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The challenge part 7

“Captain’s log ,all of the races i have encountered ,the race i least understand are vulcans. A race wholy devoted to logic and reason. There is much rituels as well.  They don’t quite fir into the box we expect. ”
” i find the concept of a fight to the death ilogical for several reasons. Apearently this combat had not been used for cencurias.it did remain on the book as it were. Of course someone like lt. Mathews would find it. He would see a solution where orthers would find an obsticle! ”
Private chamber
“Alright! Don’t play fair. This is a strugal for servival. There are no rulls. Endure!”sarek said.
“Ok “he said. “Remember your traning. Oh he will be overconfident use that to your advantage. Don’t trust him . He may offer to help,don’t accept. He is your enemy. He will be acting on instinct only. ” Sarek said.
“However this turns out,thank you!”tim said. “Of course. Its seams a bit counterproductive but live long and prosper! “Sarek said. “I will try!” He said.
Outside Vulcan shrine
“Do you aprove of all this addy?” Liz asked. ” rather i do or not is not the isure. I think tim had to do this. He would always wounder. “Adison said.
” Its kinda romantic ! “Yeoman said. ” romance written by Shakespeare perhaps ! “Gioto said. “Love meats kobiosho meru. He probably won’t win. He dies either sotril maries tisic any ways or she stays a defecto widow. “Ryian said.
“Life does not always makes sense . Sometimes it does not turn out the way we think it should. “Addison said.
“How are you going to write this in your report to star fleet?”dr. Pipper asked. “I have no idea!”addison said.
“Can you ever trust sotril. She could stop all this?”gioto asked.”i am not sure. We will cross that energy barier when we get there i supose!” Adison reaplied.
T’pau the planitary high priest was excorted on a cart folowed by several prelates. It stoped in the center of the shrine
“The union of tironek tisic and soriana sotril has been chalanged by tim mathews. While no non Vulcan has ever challenge a mating,it is aceptible under our laws and tradition.  Your challenge has been acepted.there will be no interference !”she said.
Tim was given a large cerimonial weapon. It resembled a large batering ram. Tisic had one as well. T’pau motioned for the fighting to begin.
Tim got the first swipe in. He struck tisik’s midsection. Tisic seamed angery. He went for tim’s head. Tim ducked and tried to strike him.
Tisic used his weapon to deflect it. Tim tried to thrust his weapon against tisic and disarm the Vulcan. Tisic let out a loud grunt and pushed tim with his all of his might.
Tim was pushed out of the way.he was propelled to a wall like structure. His weapon also fell on him. He was bleading in several spots. Tisic was stil perfecty intact.
Sotril watched the event but did not react. She was stone faced the whole time. She showed no emotion. She just wached in a stoic manner.
There was a time she experimented with emotion. Tim came home and caught her laughing. “Did i just cross into an alternative universe ?”tim asked.”look i really don’t want to talk about it!” She said.
“Ok ! I am fine with that! Its me! You don’t have to explain anything. “He said. “Thank you. I don’t know. I am sure i am cut out for this logic thing. I don’t know!”she said. He huged her. “Whatever you decide i am with you 120 percent! “Tim said. “I know that!” She said.
Today that side of her was gone.now she was all logic,all reason. That was what she wanted.
Tisic took his weapon and ran for tim. Tim picked up his weapon and tried to deflect the blow. Tisic and tim went though a series of clashe’s.
Tisic threw tim’s weapon far away from him. Tim’s first instinct was to try to retreve the weapon. He decided instead to ram tisic.
He try to power drive the Vulcan. He shoved him to the ground. Tisic using his weapon tore a part of his uniform. Tisic threw tim back.
Tisic was about to try to crush tim’s head. Tim pushed the weapon. The two struggled for control of the weapon. Tisic gained the uper hand and threw him on to the ground.
Tim retreted as he atempted a swipe. He tried to get to his weapon. Tisic anticipated that and tried to stop him.
In the past they had not been enemies. They were not friends but neither wished the orther ill. That had all changed.
“Are you and sotril an item?”tim asked. “No i have tried on several ocasions. She has rebufed all of my entreties. “He said. “You have known her on a long time?”tim asked. “Yes i have. We pratically grew up together !”he said.
Tisic seamed to have the uper hand. He did most of the whole event. This did not detour tim. He would not go quietly into the night. He would fight on.
Tisic showed no sign of getting weary. In fact it seemed like he was getting stronger. Tim was getting tired. He was getting weaker.
Tisic hit tim’s leg. He fell over. His pants were torn. There was a large gash. Blood went every where. He was hit again. This time blood could be sean near his stomich.
Addison looked at sotril. Stil stoic. How could this not afect her. Her x husband and future husband were fighting it out . Addison could understand how this could not afect her.
He was in pain. He fought the pain. He tried to sumon every strengh he had. He kicked tisic in the knees. It did not phase him.
Tisic tried to crush his head.he almost succeded. He rolled over and roled away. Tisic picked him up like he was a rag dole and flung him into the stand. Onlookers had to avoid being crushed by the projectile. Tisic went over and picked him up and threw him again.
His head started to bleed. “This is a slaughter!”liz commted. “Tge fact that we are watching it unfold is disturbing !” Dr. Pipper said.
Addison got up and went over to sotril. Sotril watched the duel if you could call it that.
Tisic kicked tim even though he was on the ground. Tim tried to get up but he interfeared with every atempt.
“Sotril! Stop this! This is wrong! Tim is in love with you. Do you need any more evidence ? Are you wiling to let him die due to your indisisiveness?” Addison asked.
“He chose this ! I did not ask him to do this! “Sotril said. “Sotril you do this you will always regret it. I will never forgive you! Star fleet should question your ability to function as a star fleet officer!” She said.
Tim was in trouble. He was out of breath,tired. Tisic was about to crush him. He was out of options. This was it.
He tried to dodge it. His legs gave out. Tisic seamed to be enjoying what he was about to do.
The weapon was about to hit him. “Sotril!”Addison said. She remembered something. “This may be irational,ilogical but i am madly deeply in love with you soryana!”tim said.
She watched as tisic was about to crush him. “Wait!” Sotril said. T’pau urged the proceding to be haulted.
” I wish to consult with tisic!”she said. T’pau premited it. She went over to him. ” Tisic!  I can’t do this ! ” She said.
“I understand ! I gues i always knew that you and i were not ment to be together !” He said. “I gues not!” She said.
“I will bow out ! It is unprecidented but i don’t think that even t’pau will refuSe the request of the prefect’s son!” Tisic said.
Tisic went to speak to t’pau. They spoke privately. While sotril went over to tim. ” I’m sory for this ! I don’t know what i was thinking. ” She said.
“I love you sotril!”he said though the pain. “I know i have  known for a while! I never should have doubted it!”she said. Piper and nurse christine chepel went over to tim.
” Is the weding between you and tisic off?” He asked. “Yea he is withdrawing? ” she said. He was in pain. “Will you mar!”he started to pass out.
She took his hand and placed it in hers. “Yes i will mary you!”sotril asked.
” Captain’s log t’pau has alowed tisic to withdraw. Apearently a young priestess named t’pring has had an interest in tisic and they have bonded. ”
“While once tim mathews regained consciousness,t’pau conducted a Vulcan mariege cerimony in sickbay. While the enterprise is perparing to leave orbit and go on our next mission .”
“This was full of suprises!” Addison said. ” our mission seam to go that way!” Dassale said. “Indeed! Ryian set course !”she said.
The enterprise went to warp.
The end

Ties that bind part sevin

“Captain’s log, usually dangers come in like a flood,today is no different. On the serface of an unknown planet i am engaged in mortal combat with someone i believed to be a friend and who i believed was dead. Someone who had years of rage and biterness!”
“On my ship,the crew is traped in romulan space. Technicaly they are in violation of a treaty that ended a conflict between earth and the romulans a hundred years ago! ”
“Near by the uss excalubur and Lexington are under attack . The excalibur badly damaged. Victom of a new weapon. ”
Alison went for adison. Addison deflected the attack. Ally went for her. Ali struck addy before she could get a hit in. “Ally this is crazy! I messed up. I can’t atone for that. I would not even try. This vendetta of yours! Release my family !”Addison said.
“You never wanted a husband ,you never wanted kids. You were a drifter,you had no goals !no direction! You took my life!my goals !you stole my very soul addy. For that i can never forgive you!”she said.
She came at Addison. Addison tried to tackle her. Alison was relentless. Addison fought back with every fiber of her being.she had to overpower her.she did not enjoy this task. She hoped that she would not be forced to kill Alison . She would not  risk her parents and her children. She would do what she had to get them back.
Addison was able to tackle Alison . She had her pined.she went to knock her out. Alison turned tables on addy. She had the captain pinned. She was about to knock her out.
Addison kicked ally. Aly came at her. Ally picked her up and threw her. She fell. She did not see her old friend turned foe. Where had she gone?
She hurd a strange noise. Suddenly she came face to face with a large creture. It resembled an artist representation of an earth dinosaur. It was angery and she was in his sight! “Oh crap!”she said out loud.
Uss enterprise-bridge
“Are you certain we are In romulan space?”sotril asked. “There are no doubts commander!”kyil said.”very well! Lower shields and all screens!” Sotril said.
“Mam?” Dasalle asked. “We are in there space. I hope to deflate this situation if we can!”sotril said. Dasalle complied and deactivated the shields and screen. “Our screen are down!”ryian reported.
“Open hailing frequencies !”sotril ordered. Lt. Palmer activated the com pannel. “They are responding!”palmer reported.”on screen !” Sotril said.
The comm officer fliped on the view screen. On the viewer,the image of the romulan command center was displaced. To every ones surprise, the romulons looked like another race ,one they were all familier with,including the acting captain.
“You are in violation of treaty !what is the meaning of this?”the commander asked. “Commander our ship was propelled hear by acident! No violation of your sovereign teritory was intended! ” sotril said.
“And yet,our sovereign teratory was violated. Stand down and perpare to be borded!” The commander incisted.
“Commander! I am concerned by standing down. My concern is for my crew!”commander sotril. “You violated our laws. Either stand down or you will be fired on! Those are your only options !”the commander declared.
“They are heading right for us!” Ryian said. ” engineering !”sotril said. “Go ahead!”pitkarn said. “I need your help with something !”she said. “Am i going to hate this ?”pitkarn asked. ” There is a good chance of it! ” the commander said.
Uss excalibur
The bridge was in ruins. The captain was dead. The medical and damage control team entered the bridge. The woundered were moved out to sickbay.
Uss Lexington
“Early casualty reports from the Excalibur ! It could have been a lot worse !” The first officer said.”we have to find a way to stop that doorway. This could be the beginning of a new kind of warfare. I want all science divisions to study it. We need to stop it!”wessley said. The first officer agreed.
Romulan vessel
“Where is captain mccomic?” The romulan asked.”preoccupied !” Alison said. “The plan is going foward quite nicely.” The romulan said. “Good! Soon i will have my revenge and there will be a new power in the qudrent!”she said. The romulan smiled.
End of part 7