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The admiral banquet chapter one(2)

U.s.s enterprise
“Now nearing the star base captain. ” science officer sotril reported. ” awesome!” the captain said. “You sound so excited Addison!” the security chief ,giotto Said. “You have no idea Barry.” she said.
“It is not that bad! ” sotril said.” I will ask you again during the banquet.” Addison said. “We are cleared to dock addy!” lt. Palmer reported.”great! Open space doors.” the captain ordered
The star base doors retracted.the doors slowly opened. Ryan Herrington and lt. Dashale took the ship inside. “We are cleared at bay four. “Lt. Palmer reported. “Make it happen Vincent !” the captain ordered.
Lt. Dashale drove to the ship to the bay. The ship went into the birth. The ship docked.” we are In position ad!” Ryan said. “Engage the morning ry!” the captain ordered. “Morings activated. ” Ryan reported.
“Shore leave can be granted opon request. Please behave yourself .no incidents. I don’t want to deal with disciplinary issues. I am in a bad mood as it is. Don’t make my headache worse.” Addison said.
“For my shake please be on your best behavior. “Yeoman Smith Said.” Myra Liz are you two going to the banquet?  Addison said.”I have plans. ” Liz said . ” I am a nom com I would feel out of place ” Smith Said.  “It will be fun!  Addison said. “I gues I will take your word for it!” the yeoman Said.
“You two are welcome to come. If you change your mind that would be fine . ” Addison said.
“I will keep that in mind.” Liz said. “I could order you two to attend .” Addison said. “That might be a questionable use of your rank. ” the Vulcan first officer remarked.”yea I know. ” Addison said.
“Never stoped you before. “The security chief Said. “Your stil upset about talent night. You should not have told me that you translated Poe the raven into Klingon and put it to music. ” Addison said. ” I realize that now!” the chief said.
“I am just glad I have an excuse. I am going to be busier on base then I am in space mostly making sure the base operations does not mess up the ship trying to ‘fix’ if” the chief engineering officer pitcarin commented.
“Well I really hope I can have some down time. Is there is so much as a paper cut it’s up to one of my assistant staff doctors to deal with it. ” Dr. Mark piper said.
“Well I am going to get ready for the fun ! Liz you have the bridge. Don’t let it go to you head!” Addison said.” no promises !” Liz Said.
Addison went to her quarters.she took out her green dress uniform. It was in the closet. She took it out. She laid it out on the bed. She could not wait for this to be over.
Qurters of sotril
” I would ask you if  you are going to miss me? I know the answer. ‘I will be aware of my absence from you. “” her husband Tim Mathews said. “You forgot the eye brow raise.”sotril said “really? Your critiquing my mocking ?” Tim Sao. “If one Is going to engage in imatation one should be accurate. ” she said . he chuckled. ” noted.” Tim said.
“I find it quite agreeable to be back in your presence Timothy !  Sotril said. “I feel the same way!”Tim told her.
“The Lexington , the vanguard ,and the horatio has arrived. ” sotril said.”great! The three people who love to bust  my chops are hear.” Addison said.
“Commodore Wesley denied  her promotion to captain. He was overuled by admiral komack. Captain finegen made me the object of his pranks. She  was his star pleab at the academy. Captain styles we styles is styles. ” Ryan said.
“Thank you ry!” Addison said. He laughed . Addison ,sotril ,ryan, Tim,Liz and piper entered. “Coordinents set captain!” lt.kyile reported. ” well!  lets get this over with!” the captain said. Addison hugged ryan. He then kissed her
” promise me you won’t touch my Klingon hip hop collection. ” Addison said. “No promises I will try.” ryan Said.
Tim knew that she was not prone on physical contact in public.  He kissed her any way. She had gotten use to him being that way. They went to the transporter pad. ” ready when you are Mr. Kyile!” Addison said.
Lt. Kyile activated the transporter controls. The two were beemed off of the ship and on to the base.
Star base 47
They two went to the door. “Name please!”the door man said.”seriously. We have to register,” Addison said. “This is for members of the General staf and invited guest only. ” the doorman said. “Because people are busting down the doors trying to get in hear. I heard that Klingon imperial intelligence has stoped infiltrating the admiral’s banquet after there operatives committed ritual suicide rather then attend one of these. ” Addison said.
“Names please?” the doorman asked. “Captain Addison mccomic and lt. Commander tivora sotril. “Addison said. “Was that so hard. You May procede!” the doorman said .
“Was that really necessary ?” the Vulcan asked .”look they act like this is a big event when a bolien giving a speach on plumbing would be more interesting. No one wants to be hear well other then the admirals.”She said.
“Perhaps antagonizing the doorman was not the best tatic!”the female Vulcan said. “You can’t take me  any where can you?”Addison said. “It would appear that I can’t.” she said. “Why tivora do I emberess you?”Addison asked. She did not answer.
Rec room.
“So I had an idea, addy gets really Moody after any official gatherings like this. I was thinking let’s have a captain and first officer appreciation day. “Ryan said.
“Sotril will find it highly illogical.let’s do it!” Tim said.”you can count on me !”” Liz said. “Me too” yeoman Smith said.
“Excelent!” Ryan said.”I think it could be good for the whole crew. ” Liz said .”that Was my thought as well!” he said. Then they got planing.
At the admiral’s banquet,admiral Jeremy lakefield was nervous. He did not want to be hear. He tried to divert the Lexington but it failed. Commodore Bob Wesley was hear. He had no idea if they had got to him . he hoped that they had not. He hoped that there was stil time.
Then his worst fears were realized. Addison mccomic was there with her exo. He had heard that the enterprise was out of federation space. He had to get to Addison first before they did.
End of chapter two.

Siren call part seven

Hendrini vessel
“You are troubled?”Liz asked. “I always get worried at this time. This is a difficult but important mission for my people. It is vital really. “Klasic said.
Liz and Smith put there arms around him. “You will do that! You are the man who can do this!”Smith said.
Klasic smiled. He was not sure that he believed that. He put on a brave front. He knew in his heart that the hero worship was not genuine. He would indulge in The illusion for a second.
“Excelentcy! We have incoming ! Its the enterprise !”the science officer reported. “Danger! “Davis said.
The captain tried to calm his ‘guest’ . the room got very quet. T
he enterprise got off the first shot.
“Return fire!” klasic ordered.the hendrini vessel returned fire on the federation vessel.
The enterprise was hit. The vessel rocked backward. The bridge crew felt the shock of the impact. The crew was able to get back on there feet.
“Shields holding! Minor damage but nothing too savere. “Tim reported. “Lets keep it that way!” the security chief commented.
Lt. Dasale fired phasers and Ryan fired photon torpedoes.the projectiles struck the warship. The warship was hit from multiple sides.
“Why do they attack us?”Smith asked. “They do not understand.they are confused. “Klasic said.
The hendrini ship fired back . the corridor was hit. The corridor was mostly cleared of traphic. There was evidence of damage.
Qurters of captain mccomic
“Are you really going to sit on the side lines?”the Vulcan first officer asked. “Hardly! “Addison commented.
She went over to her terminal.she started to type things in. “I was begging to wonder if this in incident had caused you to lose your motivation!”Sotril said.
“This incident never? It would take more then a male piped piper that transform my crew into mansion girls to take away my mono!”Addison declared. “I should never have doubted you!”Sotril said “no you should not have. You should be very ashamed of yourself. “Addison declared.”I don’t think that Is likely !” Sotril said. “No I did not think so. I had to suggest it. “Addison said.
She looked at the screen.she looked over the sansor logs of the alien ship. She believed that she had found an advantage.
“Your about to embark on a mission that is dangerous,irrational and probably doomed to and you want me to join you? “Sotril said. “Yes I do. “Adiison said. “Very well !”Sotril said.
The battle between the two ships continued. The enterprise and the warship continued to exchange weapons fire.
While the two ran to the transporter room. They both ran into the transporter room. “Can you get me on to the ship?”she said. “Is in one peace optional?”transporter chief takigawa asked.
“That’s really not funny chief!”she said. “I can’t get you a bored. There is a spot near there the ships swimming pool that is not heavily shielded. I can get you in. “The chief said.
“They have a swimming pool! Why am I not surprised. Make it happen !”Addison ordered. “Will do!”takigawa said.
The chief activated the controls. The chief turned the solid forms of the captain and first officer into molecular form. Then he beamed the team to the hostle ship.
The two emerged inside the bowel of the alien vessel. “That was a bumpy ride?”Addison asked.”yes indeed!”the female Vulcan said in response. “I thought contraction were bad!”she said .”I have yet to experience that. Can’t say I am looking forward to it !”Sotril said . “don’t blame you there! “Addison said.
The two moved out. They had phasers ready and standing by. They had to travail by stealth. It made the trip much longer. It was the only way to get aboard.
Now they had to make the best the best of it. They both did all they could to stop this threat. They kept going. 
Sotril found a power nodules. She started to hack into the computer of the alien vessel. Addison stood guard. Sotril was one of the most skilled computer technicians in the fleet. She was determined to succeed in bringing down the enemy shields.
The enterprise and Hendrini battle went on. Both sides unleashed volley on the orther. Both sides were committed to wining the battle.
“Could you jury this a little? “Addison said. “I am doing my best. Surek did not transform can society over night!”she said.”very well. “Addison said. “Thank you from refraining from commenting about how I am becoming like Tim. “She said .”no problem. Oh by the way you are.”Addison said. “How did I know that was comming” Sotril asked .
She got in. She got the shields down. They ran out of the way They were met by weapons fire. They returned fire on the team.
“There shields are down!” dasale reported. “Fire everything we have!”Gioto ordered.the enterprise hit the enemy vessel with multiple volleys of phasers and photon torpedoes.”Excellency maine turret off line. There goes one of the disruptor bank. “The gunner reported.
“What are we going to do?” Smith asked. The door opened,Addison and Sotril entered. Then a security team led by Galloway emerged. “Who are you?”klasic asked.
“I’m captain Addison mccomic commanding officer of the enterprise. I am very ticked off right now!”she declared.
“How did you block our telepathic inhibitors?” the exo asked.”I an in love with someone . apparently your hokis pookus does not work on those who are in love !” Addison said.
“What do you want?” klasic said. “Well intergalactic peace,a cure to thus headache,my daughter not waking up In the middle of the night wanting to be Fed but your surrender and return my people would be a good start. ” she said .
“We can’t. You do not understand. They are our only hope!”the exo said. “I don’t understand!”Sotril remarked.
“Fithty years ago during our war with the agrantra, they infected our world with a biogenic agent that killed most of our females. Those who services were unable to have children. ” the exo said.
“Our race was condemned to death. We have always had a high digree of telepathic abilities. We have honed our abilities to attract potential mates. ” klasic said.
“Surely you can mate with orther species without brain washing women into mating. Flowers and poetry worked for me!” Addison said.
“The female we’re not the only ones affected by the weapon. ” Klasic said. The hendrini started to revert to there natural sate. They were hideous looking. They had tumors and other absent. They had Signs of radiation poising and other discolerations.
“Who would be romanticized by us captain ! ” klasic said. “You used the ship you acquire more females!”Galloway commented.
“I understand it appears to be morally repugnant but we have no choice. We have a right to servive!”klasic declared.
“I won’t argue that you have Right to servive. That has to be a better way. My crew and the crew of the puritan vessel must be returned at once. “Adison said
“Your females have all been I affected with microbes we sent telepathically. I suspect you and your companion also carry them. Your crew will stil be under our control.
“Klasic said.
“You won’t help us remove them? ” Addison said.”by resisting us you have become our enemies . you won this round. “Klasic said.
“I suggest you stay out of our way captain ! I Will warn the galaxy about you. I will treat you as a threat if I encounter you again. ” Addison said. “Very well!”he said.
“Captains log, the puritan vessel and all of the crew have returned. While I have been forced to have them placed in decontamination. I myself will have to go though decontamination. ”
“I was wrong about you!”egreer said.”I May have been wrong about you as well. You are not quite a pain in the but as I first suspected. “Adison commented.
“I am sure our species will encounter each other. Perhaps you and I will as well. Perhaps we can help you deal with the anipovnouds and there ilk. ” egreer said.
“I would appreciate that !”she said.”good day!”he said.”to you as well”
The end
Next up .
The female crew struggle to overcome The effect of the telepathic microbe.