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The challenge part six

Tim made sure he was there ahead of time.  He did not see the ambassador. He went in. There he saw a large rygelion man.
The rygelion struck
him with a large energy waund. He was in pain. He struck the man. The man kept coming at him. He tried to block the waund. He ussed all his might to grab the waund.
He would not acept no for an answer. He started to gain the uper hand. The man tried to regain it. He kicked him in the knee then kicked his orther knee. He grabed the wound and struck the man in the eye. The man passed out.
“Good work! You let your instincts kick in. Your responce time has improved considerably. Tisic is known for being alert! You have to have parts of your working at one hundred percent. One mistake and it will be over!” Sarek said.
“If he is undeegoing pon far,won’t he be weakond?”he asked.”only his ablity to reason. He will be able to fight!”sarek told him.
“What Was that rygelion?” He asked.”oh it is a robot with a holow matrix. It was a gift on my visit to argelious. ” the ambassador said.
  Tim did it all. He was chased by a gigentic holo monstir He engaged sarek in hand in hand to hand  combat. He thought with swords. He wrestled with the ambassador.
He was worn out. “Tired?”sarek said. “A little!”tim said. “Are you going to go though with it?’sarek asked. “I am not ready am i!”tim asked. “No your not! “Sarek said.
“I wish i could walk away. Mayby the logical thing to do is to let it go! The truth is i don’t think she is doing the logical thing! I have no idea why she is marying him. I will always wounder what if? Could i have won? I will always know i was a coward. Maybe i will get back on tract but maybe not. I won’t be me any more. They say one choice efects every thing. One walk down a coridor. I feel like this is a turning point!”he said.
“They say until you have something worth dying for,you have really lived! How far are you wiling to go? The fact is this will probably lead to nothing. Mostlikly you will lose,be killed and tisic will mary sotril any ways. “He said. “This is starting to sound like the kobioshi meru! “Tim said. “There are far more no win situation then we are aware of son!” He said.
“I am going though with it! Win or lose,live or die,i am all in!”tim said. “I knew you would be! For what its worth i suport you in this! “Sarek said. “Thank you sir!”tim said.
Uss enterprise
“Captain it is hardly necessary for me to attend! Vulcan has there own security besides Vulcan is one of the saftest planets in the galaxy ! ” gioto said.
“Commander you are a member of senior staf. You are a department head. You need to be there!”she said.
“You just want to torture me! “Gioto said. “Yes i do. Just wait till my kids birthday? “Adison said. “you canot require me to go to kids birthday?”gioto said.
The senior staf entered the transporter room. “Ready when you are captain!”takigawa said. They got on the pad. Adison gave the go ahead to energize.
The team beamed off of the ship and on to the planet. The family esate was a buz with activity. “Hey addy is that t’pau?”ryan said. “It is indeed. This is the weding of the prefect’s son. It stood to reason that someone like t’pau would be hear! ” Addison said.
“May i have your attention. Our society has embraced reason over emotion,logic over feeling. We look at life from the lense of biology,science. Coming together is a necesity. It is not logical to be apart. For that and the continuation of our race,we mary. ”
“Today! Two of our citizens chose to undergo the jouney of life together. Tisic and sotril. “T’pau said.
The two stood together near the priestes. Sarek nodded to tim to procede. “I challenge this procesion!” Tim said.
Everyone was stuned by this move. Everyone except for the captain and the ambassador.
“Silence! Step froward!”t’pau said. Tim came froward. ” i am tim son of loyd. I challenge this mariege. I challenge tisic for the right to mary sotril! ” tim said.
“Tim! Don’t do this!” Sotril said.”the challenge has been made. Do you atend to go though with this? Once a challenge has been formilized,it cannot be retracted!”t’pau said. ” i wish to procede !”tim declared. ” Very well! Tisic do you accept this challenge ?” T’pau asked. “I do! I will not hesitate to kill you!”tisic said.
“Very well! We will ajurne ans reconvine in five houers. At that time combat will occur! ” t’pau declared.
The two were seperated into private room on the oposite end of the neighborhood. Tim prepared as best as could for the inevitable conflict that was about to occur.
  He remembered a time of him and sotril. “I feel like our two words are so different ! “Tim said. “We are but we will work it all out!”he said as he put his arm around her. “I am certain that we will! ” she said.
The door opened,it was sotril. “I would speak to you! ” she said. “Off course! “He said. “Look Vulcan law and tradition says that a challenge is irevocible but i think they would make an exception in this case! You are in good shape but you will never defeat him. He will kill you!” Sotril said.
” What diferfence does it make soryana? I have been dead sence i saw that letter in my qurters. You never even said goodbye. “Tim said.
“Our relationship was not logical! It could not endure. “She said. “There is not true! It was not superficial. It was not musy. There was substence to it!”tim said. “Please ! Withdrew the challenge. It will cause a temporary rift between humans and Vulcan but everyone will get over it! “Sotril said.
“I can’t do it soryana! It is just not in me! I won’t just walk away’ “tim said. ” I can’t change your mind?”she asked. “No! You can’t?” He said.
“I never wanted this to happen ! I did not meen to hurt you! “She said. “I know !”he said. “I wish you well!” She said. She walked out.
End of part six