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“Admirals banquet”

Previously on star trek the universe.
After answering a distress call,the enterprise female are infected with a microbe that causes female to be suspectible to suggestions. All accept for the captain and first officer.
The crew is able to thaw the plot. Those affected are placed in isolation. They are able to get to ab area just outside federation space in order to find a cure,captains economic memories of her and ryian are erased. A cure was found but the memories were unrecoverable.
Dr. Danner crash landed on a planet. She met a young child named Miranda. After being rescured Liz considered adopting her. While Dr. Mcbanga discovered that she is the sister of Addison mccomic.
There were reports of unexplained super nova. There were reports of unidentified probe ot object in the area.
And now tonight’s episode.
U.s.s enterprise
“Hey Vincent !”Liz said .”look I’m sorry about advocating abandoning you and the orthers.it was cold and callous. I was not thinking with my head or heart. Servival is not everyone!”dassale said.
“I am glad to hear you say that. That is not what this is about. “Dr. Danner said. The senior helm officer was quite puzzled. “Its not?”he asked.
“The enterprise is going to be at s.b12 during the admiral’s banquet so I was wondering do you want to go out? There is a bolien restaurant on the base. “She asked.
“Your asking me on a date?”the helm officer asked. “Yes I am lt!”she said. “Is this some kind of trap ?”dasale asked. “No it is not. If you don’t want to I will understand !”Liz said.
“No sounds fun. I would love to doctor!”he said. “I look forward to it. “She said . he was still confused.”as do I!”he said .
U.s.s enterprises
Quarters of the mccomic
“Ryian I am going to sleep out in the living room!” Addison said. “I wish you would stay!”ryian said. “I don’t feel comfortable being hear. I’m sorry. “Addison said. “Alright. If you want the bed room I can sleep on the couch!”ryian said. ” no this room is disconcerting. It shows a life I can’t remember. “Addison told him. She then left.
Ryian found he could not sleep. He tried to be strong. It was diccult to it seemed that this was the new normal. When she was infected with the microbe he feared he would never get her back. This was worse then he ever feared possible.
Before this ,everything made sense. He had a carer a wife, children,life was good. Now that all changed. He was lost,directionless,uncertain. He had no idea how to get back on tract.
Gorn space
Tholien flagship
“I have located the object. “A tholien said. “Plot an intercept at once!”commander toscair ordered. The task force headed for the unknown object. “On course!”the pilot said.
The object was warned of the task force. The object adjusted it’s course. It matched there intercept course with one of it’s own.
“Object is heading for us!” the tholien officer said. The object headed for The tholien ships.
The object got off the first shot.one of the ship was damaged .the rest of the fleet tried to surround the hostile.
The object anticipated the tholien’s actions and took the appropriate steps to stop it and counter it. The object fired on the ships necessary to generate the tholien web.
The object started to withdraw. At least that was what it appeared. The object generated it’s own web like pulse.
The object fired the pulse.the pulse exploded. The ships were crippled. The ships started to drift. The object fired again. The fleet was utterly destroyed.
The object resumed it’s previous course. The object was not at it’s destination. The ship was heading that way.
End of part one.