle bay.
The baby was asleep . The boy said little. Miranda was qiet. Sotril was near the children. Gioto manned the helm. They waited for palmer’s go ahead.
Oganian ship
“The enemy vessel is powering up weapons! “Alison reported. “So it begins!”ardvec commented. The ship fired on the warship.
Palmer sent a go ahead to the shartle. The phasers struck the flagship. The shartle pertended to drift into the explosion. The vesel went to its maxumum speed. Addison hoped they would make it. She might never know.
Addison knew she had to keep her head in the game. She owed it to her crew to be totally focused. She had an obligation to the entire crew. She would not let them down. She looked at ryian. She sumoned his strength.
The enterprise did minimal damage to the war ship. That was to be expexted. Two other ships tried to protect the flagship and fired on either side of the enterprise. Multiple parts of the ship were hit. The phaser fire caused the ship to rock back and forth. “Damage reported on several aft decks!”palmer said.”seal off those decks. Begin damage control proticals!”Addison ordered. “Sending now!”palmer reported.
  The enterprise returned fire with phasers and photon torpedoes. The ship hit the.nearest vessel. The enteprise was hit from behind. “Transporter room 3 is off line!”kyile reported. A frigate fired. On the deflector dish. “Deflrctor dish off line!” Tim reported. The enterprise fired multiple voleys at several nearby ships.
At Alison’s advice,the warship hit what it needed to. The enteprise shield generator went off line.
“Our shields are off line!”tim reported. “Abandon ship! All hands!”Addison said. “Wait a minute!”dr. Piper said. “No argument mark! Look i need you to acess file 1616 pendora. “She ordered. “Alright !”he said. The bridge crew except for kyile and pitcarin left the bridge.
Ryian went over to her. He huged her and they kissed. “I love you more then you ever know !”Addison said. “I have a prety idea. Make it out alive add or i will find a way to kick your but,insorbidation or no!”Ryan said. “I will do my best!”Addison said.
Ryian huged her one last time then left the bridge. The ships kept firing. The crew began to flood into espae podes and shartles.
“They have begun evacuation !”an officer reported. “You were corect. She did fight till the biter end ” ardvec said. ” She won’t tand down. Now she will have no.choice !”Alison said. “Yes it seams she will!”ardvec said.
Suddenly the ship exploded. “They must have destroyed there own ship!”sporan said. “If there was survivors,they will warn there suporiors. We must perpare. We will have to strike soon. We do not have much time!”ardvec declared.
Dr. Piper,lt piper ran to the shartle craft capernicus. They found several orther crewman including ensign davis. They ran into the shartle.
They waited till the absolute last minute. Then dr. Piper gave the order to move out. “Take us out ensign davis!”dr. Piper ordered.the munuver was tricky. Takigawa had to triger the bay doors to open by acesing the shartle bays control by basically hacking in to the bay’s control. The bay doors opened. The shartle ran out. They wached the ship explode. The ship went to a safe distence from the ships.
“Are we heading to a star base?”tominson asked. “Negitive. I have special orders from the captain. I am feeding coordinates into the astrogator right now. Takigawa plot thosr coirdinates then mischa set course.”piper ordered. The pilot and co pilot set the course. The shartle was off.
“Do you think more go out?”mescha asked. “I definitely hope so but i don’t know. “Dr. Piper answered. He hoped more had. He had no idea.
The shartlw craft galalao had used the phaser fire to mask there presence. They had gone on inertia and thusters. They waited until they were at a safe distence and then went to impulse.
Miranda was in schock. Sotril tried to help her as much as she could. It was difficult for her to relate to children in general and human children in particular but she would have to learn. Soon she would give birth to a half human child. She would muttle though until she figured it out. 
Lt. Commander gioto stayed focused on the task at hand. He piloted the ship. He was task oriented. He did not have much hobies. His qurters were prety sparten. Some have said he did not have much of a personality. For a voyage like this,sotril found it needful to have someone like him along for the ride.
U.s.s Lexington
  “Anything ?”Wesley asked. “Not yet. “The science officer said. “Keep scanning ! “Wesley said. “Wait a minute. I have something. It is a shartlecraft. It is the galalao !”the science officer said.
“From enterprise?”the first officer asked. “Confirmed. “The officer at science reported. “Engage tractor beam! Bring that ship in!” The comadore ordered.
The shartle was tractered into the shartle bay. The commadore and a medical team flocked to the smal craft.
The shartle door opened,the team were greated by sotril.”commadore,i have all the pertent data hear and a message from Addison !”sotril said as she gave him a series of tapes. Wesley took the disk. The medical team looked over the ocupents.
“Get them to sickbay. We have much to discus!”Wesley said.”indeed we do!”sotril said.
The shartle capernicus headed to the planet that Addison sent dr. Piper to. The shartle neared the planet.
“What is this planet?”mescha asked. “It was mentioned by the organiens. They wanted it to be the capital of a peace keeping operation. The captain feels that it is inportent. Given there interest in it,she is probably right. “Dr. Piper said.
“I am detecting what apears to be a pre warp civilization. Really a pre industerial civilization. I would say it is comprible to mideval Europe!” Takigewa said.
“Are there any natural resources,anything of interest that could warent the interest on the part of the organians?”dr.piper asked. “Not that i can detect!”takigewa answered. “Set. Us down near the citty. We need answers!”piper said.
The shartle landed on the outdkirts of the town. The inhabitents watched the craft touch down. The shartle landed. Several walked towards the scout vessel.
The door opened,the shartle crew excited. A humanoid looking male walked over to them. There was a smal crowd but the man had three who seamed to be aides. One looked friendly but the orther looked stern.
“I’m…”piper started to say. “Dr. Mark piper chief medical officer of u.s.s enterprise. Yes i know. “The man who apeared to be in charge said.
“How do you know who we are?”yeoman Julianne milbary said. “I know many things. “He said. “Your telipathic!”Tomlinson asked. “After a fashion i supose. “The man said.
“You don’t seam to be suprised by us or our ships!”takigawa said.”you assumed we were primitive. We are aware of space traval. Well i have forgotten my manners. I am alyborne,this is my asociates trafane and claymare. Welcome to organia! ” he said.
To be continued.
Commadore Wesley a recurring character on star trek universe apeared in the original series episode, “the ultimate computor” he was played by bary russo who also played lt. Commander gioto.
Lt. Tomlinson was a torpedo specilist who apeared in “balience of terror” he was played by stephen mines. He also apeared in “intersteler law”
Mescha davis apeared in my star trek universe story,”interstellar law”
Alborne,trafane abd claymare apeared in erand of murcy.
I am a big fan of the poket book star trek novals. I am especially found of the new fronteer and vanguard series. I like how they created a sub universe inside the star trek universe. I wanted to do the same thing.

Times and season part six

“Captain’s log,after discovering a secret tunel in space ,we have located the race behind Alison crenic. They call themselves the organians. They claim that they don’t like the way that humanoid life behaves and plans to subjugate them. First they will make the situation worse. Start wars and eventually a large war that will leave the galaxy in shambles. They will pick up the peices. ”
“I have come to the conclusion that the federation must fight this with every strength we can muster. I also know that this will be the hardest thing we have ever done. Time is not on our side. ”
“Your presence hear is quite a surprise. We did not anticipate that you would find us!”sporan said. “We had hoped to remain in the shadows. You have upset our time table considerably. “Uklan said. “It happens!”Addison said.
“You have forced us to revaluate our plans. We will have to ajust our time table. “Ardvec said.
“I see!”Addison said. “As you probably can gues,you are a liability. We are nit cruel people but we are determined. We canot let you leave and bring word of our program. We do not wish to kill or imprison you!”uklan said. “Our options are limited. We are wiling to negociate a non agreson pact with the federations. There is a planet near the borders between the federation ans Klingon empire. If you cede it to us to be a capital for our peace keaping operations. You agree to down grade your forces. In exchange we will privide protection for your fleet and teritories. “Ardvec said.
Addison knew she needed to stawl for time. She was forming a plan in her mind but it was a doosie. These were trying times.
“So what do we need to do?”Addison asked.”you will serve as a peace envoy. You will escort our envoy to earth to meat with the president to discus that non agreson ans friendship pact. “Ardvec said.
“Very well! I can see that we don’t have any chioce. The ascendence of the organians is inevitable. We must bloom how we are planted. I will need to get things ready. “Addison said.
“Of course. Make your preperations. I want to get underway quickly. We have much to do!”ardvec said.Addison thought to herself,”you have no idea!”
U.s.s enterprise
Auxiliary control
“You do know this is the craziest thing i have ever heard! “Lt. Kyile commented. “I agree. Given the curcumstances this seams to be the only thing that has even the remotest chance of working!”gioto said. “I know your right. It is stil prety out there!”kyile said. “I know. When addy sugested it ,i thought she was out of her mind. If course i thought that when she took command but anyways. I have come to trust her. This may be our only option. “Gioto said. “I know ! Do you think we can stop these people ?”Kyle asked. “We have to. The alternative is perpetual servutude. Something neither you,me or the captain will acept !”gioto said. He agreed.
U.s.s enterprise
Transporter room
  Chief tacigawa activated the transporter controls. The senior staf emerged on the pad. “we are not really considering going along with this? “Yeoman smith asked. She was very confused. “Not a chance. I am certain he did not buy my little show. We are both playing the orther. Both of us knew it was empty bluster. He things he has the uper hand witch at present time he does. “Addison said.
“They will never let us get to warn the fleet!”dr. Piper said. “We can’t outrun them!”palmer said. “No we can’t. I am not going to sit by while an advanced race rampages though the galaxy.i have a plan. The ods of it working are slim but i see no other option!”she said. “What is this plan?”pitcarin asked. He was prety sure that he did not want to know. Then she told him. Then he knew he did not want to know.
“Alright lets get to it! We have a lot of work to do!”Addison said. The senior staf began to disperse.
Organian ship
“I regret that for our plans to work,she has to die. She is quite intreging!”ardvec said. “She does grow on you. I do admire her even though i also hate and despise every thing she stands for. “Alison said.
“Are all humans like her?  Full of drive and tenacity ?”sporan asked. “Not all but manny. Expext to meat heavy recistence. You will be fighting star system to star system ,planet to planet,city to city to the last street corner! Humans will recist until they can’t!”Alison said.
“I like a challenge! I welcome the struggle we are about to embark on. This will be exciting no doubts about it!”ardvec exclaimed.
“She cannot posibly stop up! Will she wage a battle with us knowing she will lose?”uklan asked. “No she will wage a gurila war. A dirty war. Even that has little chance of working. Her people believe that better dead then be a slave. “Alison said. “Indeed !”ardvec said.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of sotril
“This is my updated will. Can i count on you to maje sure my wishes are met?”Addison asked. “You have my word!”sotril said. “Good. I hope it won’t be necessary but you never know !”Addison said. “I understand !”she said. “Thank you'”she said.”of course !”sotril said.
“Your sure it checks out?”tim mathews asked. “I checked and rechecked personaly!”kyile said. “That shartle has to run perfectly!”tim said. “I know. I asure you it is. I don’t have as much at steak as you do but i do have a steak in this. My reputation is at line. “Kyle said. “Your a professional . I am just a little rattled !”tim said. “I understand . We all are. “Kyle said.
Sotril and Addison entered the bridge. Sotril got some files from lt. Palmer. “That should be every thing. “The female Vulcan said. “Good luck sotril!”Addison said. “To us all! “Sotril said. Tim huged her. She wispered something in his ear. He watched her leave the bridge.she entered the turbo lift.the door closed.
Sotril teamed up with lt. Commander giito and the captain’s children. They headed to the shartle bay. They went inside the shartle. They waited.
“The simulation are not promising !”tim said. “I know. I see no orther option. If there was,i would go for it!”she said. “I know that!” Tim said. “Every thing is in place. We are as ready as we are ever going to be!”Kyle said.
“Adress intercraft!”Addison ordered. “Intercraft active. Ready !”palmer reported.
“Attention all decks! This is the captain! Sense i took command of the enterprise,i have asked for hard things. I have pushed and pushed. I am tough. I have done so because i knew that you were capible of it. I have never been dispointed. Today i am asking the most difficult. I wish i did not need to do this. This will be the hardest challenge we have ever faced. The fate of the universe is at steak. I have no doubt that you are the finest crew in star fleet!”she said.
She signaled to palmer to end the message. Palmer did so. “Chanel closed !”palmer anounced. “Order all decks to procede. May God help us all!”Addison said.
“Standing by!’tim said now maning the science consil. “Ryan! Target the lead ship. Once the target is aqired,mr. Dassale fire!”she ordered.
The ship fired a series of phaser blast on the organian vessel. The battle had begun.
End of part 6