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Last time on star trek the universe.
Historians and discovered a paturn in history . minority groups saved form extinction on there home world and moved to a new planet. These alien benefactor have been nicknamed the preservers.
A man who was saved by disaster preceves that the preservers are gods. He began a cult and paramilitary group dedicated to the preservers. He plotted to start a war between the federation Klingon and romulans.he even had a sleeper agent inside the enterprise.
The enterprise was caught in an ambush. The Capitan was killed. The first officer was placed in a coma. The Sleaper agent was exposed. The plot was thawted.
Commander Ben Norris took over the enterprise. The galaxy became prone to Instability due to an experiment run a muck. The federation romulans and Klingons banded together to seal the rupture.  After the crises,Norris was named commanding officer of the enterprise. The three powers formed a more permanent  alience.
And now tonight’s episode
Planet seymore prime
Near the planet a ship stood by. Qutar looked at the planet. This had been in the planing for some time. Now the time was hear. The plan was about to be implemented. They had there I dotted and t s crossed. They had Sleaper agent on The surface.
“The colony ships are on there way. Excelentcy!  We are almost ready !” qozeg said. “Very good. Do you think we ca really pul this off?”Qutar asked. “Of course we can. ” Bremen said.
Obital station
“Sir the Corsica and mord have cleared seymore star space. ” the tech said. “Very good. “The commander said.
Qutar ship.
“The two ships are now out of range ” bredana said. “Excellent. Begin the operation at once. “Qutar ordered. ” there is no path like the one true path!  Qutar said. They repeated the phrase. 
Obital base.
The operations center went dark. “Report!” the commander ordered. “Sir all power is down !” the tech said. “How is that possible? We just did diagnostic on it this morning. ” another tech said. “How do you explane this?” the commander asked. ” I am not certain !” the first tech said.
On the planet power went off . the whole planet went dark. The one true path flag ship detonated a series of electro magnetic pulses. The planet was rendered without technology. It was temporary but it would do what they needed it to do.it gave them the time they needed . it was designed to be a diversion.a distraction from there true intentions.
O.t.p flagship
“All technology on the planet has been rendered useless. ” bardena said. “Good work. Go to the next phase. ” Qutar ordered. ” understood!” qozeg said.
The capital city was totally in the dark. None of the air cars worked. There was no power.
The security detail that guarded the prelate doubled there security force. They deployed forces all though the official residence if the chief executive.
The prelate used lamps to generate light. He called his most senior cabinet officials to the residence. “Is this a prelude to an attack?” the prelate asked. “Yes I am certain of it. ” general Cornish said. “As am i” prelate Rincon said.
The planet was under martial law. Without energy weapons defending against such an invasion was a virtual impossibility.that was not the goal of the plotters.
The anacovi were a separate species . they were not related to the main species. Theories were numerous. Some sated that the seymore were not indigenous but came as pilgrims or escaped slaves. No one was sure what happened.
The anacovi were primitive. They we’re tribal. They had access to technology but were not interested in such things. They were not bad off. They we’re healthy. They had enjoyed there wife.
The Sleaper agents allied with the one true path sealed off the area where the anicovi were. The anicovi were tagged. The colony ships got into transporter range. The ships were designed for long range transport.
The aboriginal were rendered unconscious. They were Beemed to the colony ships. The whole bilge was beamed up. The planet was picked out. It would be a paradise world. It would be perfect for The anicovi.that what the o.t.p believed.
The colony ships left the area . the ship went at high warp. The ships were guarded by warship including Qutar ship.
Command ship.
“Excelentcy the anicoci are on bored. The ships have launched. ” cozeg said . “excelent! We hornor the preservers. We preserve there legacy and begin a New. ” Qutar said. ” long live the one true path!”Bordena said. “There is no path like the one true path. ” quarter said. Capital cityy
Seymore ships
“The ships are gone!” the general said. “Gone? How can this be?” the house moderator asked. ” sir the anicoci are gone.” admiral bordon said. “As in kidnapped?” deputy prelate asked “yes sir. ” the general said . ” this makes no sense. ” the prelate said . ” we are working in restoring power. ” the admiral said. “Make it a high priority. ” the prelate said.
” we have to rescue the anicovi !” the minister of security Arden said. “We will. We need help. We have to contact star fleet. ” the prelate said. End of the prologue.
One true Utah’s chant does sound like the chant from s club seven. Its works.

Legacy chapter one (2)

U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log the enterprise is now in a remote region  of Klingon space. Our misson is to investigate reports of bizare activities in Klingon space. ”
” captain,the imperial Klingon vessel Chorvqght has not reported in. The vessel reported that it located a derelict vessel. ” Klingon com officer reported. “Send the coordinants to the helm! I love cleaning up after the Klingon !” captain Ben Norris said.
“I have the coordinates sir. ” lt. Commander Jim Kirk reported. “Lay in the course Addison.”the captain ordered. Lt. Commander Addison mccomic plotted the course. “Course laid in. ” Kirk reported.
“Your going to put my people at risk aren’t you?”security chief giotto asked. “I am going to mitigate the risk if I can chief. They are my people too. I don’t take that lightly. “He said. “I know that sir. ” he said.
“On course . “Addison said. “Why do I get the Sense that we are on the verge of something awful?”Dr. Piper said. “Hopfully it is just a bad feeling. ” Norris said.”We all hope that!” yeoman Smith said.
The turbo lift door opened,kalera the romulan officer entered the bridge. “Doctor !” Norris said. “Captain !” kalera said.
The two had been close. They seemed to be heading into a romance. Then after a revilation that she opened fire on the ship commanded by his brother.he was killed by a mistle she fired. Now there relationship was totally professional.
“Captain I have located the chorvaught. The vessel is adrift. Life support is low. I am getting life signs but they are highly erratic. ” Spock said .
“Send the coordinates to The navigator. Addie you know what to do. ” the captain instructed. “Got um. Setting course now. “She said .”course plotted . ” Kirk reported.
The enterprise went at high warp to The Klingon warship. The enterprise arrived at the ship. “Power is at a minimum over there. “Spock reported. “Alright! Mark prepare a medical team.” He said.” you got it Ben!”Dr. Piper answered. “Prepare a security team chief” Norris ordered. “Aye sir!”he said.
He pounded the com panel. “Chief I want you to send some tech. This is just a fact finding mission. Right now we have no idea what we will fund over there. ” the captain said. “You got it sir!” hallak said.
“Kirk you have the ship. Addison with me. Spock as well. ” the Captain said .
The team members followed the captain. The captain and team went to the turbo lift. The door closed. Kirk sat down at the command chair.
Transporter room
Norris,Spock,giotto and piper entered.they we’re joined by halek,nurse chapel with security and engineering staf. “Coordinates ready!” lt. Kyile announced.
The captain and the landing party stepped on to the transporter pad.”energize. “The captain ordered.
The operator activated the beam. The team was beamed off of the enterprise and on to the Klingon ship.
Klingon vessel
The team emerged in a hall way. “Fan out! “Norris ordered. Dr. Piper and chapel came upon a body. “The wound is from a batleth.I am sure of it.” Christine said. “I tend to agree with you. ” Dr. Piper said.
“Look at this captain .”Spock said.”what do you make of it?”Norris asked. “I am unable to identify it.”Spock said.Spock took a sample .
The team continued to move out. They found more bodies. “Look at this one! Its has that goo Mr. Spock found. ” Galloway said. “Goo?”Leslie said. “I don’t know what else to call it. ” Galloway said.
Piper examined the body. “This goo has joined with the Klingon’s blood.it is trying to become the blood. “Dr. Piper said.
“There was none of this ‘goo’ on the other bodies we found.Why is that?” Norris asked. “I don’t know. I think it is importent .” piper said. “I do too. ”  Norris said.
What they did not know was that they were being watched. What is worse then being tailed by Klingon? Being watched by a zombie Klingon.
End of chapter one .

Worms the conclusion.

” captains log,the enterprise is now in federation space. The bendali ship has backed off . those affected by the worms have begun treatment. Those affected who have begun treatment have responded well. ” Addison said.
Addison and Ryan walked hand in hand to sickbay. “Nervous?” Ryan asked. “A little! You?”she asked
“Yes I am. I am excited to not have worms climbing around my body “he said. “I know what you mean. I feel the same way. ” Addison said.
They arrived at the sickbay.the door opened.the two entered. “Ok get change and get on the bio bed. “Dr. Piper said.
Ryan changed into the blue cover l like robe with a black shirt. She wore the blue night gowan. Nurse chapel took some readings.
“Ok ? Are You ready?”Dr. Piper asked.”not really . let’s do it any way. “Addison said. Dr. Piper took out a hypo spray. She was injected with the futuristic syringe.
She started to feel odd. She did not know what to make of it. She started to feel some mild discomfort.
She took some deep breaths .she tried to deal with it as best As she could. The pain got worse. It was barible but not awesome.
She finally fell asleep. She has bizarre dreams. She had one dream where she was in the house of her step parents. Where she spent most of her childhood.
She saw Ryan. S he saw her son and daughter. She saw her step parents. She saw a group of Klingon zombies.she tried to protect her family.
She woke up. “Addie your safe!” Dr. Piper said. “Am I cured?”she asked.”you stil Cary the worms but they are dead they should dissolve in your syistims or you should pass it .at this point it is inert. “Christine chapel said.
“That is a cheery thought. “The captain said.piper laughed. Ryan had his son and daughter with him
“Addie you will be happy to know that Hannah is fine. There is no evidence that she was ever infected with the worms. ” Dr. Piper said.
Nurse chapel picked up Hannah and gave her to Addison. Adison picked her up. She kissed her head. “I am glad to hear that doctor.”she said.
“Captains log the landing party has completed there treatments. We are now heading to star base 42. ”
“Now on course!”dasalle said.”alright lets go out there!”she said.
The end.
Universe one a Klingon ship  that was assumed to be destroyed in the mass crises reaks havoc.
Universe 2. The enterprise visits star base 42.

Revenge of nomad chapter one (2)

U.s.s enterprise
Quarters of the captain
The captain entered his quarters. He was very tired. He felt worn out.he was exhausted. he looked at the pictures of the last family picture . it had him,his brother Jason,rebbeca ,Amber,Miranda and Jay. Everyone looked happy. A lot had changed since that picture was taken.
The door opened,yeoman Smith entered. “Oh the romulan preator wants to have you over for dinner on ki bartan one. “Smith said.
“Is there any way I can get out of it and not start an intergalactic incident?”Norris asked. “No I am afraid not. “She said
“Let me gues the Klingon chancellor also wants me to dine on qonos one?”He said.  ” yes he does.”she said
“If I accept one I can’t decline the other?”he asked. “Correct !”Smith said. “I have the official ceremony the sate dinner.anything else I was hoping to get lost in the white moutons of new Hampshire for a bit. “The captain said.
“Your sister Amber has called .” she said. “I am going to try to see the family. I am swamped. “Nor is said. “Are you right sir?” the yeoman asked. “I am tired yeoman. I have gone from a senior officer to head of a task force. I am now a diplomat politician . I am wining and dining those responsible for Jason’s death. Mukurat started the war and jihal supported it. “He said.
“You need to get home while we are on earth. “Smith said. “I know. Its weird I have wanted to be a starship commander for a long time. Now that I have it I just don’t know. “Norris said.
Transporter room
Norris changed into the dress uniform. He met commander Addison mccomic who was Waring a green dress uniform. Jim Kirk arrived in green dress. Chief giotto and chief hallak went over to the captain. “The refit is beginning . please promise me that you won’t take my ship back into battle anytime soon.let’s explore a nice nebula” the Orion engineering officer suggested.
“No promises but I will try. ” the captain told him. “Thank you sir. “The Orion said. “I have the security arrangements. “The security chief said. “Do they meet with your approval?” the captain asked. “No but it’s works. “The chief said.
“Well chief do not mess me with my chair on the bridge. “The captain said.
They entered the transporter room. “Transporter ready when you are.”lt. Kyle informed the captain. They stepped on to the pad.” energize!”Norris said. The chief activated the control.the three were beamed off of the ship.
Mess hall.
“So are you going to come back to star fleet?”Liz asked. “I don’t know. I miss her Liz. I miss us being a family. I wish I could convince her to come back to earth. “Ryan said “it’s never going to happen.”Sarah Chabot said. “I know but I can hope. “Ryan said.
Liz held Hannah.sarek was eating near his farther. “It is nice having kids on bored. I could use some getting reaqainted with pediatrics. “Dr. Piper said .
“I will keep that in mind doctor. Oh I wanted to surprise addie. I want to renew our wedding vows. “Ryan said. “She will love that. You know how sentimental she can get? ” Liz said. ” I do. ” Ryan said.
Star fleet command
The enterprise joined admiral komack and other v.I.p near the site .president Rona banbet was present. Along with horn acron her chief of staff and security advisor transmit hamin.
Everyone snapped to attention. In space the two shartle began to land. The two sides agreed that they would arrive at the same time. The two ships began to land.
The two ships landed. The two parties excited the craft. The Klingon chancellor and Senate preator excited the two craft.
“On breath of the United federation of planets and The planet earth,I am pleased to welcome you to earth on this historic visit. Welcome to mukuret chancellor of the Klingon empire and predator jihall of the romulan star empire. “President banbet said.
There were applause and chears. Norris was not sure about all this . he knew that after the mass ,things had to change. The rumors were that the anipovnoids were trying to build up a counter network on the outor rim. There was also the nazaka and the gorn and others. Perhaps it was time to bury the hatchet. On the anniversary of his brother’s death,that was a tall order.
It was odd that the very man who caused misery for so Manny was the guest of honor on earth. Norris had to smile and pretend he was happy with all this.
U.s.s enterprise
“Mr. Spock!”Ryan said .”uh Mr. Hearington it is agreible to see you again. “Spock said . “you too . I understand your farther is on earth . “Ryan said.
“Yes he is.”Spock said. “Look I wanted to surprise Addison with renewing our wedding vows. We got married on regal ten. We got married by a Vulcan priest. The ambassador has ment a lot to us and I would love for him to officiate . I know he is busy.”Ryan said.
“I believe I can prusaude him to do this!”Spock said. “Thank you .”he said.
“Liz I need to talk to you.”kalera said “of course. “Liz said. “As you know captain Norris’s brother was killed during an attack by a rihansu warlord during the Klingon war. “She said.
Yes it was part of his record.”Liz said. ” what he does not know is that I was the gunner on the ship that fired that fatal schot.” kalera said.
“I take it he does not know” Liz said. “No I just found out myself. “Kalera said .”what are you going to do?”Liz asked.”I don’t know. He has a right to know. I can’t hide it. I know when I do it is over.maybe it should be.”she said.
“Do you really like him?”Liz asked.”I do. More then I thought I would or could. ” she said. “As hard as it is you have to tell him. You cannot keep this from him as hard as is it. “Liz said. “Ok . I know you are correct.”kalera said.
In the corridor , “please promise me you will stay out of trouble ” the security chief said.”you- have-my-word co–mand-Der. ” the tholien said .
“Your letting him go alone To earth?”Dr .piper asked.”what is the worse that could happen? Besides Leslie and Galloway are going to tail him .” the chief said. “Ok .”the doctor said.
“Hi Liz” Gary mitchel said. “Mr.Mitchell”she said. Things had been weird between those two. He saw her as stuck up . she remembered him but they had never met.
“You ok Liz?”mua bolt asked”yea just lost in thoughts ” she said. Lee kelso tried not to laugh.
In space nomad had found a way to replicate himself.he had constructed an army of nomads. The nomads moved out. The ship headed to earth.
Nomad was preparing to go to earth to exert his revenge. It was the time.
End of chapter one.

Nues 2.7

Bracalli space
The bracali were a regional power. They controlled a remote part of the known galaxy. They controlled there home soller syistom and two others.
They had a strong military and scientific aperatus. The bracali we’re religious but not theocratic. There was a faction that believed that they could contact there afterlife . they wer very curious.
A traditional faction had. Been able to control the military science wing of the government. They had begun a project to build a conduet to heaven.
Reserch outposts
“Anything?”the minister of science said. “Negitive minister.the missile have failed to open a gateway to paradise. “Dr. Rodav said. “Fire more missile. Increase the yield. “The minister said. “That is unwise exceletcy.”she said. ” we are so close. Follow my instructions. “The minister said. “Yes sir.”she said. Enterprise
“I am detecting a massive increase in energy in the epicenter sir!”Spock reported. “They are busy!”piper said. “The border is heavily patrolled. I am detecting an area not heavily patrolled. “Kalara said. “Did you checked for mine’s?”Kirk asked. “We did not find any thing associated with mines.” Carol said.
“Take us in. What a little more risk?”norris said. “This is not a big encouragement. ” hallak said.
“Lee plot a course for the concordance Carol is sending you. “Norris ordered.Lee got the course and plotted it. “Course plotted and engaged .” mia said
The enterprise went  warp. The enterprise attempted to get into the bracali frontier.they tried to sneak into there space.
” now entering bracali space!”Lee kelso announced. The enterprise moved in. “Now in bracali space!”Spock reported.
The enterprise retitled back and forth .the bridge crew tried to straighten the ship. Carol enhanced the shields. The enterprise seemed to whether the area.
“This area has become prone to turbulence. “Spock said. “I am attempting to compensate sir!”mia said.
“Captains log, the enterprise has  turbulence sporadically .. For the most part the shields have held. The ship is nearing the epicenter of the experiments.
“I am detecting a research post. I believe it is in charge of the research and experimentation. “Spock said.
“Com tech hail the station. “Opening hailing frequencies. “Kolona said. “Reserch post,your research is threatening the structural integrity of the universe. I urge you to stop at once. “Norris said.
“They are responding!”she announced. “On screen. “The captain said .on the view screen ,the command center was displayed. “You are trespassing In Our space. You have no right to dictate to us what we should and should not do!”the minister said.
“Sir. Your experiments threaten the galaxy.  “Norris said. “There is no evidence linking a causality between the experiments and the weakening of the structural integrity of the universe. ” the minister said.
“They have cut off the com channel. “Kolona said . “target the mistle launcher .”Norris ordered. Lee targeted the launcher. The enterprise fired on the launchers. The station rocked.
“What is this?”the minister said over an audio feed. “Your experiment are a threat to the universe. “Norris said. “This is sn act of war. “Minister said. “You declared war on us by engaging in that experiment.”Norris said.
A storm developed in space. The whole area shock. It was like an galactic wind in space.
“The attacks have  weakened the reigion. ” Spock said. “We will experience more turbulence . “Carol said.
The station fired on the enterprise. The enterprise dodged the torpedo.the shock wave caused the ship to liest.”damage on multiple decks. “Gary said. “Damage control parties dispatched to affected decks “the com tech reported.
“Leave our space or be destroyed.”the minister said. “Captain I have found the center of the vortex. I believe I know how to seal the rip in the space time continuum. “Terisha said .
The ship was hit again. “Damage to secondary hull. ” Spock said. “Head for the rip. “Norris ordered the enterprise headed for the vortex. The enterprise ducked impact. The enterprise hit the station.
The enterprise was too far from the station’s armerments. The enterprise maintained course. The ship shock around. The Ship turned up and down. The enterprise was hit.
The enterprise experienced a lot of damage. The ship held together. The enterprise kept going. “Now in position “the Orion said . “activate the deflector. We have to seal the hole. Mia Lee stand by to get us out of hear!” Norris ordered.
The deflector dish was turned on. The dish fired a discharge of energy at the hole. The hole started to be filled. “We need to remain a little longer. “Spock said. “Are you out of your mind?”Gary said.
The ship was jostled about. Several parts of the ship was struck. “We can disengage !”Spock said. “Do it. Lee mia! Get us out of hear!”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The ship could not get out of the wake. The wave hit the enterprise. The enterprise was pushed back. Lee and mia tried to get the ship to break free. The enterprise started to drift.
The vortex went inward. The epicenter started to get smaller.then the vortex vanished. It  replaced by normal space.
In the x zone, the cracks started to be filled. The universe’s structural intregrety started to be restored.
The mass was not designed to live in this galaxy. The mass started to die. The mass would not just vanish it would continue in an inert form. It would have to be cleaned up.
U.s.s enterprise
“Shields are off line. Primary reactor is off line. We are running on batteries. “Spock said. “The research post was damaged but is intact.”Carol reported.
“Captain, we have received word from the bracali government. The bracali parliament has ordered the immediate sesation of all experiments involving the vortex. ” The Klingon com tech reported.
“Captains log, the intersteler law treaty organization has dispatched a muti planetary fleet to the bracali to ensure that the experiments end. The bracali emperor and the minister of prominence has pledged to support the fleet. While we have repaired the enterprise enough to get underway . we are either to leave bracali space. Whole evidence of the mass remains things are slowly improving. ”
“Please take better care of my ship commander. “The Orion said. “I will do my best hallak with “your ship.”the captain said.
“Sir! Star fleet is assembling a task force at the kitomer outpost. Star fleet command wants us to go there!”the Klingon com tech said.
“We are going to a Klingon base?”Dr. Piper remarked.”it is under federation control now. “The com tech said. “We will undergo repairs there. “Norris said
U.s.s enterprise
Confrence room
“The x zone is still unstable. The minerals left from the mass causes turbulence in the region.the Klingon high council has asked us to aid in the effort to solve this problem. The federation is sending a task force to the x zone. Our mission will be to restore the space if we can. The enterprise will be heading up the task force. The romulans Will be joining us. Kalara will be my liaison.Dr. Trisha will be the Klingon liaison. Commander jeshop will be the star fleet liaison. Lt. Kolona will be remaining with us as com tech. ” he said.
“Jim. “Carol said. “You look happy?”Jim said. “I am on the science team sent to restore the x zone.I already have a few ideas. “Carol said. ” I am sure you will. ” Jim said. “Are you going to be on the task force?”she asked.”they have given me command of the Artemis. During the mission. “Jim said. “Congrats captain ” Carol said. “It is not the enterprise but a ship is a ship.”Jim said. “Indeed. ” she said.
” congrats on your promotion to captain. “Kalera said. “Thank you .”she said.”all decks standing by.”the tech said. “Mia take us to the x zone . ” he ordered.
The end .
Next up
The enterprise and the task force arrives at the x zone. Dr. Marcus has an idea on how to restore the area. While the crew adjust to life after the mass.

Nues 2.5

Planet earth.
Office of the president of the federation.
The federation had no official channels with The Klingon empire. They had no diplomatic channels. The current arangment was unofficial and New. No diplomatic channels had been set up.
“Madam president the grazella special envoy has arrived. “A receptionist said. “Send him in!” president said. The door opened. The grazella representative entered the office. “Madam president. “Lakear derap said. “Mr. Envoy! I hope your trip to earth was not too eventful!”the president said. “I have had worse. I bring a message from the Klingon empire. They insist that the incidents are not authorized by the empire. The attacks are being perpetrated by those to a rougue admiral maimed g’horn. ” the representative said.
“This does not instil Faith in the chancellor and his government. It is hard to partner with a weak government especially when we have no assurance of protection. “The president said.
“The imperial government appreciates that. They are trying to handle this situation. The Klingon empire is taking the brunt of this crises. “The ambassador said.
“I am aware of that. I am aprecitive of there position. At the same time I cannot put my people at risk.the enterprise is currently in Klingon space . I don’t know if we can do more until the situation with rouge factions abates.”the president said.
“I will communicate that to the Klingon. “The ambasador said .”very well ambassador. “The president said. “We will keep in touch madam president.”the ambassador said. “Of course!”the president said. The non aligned representive left the room. The door closed.
“We stil relief convoys heading into Klingon space. Do we turn them back?”horn acron the chief of staff asked. “We cannot have that convoy go into enemy space under these circumstances. There is no cease fire in reality.the fleet must turn back. “Haman the security advisor said.
“The fleet cannot go into hostile space under these circumstances. “An aid said. “The convoy will maintain corse for the border but is not to cross into Klingon space without my consent. “The president said.
“We help them we risk getting our fleet schot. Down. We don’t help they acuse of fiddling while son is burned. “Acron commented.
“If the mass expands, lt could have a further destabilizing effect on the empire. Outer territories might try to cisesde. “Hamin said. “I want hourly updates.no matter what.”the president said. The staff agreed.
U.s.s enterprise
The Klingon vessel commanded by g’horn attempted to intercept the enterprise. “Hail the vessel!”Norris ordered. Lt. Kolona tried to open a channel to the warship.
Odd she thought. A few days ago,she was a soldier in the I.d.f now she was working for star fleet.this was once her superior officer.
“No response. “Kolona said.she kept trying but there was no response. No one expected that they would.
Klingon warship
“Now in weapons range!”the gunner reported. “The commander of the enterprise is a fool. He should have fired the first schot when he had the chance. Procede!”g’horn said.
The Klingon ship opened fire on the enterprise. The ship was hit. “Shields holding. ” Gary reported.”return fire. “Norris ordered.the enterprise fired phasers  and photon torpedoes on the Klingon ship. The warship fired as well.
The Klingon vessel fired on multiple sections of the ship. Damage control procedues went into effect. Several decks had to be sealed off.
The enterprise fired on the Klingon warship. The enterprise fired on multiple sections of the ship.
The Klingon vessel opened fire on the enterprise’s deflector dish. The dish was hit.the explosion caused the enterprise to least.the vessel quickly regained it’s gravity.
The enterprise fired a series of volleys on the Klingon warship. The enterprise did not let up.
Neither did the klingon. Both Boris and g’horn were skilled tactician. They both knew what they were doing.
“Captain the battle seams to effecting the mass. I am detecting massive energy readings eminating from it!”Spock said.
“Are we about to experience New mass?”Norris asked. “I am uncertain sir!”Spock answered.
As the battle continued,Spock focused on studying the area near the mass. “Cptain a mass is about to form right above the warship.”Spock said.
“Warn g’horn! “Nor is said .the female Klingon tried to contact the Klingon vessel.
The Klingon vessel tried to get away from the new mass. The warship went to high warp. The ship went to maximum acceleration. The mass started to form.
The enterprise swooped in and engaged a tractor beam. The vessel was able to get away. The vessels cleared the area.
“We are clear!” Spock said. “For Now!”Lee kelso said. “We got there attention.admiral g’horn is demanding we release him at once!”Kolona said. “Now they are willing to talk. ” Dr. Piper said.
“Disengage the tractor beam.”Norris ordered. Gary mitchel presed the disengage button.the ship was released. The warship moved away from the enterprise.
“What will he do Now? Will he resume the battle ?”Kirk asked.”he may. Lets find out!”Norris ordered.
“They are powering weapons!”Spock said.”you got to be kidding. ” Mark said.the Klingon warship fired on the enterprise.for the most part the enterprise dodged the weapons .
The enterprise turned around .the ship fired on the warship. The shields had been weakond. The Klingon vessel went to warp.
“The vessel has withdrawn.”Spock said. “He will be back!”Gary said.”count on it!”terisha said.”hope fully he does not bring some of his friends with him. ” Kirk said.”agreed!”Norris said.
“Orders sir?”mia asked. “Head back for the mass. We have work to do.”Norris said. The enterprise headed back to the mass.
Everyone knew that g’horn would be back. He would not give up. Neither would those allied with him. The mass was still a huge threat.
“Captains log,the enterprise gas returned to the area where the mass was. The enterprise has held position and has resumed scan of the mass. The scientific crew is working around the clock to getting to the bottom of the mystery of the mass. ” Norris said in the log.
Rec room
Addison was writing . she recorded the dreams in a diery.she was trying to short it out. She believed that she was on the verge of something. She was just not sure what she hoped to sort it all out and do it quickly. That was not as easy as it sounded.
The door opened . Dr. Eluzebeth danger entered. She went over to The table where Addison was. Elizrbeth did not ask if she could join her,she just did.
“Liz I think I have figured this out. I think I know what the dream means but your not going like it,Neither is the captain.”Addison said.
“Ok. What is it?”Liz asked. “I think that the dreams is some kind of telepathic contact . perhaps from The mass or someone or something else. I believe that is a message . “Addison said.
“Ok.lets assume that this is a meseege. What is the messege?”Liz asked.
“This is where it gets nutty Liz. I think that we need to go into The mass. “Addison said. “If we do ,we will be obsorbed!”Liz said. “Will we? Are we sure of that? “Addison said. “You r suggesting something really serious. Your suggesting we risk our lives perhaps the future on a dream. “She said.
“I know but we are at a stand stil. We have nothing. What if there is an answer. ” she said.
“You can’t be serious addy ! This is suicide!”Gary said. “Th-ere I-s mer-it t-o it”the tholien said . “it is risky but there is a chance that the mass or another life form is attempting to contact us!”kalara said.
“No offense but miss mccomic us not a realublr source. Even if the dream is telepathic contact it could be a trap. “Gary said.
“It could be a clue. An important one. We have to take risks.” terisha said. 
Commander Norris did some thinking.  He considered what to do. He considered his moves . he knew the stakes. He got up. He paced around the bridge for a couple of seconds. He tried to weigh the odd. He considered both sides.
” if we separated the saucer from the drive could we teather the two Sides?”noris asked. “Yes!”the tholien said. “I want every science staf to work on having the two sections connected. Jim you will command the saucer.the rest of us.we are going in. ” Norris declared.
“Captains log, the mission of star fleet is to boldly go where no one had gone before. That requires risk.this seams to be fool hardy.I see no other option.
“You don’t look happy ?” Norris asked. “I’m not. The saucer seperation has never been attempted outside the lab. “The Orion said. “Look I see other way. We have no other options. “Norris said.”alright. “He said.
“Everything is set up. “Kalara said. “So are you coming with us doctor or staying with the saucer?”noriss said. “As senior rihansu it is my duty to come along. Besides if this works u don’t want the federation taking all the credit. “She said. “If this works the chancellor will rewrite history.in the new version mukurat will have done it all by himself.”tetiahsa said. “So why are we sticking our necks out for people who don’t give a lick for us?”Mark asked. ” needs of the many!”Norris said.”of course!”the doctor said.
The two sides got to as a safe distance .the two sides detached.the drive went in.
End of part five

Nues. Chapter six

Klingon empire
“Private journal. James t Kirk reporting. We are stil in Klingon space. We are currently traveling by stealth . what would be a quick trip to the border has taken much time .we have been careful to dodge Klingon patrol ship. ”
“We cannot keep this up forever Jim!”Carol said. “I know that . I will do this until I come up with a more permanent solution. “Jim told Carol.
“Jim! I have got a scan of the border crossing ,there is a massive buildup. We will never make it to the federation. ” Gary said.
“Are there star fleet ship on our side?”Lee asked. “Yes there is!”Gary said. “If star fleet came to our aid,there Will be war. We are trying to help the Klingon combat the mass not make things worse. “Carol said.
“Look into other options Gary!”Kirk said. “Including merciless?”mitchel asked. “If you have a viable option that includes miracle gare sure!”Kirk told Gary mitchel. “Ok I will try Jim!”he said
The ship mantaned course for the Klingon border. Kirk ordered a reduction of speed. Kirk wanted to buy time to come up with an alternative. Until he came up with one,they will keep going towards the border.
“Jim we have a problem!”Gary said.”report!”Kirk said. “Detecting incoming ship. Two d 7 katinga ‘class warship. ” Lee reported. “They are urging us to stand down!”a com tech said.
“This day is just getting better and better. “Gary mitchel said. “I know what you mean Mitch !”Kirk said.
“We can’t stand down. Klingon don’t usually take prisoners “Lee said. “Two against one are not good odds. “Carol commented.
“They are powering up weapons. “Gary reported. “Even when there space is on the brink of implosion they stil are surly as ever. “Gary remarked.
“Do not raise our weapons but maintain course!”Kirk ordered. “Jim you do know that this is suicide!”Carol said. “We are not dead yet carrol. “Jim said. She thought to her self,that is not very encouraging.
The ships mantaned course. “We have an incoming vessel. It is another d7 cruiser!”Gary said. “Great now it is three against one. “Lee said.
“The New ship is ordering the other ships to stand down. ” the com tech said. “The ship is moving away. ” Gary reported. “We are being hailed. “The com tech said.
“I hear aurora pentae is beautiful this time of year. “Gary commented. “Not now gare. “Kirk ordered. “Sory!”mitchel said.
“On screen. “Kirk ordered. The message was transferred to the main screen. “James Tiberius Kirk! It has been a long time!”kor said. “Not long enough kor! What do you want?”Kirk insisted. “You have seen the mass. “He said. “Yes we got some valuable data. ” Kirk said.
“I will escort to the federation. “Kor said. “Just like that. That does not sound like you kor!”Kirk said. “The neads of the empire outweigh my personal desire to blow you out of the stars. “Kor said.
“Look I came to get information on the mass. I will give you the data we collect. “Kirk promised the Klingon commander.
“Very well. I hope I don’t regret this but I already do. The fate of the empire may be in your hands.do not let me down captain. “The commander said.
The Klingon vessel escorted the vessel to the border. “Can we trust him?”a bridge tech asked. “Yes he is a pain in the but but he is a patriot. His love of his home land does outweigh other priorities. “Kirk said.
Romulan vessel
Office of the commander.
“I looked over the data we have collected and the data from the tholien vessel,I believe that the mass came hear not as a result of manipulations by the tholiens or any one else. I believe Dr. Xi was curious although disrespectful towards our laws and customs. “Dr. Kalera said.
“Do you have any idea where the mass originated ?”the defense minister asked.
“Not to a certenty but the mass is not part of our universe. It has a signature confirming that it is not from our dimension. “Kalera said.
“How did it get hear?” the proconsul asked. “We do not know. That is the concerning part excellently. Doctor xi suspects that there could be a crack in the wall that separates our universe from others. The cause could be an accident due to pollution or some other accident or fluke. This could be a syimptom of a bigger problem.”Kalera said.
“That is just speculation at this point. You have no proof of this!”the chairman of the telshiar commented. “That is correct Mr. Chairman. While we cannot prove It,at the same time we cannot disprove it. Kalera’s rule of science nothing is disprovin until it is disproven. “She told the intelligence chief.
“Do you believe that the mass and how it got hear are two separate issues ?”the minister of science Dr. Torran asked. “Yes I do. We must deal with them as two separate issues. ” Kalera said.
“You do not believe this is some kind of plot by our enemies to destabilize us?””the defense minister asked.
“I cannot totally rule that out. If there was a plot .it would be extreme. It is basically a doomsday syinerio. A scorched Romulus tactic. They would risk destroying the universe To take us and the Klingon. In a doomsday synerio the Klingon seam to be a more likely target then us. ” she said.
Kalera knew that the defense minister would not like that answer.she believed that this was accurate.
“How do we get more information ?”the preator asked. “I recommend we share information with the Klingon and the federation. “Dr. Kalera said.
There was outrage. Everyone was shocked. The pretor made no reaction. The preator silenced the office. “There will be order in my office. Are you really suggesting we align with our two major competitors?” the pretor asked. “No excelentcy! I am mearly suggesting an exchange of information. The situation trumps intergalactic politics!”she said.
“We have treaties with the Klingon empire but we have no relationship with the federation .what your suggesting is highly problimetic!” foreign minister clemor who had been silent up to this point said.
“This is no ordinary emergency excelenrcy!”she said.”contact the Klingon embassy. We can contact the federation though a third party. Do it!”the preator said. “This is highly ireguler !”the defense chief said. “This is a highly irregular time minister!”the preator said.
U.s.s enterprise
“I assume the mass is containing to expand !”Dr. Terisha said. “Indeed it is. It Is a slow rate but yes it is. “Spock told her.
“I was hoping it had stoped but of course it would not. “Terisha said.”I suspect this is not an easy conundrum. It Will be most difficult to correct.”Spock said.
“Do you think we can correct it Mr. Spock ?”she asked. “I do not have sufficient evidence either way to form a conclusion but I believe that we do have a plausible chance to correct it “Spock said.
“Those are my thoughts as well. “The Klingon scientist said. “This May be a daunting task I cannot deny That!”he said.
Mess hall
Lt. Commander jeshop Sat in a corner eating. Doctor Elizabeth dahner came over with a tray.she did not ask permission to join her. She just did. “It must be difficult to see her!”Liz said. “A bit. “He answered.
“You stil love her don’t you?”Liz asked. “I suppose I am. The truth is I never stoped. I don’t get it. Terisha used to complain about the tyriny of the warrior cast. She predicted that the chancellor would start a war with the federation to increase his support with the people. Then when it happened she returns to Klingon space and worked to create weapons and technology to conqur what was her home a few months earlier. Betraying her people is one thing but to happily participate in the deviation of a people who opened there arms to her us quite another!”jeshop said.
“You feel personally betrayed don’t you?”she asked. “I do. I gave her my heart and she threw it away just it was nothing. “Aaron said.
“She may not have seen it that way. “She said. “The federation us not interested in territory. We we’re no threat to the Klingon. She lived in the federation for over two years . she knows the kind of people we are. None of that mattered. “He said.
“You need to talk to her. If you still love her,you have to discuss this with her!”Liz said.
“I have kirks ship. It is on course to the border. Itseams to be under escort to another cruiser.”Spock reported. “There is quite a disagreement between the commander of the escort ship and the commander of the fleet. “Kolona said.
“The border fleet is letting the human vessel cross the border. “Spock said.
The human  ship crossed the border. “The vessel is now in federation space. “Spock reported.”sir! Captain Kirk Is requesting permission to  On borred. ” kolona said.
“Permisson granted.  Mia you have the Bridge ! ” commander Norris ordered. Mia got up from the helm station and sat in the command chair.
Transporter room
“They are ready at your command sir!”lt. Kyile informed the acting c.o.”energize Mr. Kyile!”the commander ordered. Kyile activated the controls. Kirk and Carol emerged on the transporter pad.
“Ben ! Your In command of the enterprise?”Kirk asked.”Jim Jack conklin is dead. I am acting captain until star fleet decides on a replacement. ” Ben Norris said.
“We have valuable data on the mass. Perhaps how to slow it down.”Carol said.
“I want you to work with science officer Spock and a Klingon scientist .I want you ready to debrief my senior staff. ” Ben said.
“Of course Ben !”Kirk said. “Bridge to commander Norris!” lt. Bolt said.he went to the com unit. “Go ahead mia!” Norris said .”New orders direct from star fleet. “Mia said.
“I will be up. If you follow me !”Norris said. The two followed the captain. They excited the transporter room. The door closed.
“Apearenrly the Romulus want to share information on the mass. They have invited us into there space. We are being sent. “Norris said.
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”the Orion chief engineer asked. “Not quite but it could be a real chance to solve this thing. “The. Acting captain answered. “Alright!”the enginer said.
“Jess I want Trisha along as our liaison with the romulons and head up our investigation of the mass. “The commander said.
“I think I can convince her to join US.she seams very eiger to help us.”the mission officer said. “I would like to bring Dr. Marcus along!”Norris said.
“You don’t seam too thrilled by this idea Ben!”Addison commented. “Its not doctor Marcus I objectk to. “Norris said. “You know Kirk will let her go without going himself!”Dr. Mark piper said. “I know.  I like Kirk. I do but he is an unstable element and we have our fill of them these days. “Norris said.
“Mr. Kirk is not known as a team player. “Spock said. “No he is not. Star fleet is a team sport and I am the coach. “Norris said.
Conference room.
“Let m gues your on your way to the Romulin empire and want Carol on the team. You know I won’t let her go without going myself. ” Kirk said.
“Look Jim I have no quarrel with you. I am the ranking officer of the federation flagship heading into a space of a race that was our enemy two seconds ago and could be again. There can only be one commanding officer. ” Norris said.
“I won’t step on your toes Ben. “He said. “I let you on bored you will be a civilian advisor. “Norris said.
“Fine. “Kirk said. “One other thing we are a bit understaffed. A lot of your crew are x star fleet. If some of them were willing to help out I would appreciate it. “Norris said.
“I will ask them. I recommend Lee kelso,good pilot as well as many orther specialities although he does lack a little bit in the personality department. Then there is Garry mitchel. He is a hand full at times but he knows his stuf. ” Kirk said.”I will look into it. “Norris said.
Uss enterprise
The department heads all arrived on the Bridge. This included Dr.Mark piper,chief engineer hallak,the security chief and commander Jessup. Also there was Dr. Marcus,Jim Kirk,Addison mccomic and Dr. Terisha. Gary mitchel relieved lt. Nilles who was at the navigators station.
“All decks standing by!”kolona reported. “All departments ready and manned!”gossip said. “Very well . do you have the coordinates Mr. Mitchel ?”Norris asked. “I do sir!”mitchel reported. “Mia engage !”Norris ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. It headed towards the belly of the beast.
End of part six.

Nues chapter five

Lt .bolt told miss mccomic to make herself at home. She did not mean hover over her on the bridge.the bridge was cramped as it were. It was worse with Addison.Addison was a star fleet officer even commanded a star ship before a nervous breakdown.this was like old home day for her.  She was fine with that  not on her bridge.
“Mia we are nearing the task force.”the Orion halak reported.”take us out of warp.”mia ordered. “Is that the enterprise? She looks damaged!”Addison observed.”she was involved in a battle with ships loyal to the  one true path. “The lt said. “Even after a beating she is stil a force to be reckoned with!”the Orion said. “Piloting the Athena is not halak’s day job. He is the chief enginer of the enterprise!”mis said.
“Now everything makes sense. ” Addison said. “Signal from enterprise ,miss mccomic may bored at her leisure.”the com officer said. “Miss?”Addison said.”your not in star fleet any more!”Liz said.”I know that !”Addison said.
U.ss. enterprise
“So what is your relationship with Dr.obk?”yeoman Smith asked. Everyone wanted to know but no one dared to ask but the yeoman. “We were married. Unfortunately It did not last long. She disliked the Klingon expansion policy but when the war begin she returned to the empire. She helped her people wage war on us. ”  lt. Commander Aaron jeshop said.
“Do I detect some bitterness in your voice commander?”Dr. Mark pipper asked. “Mayby a little!”he said.
“Look jess when Dr. Obj comes on bored. I would like her to be fashonibly late for the briefing.until after mis mccomic has given her report!”commander Ben Norris said.”understood !”jes said.
They neared the transporter room. The door opened. The team entered the transporter room. “Sir! They are ready to come on bored!”lt. Kyile the officer at the transporter controls informed the commander.”energize Mr. Kyile!” commander Norris ordered.
The officer activated the control. The transporter both powered up.a series of particle was transformed into human form.
“Addison mccomic I am commander Ben Norris acting commanding officer. “He said.
“What happened to your predasesor?”Addison asked. “Captain Conklin was killed in a battle with o.t.p. star fleet has yet to name an official replacement!”Norris said. “I see. Are you in The running?”she asked.”I am not sure.I don’t keep up with such things!”he commented
“I would like to get your report if your ready!”Norris said. “You bet.no time like the present. “Addison said.
Beefing room
U.s.s enterprise
At the table was the acting captain, Dr. Piper,lt commander halak ,security chief gioto,lt.bolt,science officer Spock  and dahner. Addison began her brefing. “During my time in star fleet actually while I commanded the enterprise we were trailing an Orion convoy.they claim to be part of an effort to colonize a planet in the prosser sector. We believed they were shipping weapons on. Bahath of the anipivnoids. “She said.
U.ss enterprise
“I cannot get a scan. We are being blocked. “Science officer said. “Why am I not surprised?”Addison commented. She ordered the ship to remain on course for the convoy.
The lead ship fired on a nearby nebula.the nabula hit the enterprise.
The ship was hit. Addison was knocked unconscious. “While I was knocked out,I saw things. Things I did not quite understand.some I still do not understand!”Addison said.
She saw space. She saw the galaxy known to the federation. She saw world’s she recognized.she saw earth,Vulcan .andor and teller.she then saw multiple other world’s many that were hostile to the federation. Then she saw a smal dot. She felt compelled to it. She ran to it.
She ran inside to the object. She saw another realm perhaps. “It was the mass. Perhaps another dimension. Mayby it is home realm of the mass. Maybe the mass. I don’t know. I was in touch with it. Some how I was cut off. I could not function after.you know the rest.”she said.
“Were you in contact with the mass?”the security chief asked.”I haven’t the foggiest chief?”She responded. “It could have bean a promotion caused the intersection of the photons and the nebula. It could have the mass!”lt. Spock said.
“This event caused something that mimicked a psicoses or was !”Dr. Piper said. “Perhaps that is the nature of the mass .there are creature that cause psicoruc behavior in humanoids.”Spock said.
Addison did not like having her psyke analyzed. She had been a rising star in star fleet . compared with archer ,Hernandez ,garf,April komack and others. She hated being reminded that was over. She knew that that was true but did not like being hit over the head with constant reminders.
The door opened,Dr. Obk entered. Lt. Commander jeshop was following her. They both Sat down. “Uh doctor obk,good!”the acting captain said.
“We have looked over the sansor data you sent us regarding the mass. Would you explained what occurred from your perspective?”Spock asked.
“The mass appeared to have come out of no where. It originated from somewhere else. It began in a remote area. It expanded into Klingon space and into Rihansu space. “Obk said.
“There was no warning!”the security chief said. “There was a minor energy reeding before the dot appeared. About 20 seconds before. “Terisha said.
“Do you have any idea what this is?”the Orion engineer asked. “I cannot prove it but I suspect it is a life form.. I believe it is a plant. I cannot prove it. I do not beleve that this is an invasion in military terms.”Terisha said.
“You suspect it’s arival is an accident?”halak asked. “That is my suspicion commander!”she told the Orion. “If this is a fluke,there must have bean a catyilist!” Dr. Piper commented.
“If this is not a military issue,convincing the Klingon of that could be dificult. “The sicurity commander said. “That is an understatement commander. “The Klingon scientist commented.
” we are attempting to speak to The Klingon empire.they are not returning our hails. “Jeshop said. “I am not surprised. They can be stubborn !”she said. “I want to remain in the area. We will be scanning the area for any clue to solving this we hope that the empire will ask us for that.”Norris said. “We want to help the Klingon.”Dr. Piper said. “We want to help all species. We are hear to promote good repetitions with all races,even those we have been at of a with in the past!”Norris said. “I !”Piper said.
Norris then dismissed The meeting. The officers and other atendies got up from the dask. Some excited The conference room while orthers stayed and spoke.
Klingon empire
“Excellently we detected a Human  vessel near the x zone!”the military chief of staf to the chancellor. “Have we identified the vessel?”the chancellor asked. ” yes sir the vessel is registered to two private federation citizens. Doctor Carol Marcus and James Tiberius Kirk!” kor said over the com system.
“Kirk was once a star fleet officer!”Chang said .”this is a federation plot to destabilize the empire. A prelude to invasion!”the chief of staf said.
“We should not jump to conclusions excekentcy. There are greater concerns!”kor said. “All of the evidence suggest that this is a force of nature not an attack!” Dr. Tirek the head of Klingon science said.
“All warrior are cold warriors. Revenge is a dish best served cold. They have begun an attack. Cry havok and let slip the dogs of war!” Chang said.
“Prepare our forces for an attack on the federation. “The chancellor said. The head scientist was clearly agitated.so was kor.
Klingon vessel
Kor motioned his two top officers to come over to a corner. “Discus this with no one. ” the captain told the two officers. They both agreed. He explained his plan.
Private research vessel
” personnel log James t Kirk. After gaining valuable information on the mass,we are heading back to the federation. We had to take several detours. We have to avoid the Klingon. That has not been an easy task. ”
“Either they suspect us or they trying to blaim us Jim!”Gary said. “Klingons never change! ” Jim said .”there empire may be literily dying. Are they really going to play politics right now?”Dr. Carol Marcus said. “Can we really expect them to be anything but who they are?” Jim said. “Perhaps not. “Carol said.
The human vessel headed at high warp towards the border. The ship had to be careful. What is a quick trip will take longer. That had to be done.
Romulan vessel
The tholien scientist was escorted to the conference rooom. “Doctor.I am convinced that you were not behind the attacks on the empire. I was hoping to be able to look over your notes. ” Dr. Kalera said. “I would be happy to help you. I got very close to the mass. I believe I have gotten the closest. I believe that this is a symptom of a bigger problem. One that thretends the whole galaxy. “The tholien said.
U.s.s enterprise
Kolona entered the bridge. ” I would like to volunter my services. I am a skilled communications tech. “The Klingon said. “Take the com post it is..”Norris said. “I know where it is!”she said.
“Captain !”Spock said. Norris went over to the science station. “Report!” the acting captain ordered. “There has been quite a buildup along the neutral zone. I believe that they are preparing to attack. “Spock said.
“Why would they lunch am attack. It is a waste of resources. ” Dr. Piper said. ”  there are rumors that a human vessel not affiliated with star fleet was near the mass!”gioto said.
“Do we know who the commander is?” Addison asked. “James Kirk!”gioto said .”Kirk I dated him at the academy.he was too much of a player!”Addison said. “I never met Kirk. I heared he was prety attractive. ” mis said. “Human males are repugnant. No offense commander!”kolona said. “It’s fine lt!”Norris said.
“Kirk was I’m star fleet. As I recal he left to form a research firm with doctor Carol Marcus. “Spock said. “So he ended up with Carol. I am not surprised. ” Addison said.
“If they find Kirk he is as good as dead! Kalona said. ” can’t we help him?”piper asked. “I can’t risk making thus worse. If he makes it to the border I Will help him. I can’t risk it. Besides if the mass continues it will threaten the federation. I have to focus on that. Kirk is on his own!”Norris said.
End of part five
The aid to the military chief of staf is indeed General Chang the shakespere qoating warrior played by Christopher plumber in star trek six. One of my favorite vilen from one of  my favorite star trek movies.
Sicurity chief giito was played by Barry ruso. He appeared in “devil in the dark”
Yeoman Smith was played by Andrea Dorman.She appeared in “where no man has gone before”

Detox part 7

“Commadore’s log,sometimes in space,you go from one from one crises to another. The hendrini microbe has been neutralized. Now we are facing another threat ,this time from the romulins. “Wesley said.
Night blade
“We are now in weapons range !”the pilot reported. “Once we are in weapons range order our ships to break in and attack.let’s take those ships out!”the female commander ordered.
The Bird of preys backed off. The vessels went for the cylinders. “They are trying To go for the cylinder!”Tim Mathews reported. “Stay on um!”Wesley ordered.
The enterprise and the other ships tried to block the enemy ships from getting to the quarantine pods. Ryian fired phasers and  photon torpedoes hit the closest rihansu ships.
The Lexington followed suit and hit another ship. The rest of the fleet did the same.
Night blade
“They really care about those cylinders!”the pilot commented.”humans care about every life. They would gladly risk one hundred lives to save one. I don’t get this but it how they do thing’s. It will be there downfall. “The commander declared.
A few minutes before the battle,Addison had returned to the ship. Addison watched the battle from her quarters. She decided she could not sit on the side lines.maybe mark had not cleared her for duty but she was still the captain. She put on her uniform and left the quarters. The door closed behind her.
The enterprise created a wall between the romulsn vessel and the cylinder. The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes at The enemy vessels.
The romulan vessels returned fire on the enterprise. “Shields holding!”dassale said. The federation vessels continued to pound on the enemy ships .
The turbo lift opened,Addison entered Waring the ditty uniform. The crew was surprised to see her. She went over to the command chair. “Get out of my chair Bob!” Addison told the Commodore.
The commadore smiled and got up from the command chair. “Of course Addison! Captain !”he said. Addison smiled and sat down. “Fire a warning schot across the bow of the cylinder!”Addison ordered. “Sir?”dassale asked. “Trust me Vincent! Do it!”she said.
The enterprise fired on the cylinder. The ship intentionally missed the target. “They fired on there own vehicle !”the weapons officer observed. “Its a message from there captain.he is telling us that he is willing to destroy there own craft in order to deny us a victory.”charvineck said.
“You think that they will really do it? This is a bluf it has to be?” tal commented. “Don’t be so sure tall! I am not. These humans are cagy! They are iratic,unpredictable !”the commander said.
The romulan command ship fired on the enterprise. The enterprise hit back on the vessel. The turbo lift opened, sotril and doctor dahner entered the bridge.
The Vulcan female went to the science station. Tim turned around and saw the first officer,science officer and his wife. “I suppose you want your station back?”Tim asked.”in fact I do!”she said. “Very well dear!”he said. He got up. She Sat down.
She scanned the ship and seroundings. “Adison I have an idea!”the Vulcan said. “I am not surprised. What do you got ?”Addison asked.
Sotril informed the captain of her plan. Addison gave the go ahead.the enterprise emitted a pulse that weekoned the enemy shield. The other ships fired with conventional weapons.
The enterprise fired a full voley of phasers on the command ship. The command ship was hit. “We are being hailed!”the com officer. “On screen!”the commander ordered.
“Commander! I don’t give up! I don’t yield. I don’t surrender. I see you as similar. You might be my counterpart in the empire. Know that with the same energy you will use to overpower me,I will use that energy to stop you.” Addison said.
The enterprise and the orther  ships continued to pound the enemy. They used every weapon they had. This was a demonstration by Addison not just of the power but the determination to fight them. The federation ships kept going. They kept firering.
There was a series of exchanges between the two sides.the battle got more and more fierce. The federation fleet started to gain the uper hand.
The commander began to see that this was not the day. She did not have the promise of reinforcements. This would only end badly. “Withdraw!”the commander ordered.
“Commander?”the pilot asked.”do it. Know this star fleet commander,this is not over.we will meet again ! I won’t be as easy to overcome!”the commander declared.
“The vessels are backing off. ” the Vulcan science officer reported. “Do we peruse?”dassale asked.”negative. We need to luck our own wounds besides I think they learned there lesson for now. “Adiison said.
Liz went over to helm officer dassale. “Hello Liz!”dassale Said nervously. “I heard you wanted to leave me behind. ” she asked him. “You heard about that. “He said. “Yes I did “she said .”you have to consider the context . “he said .”I understand !”she Said. Then she walked off.
“Captains log the surgeon general’s office has certified the enterprise and crew clear of the microbe. The enterprise has been certified ready for duty. We are preparing to move out. ”
Qurters of Addison mcomic
Adison and Ryan were in bed. It had been strange between the two sense her memory was erased. They were roommate more them a married couple.
“I am going to sleep in the living room.”Addison said. “Ok!”Ryan said.she got up to leave.”I love you ad!”Ryan said.”yea!”was all she said in response. The door closed.
The end.
This ended a bit on a sad note.I do love happy endings but this is not really the end. Star trek the universe is in many ways a story arc like Babylon five or deep space 9.although unlike b5 I have written the ending yet nor do u know where it us heading although I have a few ideas.I do want to explore anipovnouds Khan and Alison. 50 and 6o’s tv had a story warped up by the end of the hour. Sometimes maker events were ignored in future instalments or even contradicted. Ronald d more Said that every action has consequences. I want to explore those consequences.

Detox part six

Detox chamber
Addison began to wake up. Once she woke up,she immediately started shouting pro Hendriini rhetoric.
“It happened almost instantly. She woke up and tried to take over the ships. She was trapped behind the force field!”the male nurse told McCoy.
“Has it yielded any meaningful information?”Piper said. “It has. I have a few theories on how to stop this thing.”mccoy said.”I hope so. “Piper said.
Dr. McCoy went over to sotril.”commander I was hooping you would look over it. “The doctor said to sotril. “I have nothing else pressing. I will look it over.”she told him.
“Very good!”McCoy said. “Nothing will work commanders .any attempt to thawt us will fail!”Addison said. She was sedated.
She looked it over. “Fascinating! I believe it does have merit. I wish I could do it but given my condition I cannot.I believe you are on the right tract as the expression goes. “She said .
Confrence room.
“Mind meld?”Farris asked. “Yes sir a Vulcan male would try to scan the microbe and find a way to attack it. I believe we can force it out or destroy it!” Dr. McCoy said.
“Mind melds  are extremely taxing . there are a lot of patients ?”Commodore Wesley asked. “It is an iasue. First we need to ascertain if it can work. “Dr. Piper said.
“You can assure me that there will be no alteration with memories?”Farris asked.”yes absolutely sir!”McCoy said . “I had to check. “The bureaucrat told the doctor. “Of course sir. ” the doctor replied.
“There is a Vulcan aboard the Lexington. I can arrange for him to come abored. “Wesley said. “That would be much appreciated sir!”McCoy said. “I will make the arrangements. “Wesley said. “I want good notes taken. I will wish to look them over!”Farris told them.”agreed!”Dr. McCoy said.
A transporter beam emerged in the corridor of the cylinder. The Vulcan man walked over to the doctors.”Dr. McCoy?”the male asked. “Yes I am McCoy! “The man said.
“I am lt. Commander ston. “He said. “Have you been versed on what we need to do?”Dr. McCoy asked. “Yes I have. I am ready when you are. “He said.
The Vulcan officer followed the team to the force field.a secondary field was set up before the orther field was disapated. The man entered.
“Vulcans? You think you can stop us,?”the captain under the influence of the microbe said.he said nothing in response. He took out his hand. She tried to move away. He gained the super hand.
“My mind to your mind! My thoughts to your thoughts ! “The Vulcan said. The Vulcan found himself in another place. He saw memories.he presumed that it was from the commander.
He found a kind of doorway. He went though it. He found a white room. He saw a human. It looked like admiral komack. He believed it might be the microbe.
“You do not belong hear!”ston said.”we are the future. We are beginning to expand.”the “admiral”said. The Vulcan took his hand to the image. The admiral tried to fight back. The Vulcan did not relent. The admiral refused to give up but neither did the officer.
Ston gained the uper hand. He began a mind meld. “I am detecting some movement within the microbes. Whatever he is doing he is on the right track. “Piper said. “Vulcans ! They are efficient but can be dawn annoying at Times.”Dr. McCoy said. Dr. Piper did not say anything. He did chuckle a bit.
The Vulcan continued to attack the microbe. The microbe attacked him. He did not stop. He struck the image with his mind.
“I believe I have found the pulse. “The  nurse said. “Can you generate it?”piper asked. “Yes I can!”the nurse said in response.
The Vulcan held his ground. He telepathically sent the pulse to the creature. The admiral started to shrink. The image exploded.
“The microbe is gone! “The nurse said. “Are you sure there are no traces of the microbe?” piper asked. “The microbe is gone! I can confirm that. ” the nurse said.
Ston ended the link. He woke up. Then Addison woke up. “Addison ! How are you feeling ?”piper said.”better Mark. More like myself.”she told him. “The microbe is gone!”McCoy told her. “Can you beat this thing with all the crew?”Addison said. “Yes we can .”McCoy told her. “Get on it !” Addison ordered. “Yes sir!”they said.
“We can generate the pulse !”a tech said.”Lets get on it! Addison we may be on the verge of resolving the crises!” Mark told her. She smiled.
The medical staf on the container got right to work. They worked to generate the pulse would incompacitate the microbe.
U.s.s enterprise
“Ryan ! Adison has been cleansed of the mucrobe!”lt. Kyile in command said. “Permison to go to the detox chamber?’ryan asked.”permission granted. Go!”Kyle said. “Thank you sir!” he said.
He emerged on the detox cylinder. He went to see Addison. He was going to hug her. She backed away.”I know we are married. I have the knowledge but not the memories. I don’t remember the emotions I felt. “Adison said.
She seemed different. She was colder. “I see! I am glad your ok! You gave me quite a scare. “He told her. “I am glad to have it gone. “She told him.
There relationship was different. She was not his Addison.She was not the Addison he remembered.it worried him. Would he ever really get her back?
“I should probably get back to the enterprise.”he said. “Of course. “She said. “I love you!”ryan said.”yea “was all she said in response. The door closed.
U.s.s enterprise
“The female crew is mostly cured of the microbes.”Leslie said.”very good. Soon we can get out of hear and hopefully get back to normal !”Wesley said. “Is there such a  thing as normal when it comes to deep space exploration?”gioto asked. The Commodore laughed. “True!” he said.
“Comadore we have incoming! Detecting three vessels.they are romulin vessels . bird of preys. “Tim said.
“Warn them off  Mr.Leslie !”Wesley ordered “sending!”the acting com officer informed him. “They are not responding!” leslie said.”big surprise!” the Commodore said.
“They are heading right for us they are weapons hot”Tim Mathews reported.”red alert! All crew to battle stations! ” the Commodore ordered.
“The cylinders do not have shields or weapons!”Galloway commented.”I know that lt. How many are stil there?”the Commodore asked. “I detect 59 life forms in all stil there?”Tim said. “Dawn it!” Wesley said .
“They are sitting ducks !” dassale said.”I know. ” the Commodore said the romulan vessel got near the federation ship.the starship fired preemptively at the warship.the battle had begun.
To be concluded.
I enjoy having Bob Wesley interact with security chief gioto. In the original series they were both played by bary Russo.
Ston was the Vulcan tpring. Perfered over Spock in “a mock time” he was played by Lawrence lemontahne. Apearently in this time line he joined star fleet.
I considered having Spock or symbol be the one to administer the meld. I am not ready for that. I do want to bring Spock into the “universe” storyline. At some point maybe sybok.