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Worms the conclusion.

” captains log,the enterprise is now in federation space. The bendali ship has backed off . those affected by the worms have begun treatment. Those affected who have begun treatment have responded well. ” Addison said.
Addison and Ryan walked hand in hand to sickbay. “Nervous?” Ryan asked. “A little! You?”she asked
“Yes I am. I am excited to not have worms climbing around my body “he said. “I know what you mean. I feel the same way. ” Addison said.
They arrived at the sickbay.the door opened.the two entered. “Ok get change and get on the bio bed. “Dr. Piper said.
Ryan changed into the blue cover l like robe with a black shirt. She wore the blue night gowan. Nurse chapel took some readings.
“Ok ? Are You ready?”Dr. Piper asked.”not really . let’s do it any way. “Addison said. Dr. Piper took out a hypo spray. She was injected with the futuristic syringe.
She started to feel odd. She did not know what to make of it. She started to feel some mild discomfort.
She took some deep breaths .she tried to deal with it as best As she could. The pain got worse. It was barible but not awesome.
She finally fell asleep. She has bizarre dreams. She had one dream where she was in the house of her step parents. Where she spent most of her childhood.
She saw Ryan. S he saw her son and daughter. She saw her step parents. She saw a group of Klingon zombies.she tried to protect her family.
She woke up. “Addie your safe!” Dr. Piper said. “Am I cured?”she asked.”you stil Cary the worms but they are dead they should dissolve in your syistims or you should pass it .at this point it is inert. “Christine chapel said.
“That is a cheery thought. “The captain said.piper laughed. Ryan had his son and daughter with him
“Addie you will be happy to know that Hannah is fine. There is no evidence that she was ever infected with the worms. ” Dr. Piper said.
Nurse chapel picked up Hannah and gave her to Addison. Adison picked her up. She kissed her head. “I am glad to hear that doctor.”she said.
“Captains log the landing party has completed there treatments. We are now heading to star base 42. ”
“Now on course!”dasalle said.”alright lets go out there!”she said.
The end.
Universe one a Klingon ship  that was assumed to be destroyed in the mass crises reaks havoc.
Universe 2. The enterprise visits star base 42.

“The siren call “part one

“Your sure she is my sister?”Addison asked. “I have checked and rechecked . you have the same parents !” the doctor said. “My parents died when I was young.that is simply not possible. There is no possible way that she could be my sister!”Addison said. “DNA does not lie. I will see if Dr. Piper can give a second opinion if you like!”he said. “I would. Its nothing personal. “She said. “Its ok.I fully understand. “The doctor said.
Later on
Office of Dr. Piper
The older doctor entered. “You looked at his findings?”Addison said. ” I have the results but your not going to like it. “Dr. Popper said. “It can’t be mark. She is what seven. They died Mark. “Addison said. “I don’t have those kind of answers. All I do know is that is your biological sister. “Dr. Popper said.
“I was a bit harsh to your Jr surgeon!”Addison said .”he will get over it. You ok?”he asked. “I am in shock. It makes no sense. “Addison said .
“I know what this is about. You always justified the fact that you were abandoned by her your family because they died. Now your just left with unanswered questiones..”Dr. Piper said. “Are you a medical doctor or a pyscyitrist?”Addison asked. “I will leave that to Liz. “He said.”wise!” Addison said.
Qurters of captain Addison mccomic.
“You ok addy?”ryian asked. She put her head on his shoders.she wore a night gowan.he had shorts and no shirt.
“No I am not ok ry!”She said. “I figured! I was not sure if you would admit it!”he said. “I am not going to pretend not this time. Are they stil alive. If so where have they bean all this time?”Addison asked.
“You think they are still alive?”ruins asked.”I have no idea. I had finally had to terms with it. I had reconciled them and my other perents. Now it is all jumbled again.”she said. He held her.
“You will get to the bottom of this ,that I know. If I know you,you wont stop until you do!”he said.”your right!”she said.
Near by syistom
Puritan exploration and research vessel.
“This is the first sutch  steller phynomina we have ever encountered. “First officer redeva said. “Your sure ? If if is not the scientific Senate wi not be pleased. I don’t want our sister ship having something to hold against us!”enginner litrell said.
“I’m excited. We have seem more in a year then Manny if our people on the home world have seen in four life times. “The energec female navigator said.
“I am detecting a warp signature.”science officer engina said.”a ship?we have not see so much as space degree sense we entered this area. “Betrie the navigator said.
“Hail the vessel!”the captain said. “They are hailing us captain !”the com officer said. “On screen! “The captain said. The com officer transfered the message to the main view screen.
On the screen displayed a bridge with bright light and colleges. It was a functional bridge.it was very festive. The crew were all skilled. They were all male.
“Greetings I am klasic,captain of the handrini conglomerate. We are a journey to spread love and peace and understanding throughout the galaxy. ” the commander said.
“We are on a mission to explore mostly interstellar phynomina. The more unusual the better!” the commander said.
“We are not that dissimilar I think!”he said. He had a very big smile. It was do big you could probably fit s startle craft inside.
“You are every attractive!”the first officer said. The exo was usually very reserve. You would expect this kind of outburst from a the navigator.everyone looked at her. “I’m sory. I don’t know where that came from. ” she said. She was quite embarrassed.
“It is quite alright.  You are quite stunning yourself!” the commander said. “Thank you what a lovely thing to say!”she said. 
“Perhaps you would be my guess. You and your command staf. We can swap stories and compare notes.” the commander said.
“Of course!” the commander said. The commander was suspicious of these guest. It seemed too convenient . the commander’s  bull meeter went way up. He wanted to be nice. They wanted to be a good neighbor in the galaxy.he decided to take them up on  there offer. He hoped that he would not regret it.
The commander left the security chief in charge of the ship. The commander and the rest of the crew Beemed to the alien ship. The crew materialized in the transporter room of the previously unknown vessel.
“Welcome a bored!”klasic said .he did not appear as friendly as he had before. Now his smile looked more devious. “Procede!” he said. The female officers moved against there comrades.
“What is this?” captain ogreer asked. “Call it a hostile take over!” klasic said.
End of part one.

Ties that bind part 13

“Captain’s log we are curently inside the doorway. We still do not know what this is. There is so much to it we do not understand. So far we are holding up!” Addison said.
“They are opening the doorway!’kyile reported. “Folow them out!”Addison ordered. The ship persued the romulin vessel. The doorway opened. The enterprise left the doorway.
“We are near romulis and remus!” Kyile reported. “We are ordered to surender!”palmer said. “We have several vessels heading our way!”Kylie said. “Get me the lead ship!” Addison said. “I can’t get though! I am being jammed! ” palmer reported.
Two bird of preys opened fire on the enterprise. “Shields are holding!” Ryian reported. “Scan for anything unusual ! I have a bad hunch! “Addison said.
“Captain i am detecting some short of energy build up in a jeferies tube near enginering.” Kyile reported. “They implanted an explosive device on the ship? When would they have time to do that?”gioto asked.
“My gues? Probably at space dock! They planed every thing. They had this thing all ploted out.”she said.
“If the device detonates,the enterprise will be destroyed. It will take half the romulan fleet with it! “Kyile said.
” Then the romulans will clame we are the agresors and lunch a full reprisal” Gioto said. ” Gioto take charge. Evasive munuvers. I am going to remove that device!” Addison said.
“Addy!”Ryan said. “I have no choice !”she said. She entered the turbo lift. The lift took her to a cralway entrence. She opened the tube. She was not brothered by smal spaces. The ones on the freighter were worse.
She found the device. It was embeded into the system. The ship rocked. “Keep her steady gioto!”she said. She took out her tool box. She removed a smal tool and tried to first create a dampening field that stoped the device cold in its tract.
The device was designed to protect itself. “They think of every thing!”she said. She was not giving up not quite yet.
She tried to ajust the device. She had a few tricks up her sleave. She hoped one of them would work. She hoped that she had time to try them.
The ship was hit again. She knew that they had this well planed. Thry had covered there bases. They had planed this for a while. How long she was not sure.
“Engineering ! Pit i nead you to eject the core!” She said. “Addy are you out of your mind? We canot eject the core in the midle of hostile space!” Pitkarn said. “Please trust me on this pit! “She said.
“She might be out of her mind but i don’t have any other options!” He presed the eject button. The core left the ship. 
Romulin flagship
“Commander they ejected there core!” A scaning officer said. “Why would they do that? There is no reason for this!”the first officer said. “No there is not! I believe there may be a different explination! Order the fleet to hold there fire!” The commander ordered.
The bridge crew was suprised. They folowed his orders. The entire fleet stood down.
The core seamed to feed the device. The ejection of the core seamed to have shut down the device. Now without the core,the enterprise was a siting duck in the capital of one of there lead rivals. There were more presing concerns at the moment.   She scaned the device. It was inert. She took out the device. The device was inactive.
“I can’t get passed the jammers!”palmer said. ” The explosive device had been rendered enert!” Kyile said. “The threat is not over. Without the com relay we can’t explain all of this!”gioto said. “So far the ships are holding position!”kyile said.
“I am starting to wonder if this is not a rougue faction of the romulan government not the empire as a whole. ” Dassale said.
“Can we convince them that that is true? Will it matter. There are many in the empire that want a war regardless of why! ” gioto said.
Addison left the cralway. She ran to the transporter room. “I need you to beam me to one of the romulan ships.”she said to tawcinewa said. He set the controls.
She emerged on the bridge of the bird of prey. ” Momy!”little sarek said. He ran to her. Her perents were releved to see her. She wished she had time for a proper reunion but she did not yet.
“Stop right there! Addison ! ” aly said. She pointed a disruptor at her. “End this! You have lost! “Addison declared.
“No addy bear the game is not over! Not even close !” She opened a doorway. She was gone. The question was where?
End of part 13

Ties that bind part four

The mccomic began to suspect that something was going on. They were not sure what was going on.
She picked up the newborn. Her step parents were not sure that she should hold her. They did not dare to intervene at least not yet. 
The baby seamed to be calm around the young lady. They decided not to protest. They were careful around the new arival.
“What bring you hear Alison ?” Mrs mccomic asked. “I have been out of the loop. I feal it is time to come back to the universe as it were! Time to complete some unfinished business !” She said.
  That satement made both of them very nervous. “You and addison are friends ?”mrs mcomic asked. “We used to be. Very close but then she betrayed me! Left me to die! I am not hear for a reureunion . I am hear to settle a score! “Alison said.
“What is this. About!”mr. Mcomic said. She took out a phaser and aimed it at them.”please put hanah down! ” the grand farther pleaded. “I won’t harm any of you as long as you do what i tell you . You must follow my instuctions to the letter.
“Please let us go! At least let the kids and sherry go. I will be your hostege!”he said. “Noble but i need all of you as hostege. Addy will do whatever it takes to get you back. I want that! “She said. “Whatever your diferences,this is not the way to solve this! ” mrs mccomic said. “It is the only way! I lost every thing because of her. Now i will repay her for all she did. “Alison declared.
She placed a series of large towers around the area. Then they beamed to an unknown location.
A few minutes later,an explosive went off. Only the house exploded. No other building was efected. It was a masege to addison.
The trubo lift opened,dr. Mark piper and nurse christine chapel entered the bridge. “As i live and breath mark. I never thought you would come out of retirement!”she said. “Retirement was not as much fun as i thought it would be!”piper said.”i told you so! ” she said.”i knew you were going to say that!”he said.”i am glad that you are hear!”she said. “They made the right decision making you c.o!”mark said. She thought to herself i hope so.
“Captain! You have an emurgentcy transmison from lt.commander kendle in concord!”lt. Palmer said. “Oh no!”she thought. ” Mr. Dashele i need you to assume command until commander satril geta back.”Addison said. “Aye sir!”the helm officer said. She ran to the transporter room. The crew was perplexed as to what was going on.
Transporter room
“I have the coordinances captain!”lt. Takigowa the transporter chief said. She thanked him and got on to the transporter pad. “Ready when you are!”the chief anounced. “Enerzize!”Addison ordered. The.chief activated the controls. The commamder was beamed off of the ship and on to the planet.
She saw her childhood home in ruins. She screamed and ran towards the home. A man in a star fleet command uniform found her. ” Addy! No one was in the house!”he said. “Ryian are you sure?”she asked frantically.”no organic readings addy. We don’t know where they are. A neighbor saw a young women enter. They did not see anyone leave. “He said. She huged him.”look we will figure all this out! We will find them! There is no reason to think that they are not alive! “He said. “I know “she said. Star fleet command
“The device used was Klingon but it is a type that can be found on the black matket. It was fairly low tech!”comadore Wesley said.”we don’t think this is one of the major powers ?”Addison asked.”not at this point! We could be deling with an.individual or a group!”komack said.”we have not had an act of terorism on earth sence after the end of the third world war. “Commander sutril said. “Do you this wad aimed at me? “Addison asked. “We are looking over your service record! “Commander gioto said. “We discovered a transporter signal. We believe that they may have been kidnaped and they were wisked away by transporter!”pitcarn said. “We have stoped all incoming and outgoing traphic but they may have still goten away!”komack said.
“We are conducting a full investigation using every asets we have! “Wesley said. “I know that!”she said.
“Addison ! You should rest!”sotril said. ” I can’t! I’m way too jitery!” Addison said. “Look the minute i have news i will contact you! You have my word! ” sotril said. “Alright! ” she said.
Quters of captain mccomic
The door opened, it was commander ryian kendle. She waited till the door closed then embraced him. She was usually tough but not now. Now she let herself break down. She started to cry. He held her. “We are going to get though this! We will get our kids and your perents back! “She said.
The chime rang. She said come. It was dr. Danner. “Sory to disturb you! I wanted to check up on you! Hello ryian!”danner said. “Hello liz!”he said. ” it seams personal but i don’t know of any enemies who would have grudge. Star fleet mission is one of peace. My mission is one of peace. I have had to defend myself and my ship. I have tried to have compassion towards all and mallice towards none. Yet someone has a grudge and i don’t know why!”she said.
” Bridge to captain!” Lt. Palmer said. “Go ahead!”Addison said. “You have an incoming mesege but we cannot trace it !”she said.”i will take it down hear!”she said.
On the screen was displayed the image of alison. “Oh my!”ali!”she said. “Hello addy!” She said.
End of part four